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NYT: Energy Firms in Secretive Alliance With Attorneys General
This is a "check this out" diary. In the NY Times there's a product of the get-your-hands-dirty and do-the-grunt-work school of journalism.Turns out that bunches of those ...
Capt Crunch 12/07/2014 88 158 3 -
Attack of the Frogs
I’ve seen them. Green delusional monsters doing their best to destroy the world we live in. The Frogs. The ones that sit in a pot of water which is slowly heating up until they boil alive. They ...
Capt Crunch 08/04/2014 2 2 - -
Capt. James Kirk Tapped To Skipper Navy's Most Futuristic Ship Yet
I guess it had to happen sooner or later. Get ready for this: the skipper of the newest, most futuristic ship the U.S. Navy has ever built is none other than Capt. James Kirk. http://www....
Capt Crunch 11/03/2013 55 12 - -
LA Times front page anti-ObamaCare propaganda,0,4888906,full.story#axzz2iwXMbBDW Because I live in Orange County it often occurs to me to subscribe to the LA Times. Then they ...
Capt Crunch 10/27/2013 50 23 - -
Obama Defends Summers
This is disappointing stuff to hear. From the New York Times front web page: President Obama on Wednesday offered a strong defense of his potential choice of Lawrence H. Summers to head the Federal ...
Capt Crunch 07/31/2013 46 15 - -
Politician moves to make vulgar Photoshopping illegal
OK - my first Diary. It has to be very short because I'm at work. But this is just ripe. There's a good article on CNET news. Computer and tech stuff usually. Seems like a state lawmaker in Georgia ...
Capt Crunch 02/14/2013 19 11 - -
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