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A short note on Baltimore and that sort of thing
Property is theft. -- Pierre-Joseph Proudhon Power concedes nothing without a demand. It never did and it never will. -- Frederick Douglass So what white America told black America was: "Two ...
Cassiodorus 04/30/2015 5 6 - -
The TPP and climate change: two issues at once!
OK, so first the TPP, the Trans-Pacific Partnership. Nobody is allowed to see it, but it's going to pass. The White House is working with Republicans on this one . One of the things TPP will ...
Cassiodorus 04/24/2015 22 32 1 -
"Toppling the 1%" and the Need for a Leftist
From the Huffington Post's Zach Carter: Hillary Clinton Calls For 'Toppling' The 1 Percent Hillary Clinton believes that strengthening the middle class and alleviating income inequality will ...
Cassiodorus 04/22/2015 22 7 - -
A letter to my representatives in Wall Str-- er, DC:
Dear Political Elites Elected Representatives, This is my most heartfelt email. Please consider it as if the fate of your souls were in the balance. I know that you receive campaign donations ...
Cassiodorus 04/18/2015 9 15 - -
About that emerging right-wing divide on climate change
In a recent piece posted to the Grist website , David Roberts tells us that "there's an emerging right-wing divide on climate change." Now I suppose that by "right wing" Roberts means Republicans, ...
Cassiodorus 04/09/2015 32 17 - -
The critique of relationships
Relationships and nature Much recent literature labels this time in which we live as the "Anthropocene Era" -- the term refers to a specific era of natural history in which human beings institute ...
Cassiodorus 04/02/2015 9 15 1 -
Feudalism might be a good idea...
...if we lived in the 6th century. Do we live in the 6th century still? Well, the residents of what Robert Frank called " Richistan " might like to style themselves as the new nobility, but "...
Cassiodorus 03/30/2015 16 12 1 -
Climate change psychology
The starting point of this piece is a short commentary in the online Toronto newspaper The Globe and Mail , suggesting that "To confront climate change, we must turn fear into empathy." Now, Peter ...
Cassiodorus 03/25/2015 5 24 - -
Reclaiming the climate debate from political extremes
On Thursday of last week, Mark Lynas responded to The Guardian's decision to publish excerpts of Naomi Klein's "This Changes Everything" in a response-piece titled " We must reclaim the climate ...
Cassiodorus 03/15/2015 26 30 - -
"We don't have time" -- against bourgeois "solutions" for climate change
We don't have time to do anything effective about climate change. So let's do something ineffective and call it a day. We can get the greenhouse gas emissions down 5% with a cap-and-trade scheme, ...
Cassiodorus 03/11/2015 68 51 - -
On movement goals, climate change, and what to do
This diary was provoked by a short article in Common Dreams, " On Climate, Humanity Must Rise Up Against 'Collective Shrug of Fatalism, " by staff writer Jon Queally. Overcoming "fatalism" about ...
Cassiodorus 03/08/2015 46 33 - -
Space -- the final frontier: A reminiscence of Star Trek
Awhile back, I wrote a diary on Star Wars , as a sort of critique of what happened to space opera and as a reminiscence of when I used to read that stuff back in high school. I wasn't going to ...
Cassiodorus 03/05/2015 25 14 1 -
So who makes the most profit off of American education?
Well, back in '04 there was the Big Four : Three companies have traditionally dominated the market for developing tests: Harcourt Educational Measurement, CTB McGraw-Hill, and Riverside Publishing. ...
Cassiodorus 02/17/2015 7 20 2 -
Dave Brat's genius observations in Congress about education
Here I am referring to Representative Dave Brat (R-Virginia), whose spoken-word theme in recent House Education and Workforce Committee proceedings was the matter of how genius comes about: During ...
Cassiodorus 02/14/2015 56 93 1 -
And now a fun Peter R. Orszag article on Scott Walker
Regular readers of my stuff here at might recall that that back in January I published a diary on Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker's attitude toward college-level education . Walker ...
Cassiodorus 02/12/2015 39 71 - -
Jonah Goldberg's fun column about Obama
I guess this column by Jonah Goldberg came out Friday and there was already a diary about it . My response diary is about history, and Jonah Goldberg's version if it. If you believe anything Jonah ...
Cassiodorus 02/08/2015 29 25 - -
On Scott Walker and academic work
I don't know if you all caught this one in Politico: Scott Walker urges professors to work harder By Lucy McCalmont 1/29/15 8:15 AM EST Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker, defending proposed budget ...
Cassiodorus 01/30/2015 7 24 - -
Some tips on ( Internet persuasion
After discussing topics with those of contrary opinion here, I often come away with the distinct feeling that "I know the other person is wrong, but I really don't want to continue discussing the ...
Cassiodorus 01/22/2015 81 51 2 -
Omigod Bill Curry appeared in Salon again!
That's right! The author that one of my readers called an "idiot" with "insipid" views has posted again in that evil Republican rag Salon , and so here's a valuable opportunity for you all to ...
Cassiodorus 01/20/2015 9 28 - -
Now be on your best behavior everyone!
Omigod racists!..... under capitalism. This is a well-promoted line. Don't say anything that would mark you as a racist, because if we can get all of the racists to shut up capitalism will be ...
Cassiodorus 01/19/2015 38 9 - -
More badmouthing of Democrats: Thomas Frank weighs in again
Over at Salon, again , readers will be faced with the specter of Thomas Frank, who has been wrestling for some time (at least since his book " What's the Matter With Kansas? ") with the matter of ...
Cassiodorus 01/11/2015 23 31 - -
Of radicals and mass movements
This essay was prompted by two recent pieces. Perhaps this essay would be better off if it were published in some of the places where the pieces were published: ZNet , or Jacobin . I'm more used ...
Cassiodorus 01/04/2015 58 55 1 -
Omigod someone on Salon advocated ditching the Democrats!
Bah! We never liked anyway. Buncha Republicans. Besides, we could never abandon the Democrats. Kos said so . We'd lose our foundation money . And where are we going to go? Some ...
Cassiodorus 12/23/2014 64 27 - -
Some notes on Eric Alterman's piece
Eric Alterman , the historian, journalist, educator and so on, has a piece titled " Why Liberals Need Radicals—and Vice Versa " now up on the webpages of the journal " Democracy ." In it, ...
Cassiodorus 12/16/2014 15 20 - -
On domination
Let's start with this recent NYT news release:
Cassiodorus 12/11/2014 8 11 - -
On an old Tim Wise piece in Alternet
This piece from six years ago was brought to my attention by Louis Proyect : Over on, a website occupying a place on the political spectrum a bit to the left of Huffington Post, there’
Cassiodorus 12/02/2014 26 15 - -
Climate change: what they're putting off saying
So, OK, back in 2009 I was telling everyone that if the movement to (as Naomi Klein called it) "save the climate" was to accomplish anything at all, we'd need a movement to " Keep the grease in the ...
Cassiodorus 11/30/2014 138 133 1 -
The Democrats' political suicide?
In his most recent blog entry over at HuffPo, Michael Brenner (" The Democrats' Political Suicide ," 11/10/14) argues that: Despite every plank in the traditional GOP program being exposed as ...
Cassiodorus 11/11/2014 9 12 1 -
A comment on a Jonathan Chait piece
Readers of my diaries (and their associated links) may remember Jonathan Chait. Chait is the guy who (along with David Roberts, unfortunately ) thinks Barack Obama is the "environmental President" ...
Cassiodorus 11/06/2014 3 11 - -
On Doug Henwood's piece about Hillary Clinton
(also to be found at ) There has so far been a good deal of controversy about Doug Henwood's piece (" Stop Hillary ") excoriating Hillary Clinton in the most recent Harper's ...
Cassiodorus 10/29/2014 51 23 - -
Postcapitalist economic imagination
What will come after capitalism? When the Roman Empire collapsed in the west in the 5th century after Christ (going by Dionysius Exiguus's calendar ), very little in the way of imagination was ...
Cassiodorus 10/03/2014 101 46 2 -
Is climate change an "existential crisis"?
Naomi Klein has a recent book out, " This Changes Everything ," about climate change. I am still waiting for my copy to come in the mail, so I apologize for not being able to say anything of ...
Cassiodorus 09/24/2014 26 25 - -
Hung for a sheep as for a lamb
Global warming and capitalist history (also to be found at Firedoglake ) I don't know if you caught Chomsky's most recent column, as reproduced in the pixels over at Alternet: " U.S. Plunges the ...
Cassiodorus 09/10/2014 24 15 2 -
Bunker mentalities, security, and time
(also at Humanitarian Left ) Everyone, I think you're going to see more of the bunker mentality in global politics in the future, of which the to-do in Gaza and the to-do in Ferguson, Missouri are ...
Cassiodorus 08/20/2014 5 7 1 -
Comment: "Why Tech Still Hasn't Solved Education's Problems"
This short piece appeared on my Facebook page yesterday, courtesy of the Atlantic magazine: Why Tech Still Hasn't Solved Education's Problems One researcher has a compelling hypothesis as to why ...
Cassiodorus 08/13/2014 18 7 - -
Will alternative energy save capitalism?
(Crossposted to Humanitarian Left and Firedoglake ) Every time I publish a diary like this one (" Promoting an Effective Discussion: Capitalism Causes Climate Change ," 8/3/14), I get ...
Cassiodorus 08/10/2014 80 57 3 -
Promoting an effective discussion: Capitalism causes climate change
(crossposted at Humanitarian Left and at Firedoglake ) When I see headlines like this on my Facebook feed: "Even if a small ...
Cassiodorus 08/03/2014 71 50 1 -
Some words about "Star Wars"
I'm writing this short piece more or less as a commentary on the various news releases now issued in advance of "Star Wars Episode VII ," the forthcoming Star Wars motion picture. Watching "Star ...
Cassiodorus 07/18/2014 37 10 1 -
Capitalism will last forever or maybe not
The topic of capitalism's eventual death has been around for more than 150 years now. At one early point (1847) in his career as a writer, Karl Marx (with his friend Friedrich Engels) thought the ...
Cassiodorus 06/22/2014 22 28 3 -
Some thoughts on education in light of Vergara v. California
NOTE TO READERS: If you all want to get a reportorial perspective upon a recent decision in the case Vergara v. California threatening teacher tenure in the state of California (and possibly, later, ...
Cassiodorus 06/11/2014 81 57 3 -
My own little election flyer: please don't vote for Marshall Tuck
One of the joys of being a registered Democrat, apparently, is that one receives a number of election mailers from various organizations telling Democratic voters who to vote for in California's ...
Cassiodorus 06/01/2014 16 23 - -
Clear and magical thinking
Certainly there's got to be a lot of thinking going on. Human beings are the most versatile species to ever appear on planet Earth, and one of the foundations of our versatility as a species is our ...
Cassiodorus 05/30/2014 58 42 1 -
"Rethink Divestment" 5/1/2014 Pomona College
This diary is third in a series of diaries on fossil fuel divestment at the Claremont Colleges, a group of small colleges snugly located in the well-off suburb of Claremont, California, near Los ...
Cassiodorus 05/04/2014 17 16 - -
The "Marxism is coming back" trope
Recently in the mainstream media one now can read short essays (well, OK, they're really Ideological Guides To What You're Supposed To Think) on the idea that "Marxism" (to be distinguished here ...
Cassiodorus 04/21/2014 264 152 9 -
Meanwhile, in college campuses across America
news flash Pitzer College has announced it will divest its $125 million endowment of financial ...
Cassiodorus 04/13/2014 5 23 - -
The decade of lame excuses: "Catastrophism" and abrupt climate change
I think that's how future historians will remember the "teens" -- that glorious decade between 2010 and 2020 when we suffered chronically higher unemployment and paid for improved access to health ...
Cassiodorus 03/28/2014 16 26 1 -
The society of money
The society of money: its utopian vision and grim reality That which is for me through the medium of money – that for which I can pay (i.e., which money can buy) – that am I myself, the ...
Cassiodorus 03/15/2014 11 34 1 -
Why am I here?
Because I write good stuff, and because you read it. As far as I can tell, here, I've got 328 diaries , and 73 book reviews . My last book review here was ...
Cassiodorus 03/12/2014 17 35 - -
Book review: Capitalism and climate change
(crossposted at FDL and at VOTS ) Book review: Koch, Max. Capitalism and Climate Change: Theoretical Discussion, Historical Development and Policy Responses. Houndmills, Basingstroke, Hampshire UK:
Cassiodorus 03/09/2014 19 18 - -
Summer is only in three or four months
And then we'll go to the beach!
Cassiodorus 03/03/2014 6 8 - -
Divestment protest and human "oil spill" at Pitzer College 2/14/14
Cassiodorus 02/15/2014 20 14 - -
A glossary of "Cassiodorus" book reviews
Everyone, this is a brief glossary of my book review diaries. There are 72 of them, so hold on tight! I've tried to include the year of each diary, a link to the book under review, and a brief ...
Cassiodorus 02/10/2014 8 16 4 -
Book review: The Political Economy of Global Warming
(also available at ) Book review: Weston, Del. The Political Economy of Global Warming: The terminal crisis . London and New York: Routledge, 2014. Print. ( Del Weston (1950-2012)
Cassiodorus 02/04/2014 23 42 3 -
Saving civilization: a review of Smith's Climate Change and Cultural Heritage
Book Review: Smith, Peter F. Climate Change and Cultural Heritage: A Race Against Time . London and New York: Routledge/ Earthscan, 2014. Print. (also to be seen at Firedoglake ) The book I'm ...
Cassiodorus 01/31/2014 15 20 - -
Book review: Does Capitalism Have A Future?
Book review: Wallerstein, Immanuel et al. Does Capitalism Have A Future? Oxford: Oxford UP, 2013. (crossposted to Firedoglake and to VOTS ) This book is a "response" anthology, with the lead ...
Cassiodorus 01/25/2014 146 49 2 -
Another plea for postcapitalism: Richard Smith in Truthout
The next individual to step forward to promote postcapitalism is an economic historian, Richard Smith. His piece in Wednesday's Truthout is called " Beyond Growth or Beyond Capitalism ?" The ...
Cassiodorus 01/17/2014 77 78 4 -
Omigod this is a partisan site!
Now on any given day has an interesting array of entertainment, educational material, and political stuff. I like visiting this site, and I like contributing to it, as my 320 diaries ...
Cassiodorus 01/10/2014 286 149 2 -
Ruth Marcus on Edward Snowden: point by point
Here I've diagrammed Ruth Marcus' essay in the WaPo, "Edward Snowden, the insufferable whistleblower," and replied to its main ideas. Each reply includes a question that opens up the essay's logic.
Cassiodorus 01/01/2014 189 115 - -
Maybe it's a basis for New Year's resolutions
In 2013, the so-called "left" disqualified itself by either: 1) Demanding that our political class invent cleverer excuses for not solving our social problems than the excuses they currently offer --
Cassiodorus 12/30/2013 12 16 - -
Snowden is an egotist, so PRISM should be tweaked a bit.
Never mind the history .
Cassiodorus 12/28/2013 77 66 2 -
Another type of proposal for educational reform
Preface This diary is not one of those calls for reform that argues that "the schools have failed" and advocates more and harder work for all parties -- that sort of reform was rebutted admirably ...
Cassiodorus 12/22/2013 21 23 - -
For Honesty
"America is a great place to make it big, except when it isn't ." "I support Blue Dogs against Republicans, year in and year out, because omigod Republicans -- given the low moral caliber of the ...
Cassiodorus 12/19/2013 67 34 - -
Cassiodorus 12/10/2013 34 21 - -
Winning arguments at
Here are some general principles to consider when constructing winning arguments at 1) The truth or falsehood of one's arguments, and the wisdom or folly of one's policy ...
Cassiodorus 12/08/2013 220 41 - -
A point about test scores, human versatility, and climate change
This diary entry is for parents, teachers, students, and anyone involved with America's public school systems. When reading Diane Ravitch's short post of December 3rd in Huffington Post I saw this ...
Cassiodorus 12/06/2013 7 18 - -
Loreena McKennitt: Youssou N'Dour: Dar Williams: Pharoah Sanders:
Cassiodorus 12/04/2013 28 20 - -
Will climate change saints save the Earth?
In writing my last diary on climate change , I was advised that "if you're not working on solutions you're just spinning wheels." I am not going to name the author of this comment -- this is not a ...
Cassiodorus 11/30/2013 151 66 1 -
For some real statistical measurements of climate change mitigation
(FPed at Firedoglake ) There's some definite hype out there on the climate change mitigation front. From Truthdig : WARSAW—For the first time, all countries of the world have agreed to make ...
Cassiodorus 11/24/2013 60 34 - -
Why a "green dictatorship" will not solve the global warming problem
This diary was composed in response to a comment in my last diary to the effect that what the world needs is some sort of "green dictatorship" -- that if people are not going to do of their own free ...
Cassiodorus 11/13/2013 101 45 - -
Can we solve the climate crisis under capitalism?
(crossposted at Firedoglake ) Can we solve the climate crisis while the capitalists roam the Earth, terminating ecosystems here and there? Christian Parenti, in full knowledge of the system and ...
Cassiodorus 11/10/2013 117 52 1 -
And now a financier weighs in on global warming
and in (of all places) Nature magazine (though at this point it's been reposted in numerous places throughout the Web). Generally I associate Nature (magazine) with a piece called "Petit et al." or "
Cassiodorus 11/06/2013 22 27 - -
And so, under the watchful eyes of the NSA...
...the bloggers continue to discuss revolution. (crossposted to Firedoglake ) As the super-rich abandon America , now, you have Kevin Zeese and Margaret Flowers telling us: The Revolution of the ...
Cassiodorus 11/05/2013 62 48 1 -
Now it's the scientists
(crossposted at Firedoglake ) Everyone, I don't know if you caught the most recent Naomi Klein thing in Common Dreams (well, via that silly publication The New Statesman, which is hosting the ...
Cassiodorus 10/30/2013 172 122 1 -
Anti-Russell Brand Talking Points
(crossposted at Firedoglake and at VOTS ) Maybe you didn't catch the interview -- anyway here's a copy from YouTube: And now we have the debate. From Nafeez Ahmed, at The ...
Cassiodorus 10/26/2013 626 277 4 -
How there can be two right wings
In my last diary I received this curious comment : I usually think of left and right (0+ / 0-) as relative terms that describe a political position within a spectrum based on the context of the ...
Cassiodorus 10/24/2013 21 22 - -
Postcapitalism and the "Left"
As I have edged around this concept in several previous diaries, now is a good time for me to state outright what I have only hinted previously. There really isn't a "Left" in the United States, or ...
Cassiodorus 10/13/2013 48 22 2 -
Fun piece on war rhetoric in TruthOut
I am of course referring to William Rivers Pitt's must-read piece in Truthout, " It's Not War, So Stop Saying That. " Pitt has some incisive things to say about the defense of the forthcoming war ...
Cassiodorus 09/06/2013 15 21 1 -
Optimism in light of pessimism
So why be optimistic? This theme came up in a previous diary , and I'd like to revisit it, because I rather doubt that my previous answer satisfied my reading audience. The idea that we can be ...
Cassiodorus 08/31/2013 6 16 1 -
On the false equivalence between "Obama rox" and "Obama sux"
Every once in awhile one can read diaries here at claiming some kind of equivalence between "Obama rox" and "Obama sux" positions. This serves as a sort of rhetorical device: if the ...
Cassiodorus 08/17/2013 295 81 2 -
Let's see some optimism around here, eh?
This diary is of course a response to a previous diary , which was on the Rec List at Kos when I woke up Thursday morning. "What happened to the energy of hope here at DailyKos?" AntonBursch said ...
Cassiodorus 07/28/2013 215 76 3 -
What do the Important People think of the (possible) end of capitalism?
A lot of what I'm getting over the Internet these days is an attitude that, because I'm asking questions, this means that I have some sort of attitude that they don't like. Let me suggest an ...
Cassiodorus 07/20/2013 57 55 2 -
'You're never going to get pure socialism."
Part ten in a series: excuses for "why we can't have socialism." Previous entries: Capitalism will last indefinitely. This is a conservative country. Socialism is like total equality y'know.
Cassiodorus 07/12/2013 10 17 2 -
"Capitalism will last indefinitely."
This is the ninth diary of a series on excuses for "why we can't have socialism." The argument that goes that socialism is impossible because capitalism will last indefinitely, and prevent any and ...
Cassiodorus 06/21/2013 88 65 3 -
This is a conservative country.
(crossposted to VOTS and to Firedoglake ) This diary is eighth in a series on "excuses for why we can't have socialism." Previous entries: Socialism is like total equality y'know.
Cassiodorus 06/13/2013 24 43 4 -
Why I don't claim to be a progressive
(crossposted at Voices on the Square and at Firedoglake ) Back in 2009 I wrote a diary over at Kos: Fundamental flaws in progressive ideology . The point was to show how the idea of being a "...
Cassiodorus 05/27/2013 154 99 11 -
Conspiracy theories: they're all in your heads!
Or at least the New York Times Online says so. Here's an amusing piece : Why Rational People Buy Into Conspiracy Theories Because real life contains conspiracies? Naah. Couldn't be! Yeah, I ...
Cassiodorus 05/22/2013 95 24 - -
Socialism is like total equality y'know.
(also at VOTS ) My socialism diary today was prompted by this otherwise laudable video , now making the rounds on Facebook: Short synopsis: most people think ...
Cassiodorus 05/13/2013 70 52 1 -
"Socialism has never happened before."
The idea behind this one, failing the false logic of " Omigod the Soviet Union ," is that if socialism has never happened before it will never happen. "Name a society where your version of ...
Cassiodorus 05/05/2013 92 21 - -
Socialism is like Sweden y'know.
This one is a variant of the " Omigod the Soviet Union! " phenomenon which made the rec list a couple of months back. People who use devices like "socialism is like Sweden y'know" are essentially ...
Cassiodorus 05/03/2013 6 19 1 -
"Socialism is a utopian fantasy."
Now here's an anti-socialist complaint for the ages! Never mind that this particular utopian fantasy, the one we call "socialism," has motivated the most powerful global movement to change the ...
Cassiodorus 03/19/2013 40 15 - -
"Socialism is dead"/"Socialism is against human nature."
The first of these arguments is a fun one. The " socialism is dead " right-wing meme was important just after the collapse of the Soviet Union. It had a lot to do with the invention of the Third ...
Cassiodorus 03/06/2013 162 58 3 -
Omigod the Soviet Union!
Invariably this right-wing meme comes up whenever I bring up socialism , as I did in my previous diary. "What about the Soviet Union? Doesn't the example of the Soviet Union invalidate all of your ...
Cassiodorus 03/03/2013 82 34 1 -
To those who freak out about "socialism"
Look, socialism is the idea of a society based on sharing. Is there something wrong with that? The dictionary definition specifies a society in which the means of production is publicly owned. ...
Cassiodorus 02/17/2013 45 39 - -
Abrupt climate change and the dead end of eco-consumerism
Book review: Pierre-Louis, Kendra. Green Washed: Why We Can't Buy Our Way to a Green Planet . Brooklyn: IG Publishing, 2012. (crossposted at VOTS and at FDL ) A number of recent written pieces ...
Cassiodorus 02/15/2013 34 39 1 -
Book review: Derber's "Greed to Green"
(also to be found at Firedoglake and at Voices on the Square ) Book Review: Derber, Charles. Greed to Green: Solving Climate Change and Remaking The Economy . Boulder CO and London: Paradigm, 2010.
Cassiodorus 01/22/2013 4 9 - -
Tiptoeing into solutions: Dieter Helm's The Carbon Crunch
Book review: Helm, Dieter. The Climate Crunch: How We're Getting Climate Change Wrong -- and How To Fix It . New Haven CT: Yale UP, 2012. (crossposted at VOTS and at FDL ) Dieter Helm, for those ...
Cassiodorus 01/12/2013 20 28 2 -
Living like a monk isn't going to mitigate global warming.
Living like a monk, under capitalism, will do nothing about global warming. But I'll tell you what might work... (crossposted at FDL and at VOTS ) I suppose this is the newest, most popular ...
Cassiodorus 01/10/2013 189 84 1 -
Imagine a future
in which the human race survives global warming. What does it look like? In a likely dystopian future, everyone will die off except a few financial elites, and their servants in the political ...
Cassiodorus 12/30/2012 20 27 - -
Doha climate talks: what not to expect
(also at Firedoglake and at Voices on the Square ) This post is prompted by yesterday's piece in the Guardian titled "Doha climate talks: what to expect" -- today is the beginning of ...
Cassiodorus 11/26/2012 15 16 1 -
Congratulations unqualifying Obama supporters!
You won. If this election demonstrated anything, it's that a President no longer has to keep the employment-population ratio up in order to win an election, and that there really is nothing to the ...
Cassiodorus 11/08/2012 133 12 1 -
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