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Can We All Agree That This Is Hilarious?
Florida judge tells Public Defender, " I'll beat your ass, " then takes him out back of the courtroom and throws punches…
CanyonWren 06/03/2014 131 82 - -
Anti-Bullying Hero Killed in Colorado
An Oregon man walking across the country to raise awareness of bullying — his son took his own life because of bullying — died when he was hit by a truck in eastern Colorado. Joe Bell, 48, of ...
CanyonWren 10/11/2013 41 145 - -
$50+Million Wasted to Defund Obamacare...And Counting.
Conservative and Tea Party members of Congress just won't stop trying to defund, delay, and/or repeal Obamacare, even though the law passed both chambers of Congress, was signed into law by the ...
CanyonWren 09/13/2013 17 6 - -
Attention Journalists: NPR is Hiring
This will be short, but wanted to get the word out. We all know how NPR has catipulted into the hinterlands of neoconservative dogma, what with Mara Liasson and Cokie Roberts as NPR's predominant ...
CanyonWren 09/15/2012 12 5 1 107
Of Course! Inmate Labor in Place of Migrants in Alabama
Alabama's HB56, a wide-sweeping anti-migrant law, has proven so economically devastating (duh) ...
CanyonWren 12/08/2011 21 20 - 122
Action: Senate Votes to Indefinitely Imprison American Citizens
SB-1867 , the National Defense Authorization Act, sponsored by John McCain-(R) and Carl Levin-(D), essentially adds provisions that ...
CanyonWren 11/30/2011 36 62 4 360
Salon: Rep. Eric Cantor Will Make $$$$ If US Defaults
Salon has just published a scathing report on Eric Cantor, and it won't surprise any of you. ...
CanyonWren 06/28/2011 20 37 - 222
More of This Please, President Obama
Amidst the meta war going on here, I thought I'd add my two cents, for whatever they're worth. Today, President ...
CanyonWren 09/03/2010 18 30 1 55
Pentagon Ratchets Up Rhetoric For Iran/Syria Wars
A series of indicators this week, not to mention words from the Joint Chief Chairman's mouth, signify a clear step forward on the part of the Bush administration toward war with Iran and Syria. ...
CanyonWren 04/25/2008 22 12 - 12
Alaska Governor: Science Be Damned, Kill Wolves and Bears Anyway
(Crossposted in part on eenrblog.) In 2002, during Republican Governor Frank Murkowski's term, the Alaska Board of Fish and ...
CanyonWren 03/29/2008 34 47 3 169
No Country For Old Women, Parts I and II
I was given permission to post these blog entries by Psychotronicman, who published them at the eenrblog this evening. Enjoy!
CanyonWren 03/15/2008 16 5 - 2
As a Liberal, Obama Has Finally Lost My Support
Let's be clear, I'll vote for whoever the nominee is come November. Till then, I'm going to work hard for Hillary Clinton's presidential bid. I've vascillated between both candidates for quite some ...
CanyonWren 02/07/2008 440 45 1 23
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