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So Jay-Z and Beyoncé's travel plans are affecting the law of the land.
that is, to quote Alvin Blanco. On the same day a Republican congressional subcommittee introduces a bill to restrict Americans from traveling to Cuba Cuban diplomant Llanio González Pérez , ...
CcVenussPromise 07/12/2013 5 3 - -
The Day Diplomacy Died. Bernie Dwyer has passed.
Wednesday morning in Dublin surrounded by her family and close friends. Irish journalist and filmaker Bernie, a journalist for Radio Havana Cuba´s English Language Service and dedicated most of ...
CcVenussPromise 07/10/2013 1 1 - -
Federal Agent Deedy, APEC, Benghazzi, Murder, Not In That Oder.
On trial for murder in Hawaii is Diplomatic Security Service Special Agent (DS) Christopher Deedy. On Saturday, November 5th, 2011, DS Deedy in Hawaii on security assignment for APEC, early that ...
CcVenussPromise 07/09/2013 3 1 - -
Guantanamo Bay Hunger Strike
"They won't try us. They won't let us live in peace, and they won't let us die in peace." Fayiz al-...
CcVenussPromise 05/15/2013 18 2 - -
Nobody is home help yourself to a piece of cake
This is a response to teacherken's diary here on slumburbia. I recommend it. This diary is ...
CcVenussPromise 02/11/2010 13 27 - 183
Dairy industry magic numbers, 3-a-day, buy a cow or 300,000
In case you haven't heard there's a glut of milk. Our dairy farmers are hurting. This is an update on the problem. A previous diary for background ...
CcVenussPromise 06/11/2009 11 4 - 22
Our dairy farmers hurting enough to kill themselves
Two have succeeded. Others are threatening to dump their milk. There have been two suicides.
CcVenussPromise 06/06/2009 4 13 - 77
Animal ID, tinfoily wingers & anti-corporate liberals
There are people who really, honestly do not care if a small farm fails. In their belief system industrial ag fills the grocery stores where they get their food. It's a moot point with them.
CcVenussPromise 05/13/2009 21 38 1 176
Change Remains a Constant Challenge: Rural Oklahoma, a very brief primer
Today I was researching farm subsidies in Oklahoma. This was precipitated by something Oklahoma state Representative Frank Lucas (R-OK) wrote. "The President's budget calls for eliminating ...
CcVenussPromise 04/08/2009 4 8 - 25
New Food Administrator, not a paranoid diary about HR 875.
OrangeClouds115 wrote yesterday: HR 875 , the Food Safety Modernization Act, a ...
CcVenussPromise 03/11/2009 7 4 - 35
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