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On "identity politics" and income inequality
While I've been hesitant to join in some of the more heated conversations about these topics of late, I have read with interest a few diaries and comment threads related to them. Forgive me for ...
BoiseBlue 05/05/2015 25
Pew Research study on public support for unions: More than one might think
One might think with all the union-bashing in corporate media, Faux News, multiple levels of government, and the general rhetoric, that unions are decidedly unpopular among Americans as a whole. ...
Risen Tree 05/04/2015 39
The Slow Burn of Living Well
Hello world! Although this is my first Daily Kos diary, I'm willing to bet at least a few people on this site have read my name before, even if you don't recognize it. My name, by the way, is ...
TMatherne 05/04/2015 10
an oil glut without drilling rigs; production, inventories and the fracklog...
on record inventories and near record production despite the collapse of oil patch ...
rjsigmund 05/04/2015 37
Ayn Randed Part 4: Substance Abuse
During the short space in my early 20s when I took Ayn Rand's philosophy seriously, it occurred to me more than once that perhaps I found it appealing because I could understand it. Kant? No, I can't,
DaveElder 05/03/2015 51
US Auto Industry Digs Itself Back Into the Same Hole
Talk about a flat learning curve - the US auto industry was bailed out back in 2009 as part of the TARP stimulus package for the banking and auto industry, but they're right back to the same ...
campskunk2 05/03/2015 251
Conversation in a Rural Midwest Barbershop
I live in the rural Midwest. Agriculture is the dominant activity, and most folks live in small towns. In many respects, it is a good place to live. People are mostly decent and hard working. ...
pikachu 05/03/2015 54
I ♥ Democratic Socialism: Under cover at the "cleanest country music show on earth"
I keep a close watch on this heart of mine I keep my eyes wide open all the time I keep the ends out for the tie that binds Because you're mine, I walk the line I Walk the Line , by Johnny Cash ...
Galtisalie 05/03/2015 34
Shocking Facts for Anti-Blacks
Has anyone visited the comment section of an MSN news story, which involved police brutality of blacks, or just blacks? If you have, you probably noticed an ill feeling in your gut as you read the ...
TheLovingThinkingFighter 05/02/2015 83
How To Read A Seismic Hazard Map
Now that the USGS has preliminary come up with a way to quantify the short term hazard of potentially induced earthquakes it’s important to know what these maps are and mean.
terrypinder 05/01/2015 28
The American No Health Care Rationing Myth
I spend a lot of time on twitter's C-SPAN Washington Journal feed. There I joust with Conservatives and Libertarians over the understanding of what reality is and what a fact in proper context is. ...
dfwlibrarian 05/01/2015 24
Reflecting On GOP's Plans for 2016 Primaries
Bernie Sanders's announcement that he was running for President, and the ensuing fulfillment of the potential for a lively Democratic primary after all, got me thinking about primary season in ...
pierre9045 04/30/2015 25
The worst question I've heard on the news.
There have been a lot of really jaw-dropping questions asked lately. Many times they're asked in the face of the actual answers already being stated. Questions like, "If you're angry at [X], why are ...
Chazzk 04/30/2015 134
Obergefell & Justices Roberts & Kennedy
A few caveats, before I get going. First of all, I do not presently practice in the Constitutional law/civil rights field. I am basing this primarily on my memory of my law school coursework on ...
auron renouille 04/29/2015 41
Anti-Equality Lawyers to SCOTUS: Marriage is "based on [a] biological bond"
The case Obergefell v. Hodges was argued today, and there was only really two substantial arguments that came from the Respondents (who are against marriage equality). And by substantial, I mean ...
MTdem95 04/28/2015 100
One Pissed Off Pain Patient Takes Aim At A Hospital
Ok This is not literal. Yes I am pissed off and fuming and I think there is steam coming from my ears. However I will get my own revenge with pen and paper well Computer and DK in this case. So ...
funtony47 04/28/2015 108
Scalia Plays Dumb; States' Counsel Dissembles, Relies on Thought Control to Justify Exclusion
I just got done listening to the oral arguments in Obergefell v. Hodges , the Supreme Court case that is expected to decide the issue of whether same-sex couples have a constitutional right to marry (
GrafZeppelin127 04/28/2015 64
I heard gunfire while lying in my safe suburban bed
The Grande Ballroom in Detroit wasn't destroyed in the 1967 riots, but images like this one of the city came to be because of that terrible week in July 1967. (Image used under Creative Commons ...
elsaf 04/28/2015 68
How cops gain legal authority by beating up people like Freddie Gray
Like many, I am watching the terrible events in Baltimore play out, and am also following the very disturbing details of Freddie Gray's death as they are revealed. I'm writing tonight because the ...
skymutt 04/27/2015 114
NM County bans fracking, gets muscled by Big Oil
Well, they tried. Mora County, northeast of Santa Fe on the eastern slope of the Sangre de Cristo Mountains, has a population of only 5,000. It became the first county in the US to ban drilling ...
campskunk2 04/27/2015 35
Sympathy for the Dark Empire
If you’ve read any pulp science fiction and fantasy — and I have, though not for decades — you know all about the Dark Empire. The Dark Empire is that distant but mighty star empire which ...
Robert Dobbs 04/26/2015 36
Nepal's Future and the Economics of Aftermath
News of the earthquake in Nepal sends a shot of pain through the heart. Whether we keep track of events as they unfold or simply see the headlines in passing, a crisis like this is felt around the ...
ruby red shoes 04/26/2015 22
Are We Returning to the Pre-WWI Days of Inter-Imperialist Rivalry?
Students of history all across the political spectrum see the run up to WWI as an intensified tendency of the nations of Europe, and eventually the US, to engage in the geopolitical rivalry for ...
steve1960 04/26/2015 42
The Ones You Didn't Hear: Know Your Herods III: Herod Agrippa , Superstar
(cross-posted from The Ones You Didn't Hear in Sunday School ) In the middle of his novel, Claudius the God , the sequel to I, Claudius , writer Robert Graves interrupts his narrative about the ...
quarkstomper 04/26/2015 28
Jenner Comes Out as Transgender and Republican; Why Both Reveals are Really Good Things!
Last night, former Olympic Gold Medalist, and current reality TV personality, Bruce Jenner came out in front of the whole nation -- the whole world actually -- announcing in an interview with Diane ...
Doctor Jazz 04/25/2015 191
A Lament From the State of Kansas
The national spotlight on Kansas continues. And as a resident, the actions of an ultra-“conservative” (I’ll get to those quotations in a minute) legislature and governor are painful and ...
MaryAEnglish 04/25/2015 83
Police Privilege Gone Wild
[The City Manager] has failed to rein in a police department that needs careful oversight and control. His administration’s shell game with a report on the fatal shooting by police of Kendrec ...
Emmet 04/25/2015 39
First malaria vaccine likely to be in use later this year
This isn't about politics or economics or cop shootings or any of the hot button topics we often discuss on DK. But it's at least as important as any of those. It's about saving hundreds of ...
Krotor 04/25/2015 38
SMHRB: I'm not Nicole Curtis, but sometimes I think I'm the real rehab addict
This is the Saturday Morning Home Repair Blog where the Dailykos community gets together to talk about all things construction and repair. Our genial and expert staff stand ready to aid you on your ...
elsaf 04/25/2015 52
Walker's UW Budget Cut - Some Context
Scott Walker's proposed $300 Million cut to the UW System combined with conservatives' complaining about high tuition made me curious about the history of UW funding and the root cause of rising ...
lufthase 04/23/2015 58

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