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Keith Olbermann: Still Crazy After All These Years
Yes - that crazy, liberal, Progressive, left-leaning Keith Olbermann is still at it. He's still doing crazy, liberal, Progressive, left-leaning stuff. Standing up for a minority group in America? ...
Celtic Merlin 03/26/2015 110 266 2 -
Ex-Mossad Chief Calls Netanyahu’s Iran Speech ‘Bullshit’
I don't bother reading the Times of Israel. As newspapers go, it's rather too right-wing for my taste. It isn't as harshly right-wing as some other Israeli publications, but a champion of the left ...
Celtic Merlin 03/06/2015 69 176 3 -
WaPo OpEd: Former St. Louis Cop Speaks Out
Does any American seriously NOT know that there is a "Cop Culture" in this nation? Do any of us have a genuine understanding of what goes in inside that culture? Unless you've lived inside of it, ...
Celtic Merlin 12/07/2014 116 366 8 -
The meeting lasted well into the night, with the campus paper Daily Bruin unable to get a report out until after 11:30 PM Tuesday night. The final vote was 8 For, 2 Against, and 2 Abstentions. ...
Celtic Merlin 11/19/2014 26 23 - -
Policing the Police - A "How To" By An Expert, Detective Frank Serpico
Fully-automatic weapons and armored vehicles used on unarmed protesters in Ferguson, MO., and the questions which remain about Michael Brown's death are both enormous and numerous. The local PD and ...
Celtic Merlin 10/26/2014 8 32 - -
They're At It Again: The NRA is Taking Aim at Shannon Watts
Yes, those lovely people over at the NRA have decided that they've had enough of Shannon Watts, the public face of Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America. Their new strategy to blunt the ...
Celtic Merlin 09/06/2014 15 23 1 -
The Case For Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions
No, this isn't a War Diary. So you can feel free to read on. If anything, this is a Peace Diary. Because it explains how you can help to be a force for Peace, Human Rights, and Dignity for an ...
Celtic Merlin 08/05/2014 138 37 2 -
Humanitarian Crisis Report to UN Security Council
Let me begin with this quote: Conditions are increasingly dire in the shelters; there is no water for hygiene, very few showers and latrines are totally inadequate. Disease outbreak is beginning, ...
Celtic Merlin 07/31/2014 43 23 1 -
From Reuters: Mass Murder in Maine
This has just been reported a few hours ago, no details have been released besides what is in this from a link to the report from Reuters : Five members of a family, including three children, were ...
Celtic Merlin 07/27/2014 33 57 - -
Via Democracy Now! UN Count Says 1 Child Killed Each Hour In Gaza; School Shelled For 2nd Time
I accept that there will be terrible things happen in any war. Mistakes are made. Some warriors care nothing for the civilians they target. Some commanders flush their ethics in the name of ...
Celtic Merlin 07/24/2014 68 95 2 -
Ladies and Gentlemen, Mr. Desmond Tutu
The Most Reverend Desmond Tutu is a South African social rights activist and retired Anglican bishop who rose to worldwide fame during the 1980s as an opponent of apartheid. Tutu's admirers see him ...
Celtic Merlin 06/16/2014 19 21 - -
The Mother Jones Report on Mass Shootings in America
There have been at least 70 in the last three decades—and most of the killers got their guns legally. That's how MJ opens this piece - with that staggering statistic. Thirty-three of these mass ...
Celtic Merlin 05/25/2014 9 50 2 -
Fighting Back Against SCOTUS - Cenk Uygur Has An Idea
This is going to be a short one because I can't say it any better than the man who hosts The Young Turks. He's got a thing going, and you can be a part of it. We can all be a part of it.
Celtic Merlin 04/05/2014 23 39 5 -
Third World Health Care Documented by The Daily Show
And the Republicans can't understand why so many Americans are signing up for coverage under the Affordable Care Act.
Celtic Merlin 03/13/2014 6 3 - -
Unwrapping Bethlehem
If you like short diaries because they get the message across without much fuss, here's one for you. In London - central London, not some out-of-the-way little suburb - St James Church near ...
Celtic Merlin 12/26/2013 2 5 1 -
Crank Up Your TVs and Watch This! Updated With a Direct Link
Your opinion of what constitutes "Good TV" may differ from mine. In fact, it should. But I don't believe for a second that you good folks here won't consider this presentation to be "Good TV". In ...
Celtic Merlin 11/25/2013 6 10 - -
Good News: Gilberton Police Chief Suspended Indefinitely
You remember this guy. He's the "chief" of a one-man police force in the town of Gilberton, PA who made a series of YouTube videos loaded with swearing, lots of gunfire, and liberal use of the term "
Celtic Merlin 09/01/2013 86 225 1 -
If Not You, Who? If Not Now, When?
I needed a break from a home-improvement project and sat on the top step of my front porch in order to take it. I pulled out my cell phone and started scrolling through the names listed there on ...
Celtic Merlin 08/10/2013 11 25 - -
No Smoking. NO SMOKING??? Is my Glock 9mm Allowed?
No Smoking. You see the signs everywhere - EVERYWHERE! A new one went up in my pharmacy - which is way in the back of the store. NO SMOKING it says in bolded capital letters. As though there ...
Celtic Merlin 08/01/2013 60 16 - -
Ed Snowden Reveals His Nuclear Option
It seems that Ed Snowden has guaranteed that he will not be silenced - or, rather, that the information he gathered on the NSA's (constitutionally-questionable) spying activities will not be buried.
Celtic Merlin 06/25/2013 826 402 4 -
In the Spirit of OPOL, I Give You Thomas Drake
Just in case there are any F**king Idiots left out there after OPOL's AWESOME DAMN DIARY , I'm going to link you to an interview - conducted just this past Monday, June 10, 2013 - with some guy you'...
Celtic Merlin 06/13/2013 41 17 2 -
In Soviet Russia - AND in Amerikka - YOU Are Transparent to Government
I used to laugh at the jokes, "In Soviet Russia, Radio Listens To You!" and "In Soviet Russia, TV Watches You!" Today, I'm not laughing so much any more. In fact, I'm horrified. I have one ...
Celtic Merlin 06/08/2013 22 7 - -
The Turkish People Have Killed Their Fear Of Authority
I read a very interesting piece about the protests which have been sweeping across the major cities of Turkey. It seems that if you hold a people down with a heavy authoritative fist, they will ...
Celtic Merlin 06/05/2013 61 92 - -
Sometimes, Bachmann Writes The Jokes FOR Me
The diaries don't get much shorter than this. Right now on the Recommended List is THIS DIARY by Animal Nuz titled, "FBI Has Sworn Testimony & Documents Alleging Bachmann Approved Illegal Secret ...
Celtic Merlin 06/04/2013 6 7 - -
3 People Are Dead and 17 Wounded in Chicago
This is going to be a short diary. I'm going to link you to the story in the Chicago Tribune after the Kospaghetti. While this certainly sounds like a mass shooting (and the results are exactly ...
Celtic Merlin 05/02/2013 36 34 - -
What Should One Little Old Lady's Funeral Cost?
People die. Every single day. Western tradition dictates that the dead be buried. It's a cultural thing that has been practiced by various civilizations for thousands of years. Other cultures ...
Celtic Merlin 04/15/2013 45 56 - -
Eden Foods - The Organic Food Company - Sues to Escape Covering Contraception
Wait - WHAT??? This is being reported by the folks at, so I'm pretty confident that this is indeed true. Eden Foods, which bills itself as being "the oldest natural and organic food ...
Celtic Merlin 04/11/2013 31 39 - -
"We, as citizens and human beings, have a moral duty to refuse to participate in this cynical game."
You can't help but to admire a young man who stands solidly upon moral principle and refuses to capitulate - despite facing a jail sentence for his beliefs. His EIGHTH such jail sentence for ...
Celtic Merlin 04/02/2013 17 22 - -
Hunger Strike at Guantanamo Bay Prison
Years after President Obama promised to close that hell hole, the prisoners at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba have begun a hunger strike, and it seems that it didn't start just recently. Some have lost "30 ...
Celtic Merlin 03/20/2013 12 18 - -
There's Been Yet Another Mass Murder Today
I'm not going to use the soap box. I'm just going to provide the link to the news story that I read and you folks can take it from there. It's under the squiggle.
Celtic Merlin 03/13/2013 25 22 - -
UNICEF Documents "Widespread, Systematic, and Institutionalized" Child Abuse
Do you remember UNICEF? Perhaps you remember the "Trick or Treat for UNICEF" program that raised millions of dollars for that organization. They're still around and they're still helping children!
Celtic Merlin 03/08/2013 20 18 - -
Amy Goodman of "Democracy Now!" Writes This About The Oscars
Amy Goodman. She's quite an American. Amy Goodman is "the co-founder, executive producer and host of Democracy Now!, a national, daily, independent, award-winning news program airing on more than ...
Celtic Merlin 02/21/2013 21 38 - -
The Sh*t in Your Food
Okay, while it isn't actually REAL poop (well mostly it's not real poop) - you don't want this in there. I'm not going to address the allowable level of rodent feces in hot dogs here. I'm not even ...
Celtic Merlin 01/25/2013 46 67 5 -
Veteran Scott Olsen has filed a Federal Lawsuit against Oakland, OPD and 50 cops!
Remember Scott Olsen? He is the Iraq War vet who stood between Occupy Oakland protesters and the Oakland PD in an effort to show solidarity with the Occupy Movement and help keep the two groups ...
Celtic Merlin 12/16/2012 13 45 1 -
From the "WHAT HAVE I DONE??" department, we have . . .
We have a report courtesy of the LA Times. From their Sports Now page(s). About this poor fellow.
Celtic Merlin 11/07/2012 4 4 - -
"Occupy Got It Right." So Says a Banker
No, no, no - this isn't some tongue-in-cheek diary meant to give you a good laugh during the last week of the presidential campaign. This is NOT a joke. A banker actually said this. Check it out:
Celtic Merlin 10/30/2012 16 40 - -
New BBC Poll: The Rest of the Planet Backs Obama!
It seems that if the rest of the civilized world (or, at least most of it) could vote in the upcoming American presidential election, they would vote for Barack Obama by a count of 50% for Obama to 9%
Celtic Merlin 10/25/2012 16 11 - -
Pennsylvania Voter ID Law May End Up Blocked
I'M a PA resident. This law SUCKS! It was, from the very beginning, designed and intended to disenfranchise minority and young voters in Pennsylvania. It has also threatened to disenfranchise ...
Celtic Merlin 09/27/2012 21 32 1 296
Need a Good Laugh? Read the Conservative History of the United States
The term "revisionist" doesn't come anywhere NEAR what you're going to read in the article I link for you below! I've included a couple of samples just for interest.
Celtic Merlin 09/20/2012 14 14 - 199
NFL Player Supprts Marriage Equality - And A Stupid Politician Calls For Him To Be Sanctioned For It
Pro athletes have been making their views on a wide range of social and political issues known since . . . well, since there have been pro athletes. They are high-profile public figures and alot of ...
Celtic Merlin 09/07/2012 28 45 - 377
You may not be a fan of Playboy, but you gotta love what Hugh Hefner has written.
Yes, I know that there are folks who detest Playboy Magazine for its pictorial content. This has nothing whatsoever to do with that. Even if you can't stand what Hugh M. Hefner started publishing ...
Celtic Merlin 08/24/2012 127 418 6 3025
Kentucky GOP: "Darwin made it up!"
Oh, those whacky Republicans! And this time, it's the Republicans in Kentucky who've pegged the needle on my "Weird-Shit-O-Meter" this week. Sit on back in that chair of yours and prepare to be ...
Celtic Merlin 08/16/2012 77 47 - 419
Election Fraud software ordered by a congressman. Guess which party he's from!
I just saw this vid. It was posted to YouTube back in January of 2008. Don't discount the shock value of what you're going to watch just because this sworn testimony is four years old. This man's ...
Celtic Merlin 08/10/2012 12 9 1 128
NCAA Slaps PSU With Unprecedented Penalties
According to this report by Reuters, the NCAA has hit Penn State, their football program, and what is left of the "Paterno Legacy" with penalties which will leave it reeling for years to come. The ...
Celtic Merlin 07/23/2012 22 4 - 64
Obama SuperPAC ad HQ
Oh, this is the PLACE, folks! This is the YouTube SOURCE for watching the ads that Obama's SuperPAC - PrioritiesUSAaction - produces and put onto TVs all over the nation. You can watch them all. ...
Celtic Merlin 07/17/2012 3 7 - 48
Why, This Day, We Celebrate.
And celebrate we do! Picnics. Cookouts. Parties. Parades. Every level of government shuts down. No banking, mail, or garbage collection. Most working people have the day off. We set off more ...
Celtic Merlin 07/04/2012 6 4 - 43
Can we get a little push back against some racists?
You know, every time I start to think that America has finally gotten itself just a little bit closer to being a non-racist society (and I know that it isn't yet, but we seem to be moving at a ...
Celtic Merlin 06/30/2012 17 14 - 205
This FOX NEWS guy makes a good case.
Fox News??? Could I possibly be serious about this? Well . . . Yes, I am serious about this, and I challenge you to disagree with more than just a few things this guy has to say. Actually, he's ...
Celtic Merlin 02/13/2012 42 7 1 278
UN Security Council gangs up on the USA
It isn't because they hate us for our freedoms! The United Nations Security Council has 15 members. Five of them (China, France, Russian Federation, the United Kingdom and the United States) are ...
Celtic Merlin 12/21/2011 7 16 - 146
16 NYPD cops indicted and arraigned
"Holy Corruption, Batman!" As reported in the New ...
Celtic Merlin 10/31/2011 149 314 3 2022
Foxed-up News: Abolish the National Weather Service!
"P-shaw" says you. As though even the likes of even Foxed-up News would go so far as to propose eliminating the NWS while a deadly hurricane (Irene) chews up the east coast of the USA and is taking ...
Celtic Merlin 08/27/2011 163 180 - 1132
The Raid on the Atlanta Eagle club: Justice Served!
This is a story of rights violations, unlawful searches, false imprisonment, anti-gay discrimination, lies, destruction of evidence, naked bigotry, and it should serve as a reminder to ALL of us –
Celtic Merlin 07/10/2011 43 155 1 847
He Would Have Been 89 Today
It seems that the most uncommon acts of generosity, humanity, and bravery most often come from the most common of us. These acts of selflessness seem to be committed overwhelmingly by those who ...
Celtic Merlin 09/23/2009 35 18 - 72
Eating Homeless
So I’m minding my own business on Monday when I happen to read a little something posted on Democratic Underground titled, “Cooking in a Coffee Pot”. The author makes fine use of ...
Celtic Merlin 06/19/2009 39 29 3 29
Major Award for Our Own Keith Olbermann!
I don’t know how we missed this, but we seem to have. I searched this site three different ways to find a diary detailing this and found nothing. So, how about we celebrate and congratulate ...
Celtic Merlin 04/08/2009 45 64 2 44
New TIME Article Bitch-Slaps Bush
There have been things written of George W. Bush which are not exactly complimentary of the current president. Mostly, they have maintained a level of respect for the office that is considered ...
Celtic Merlin 11/26/2008 47 21 - 46
Horrifying & Funny - the cons react to POTUS Obama
The right-wing-nut-o-sphere has been losing its collective mind since Election Night. But nothing is more entertaining (and in some cases, downright frightening ) than the ...
Celtic Merlin 11/06/2008 30 11 - 6
BG, WC - I'm outta gas.
This isn't a GBCW diary. Rather, it's my effort to launch the Obama campaign into it's last 3 days of campaigning and GOTV effort, but without me . So, it is a B e ...
Celtic Merlin 10/31/2008 37 13 - 6
Reuters/C-SPAN/Zogby poll has Obama up 12 points.
Yes, TWELVE points! Okay, it's a Zogby poll, but they polled over 1200 people this time and I'll bet that Reuters and C-SPAN were pretty rigorous in their requirements that Zogby run a good poll. ...
Celtic Merlin 10/23/2008 16 5 1 8
Obama's greatest danger now: Our Complacency
This race is far from over, folks. Don’t let the poll numbers fool you. As a matter of fact, they should scare you! Many of us (including me) go to ...
Celtic Merlin 10/10/2008 19 7 - 2
What Americans Need to Hear at the Debate
We all know that Senator Obama will be on his best behavior at tonight's Presidential Debate, just as he was last time. And that is, frankly, the best course of action. While you and I are ...
Celtic Merlin 10/07/2008 5 2 1 3
I'm a Republican & I'm voting for Obama. Join me!
Yes, I'm a Republican. I'm sure that most of you didn't know that about me. Well, you know it now - all of you. And yes, I am going to vote for Barack Obama. Beyond that, I am going to ...
Celtic Merlin 08/28/2008 21 42 - 18
Justice Scalia says that McCain can't be the Prez!
Justice of the Supreme Court of the United States Antonin Scalia has decided the upcoming election for us - much like he and his cronies did in 2000. But this time, it's not going his way and his ...
Celtic Merlin 06/16/2008 53 39 2 25
OBAMA Quits Trinity United Church of Christ
In a speech delivered in Aberdeen, South Dakota today, Barack Obama announced his decision to end his 20-year relationship with Trinity United Church of Christ.
Celtic Merlin 05/31/2008 13 1 - 4
An Open Letter to Obama Supporters
Before you go any further, know this: I am an Obama supporter. I worked the man's campaign in Pennsylvania, making phone calls and knocking on doors and recruiting volunteers. I ...
Celtic Merlin 05/16/2008 191 58 - 31
GOP : Hillary "Our Best Surrogate"
Yes, the Creepublicans consider Hillary to be one of their best tools in the fight to keep the Democratic nomination away from Barack Obama and to tear him down before he has a chance to pummel John ...
Celtic Merlin 05/01/2008 18 23 - 21
WHITE MEN: Nora Ephron hates you.
That title isn't opinion, it's pure fact - straight from the woman's keyboard. You think I'm kidding, don't you? You think that I'm telling tales on the woman who wrote the screenplays for "When ...
Celtic Merlin 04/27/2008 104 1 - 17
What Obama WON in PA Today
Hillary won by 10%!! What a tremendous victory for her! BULLSHIT ! Barack Obama won alot in PA today. This isn't spin, it's pure, straight-arrow fact below the fold.
Celtic Merlin 04/22/2008 5 16 - 2
What I Saw at the PA Polls Today
This report comes to you from a small town in SW PA, about 50 miles east of Pittsburgh. And yes, I am most certainly bitter but I don't cling to any religion or any guns. Still, I feel that Sen. ...
Celtic Merlin 04/22/2008 16 10 1 5
My Reply to Audio Guy
When they shot JFK, my parents wept openly - holding each other and wondering what would become of this country. I was too young to understand. When they shot MLK, cities across America burned. ...
Celtic Merlin 04/04/2008 23 22 1 10
BILLIONS for Bear Stearns, not a penny for US Children.
Yes, folks - it has happened again. And right under your noses. While Bush and his Republican lackeys have blocked the passage of any and all congressional bills expanding the SCHIP program to ...
Celtic Merlin 03/17/2008 35 18 - 6
Bill's former Aides & Nobel winner say Hillary is LYING
Yes, Virginia, Hillary really would do anything to win the nomination - even LIE about her level of "experience" in the area of International Affairs. Who says so? None other than Leon ...
Celtic Merlin 03/12/2008 14 26 1 6
Waterboarding WILL Continue - as per Bush
The Associated Press is reporting that President Bush WILL veto a bill passed by both houses of Congress which would have outlawed waterboarding by the CIA. From the AP report: Bush has said the ...
Celtic Merlin 03/07/2008 16 11 - 1
As I See It - #1
Experience or Judgment? The two remaining candidates for the Democratic nomination for President are extolling their strengths in the areas they believe to be important – ...
Celtic Merlin 03/01/2008 10 1 - 7
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