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Meet the New Spies: Argo, Skyfall and Homeland
One classic Hollywood cliche is to invert the victim and aggressor whenever the aggressor happens to be us. After the Vietnam War for instance, there was a rash of films like The Deer Hunter (1978) ...
CartoonDiablo 11/03/2012 15 4 - -
An Analysis of 'Looper' (2012)
Major spoilers: seriously, watch the film before reading this or it'll ruin an amazing experience. Usually trailers are pretty good predictors of what films will be like, but in the case of Looper (
CartoonDiablo 10/06/2012 24 20 1 596
The Deeper Philosophical Appeal of Ayn Rand
With all the controversy over Paul Ryan's adoration of Ayn Rand, I was rather surprised that philosopher Slavoj Zizek (a self-described communist) wrote a sympathetic analysis of Rand's works. It ...
CartoonDiablo 08/28/2012 5 4 - 69
The Emotional Appeal for Blaming The Teachers
I was disheartened to hear Chris Hayes on C-SPAN say that the educational "reform" movement is "winning the argument." That's not to say they're winning on any factual level, Hayes meant that in ...
CartoonDiablo 08/26/2012 104 56 6 483
Reaction to Red Dawn Trailer
It's easy to make fun of 1984 Red Dawn , the ultimate Reaganite fantasy flick where a million Russians and Nicaraguans managed to sneak into the US and occupy hillbilly towns because the US got soft ...
CartoonDiablo 08/11/2012 4 2 - 80
Lets Just Say It: Republicans are Pro-Rape
There is a seriously disturbing pattern emerging around Republican policies and rape. In an unprecedented way, Republicans have legislated for rape to be easier to commit and with less help given to ...
CartoonDiablo 07/31/2012 7 24 - 128
What 'Cloud' Computing Is And Why It Should Worry You
With this hilarious Onion video about Cloud computing it makes an important point: everyone is talking about "Cloud computing" but it seems like few know what it is. It's important to know what ...
CartoonDiablo 07/29/2012 107 31 2 501
Review: The Dark Knight Rises
I think a lot of reviewers jumped the gun when it came to "The Dark Knight Rises." As the final Batman film by Christopher Nolan it was pretty widely (or at least wider then typical for a superhero ...
CartoonDiablo 07/24/2012 15 4 - 120
Reveiw: The Problem with "God Bless America" (2011)
Imagine if a movie was made about a decent man getting by in a decaying society, overrun by blacks, Muslims, gays and whatever other boogeymen are conjured up to scare people; he eventually snaps ...
CartoonDiablo 07/11/2012 5 - 1 70
The Tea Party is an "Anti-Liberal" Movement
One thing I've found after seeing numerous contradictory youtube videos against "liberals" is that Chomsky's hypothesis that the Tea Party (and the right-wing movement generally) is really an anti-...
CartoonDiablo 07/07/2012 96 110 4 944
The Attack On Universities
Perhaps a bit late but there has been a controversy over the study of the supposed "liberal bias" and "political indoctrination" of California's higher education called A Crisis of Competence (pdf.) ...
CartoonDiablo 06/16/2012 49 30 1 341
Pitying The Villain? How The Morality Play Is Being Reinforced
Edit : Sorry for the re-post but I think some things have to be clarified. Also some spoilers. While satiric gems like Thank You For Smoking and Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog put audiences in ...
CartoonDiablo 06/09/2012 12 1 - 71
Tortured Logic: Debunking A Key Part of The "Torture Debate"
I know it's election season but this is an issue that needs attention. Currently, the issue of detainees at Guantanamo has subsided since now the focus has been on deaths from CIA drones but it's ...
CartoonDiablo 06/09/2012 4 2 - 46
Hate On The Children
One of the unusual aspects of the millennial generation has been the vehement hatred towards them, both openly and implicitly. First, take Jonah Goldberg's recent rant about how young people are "...
CartoonDiablo 06/06/2012 11 3 - 60
Push Back Against Recalls Is Growing Among Elite Politicians
With the Scott Walker recall election in Wisconsin, along with the earlier recalls of state Senators last year, the fear of a democratic push back is growing amongst elites who want to hold on to ...
CartoonDiablo 06/02/2012 52 36 - 269
Full Review: A Left At War With Chomsky
After my previous post , I decided to actually read The Left at War all the way through and honestly, the more the book is brought up and read, the more self-defeating it becomes for people like ...
CartoonDiablo 05/22/2012 34 14 1 286
An Anti-Sherlock For Our Generation?
I've recently watched a few episodes of Sherlock , the BBC modern remake of Sherlock Holmes and my opinion is mixed. Not exactly what NPR has called "the best version of Holmes and Dr. Watson I've ...
CartoonDiablo 05/16/2012 29 10 - 163
Projecting the US's ills on China?
One thing I've noticed is a perhaps unconscious intellectual projection of what are ills when China does them but are either ignored or standard operating procedure for the US. Now China is a brutal ...
CartoonDiablo 05/13/2012 2 2 - 35
The Left At War With Chomsky?
When I found about a recent book called The Left at War by Michael Bérubé, I was expecting a researched venture to find out why the left has had trouble organizing and getting together over the ...
CartoonDiablo 05/11/2012 37 13 2 227
Fareed Zakaria Wants Less Democracy In Europe
In a recent article , Zakaria concedes over the overwhelming evidence, that austerity has made Europe's economy worse off. From a double dip recession in the UK to full ...
CartoonDiablo 05/11/2012 21 9 - 136
Fareed Zakaria In Denial Over Mexico's Drug War
Recently Fareed Zakaria tried to make the case that Mexico is "making progress" in the drug war using the most insane logic I've seen in a while. His reasoning goes like this: Now the data proves ...
CartoonDiablo 04/24/2012 18 12 - 135
Ross Douthat's Bad Fundamentalism
CartoonDiablo 04/23/2012 10 3 - 109
Progression or Regression In Hollywood?
Some spoilers ahead I've been rather interested in Slavoj Zizek's analysis of Hollywood, and in popular entertainment in general, to which he claims there is an awful regression happening under ...
CartoonDiablo 04/22/2012 8 1 - 45
Why No One Should Take Francis Fukuyama Seriously
Francis Fukuyama, the famous author of "End of History" has recently come out with an essay titled " The Future of History " which sees challenges to liberal democracy given the vast inequalities ...
CartoonDiablo 04/14/2012 47 34 2 265
Open Discussion on [Ironic] Offensive Humor
The atrocious comments by Rush Limbaugh about Sarah Fluke remind us of the things people shouldn't say, or should they? While almost everyone agrees that offensive materials used solely to offend ...
CartoonDiablo 03/23/2012 8 - - 71
Fox show "Touch" reveals an authoritarian mysticism
(Warming contains major spoilers, some of which bolded) For all the hype over Fox's new pattern revealing show "Touch," apparently no one can decipher the horrendous combination of new age, code-...
CartoonDiablo 03/23/2012 31 7 1 296
The Most Progressive Movie?
It's not Avatar (2009) nor Wall Street (1987) nor even Salt of the Earth (1954) a film which was banned for alleged "communist propaganda." After reading too many film analyses from philosopher ...
CartoonDiablo 03/21/2012 16 11 - 149
Propaganda Term of The Week: Entitlement
I want this to be a somewhat frequent feature. So let's begin with the term "Entitlement" or "Entitlement program" Entitlement - the right to guaranteed benefits under a government program. By ...
CartoonDiablo 03/05/2012 6 5 - 44
Occupy The Good Times
In Germany during the Second World War there was an expression, “Enjoy the War. Peace will be terrible.” Because of the heavy military spending, most the German populace was enjoying a standard ...
CartoonDiablo 03/04/2012 1 1 - 36
David Brooks's Determinist Fallacy
David Brooks has put himself in the precarious position of defending Charles Murray's new book Coming Apart , indeed one of the few people to do so. After a massive backlash from just about ...
CartoonDiablo 02/18/2012 2 6 - 90
Andrew Sullivan: A Conservative Chomsky?
As you may know, Andrew Sullivan is the self-described "conservative" who only seems conservative in one way, he just hates liberals. Sometime ago I noticed something odd as I watched these two ...
CartoonDiablo 02/07/2012 15 3 1 208
History of Self-Identified Liberals
Following on a David Brooks column saying despite what "should be a golden age of liberalism......
CartoonDiablo 01/10/2012 5 8 - 84
Whose Bigoted To Who At The NH GOP Debate?
At the New Hampshire Debate on Saturday Newt Gingrich decided to trot out an old line from the right about "secular bigotry." Specifically he talked about the Catholic church being denied adoption ...
CartoonDiablo 01/08/2012 11 7 - 110
The Second Amendment Myth
The recent act of self-defense by a teen widow ...
CartoonDiablo 01/07/2012 199 39 1 436
The Double Standard of Iran Sanctions
The recent speculation over Iran's threats to shut down the Strait of Hormuz are probably a bluff .
CartoonDiablo 01/06/2012 2 - - 37
Shapiro's Primetime: How Human Decency Became Liberal Propaganda
A new book has hit store shelves titled "Primetime Propaganda: The True Hollywood Story of How the Left Took Over Your TV" by Ben Shapiro. It purports to uncover the vast liberal plot to brainwash ...
CartoonDiablo 01/01/2012 9 9 1 114
Inequality's Vicious Cycle
As if the 99% don't need any reminding of inequality I recently saw a PBS report which said that retail items for the middle class are ...
CartoonDiablo 12/23/2011 2 2 - 53
Affirmative Action, Asians and Economic Justice
In a recent article by NPR, there are some chilling ramifications for Asians who are applying to college, as an Asian ...
CartoonDiablo 12/04/2011 4 1 - 41
Obama Doesn't Need Congress (or the Fed) to Act on Jobs
With the complete gridlock of Congress the debate of what the White House can do seems to be centered on the actions of the Federal Reserve and it's monetary tools. However, the President (this ...
CartoonDiablo 08/08/2011 10 10 1 116
Paul Krugman on The Cult That Is Destroying America
reposted from his blog ( Edit : Fair Use) Watching our system deal with the ...
CartoonDiablo 07/26/2011 8 20 1 302
No Big Deal for Obama: Stagecraft or Genuine Effort?
With the seeming collapse of the "Grand Deal" we are left wondering what Obama's true intentions were. Two theories have been suggested: Obama was acting as a Master Actor or ...
CartoonDiablo 07/22/2011 8 1 - 81
It's Time the Media Finally Covered This Story
Probably the most censored story of the past few years (and certainly in my lifetime) is the cancer rate in Fallujah, Iraq ...
CartoonDiablo 07/19/2011 6 20 1 176
Shocker: Slavery is a Conservative Idea
With the recent controversy over Michelle Bachmann signing the the anti-marriage ...
CartoonDiablo 07/15/2011 15 6 - 109
Popping The Myth of The "College Bubble": College Is Being Privatized, Not Inflated
So just about everyone has gotten this wrong , speculating that there's a "bubble" related to college which of course is ...
CartoonDiablo 06/27/2011 31 10 - 178
Age Reversal in Union Opinion? (Charts and Graphs time)
One thing I noticed is an odd reversal in union favorability compared with age groups and time. According to a new Pew Poll , approval for unions ...
CartoonDiablo 02/21/2011 10 3 - 99
Labor Picketing Doesn't Cut It Anymore: Taking Back Worker's Rights In The Era of Globalization
The 80s presented one of the most dramatic economic shifts in human history: a shift towards profits and corporate globalization at the expense of the workers. With a technological shift in how we ...
CartoonDiablo 12/19/2010 10 11 1 134
The Problem with the FCC (and what should be done)
There is a peculiar problem with the FCC, it has two roles to play: one good and one bad. The issue is that strengthening one, essentially strengthens the other so something entirely different needs ...
CartoonDiablo 12/06/2010 3 - - 38
What Happened to Our Welfare Dollars? Bureaucracy in the Era of Reform
On this labor day (and in the midst of this jobless recovery) it's important to remember all the programs that help reduce poverty and support many struggling working families. The data I found ...
CartoonDiablo 09/06/2010 23 3 1 39
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