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Thank you, Ms. Jenner (the Olympic Gold Medalist)
*note: I used female pronouns in writing this after Jenner announced he was a woman and used "her" in referring to himself, but before he expressed the wish that people use male pronouns to refer to ...
CatM 04/24/2015 20 39 - -
Vikings Finale Predictions
I believe these predictions to be so accurate that you should avoid this diary if you are afraid of spoilers (and if you consider the historical accounts spoilers). I decided to document my ...
CatM 04/23/2015 7 6 - -
My Own Leelah
I have an autism spectrum disorder, and despite the common myth that autistic people lack empathy, some of us over-empathize. Some stories cause me so much pain, I hover near depression for weeks. ...
CatM 01/02/2015 31 48 - -
Can Obama make recess appointments?
My apologies for this short diary, but I have a question that I cannot find the answer to using the Google. If the government shuts down, does that count as an official recess for the purpose of ...
CatM 09/30/2013 16 1 - -
Sick of Orly Taitz, Larry Klayman, and other seditious birthers?
Orly Taitz and other birthers have filed at least 200 lawsuits challenging President Obama's eligibility to serve as president. Orly Taitz has been the worst offender, routinely expanding her ...
CatM 01/14/2013 71 46 2 -
Joe the Plumber defeated tonight!
Too tired to write much, but thought I'd unload a little more good news. "Joe the Plumber isn't Joe the Congressman.
CatM 11/07/2012 12 12 - -
Don't Ignore Ryan's Terrifying Answer on Abortion
During the debate, Paul Ryan said he did not think the abortion issue should be left to "unelected judges" and that it should instead be decided by "elected officials." On the surface, the media ...
CatM 10/11/2012 135 339 6 -
Some people really need your help!
Everyday, there are diaries on Kos asking for donations to help someone in need. Now, I am asking you to help all those people and more with one donation. Within the first four hours of announcing ...
CatM 08/11/2012 7 14 - 155
Mitt Romney is Right: I AM Envious
NOTE: I am writing this in a "quiet room." About income inequality, Mitt Romney infamously said, "You know, I think it’s about envy." Envy is wanting something others have that you lack, and I ...
CatM 01/18/2012 20 36 - 310
Continuing the Lt. Pike Meme
I'm not sure whether to thank Clarknt67 or curse him for introducing me to this awesome new meme involving Pike. ...
CatM 11/21/2011 12 9 - 137
I've Been Sexually Harassed
Having been subjected to sexual harassment and sexual assault, it is easy for me to believe Herman Cain sexually harassed several employees and made unwanted lewd advances--bordering on assault--...
CatM 11/08/2011 157 148 2 692
Raising Medicare Age Will Kill People and Kill Medicare
Supposedly proposals have been floated by the president to raise the Medicare age to 67. This is in line with the Social Security retirement age of 67 for people born after 1960. The premise is ...
CatM 09/09/2011 154 129 3 536
My Letter to the President on Shared Sacrifice
Like many, I was disappointed by Obama's response to the union worker in Iowa on the need for unions to accept more concessions. Are his advisors seeking to torpedo his reelection chances? His ...
CatM 08/17/2011 18 18 1 82
What Would You Do To Create Jobs?
Everyone agrees that America desperately needs to boost its job creation, yet Congress and the president have failed to implement any legislation that will do so. It is predicted that the recently ...
CatM 08/09/2011 100 10 - 174
Grover Norquist Appoints Himself Emperor
Sorry for the short diary, but this remark from Grover Norquist illustrates that this unelected individual has been ceded far too much power by the republicans over budget discussions. Following ...
CatM 07/22/2011 15 8 - 93
Obama vs Progressives
I was saddened to hear Obama say that one of his challenges is convincing ...
CatM 07/15/2011 62 29 1 220
RUMOR: Democrats Planning Mass Suicide
If the president and democrats agree to cuts in Medicare and Social Security in exchange for closing a few tax loop holes, they have only themselves to blame for Obama's eventual defeat and losing ...
CatM 07/06/2011 42 26 - 292
Same Sex Marriage Rights Are Not a State Issue
This is not going to be a carefully researched diary that offers legal precedent on the history of marriage to explain the absurdity of arguing that it should be up to the states to decide whether ...
CatM 06/26/2011 32 16 - 154
What About Electing Better Republicans?
Earl from Ohio's post on the nefarious plans of his republican governor Kasich got me ...
CatM 06/23/2011 24 5 - 118
I Feel Like Glenn Beck
Do you remember that "Talk Me Down" segment Rachel Maddow included in her show during the 2008 presidential election (which I found incredibly annoying)? Lately, I feel like Glenn Beck, imbued with ...
CatM 06/22/2011 19 7 - 114
Krugman Nails It: Vouchercare!
Unlike yesterday's diary, this one will be short. Too often, Democrats lose the battle because of poor messaging. "Paul Ryan's plan to end Medicare as we know it" is rather a mouthful. I ...
CatM 06/06/2011 19 15 - 80
Where's the Democratic Plan to Fix Medicare?
A lot of pundits and conservatives--and even some democrats--have criticized the content of the GOP plan to end Medicare, yet simultaneously praise it as "brave." Andrew Sullivan, a favorite blogger ...
CatM 06/05/2011 38 33 3 255
Donald Trump Goes Full Birther
Donald Trump has vigorously revived the "birther" conspiracy to gain traction as a possible contender for the Republican nomination. CNN, which has latched onto Tea Party fanaticism in an effort to ...
CatM 04/10/2011 29 16 - 183
How Fox News Made Giffords and All Dems Targets
On CNN yesterday, Wolf Blitzer and his guests repeatedly pointed out that although Palin had made the crosshairs ad that targeted Giffords, there was no evidence that the shooter had seen the ad or ...
CatM 01/09/2011 7 21 - 155
The Truth About Healthcare Reform & Preventive Care
Dive into the archives of any medical journal and you will find study after study demonstrated the benefits of preventive care and early detection in a number of chronic or life-threatening ...
CatM 04/13/2010 46 36 3 110
Blackwaterdog's Photo Diaries and Why They Matter
I do not know Blackwaterdog personally. Until yesterday, I did not realize that she was responsible for most or all of the Obama photo diaries. I never seek these diaries out, yet, occasionally an ...
CatM 04/09/2010 1175 814 4 72
Fibromyalgia or Vitamin D Deficiency?
For the past year and a half, I have been suffering from something my physician finally diagnosed last summer as fibromyalgia. Every day, I get random muscle pains at various places in my body. At ...
CatM 02/24/2010 90 37 5 121
Actor with Down Syndrome Puts Palin in Her Place *UPDATE*
In the wake of Palin's attack on Rahm Emmanual for using the term "fucking retarded" (which Palin misrepresents as "f-ing retard"), she has repeatedly defended Rush Limbaugh's multiple uses of the ...
CatM 02/18/2010 493 676 13 1601
Daily Kos Included in New Birther Lawsuit
After a string of defeats and no successes, Ms. Taitz goes to Washington! She filed ...
CatM 01/29/2010 137 55 - 31
Haiti: Earthquake was a Wake-up Call
The earthquake in Haiti was a wake-up call to the world, drawing attention to this little island nation. The Haitian population in the US never managed to secure enough political power to turn our ...
CatM 01/23/2010 40 20 - 44
Obama Succeeding in Overhauling the FDA
Obama entered office promising to change the US Food and Drug Administration. Under President Bush, staff members had become demoralized and discouraged, and the agency was understaffed due to a ...
CatM 01/12/2010 277 294 7 322
Dr Gruber Went By the Book
Today we had a large discussion about what medical researchers would be required to disclose when publishing an article in the New England Journal of Medicine . This has been a subject of ...
CatM 01/08/2010 353 58 - 85
Who Really Discovered the Double Helix?
I am currently researching an article that I am writing for work that involves genetics. I already knew about Crick and Watson, two scientists awarded the Nobel prize in 1962 partly for ...
CatM 01/07/2010 79 33 2 51
Stop Telling Me I'm Not Progressive *UPDATE II*
I am tired of the insinuations and flat-out accusations that people who support President Obama's administration are not true progressives. There are at least two classes of progressives: ...
CatM 12/30/2009 1315 446 5 205
Why Almost Nobody in Cable Is Talking About Iran Today
As the Daily Dish wrote today, "The revolution will not be televised--it will be YouToubed." Cable news is too busy presenting us with the viewpoint of every passenger on the Detroit flight who ...
CatM 12/27/2009 300 378 13 793
How Kos Changed My Christmas *UPDATED w/ Picture*
A few days ago, Muskegon Critic posted a diary about kids asking Santa Claus for socks.
CatM 12/25/2009 17 45 - 262
Selling One's Soul to Grover Norquist
Everyone has heard the saying, "The enemy of my enemy is my friend." Is that how we end up with an alliance between someone who claims to care and fight for progressive causes and someone who wants ...
CatM 12/24/2009 17 12 1 95
The Night Before Healthcare (Parody)
The following is my lament on the healthcare legislation, which leaves me angry, confused, concerned, and without the sense of victory democratic political leaders are telling me I should feel. It'
CatM 12/21/2009 20 5 4 356
Screaming Louder than Lieberman for a New Party
I have been a committed one-party Democratic voter since 1992. I have never bought into the Nader-ite claims that Republicans and Democrats are all the same, so you may as well vote for an ...
CatM 12/15/2009 61 4 - 133
Daily Kos is a MicroKosm
Most of the people who post at Daily Kos have one thing in common: we are newshounds. How many times do you arrive home from work, and your significant other says, "Did you hear that Senator so-and-...
CatM 12/11/2009 69 33 - 152
I'm NOT leaving!
I know some of you don't like me; you know who you are (though I may not), but damn it, I am not leaving. At least not today. I see so many diaries lately with people announcing their imminent ...
CatM 12/06/2009 105 14 - 141
Sarah Backtracks on Birther Claim
Today, in a radio interview Sarah Palin seemed to suggest that she was joining the birthers. (visit the link for ...
CatM 12/03/2009 90 25 - 120
I Agree with Huckabee
I am by no means a Huckabee supporter, but I am going to defend him in his decision to commute alleged police shooter ...
CatM 12/01/2009 65 17 - 100
When I Thought Beck Couldn't Surprise Me, He Slams Palin
I had stopped following the antics of Glenn Beck on a day-to-day basis, only noting those that seeped into the consciousness of the mainstream media. After all, every day it is the same: "How do I ...
CatM 11/26/2009 97 27 1 225
You Have Failed, Mr. President
It has been nearly 11 months, and in that time, you have failed to turn everything in this country around. How can I support someone who cannot do in 11 months what George Bush failed to do in 8 ...
CatM 11/25/2009 150 36 - 122
Beck's 100-Year-Plan for Chinese Socialism
At a rally, the self-styled messiah Glenn Beck told his followers "We need to think like China," and announced that he was developing a "100-year-plan" for America. As ...
CatM 11/22/2009 22 7 - 341
Prison Rape: Is it funny?
Last weekened, I watched a few episodes of Law & Order SVU . As in the past, the lead characters Det. Eliot Stabler and Det. Olivia Benson seemed to delight in telling their male ...
CatM 11/20/2009 84 63 1 83
Orly Taitz's Love Affair
Previously, one of Orly Taitz's star witnesses had filed an affidavit which contained some rather stomach-churning revelations about a supposed affair between Taitz and her legal assistant, ...
CatM 11/18/2009 97 36 - 258
As the Orly Taitz World Turns
There has been tremendous activity on the Taitz front, and I know the Orly Taitz Soap Opera has its loyal fans, so let me contribute another installment to "As the Taitz World Turns." It has ...
CatM 11/13/2009 63 42 - 218
Stop Whining! Everyone Has Healthcare.
Republican congressmen Steve King is just the latest in a long line of stupid republicans to ...
CatM 11/07/2009 15 14 - 125
Meet the Frankensteins: Bachmann, Beck, and Limbaugh (updated w/picture)
Out of the corpse of the republican party, a monster has been created. It contains limbs from all the stinking, most rotten parts of the conservative movement--the white supremacists, the anti-...
CatM 11/06/2009 14 7 1 235
Offensive Language
There are so many words and phrases that people toss off casually without any comprehension of how hurtful they are. It is surprising that so few people realize the origin of some of their language ...
CatM 11/04/2009 126 26 - 103
Recall Chris Christie
In the absence of a viable Democratic candidate, my state has apparently wound up with serial traffic violator and corrupt former US attorney Chris Christie. I believe we should move to mount a ...
CatM 11/03/2009 67 9 - 202
Orly Taitz Loses Again (UPDATED)
I apologize if this has been diaried earlier; I just returned home and was pleased to see that Judge Carter had joined every other judge so far in throwing out Orly Taitz's lawsuit. It seems her ...
CatM 10/29/2009 187 56 1 174
Why Teabaggers Are Like the Jews (part snark)
According to Talking Points Memo, a Teabagger activist named Carol Dietz ...
CatM 10/23/2009 37 9 1 299
To Orly Taitz, Everything's A Conspiracy
For those tired of reading anything about this insane woman or who think this is not newsworthy or do not want to read a rehash of things they may have already read, you may want to click the "back" ...
CatM 10/21/2009 112 17 1 624
Stargate Universe Talks Healthcare
Stargate Universe is premiering right now. In the very first 10 minutes, the character Eli has been taken by some government "men in black" to a spaceship. They want to offer him a job in exchange ...
CatM 10/02/2009 14 9 - 44
Fighting the Straw Man
Lately, it seems like a lot of people who like to jump into threads and start vigorous (and somewhat hostilely-tinged) debates are resorting to the same old cliche: "the straw man." "Nice straw ...
CatM 09/23/2009 45 6 - 86
HELP! I'm stuck in a socialist country!
My employer sent me to a socialist country this week, and I have been terrified from the moment that my plane landed on this evil soil. I can tell these Germans are all evil socialists--they look ...
CatM 09/22/2009 53 16 - 36
My Video Tribute to the 9/12 Angry Mob
For a long time, I have felt that the chorus from the Kaiser Chief's "Angry Mob" song was a perfect fit for the 9/12 marchers, but I could not convince anyone to put a video together. So, using ...
CatM 09/13/2009 20 8 - 4
Has Obama Accomplished Anything?
Some people might consider me an extremist; I certainly advocate my liberal views vigorously. Yet there are some liberals who fall even further to the left than I and who, I feel, lack the same ...
CatM 09/05/2009 975 475 72 1155
Glenn Beck, Art Critic
When I was a girl, people at our church distributed a flyer claiming the Proctor & Gamble company was a front for satanists, and they pointed to its logo--an old man surrounded by 13 stars--as proof.
CatM 09/02/2009 24 12 1 214
What I Want to Come Out of Ted Kennedy's Death
As I listened to Ted Kennedy's sons and President Obama eulogize Edward Kennedy, I found myself crying for a man whose hand I never shook and whose voice I never heard except through the television ...
CatM 08/29/2009 12 4 - 1
Jenkins' Great (Not so) White Lie
Lynn Jenkins, a republican representative from Kansas, recently commiserated with constituents disillusioned with republican leadership that the party was "struggling to find its great white ...
CatM 08/27/2009 22 15 - 45
Stealing Overseas Medical Graduates
More than 25% of phyisicians in the United States are graduates of overseas medical schools and are known as "international medical graduates," or IMGs:
CatM 08/24/2009 34 3 - 19
Is There Room for Another Blog?
Years ago, I had a blog called "My Left Brain." After President Bush was re-elected, disillusionmnet with politics led me to abandon blogging and personal issues kept me from returning to it. I ...
CatM 08/20/2009 72 8 - 32
Did Sebelius Misspeak on Public Option?
According to Marc Armbinder in the Atlantic Monthly , an anonymous White House official ...
CatM 08/16/2009 116 12 1 106
Mackey is Right--Whole Foods Cures Illness
I am not sure how long it will be left on the site, but since right wingers are rushing to the Whole Foods site to express their support for Mackey, I thought I would express my belief in his wisdom.
CatM 08/15/2009 33 6 - 8
Not a Diary but Need Advice on Webhost
I am planning to start a blog, and I am looking for advice on a good host. I previously used ipowerweb, and I was not that happy with their customer support. I would probably use Wordpress or ...
CatM 08/02/2009 32 1 1 7
Conservatives Fearmongering with "End-of-Life" Care
Conservatives have been pushing the meme that the healthcare plan supported by the president will require elderly Americans to meet with government representatives to discuss how they wish to die. ...
CatM 07/29/2009 30 9 1 58
Sarah Palin's Quit Picking On Me Quitter Speech
Today, 18 months before the end of Sarah Palin's first term as governor, speaking from the "bestest, most patriotic-est, most beautiful, most important state in the entire United States! Wait, the ...
CatM 07/26/2009 38 18 - 108
Liddy Lied: There is no Deposition from Obama's step-grandmother *UPDATE* Yellow Fever in 1961
Today on Hardball, the felon G. Gordon Liddy appeared to make the case that not only was Obama not born in America, he is an "illegal alien." Asked for his evidence, Liddy said he had a 'sworn ...
CatM 07/23/2009 643 792 17 563
Spectators at Gladiator Games: Are We Really So Different?
People who view the populations of ancient civilizations as primitives are trapped by an inability to look past the modern technology that surrounds us. From an evolutionary perspective, our mental ...
CatM 07/13/2009 54 3 - 53
*UPDATE III* Free Republic Pulls/Restores/Pulls Thread Bashing Malia Obama; FR Responds
Yesterday, theHalfrican posted a link to the Free Republic Website where several of its regular members were bashing Malia Obama for wearing a peace symbol t-shirt. The thread had several derogotary,
CatM 07/10/2009 711 720 23 688
No Gays in the Military, But White Supremacists Okay
In March 2009, Daniel Choi, a linguist for the US Army, announced that he was a homosexual. In May 2009, he was informed he was being discharged from the military. Choi is an Arab linguist with a ...
CatM 07/09/2009 31 41 3 74
Sarah Palin, the Presidency, and the "Department of Law"
When Sarah Palin resigned on July 3, I thought some dark cloud was about to emerge that would obliterate her chances on the national stage. I thought she had abandoned her dreams of sitting in the ...
CatM 07/07/2009 79 12 - 108
What is Asperger's?
Asperger’s syndrome (AS) is a neurobiological condition described as an autism spectrum disorder. An autism spectrum disorder is an autistic condition that does not meet diagnostic criteria ...
CatM 07/05/2009 143 40 4 110
Sarah Palin May Sue Me for This Post
Sarah Palin is the flirtatious girl in high school who is used to getting a lot of positive attention from boys but is in reality so insecure that she goes psychotic when she gets wind of anyone ...
CatM 07/04/2009 129 36 1 125
Sarah Palin Not Running in 2012
If Sarah Palin's abrupt resignation demonstrates anything today, it is that she does not plan to run for president in 2012. I know this runs counter to speculation from a few heavy hitting political ...
CatM 07/03/2009 63 26 - 25
Don't Sweat Sanford's Adultery?
A lot of people have commented that Sanford's personal life is his own, and they do not care whether he had one (or more) affairs as long as it did not interfere with his official duties. Some seem ...
CatM 06/30/2009 27 5 - 99
Republicans' Newfound Love for Muslims
For months, we have heard various Republicans suggest that there may be a need for a revolution or that they might have to secede. They have talked about the oppression of the Obama administration ...
CatM 06/20/2009 40 11 - 57
Criticizing Gays for Demanding Rights
In the past few days, I have come across a lot of posts that criticize those in the gay rights community for being infuriated over things done and not done by the Obama administration in regard to ...
CatM 06/17/2009 143 42 - 62
Calvin Klein Orgy Ad
Anyone who knows the intimate details of my life would know that I am pretty far removed from a prude. In my heyday, I was a wild "try anything" (and everything) type. As a parent, however, I find ...
CatM 06/16/2009 226 12 - 33
McConnell Spews More Noxious Talking Points in Healthcare Debate
Yesterday, senator Mitch McConnell (R) introduced more anti-healthcare-for-all talking points on the Senate floor, a transcript of which ...
CatM 06/11/2009 79 8 - 89
Republicans' Ideal Supreme Court Justice
Nominee Sonia Sotamayor said personal experiences shape her decisionmaking. Right-wing fanatical conservatives eschew a Supreme Court justice who brings "empathy" to his or her decisionmaking. ...
CatM 06/06/2009 50 7 - 21
ASCO and the Future of Cancer Treatment
Last week, I attended the 2009 Annual Society of Clinical Oncologists (ASCO) meeting. The theme this year was personalized medicine in cancer. The takeaway message of the meeting is that we need ...
CatM 06/03/2009 30 9 2 237
Karl Rove Thinks Sonia Sotomayor Is Dumb?
Today on Fox News, Karl Rove questioned whether Sonia Sotomayer had the intellect to be on the Supreme Court: I’m not really certain how intellectually strong she would be, she ...
CatM 05/26/2009 76 22 - 454
Obama Ignores the Inalienable Rights of Detainees
In his recent speech on the treatment of foreigners detained for terrorism, Barack Obama made the following shocking statement: We are going to exhaust every avenue that we have to ...
CatM 05/23/2009 158 6 - 2
What Obama Should Say to Reid
If I were Barack Obama, I would make use of that 60+ favorability rating to do a little leaning on democrats like the spineless senate majority leader who have decided to stray from the fold.
CatM 05/21/2009 6 - - 6
Congress Admits The Terrorists Won
Elected officials on both sides are saying they do not want the scary terrorists in their backyard: "Americans don't want some of the most dangerous men alive coming here or released ...
CatM 05/20/2009 12 3 - 13
You Have To Be a Patient To Have "Patients' Rights"
A group calling itself the "Conservatives for Patients Rights" has launched ads with citizens from Canada and the UK describing the horrors of government-run (aka socialist) healthcare:
CatM 05/19/2009 6 16 - 37
Slippery Slope of Gay Marriage: It's all about contract law
How many conservatives have claimed that permitting gay marriage constitutes some sort of "slippery slope" that will extend rights to perversions such as bestiality and pedophilia? This past week,
CatM 05/09/2009 211 159 8 90
Bullies Grow Up to Be Republicans
The media has recently publicized the tragic suicides of two young boys who killed themselves after being tormented by bullies at school. Jaheem Herrera, an 11-year-old from Georgia, hung himself. ...
CatM 04/29/2009 60 20 1 35
Why the Mainstream Media Hates Blogs Like Kos
I actually wrote much of this in a response to a post on the New York Times ' criticism of bloggers' supposed obsession with trivialities. Was Talking Points Memo obsessed ...
CatM 03/14/2009 66 44 - 16
Bill O'Reilly, I Love You
Apparently Bill O'Reilly is worried about the lack of love at Kos. Several times now, he has accused this crowd of being a collection of hate-filled Americans. Keith Olbermann said Bill O'Reilly ...
CatM 03/11/2009 17 4 - -
Rush Limbaugh's Lack of Logic
We are all familiar with the acrobatic leaps of logic Rush Limbaugh takes--feats stunning in light of his ever-expanding massive girth. As everyone knows, he recently said he hoped Barack Obama ...
CatM 01/26/2009 40 13 1 30
Right-wing Authoritarianism
Last weekend, I was reading Christopher Browning's Ordinary Men , which seeks to explain how a group of seemingly ordinary middle-aged German family men could actively participate in the ...
CatM 11/21/2008 74 23 3 51
No more Sarah Palin
I am sorry for the brevity of this diary, but I just have to post how happy I am that Sarah Palin will go back to Alaska at least for the next couple of years. Obama's resounding victory and her ...
CatM 11/04/2008 28 13 - 1
Does Palin Perjure Herself in Inquiry?
In conducting a cursory review of the findings of the Alaska Independent Counsel that ...
CatM 11/03/2008 23 7 - 18
Sarah Palin Prank Call TRANSCRIPT *UPDATE
Sorry don't mean to make a duplicate diary, but I listened to the call and transcribed it for those who don't feel like downloading and listening to it or who are hard of hearing. For the Frank ...
CatM 11/01/2008 89 110 15 1278
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