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People Who Died
Grumble. I've never been a fan of "Support The Troops" holidays, at least not since I made O-2. I'm a big fan of putting your money where your mouth is, so when I hear people say "I support the ...
Cendojr 11/11/2014 5 4 - -
Steam's Summer Sale is here! We need a group... Yup, it's that time again, time for the Summer Sale! So... we need a group. If there's already one, leave it in the comments, if not I'll make a "Kossacks" group (w/ ...
Cendojr 07/11/2013 2 1 - -
Oh it's over, thank God
I'm a political junkie, but being in the military it's hard to contribute. Maybe if I didn't care about "rules" or "regulations" so much I could do more, but I like my job and the liberty policy of "
Cendojr 11/09/2012 1 2 - -
The All-Volunteer Army: A Rebuttal
Earlier this week leaning left wrote a diary titled "Off the hook (why the all-volunteer Army is bad for America)" . As you might imagine, I have some feelings on this issue, but I feel the more ...
Cendojr 06/07/2012 22 2 - 81
The Two CTs
No, not Connecticut and New Connecticut, Counter Terrorism and Continued Training. The two CTs from the President's address tonight from Bagram. Jed referred to it as "training and anti-terrorism",
Cendojr 05/01/2012 3 1 - 51
Hosts Files (Or How To Be Your Own DNS)
SOPA is coming, or at least my inner cynic says it is (more on that side of me later). Fortunately congress is populated with people who, in the vein of the late Sen. Ted Stevens, have ...
Cendojr 12/18/2011 25 20 9 187
This was going to be a nice piece with humor. Then we had a baby. Now it's a short piece laying out some facts about this year's Army-Navy Game and setting up some space for appropriate chit chat ...
Cendojr 12/10/2011 9 4 - 51
A Quick Note on Iraq & Immunity
The news is somewhat abuzz with the news that US forces will leave Iraq due to a lack of immunity. On the surface, this seems like a case of hubris that could leave US forces looting and stealing ...
Cendojr 10/16/2011 4 2 - 32
The Obligatory Diary
It's Sunday, the tenth anniversary of America's Day of Fear. I refuse to use the favored shorthand. It was a well planned attack, but the crippling effects were self induced. I offer this as the ...
Cendojr 09/11/2011 1 1 - 23
Senator Reid, can we meet at Camera 3?
Below the fold is a letter to Senator Reid. Copy at your convenience, just edit the first and last paragraphs to match your particulars.
Cendojr 09/09/2011 1 1 - 36
In just 20 weeks I'm gonna make her a gaaaa-aa-aa-aa-mer
So the Mrs. just got put on bed rest for the remainder of the year. As I am quite the gamer, and she is not, I figured this is a good time to try and convert her over. I'd like some help on just ...
Cendojr 08/14/2011 20 3 - 124
Ceding The Initiative
A while ago I ...
Cendojr 07/07/2011 1 1 - 19
The 5th of July
"What now, Lieutenant?" I don't know if I liked that phrase or not during my time at The Basic School at Marine Corps Base Quantico, but whenever I heard it I knew the point of action was finally ...
Cendojr 07/05/2011 3 10 - 106
Maneuver Warfare Part V: Nonviolence
Welcome back to the final post my series on maneuver warfare! In this post we’re going to discuss how these principles can be applied to any scenario, peacetime or wartime. This is also where I ...
Cendojr 06/10/2011 5 8 1 35
Maneuver Warfare Part IV: Execution
Welcome back! In the previous posts we’ve discussed the types of warfare, our thought process, and some of the planning factors for maneuver warfare. Now it’s time to discuss how we execute ...
Cendojr 06/09/2011 4 1 - 44
Maneuver Warfare Part III: Planning
Hi, and welcome back! Previously we discussed the rationale for war and introduced the two main types of warfare, attrition and maneuver. We also went into the thought process that's going to ...
Cendojr 06/08/2011 4 3 2 39
Maneuver Warfare Part II: Thought Process
So here we are, ready to start talking about warfare. Before we can start applying our thought processes, we need to understand the thought process. To do that, we'll use something called the OODA ...
Cendojr 06/07/2011 17 12 1 113
Maneuver Warfare (for the non-warfighting professional)
Maneuver warfare is how the Marine Corps fights, but what is it? Why do we use it? What application does it have if you don't kill people and break their stuff for a living? What folows is a five ...
Cendojr 06/06/2011 26 7 - 108
A liberal in your military? It's not as strange as you think.
As one of the MCM diarists and one of the few diarists currently on active duty I owe it to you, the dear readers of my ramblings, to know why I'm here, where I came from, and what you can expect ...
Cendojr 04/05/2011 78 48 2 296
Liberal War? How about just plain war.
Ross Douthat's latest column attempts to differentiate between Republican and Democratic politics via warfare. But ...
Cendojr 03/21/2011 20 20 - 185
The X25 and why it matters
I clicked the poll at the bottom of the military group the other day and discovered that I was in a very small minority of responders, Active Duty military. So here's a quick hello and a brief ...
Cendojr 02/20/2011 4 - - 33
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