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The Republican Party has a lot of Brass
To quote the Big Dog himself. You know the Republican Party has a lot of Brass when it accuses Barack Obama of saying nasty things when they themselves have done it. Most of the latest Faux Outrage ...
CanadianBoy 10/25/2012 5 4 1 -
Keep Calm and Carry On
Okay, admittedly I'm still a little nervous about how the rest of the debates go, now that's generally out of my control, we need to relax about the polls, but thankfully there is one that really ...
CanadianBoy 10/09/2012 5 4 - 58
BREAKING: FL-Sen: Crist to Run
Florida Gov. Charlie Crist will announce Tuesday he will forgo another bid for governor and instead run for the Senate, two well placed Republican sources tell CNN. Marco Rubio, Former ...
CanadianBoy 05/11/2009 112 25 1 19
Get Ready to Freep
After the Democrats have a vote on their leadership let's bombard the CNN National Report with F's for the ...
CanadianBoy 04/29/2009 10 1 - 13
Goodbye GOP
In the spirit of Elton John, an Ode to the GOP. I just had to do this.
CanadianBoy 04/28/2009 6 2 - 1
Boycott The Media
You know it's occured to me after a long time watching, that everytime someone whines about Media Coverage. We usually start seeing positive media coverage for that person. Notice John McCain and ...
CanadianBoy 09/08/2008 26 4 - 1
Ignore Palin: She is a Decoy
Okay, this is the hopefully the last Sarah Palin Diary I ever have to put up on here.
CanadianBoy 08/31/2008 39 19 - 19
Breaking: Bush, Cheney, Schwarzenegger will not attend RNC
Just a Breaking News Update I wanted to pass along.
CanadianBoy 08/31/2008 29 9 - 10
McCain Only Met Palin Once Before
I'm sure no doubt this has been repeated before and before in Other Diaries, but rather then attack Sarah Palin and possibly get accused by the media of Blatant Sexism, I believe we need to turn ...
CanadianBoy 08/29/2008 8 2 - 2
If McCain Picks Pawlenty (UPDATED!)
You might want to Brush up on your talking points.
CanadianBoy 08/28/2008 26 7 2 11
So What's Going to Happen to Biden's Senate Seat?
As some of you may know now that Obama has selected Biden as his running mate, Biden will be engaged in a Senate Election as well in Delaware.
CanadianBoy 08/22/2008 45 7 - 1
Phelps Breaks Spitz's Record!
Go ...
CanadianBoy 08/16/2008 121 15 - 22
I've Had Enough of McCain and the Republicans Bullsh**
Seriously, what is Barack Obama doing, he needs to seriously stop letting John McCain walk all over him. What part of the Republicans and John McCain will do almost anything to win does he not ...
CanadianBoy 08/02/2008 18 2 - 2
John McCain Fails to Pay His Taxes
I don't know exactly if someone has written this here but the Telegraph in London has written a lot of Damaging Stuff on John McCain Including this little gem.
CanadianBoy 06/29/2008 16 3 - 1
BREAKING: Obama Resigns from his Church
Just reported by Roland Martin on CNN Details to come as I can find ...
CanadianBoy 05/31/2008 29 5 2 19
Because, I Just Have To Rant
Okay, I have a lot I want to talk about so I'm going to do it in this diary. 1. John McCain continues to walk around without a challenger. 2. The News Media's and in particular Lou Dobbs' Insane ...
CanadianBoy 03/20/2008 18 3 - 3
Hillary has won Nothing Yet
Let's be honest, Hillary Clinton likely had built up a great lead in both Ohio, Texas and Rhode Island. She won based on employing the Firewall Strategy.
CanadianBoy 03/04/2008 11 5 - 1
I Forgive Hillary
A week or so ago, my temper had reached boiling point with Bill Clinton's Attack Dog Politics. I had decided that I would be very disappointed if Hillary won the nomination by using Dirty Tricks.
CanadianBoy 01/31/2008 26 5 - 1
Extremely Dissappointed in Bill Clinton
As somebody who admired Bill Clinton as President, his behavior over the past few days has been troubling and downright sickening. This is his Wife's Campaign and it appears to me that Bill Clinton ...
CanadianBoy 01/24/2008 82 7 - 1
We Need To Support The Democratic Nominee in 2008
You know, as I've read the boards the past few days I've come across one recurring theme, and it usually is: Obama Sucks, Clinton Sucks, Edwards Sucks, etc. etc. All of this is really concerning and ...
CanadianBoy 12/22/2007 23 3 - 2
I Could Just Kiss Tom Tancredo w/Poll
Okay seriously, I know that was a troll title, but Tom Tancredo has just handed us the greatest weapon we could ever have. He officially ...
CanadianBoy 12/20/2007 8 3 - -
Inhofe Must Go
I'm a strong believer in Global Warming and I am an ex-patriot from the United States, however, I truly do believe the United States and North America for that matter has been way behind the 8-ball ...
CanadianBoy 11/27/2007 16 12 - 5
IN-7: Carson to Retire
Well, the fifth Democrat announced her retirement today. Rep. Julia Carson of Indiana who was ...
CanadianBoy 11/26/2007 10 3 - 10
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