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Where in the World Can I Go?
I haven't published here in ages, and I mean AGES. I have been unemployed for almost five years, despite working my ass off and getting three degrees with a small child. I'm 45, black, female, and ...
Carlo408 11/05/2014 176 185 4 -
Does Ann Romney Know Something We Don't?
I was watching Alex Wagner on MSNBC, where she showed highlights of Romney campaigning in Colorado. As I watch, one thing particularly stood out to me-Ann Romney.
Carlo408 11/03/2012 573 416 4 -
Chris Cilliza, the Poll Guru, now thinks Ohio is a Tossup
Chris Cilizza is a fucking idiot. He is the only person doing this. What is he smoking?
Carlo408 11/01/2012 31 6 - -
The 2008 Homestretch-the More Things Change
I was listening to the MSM this morning, talking about Pennsylvania and Michigan now being in play, and how Obama is going to have to fight on blue turf, about how Ohio has tightened. I've read ...
Carlo408 10/31/2012 6 5 - -
Food Stamp Mitt is Back
Watching Romney now campaigning in Tampa. Started his speech off with the "Food Stamp" argument, even though its been debunked repeatedly. Then he went to his 5 poing plan=nothing. Went on to ...
Carlo408 10/31/2012 3 1 - -
I Convinced my McCain Voting, Romney Supporting Fiance' to Vote for Obama
I can now say that, in spite of the rabid racism that has polarized our country, I believe in miracles. I am an African American, female, liberal leaning, Obama supporter. My fiance is a white, ...
Carlo408 10/25/2012 40 39 - -
The Allred Surprise
Just heard on the Stephanie Miller Show that the ex-wife for former Staples CEO is asking a Massachusetts court to life a gag order that would allow her to give the details of her divorce, where ...
Carlo408 10/24/2012 75 20 1 -
Richard Wolfe-Romney Doesn't Think Voters are Stupid. Romney KNOWS the Press is Stupid
I was watching the Ed Show tonight, and Richard Wolfe was discussing the whole "Romney momentum" meme that has seemed to permeate the airwaves, in addition to the serious con game Romney is running ...
Carlo408 10/23/2012 149 293 7 -
Chuck Todd on MSNBC Praying that People Will Turn to the World Series-Why?
MSNBC has deteriorated this election cycle into a compilation of total sellouts and whiny crybabies. I am so disgusted with them, I'm almost at a lost. Chuck Todd, with a total seriousness of ...
Carlo408 10/22/2012 57 11 - -
The REAL Mitt Romney in One Picture
This says it all. It should be run on every Obama add until election day. Sorry, I can't get my computer to post the picture, but its Mitt, in all of his pseudoglory:
Carlo408 10/17/2012 32 19 - -
My Teenage Daughter was Cyberbullied because of Romney Supporters
I am writing this diary mad as hell. My daughter, after seeing some of the racist things posted about Obama on the Internet and after researching it, posted on her Facebook that anyone who is ...
Carlo408 10/14/2012 27 37 - -
The Obama Comeback that Would DESTROY Romney in the Debates
We all know at this point that Romney is a compulsive liar, probably psychotic, and even sociopathic. He lies with impunity. As I listened to Romney lie yet again today, I thought about those used ...
Carlo408 10/11/2012 25 14 - -
All Knowledge and No Zeal-How we Failed the President
Okay, I have had it with the sourpusses on here. People on here have been bitching and moaning about the debates for a week now, constantly griping about how Obama has let us down. How about this?
Carlo408 10/10/2012 17 7 - 57
Media's Plan for a Horserace Fails, Desperately Pushing Debate Talk
I have read all of the diaries about the "bounce" from the debates. Usually, this late after a debate, the conversation has turned to the Vice-Presidential debate, or, at least in this case, the ...
Carlo408 10/07/2012 22 15 1 236
From China to Mitt-Checkmate
While campaigning in Virginia, Romney told the crowds that we need to stand up to China and their manipulation, stating that he "want[s] to make sure that if a nation cheats like China has cheated, ...
Carlo408 09/14/2012 8 6 - 70
This isn't a referendum on More Government, this Election is about what happens with less Government
First of all, people need to know that what the GOP is doing is basically implementing austerity measures and they need to know that what that really means is NO GOVERNMENT: In economics, ...
Carlo408 09/07/2012 1 1 - 23
I thought America Wanted a President Who Doesn't Kowtow to the Rich?
Jane Meyer of the New Yorker published an article about Obama's disdain for wealthy donors. I'm saying, before I read it, "well, duh". We want someone fighting for the middle class, right? Right?
Carlo408 08/22/2012 20 4 - 101
The Article that Could Change The Trajectory of this election
I was reading Ann Romney's comments about how she and Mitt are not releasing any more returns. As I stared at her picture from the MSNBC interview, with her upturned lip and her sanctimony, I ...
Carlo408 08/15/2012 38 50 - 511
Its been over 1200 days since my last post. Sometimes blogs can really raise my blood pressure. I still read every day, but quite frankly, I've been suffering from major depression. In the past 4 ...
Carlo408 03/27/2012 8 10 - 97
McCain Now Opposes Mid-east Peace Talks! I know, this is really un freakin believable, but McCain actually opposes the Mid-east peace process! I know you're wondering, why would he do that? It is true that ...
Carlo408 09/23/2008 13 1 - 2
 The Real Reason Why Lady Rothschild Won't Endorse Obama
I know that many of you are wondering why anyone is even bothering to cover why Lady de Rothschild endorsing McCain. After all, other Clinton backers have crossed over to the Dark Side. However, ...
Carlo408 09/17/2008 126 15 2 16
John McCain Has Killed Himself for the Debates-Checkmate
Obama is a master thinker, I must say. In the midst of all of the panic and despair, Obama has kept his game plan secret better than any politician I've ever seen. (Wow, I just saw a really good ...
Carlo408 09/14/2008 83 17 - 27
Okay, this is Why my Blood is Boiling About Hillbilly Palin
I am a 39 year old black woman. I have an undergraduate degree, a law degree, passed the bar the first time, have a masters of law, and I am published. I presently work in a field where my ...
Carlo408 09/08/2008 118 91 5 25
Obama Held to Highest Standard in the History of the Presidency-Why?
I have been noticing something. It started at the beginning of the primary season, and it has now gone full scale. The Republican Convention and the Sarah Palin pick highlighted what I had feared:
Carlo408 09/06/2008 25 21 2 29
To Joe Biden: Do NOT go Easy on Palin
When McCain decided to make Palin his VP, I am sure he noticed how Hillary grilled Obama while Obama continued to try and be a gentleman. Well, they figure that you, Joe, will try to go easy on ...
Carlo408 08/30/2008 12 2 1 -
Obama Finally Hits the POW Crap
Today at his speech in Montana, Obama, once again, to my chagrin, mentioned how we should honor McCain's service. Today, however, he said something that I hadn't heard him say before:
Carlo408 08/27/2008 45 58 3 32
Chris Matthews Smacks Down PUMA Nutbags
I was absolutely giggling with glee when I saw Chris Matthews finally give the so called "PUMA's" and the Hillary Clinton Supporters for McCain their big chance to make their case. There were four ...
Carlo408 08/26/2008 28 19 1 -
To the Evangelicals and Uber-Patriots-I thought that you WANTED Peacemakers
This is my first diary, and I have been terrified of posting it, but not EVERYONE who is Christian is in love with McCain. At least not the true ones anyway. "Blessed are the peacemakers, for ...
Carlo408 08/18/2008 9 15 1 2
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