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Spoiler Alert: The Shutdown Will End in Republican Defeat. Again.
Chances are that before midnight tonight, House Republicans will shut down the government. Let the novena of needless cable speculation begin: How will it all end? Who will get the blame? In this ...
Calvin F Exoo 09/30/2013 18 19 - -
Republican Monster Wrecks Immigration Reform -- and Its Own Party!
House Republicans reconvened this week, and promptly crushed a Dream. The Senate has already passed an immigration reform bill that would offer a path to citizenship for law-abiding undocumented ...
Calvin F Exoo 09/10/2013 5 8 1 -
"Those Who Forget the Past Are Condemned to..." Try to Shut Down the Government
This week, more than a third of House Republicans urged Speaker John Boehner to let them shut down the government. A shutdown, they reason, would be the perfect crowbar to force the President and ...
Calvin F Exoo 08/29/2013 3 6 - -
Walmart Reads Daily Kos; Sends in PR Team
On Monday of this week, I published a diary on Daily Kos about Walmart's new ad campaign. Then, Kory Lundberg, a member of Walmart's "communications team" responded with a comment . Because it's ...
Calvin F Exoo 08/21/2013 264 648 9 -
"The Real Walmart"?!? Six Big Fibs in Walmart's New Ad Campaign
Walmart is good: good for its employees, its customers, its suppliers, and even for the environment, says the company's new ad campaign and website, dubbed "The Real Walmart" as a retort to the ...
Calvin F Exoo 08/19/2013 121 246 10 -
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