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"I am not afraid to take up arms against government"
These words are chilling -- not because they have been pondered or just because someone uttered them. It is how the words were delivered. My grown daughter sent me a text today at work. When I ...
Cato come back 05/24/2010 33 15 - 33
Barack Obama is speaking tomorrow, Monday, at the VFW convention at the Arizona Center. This ...
Cato come back 08/16/2009 3 1 - 12
Healthcare rally at McCain's office
I went to a health care rally at McCain's office in Tempe, AZ on Thursday. It was organized through Just got the photos uploaded. We spoke with the staff in the reception office -- 18 ...
Cato come back 07/10/2009 8 7 - 11
STOP! Cheney is NOT "Vice President"
Press Secretary Gibbs this afternoon deferred a reporter to "ask the Vice President" a question and Gibbs was referring to Cheney. WTF! My understanding is that our vice president is Joe Biden. It ...
Cato come back 05/21/2009 64 9 - 25
Another dirty f*ing hippy
I read two road's excellent diary and found myself baffling myself. This statement could have been written by me:
Cato come back 07/02/2008 28 23 1 33
Hoping against Hillary
I feel the despair of the coming trauma when a bush league ploy robs us of another president. My hand goes to my head, rubs my temples and grabs my hair. I am trying to reach into my mind for an ...
Cato come back 03/07/2008 7 2 - 3
Don't read this, it's only words
I'm stunned that the Clinton campaign is presenting such a fallacy of ideas. Let me begin with the uproar she is spreading about the "plagiarized" words that she accuses Obama of stealing from Gov. ...
Cato come back 02/18/2008 20 8 1 6
After reading New York N.O.W. Trashes Ted's Obama Endorsement! I was inspired to write this. Just my opinion and ...
Cato come back 01/28/2008 17 5 - 9
Not another Al Gore diary
This isn't an Al Gore diary. It isn't a plea for anyone to run or not run. In fact, I'm not really sure why I even still read Daily Kos; all of the candidate/politician/current event diaries ...
Cato come back 11/13/2007 6 3 - -
Al, it's me. Just me.
I'm just one lone whisperer in the valley of shadowed echoes. When I scream, there is still a dampened whimper that cannot seem to reach past the winded, stifling silence. I am a nobody -- a ...
Cato come back 11/06/2007 22 25 2 150
Kossacks:  Get off your High Horse
With all of the arguments that have been made about making Dkos a reputable, respectable blog and forum, it seems a little hypocritical to have (on the rec list) this diary:
Cato come back 02/10/2007 83 11 1 16
Ringing in My Mind
While reading kuulray's diary: Peace on Earth - There is Hope I was reminded of impressions that still reverberate inside of me. ...
Cato come back 12/24/2006 20 14 1 144
F#ck this crap about 2008
I am disgusted with all of the noise EVERYWHERE about who is going to run in 2008! We've got a f#cking war going on, we JUST HAD an election and haven't even sworn the newbies in yet, and we haven'
Cato come back 12/05/2006 43 16 - 14
Baker: Told ya so!
From The Times Online we are treated to a glimpse of the idiocy of Bush II. James Baker first points out how everything ...
Cato come back 12/03/2006 13 7 - - AZ, NJ, FL, OH, MD, MI, PA
Cato come back 11/07/2006 2 1 - 7
While Dems are "picking out drapes", GOP is cleaning house
Cato come back 10/31/2006 15 8 - 3
AZ-05: Former Atty General calls J. D. Hayworth liar
Cato come back 10/30/2006 16 12 - 13
Stem cells and 'the right to life': Two personal stories
Cato come back 10/29/2006 16 29 - 140
AZ GOP asks mayors to resign; They support Janet
Cato come back 10/28/2006 49 15 - 23
To Roger Waters, with love
Cato come back 10/04/2006 46 35 9 153
Handbags and Terrorists
Cato come back 10/02/2006 17 3 - 10
Wake up, Republicans. Vote Dem or stay home!
Cato come back 09/19/2006 3 9 1 -
Feds investigating AF Chief of Staff Moseley
Cato come back 03/28/2006 7 7 - -
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