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My Ironic Defense of Brian Williams
First, let me say very clearly from the beginning that I am biased in this case because I know Brian Williams a tiny bit and he has always been fundamentally decent to me.
Cenk Uygur 02/09/2015 183 371 7 -
Credit Where Credit Is Due...For Obama
Here’s Undeniable Proof That The Media Isn’t Liberal, At All...
Cenk Uygur 11/14/2014 5 15 1 -
The Progressive Presidential Primary
If you think Hillary Clinton is going to fight for a progressive agenda, you're smoking the good stuff. The woman who just told her Goldman Sachs audience that the bankers are misunderstood is going ...
Cenk Uygur 11/03/2014 25 30 1 -
What Has Obama Done for You Lately?
Can anyone tell me what President Obama's second-term goals are? What has he accomplished? What would he like to accomplish? A little bit of immigration reform? Wow! What else? Still waiting.
Cenk Uygur 10/06/2014 229 25 - -
The Sniveling Apologizers at MSNBC Don't Represent Progressives
First, let me be clear that this is not intended for the hosts on MSNBC. It's management that's the issue. The way Phil Griffin has his hosts trot out for one apology after another is revolting. At ...
Cenk Uygur 02/03/2014 701 518 5 -
Why Obama Will Disappoint Progressives and I Voted for Him Anyway
Anyone who thinks President Obama will magically turn around in his second term and be a real progressive is high on a 2008 supply. Soon after President Obama is re-elected he will do the Grand ...
Cenk Uygur 11/06/2012 347 30 1 -
Brown Nosing the Banks
I can't believe that the Scott Brown-Elizabeth Warren race is still uncomfortably close. Do the people of Massachusetts realize that Scott Brown took $20 billion of taxpayer money and handed it ...
Cenk Uygur 11/04/2012 11 13 - -
Rape Panels
Republicans so far have referred to legitimate rape, forcible rape, easy rape, honest rape, emergency rape, enjoyable rape and now gift-from-God rape. Check out this unbelievable Republican Party ...
Cenk Uygur 10/25/2012 64 127 2 -
What Did Obama Mean by Change?
No reporter has ever asked him as far as I know. I don't know if any will ask this time around. What did you mean by "Change" anyway? He ran a whole campaign on it and does anyone really know what ...
Cenk Uygur 05/30/2012 459 30 1 1410
Friendly Advice to CNN -- Change Everything
CNN just had their lowest ratings in a decade . They are in disastrous shape. When I was on MSNBC, we would beat them with a stick. Even after "pro-CNN" stories like revolutions in Egypt and Libya, ...
Cenk Uygur 05/02/2012 230 373 4 2306
WHCD: A Salute to the Centurions
I was at the White House Correspondents' Dinner tonight. And I loved 85% of it. This makes me somewhat of a hypocrite because I often criticize a lot of the people in that room, and I especially ...
Cenk Uygur 04/29/2012 20 24 3 164
Supreme Court Might Decide Their Second Election
It was a similar crew of conservative justices on the Supreme Court that decided that their long-held beliefs on states' rights were irrelevant and made George W. Bush our next president in 2000. Now,
Cenk Uygur 03/29/2012 157 40 1 584
A Challenge to Rush: Prove Your Ratings
How many listeners does Rush Limbaugh have? Well, in the press there are only two numbers you'll ever see -- 20 million or 15 million. Those are large numbers, so that is why Limbaugh is taken ...
Cenk Uygur 03/05/2012 271 492 7 2672
Vote Against Obama in Iowa
The National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) is a crime against our constitution. It allows for the indefinite ...
Cenk Uygur 12/29/2011 1531 179 7 3748
How We Can Change the Media
A quote you see everywhere is Gandhi's line about being the change you want to see in the world. Since I'm a corny guy, I took that to heart. Here are some of the main problems with the ...
Cenk Uygur 12/13/2011 97 13 1 153
Why Republican Voters Can't Make Up Their Mind
It seems like every couple of weeks we have a new leader in the Republican field. Michele Bachmann has been there, so has Mitt Romney and Rick Perry, and now Herman Cain sits atop the field. Why can'...
Cenk Uygur 10/28/2011 22 23 - 213
How to Regain Our Democracy
Cenk Uygur 10/19/2011 38 39 2 195
Is Obama Playing Rope-a-Dope?
Here was the headline on Yahoo tonight: Obama bows to Boehner on jobs speech I can tell you what any progressive who has been paying attention thought, "Oh boy, here we go again."
Cenk Uygur 09/01/2011 922 315 2 3514
Obama's Tipping Point
I have been saying for a long time now that President Obama is the world's worst negotiator and has ...
Cenk Uygur 08/09/2011 1171 584 23 5100
Bin Laden Dead -- War Was Not the Answer
A lot of people will make the point today that we should leave Afghanistan as soon as possible now that our top goal of going over there has been accomplished. This comes, ironically, eight years to ...
Cenk Uygur 05/02/2011 281 185 1 1230
Progressives Must Stand up to the President
These budget negotiations were a giant win for the Republican Party. President Obama initially cut $40 billion from his own budget proposal -- and he got absolutely no credit for that. It was a very ...
Cenk Uygur 04/09/2011 994 488 12 3069
Was Jared Loughner's Act Political?
Was Jared Loughner's act in shooting Rep. Giffords political? Apparently this is what's being debated with a straight face now. Is this a joke? He shot a politician in the head. He called it ...
Cenk Uygur 01/11/2011 25 36 1 141
Ann Coulter vs. Sarah Palin
I recently interviewed Chris Barron of GOProud, a gay conservative organization that believes that the Republican Party is welcoming of gay Americans. The issue was that some prominent conservative ...
Cenk Uygur 01/06/2011 38 25 - 206
New Poll Confirms Country is Clearly Progressive
New poll out indicates that the country is clearly, massively, overwhelmingly progressive. While they talk about cutting so-called ...
Cenk Uygur 01/04/2011 707 441 11 218
GOP Not Allowed to Talk About the "Will of the Public"
John Boehner can't stop talking about the "will of the public" these days. Now that the Republicans have won the House, he keeps saying over and over that the Democrats must go along with Republican ...
Cenk Uygur 12/27/2010 45 53 2 76
My Exclusive Interview with WikiLeaks Founder Julian Assange
on MSNBC's The Dylan Ratigan Show 12/22/2010 CENK UYGUR, GUEST HOST: First, our exclusive interview with WikiLeaks founder, Julian Assange, who sparked a global uproar with his ...
Cenk Uygur 12/22/2010 224 278 9 154
Is it Time for Democrats to Fight Obama?
You want to hear something really depressing? If John McCain had won the presidency, there is almost no chance he could have gotten the Bush tax cuts extended for the rich. Think about it. How was a ...
Cenk Uygur 12/15/2010 411 72 - 121
The Hidden Cost of Capitulation
Now that the president has signaled yet another collapse in agreeing to tax cuts for the rich, there is a hidden cost to this capitulation. He is now stuck defending this deal for the rest of his ...
Cenk Uygur 12/08/2010 192 62 - 52
Is Barack Obama Stupid?
New CBS News poll out confirms every other poll we've seen on the topic - the American people are solidly against tax cuts ...
Cenk Uygur 12/04/2010 1591 467 3 228
A Message To President Obama
Last night was my wife's birthday so we went to a broadway play, "Fela!". It's the story of a person challenging the ruling powers of Nigeria, and trying to bring change to that country. Guess who ...
Cenk Uygur 11/20/2010 901 384 5 171
Why Can't We Be the Job Creators?
The Republicans always use the excuse that we have to give the rich huge tax cuts because they are the "job creators." Of course, the reality is that giving tax cuts to the rich is the very worst ...
Cenk Uygur 11/17/2010 92 111 1 68
Glenn Beck's Horrific Lie
As much as I disagree with the hosts on Fox News, I have never called for any of them to be fired. I defended Don ...
Cenk Uygur 11/12/2010 589 876 10 1994
Cutting Social Security is the New TARP
Politicians who signed off on TARP lived to regret the day they did (especially Republican ones, just ask Bob Bennett and Mike Castle). Those votes will haunt the congressmen who supported the ...
Cenk Uygur 11/11/2010 387 251 4 104
How'd That Bipartisanship Thing Work Out For You?
I'd like to ask all of the people who thought trying to reach out to Republicans in a bipartisan manner would be a good idea -- Rahm Emanuel and Barack Obama in particular -- how'd that work out for ...
Cenk Uygur 11/03/2010 1623 918 13 279
Why Are Democrats Going to Lose When They Are More Popular?
There is a fascinating disparity in these 2010 elections. When asked which party will cope better with the issues facing this country over the next couple of years,
Cenk Uygur 11/02/2010 378 91 2 73
What Obama is Missing
I know everyone is going to yell at me for writing this now. I can hear it now, "We're trying to win an election! You're not helping! Criticizing Democrats now is akin to getting into bed with Karl ...
Cenk Uygur 10/29/2010 239 33 1 61
How to Get Out the Vote for Grayson
Friday night, I interviewed Rep. Alan Grayson and talked with him about "Turk Out The Vote." That's the program where we try to get our listeners and everyone else to make calls to turn out the vote ...
Cenk Uygur 10/17/2010 126 214 4 123
Silver Lining in Corporate Attack on Democrats
In the past, corporations and rich donors were savvy enough to split their giving to both political parties so that both sides would have a financial incentive to protect them. Yes, they might lean ...
Cenk Uygur 10/15/2010 193 285 5 84
The Big Republican Lie on Tax Cuts
Republicans have repeated the lie that tax cuts are always good for the economy so often that all of Washington seems absolutely convinced that it's true. The conventional wisdom is so established ...
Cenk Uygur 10/06/2010 49 38 2 177
Obama Scapegoats His Own Voters
I was just going to write about how we should rally the troops to fight for strong progressives (as I did in this video ), when Obama dragged ...
Cenk Uygur 09/29/2010 1648 450 6 183
Why Does Barack Obama Love the Establishment So Much?
These are hopeful days. The four horsemen of the establishment look like they are leaving the White House. Peter Orszag, who apparently was the most conservative of them all (
Cenk Uygur 09/22/2010 517 86 3 134
Senator Russ Feingold on 2010 Elections, Tax Cuts & More (Transcript)
Senator Russ Feingold being interviewed by Cenk Uygur (Host of The Young Turks & MSNBC Contributor/Guest ...
Cenk Uygur 09/17/2010 50 38 - 245
How the Rich Conduct Class Warfare
First, let me get this out of the way - I have no problems with the rich. I plan on being rich. I'm an American. I believe. We all believe we can get to the top and enjoy the spoils of wealth. We ...
Cenk Uygur 09/15/2010 288 339 10 318
Interview of Markos Moulitsas, Founder of DailyKos (Transcript)
Transcript of Cenk Uygur (host of The Young Turks) interviewing Markos Moulitsas, Founder of DailyKos about his new ...
Cenk Uygur 09/13/2010 245 182 3 82
Why Rahm Was 100% Wrong
The Rahm Emanuel strategy was to cut deals with power brokers in Washington and ignore what liberals wanted. This was best illustrated when he called ...
Cenk Uygur 09/10/2010 891 454 3 126
Unilateral Disarmament Has Destroyed the Democrats
President Obama spent the first two years of his administration practicing political unilateral disarmament. He laid down his arms to reach out to Republicans, and they ripped his arms off and ...
Cenk Uygur 09/02/2010 1465 696 5 195
Ban Glenn Beck from Ground Zero
The logic, if there is any, of the conservative critics of the Park51 Project is that a mosque anywhere near Ground Zero would be terribly offensive to the 9/11 victims' families. Well, you know who ...
Cenk Uygur 08/25/2010 43 32 2 106
Fox News Comes Out of the Closet
Fox News finally made it official. They are part and parcel of the Republican Party. They are now the largest donors to the Republican Governors Association, having given them $1 million dollars. ...
Cenk Uygur 08/19/2010 291 539 7 105
Gibbs is Wrong: It Isn't About the Professional Left
On Tuesday, Robert Gibbs made comments about the "professional left" being "crazy" for ...
Cenk Uygur 08/11/2010 730 327 3 114
Would a Black Judge Have Been Biased in Brown v. Board of Education?
US District Judge Vaughn Walker is the judge who issued the ruling that Prop 8, which bans same sex marriage in California, is unconstitutional.
Cenk Uygur 08/09/2010 260 30 - 35
Rep. Rogers: We Should Have Considered Executing Daniel Ellsberg
We had Congressman Mike Rogers on MSNBC today regarding his controversial comments calling for capital punishment of Pvt. Manning, who is charged with releasing classified information to Wikileaks.
Cenk Uygur 08/04/2010 25 21 1 41
Imagine if We Never Ended the War on Alcohol
Remember we did have a War on Alcohol. It was called Prohibition. In fact, we took that far more seriously than our War on Drugs. We even passed a constituional amendment about it. Of course, the ...
Cenk Uygur 07/29/2010 285 323 6 105
"The List" of Journolist Participants is Fake
There is now a list going around in conservative websites purporting to be "The List" of media participants in Journolist. It'...
Cenk Uygur 07/26/2010 47 29 1 61
Why Does Fox News Have More Power Than Any Progressive in the Country?
As we can all see now, when Fox says jump, the Obama administration asks how high? (Then jumps one inch less and considers it a progressive victory). Is there anyone Obama won't fire or throw under ...
Cenk Uygur 07/22/2010 1161 597 8 274
Obama's Last Test
The final financial reform package has been dramatically watered down and is riddled with loopholes. But its supporters (and some critics) say that we shouldn't worry because it at least allows ...
Cenk Uygur 07/16/2010 167 30 - 43
Who is More Conservative: Ronald Reagan or Barack Obama?
Who is more conservative - Ronald Reagan or Barack Obama?
Cenk Uygur 07/08/2010 843 76 - 80
Why Washington is More Right-Wing Than the Rest of the Country
We recently had John Avlon on the program and he is a devout "centrist." That used to mean that you were somewhere on the political spectrum between the ...
Cenk Uygur 06/28/2010 295 376 11 106
Lincoln Amendment or Bust
It looks like the fate of financial reform will get decided on Friday. There have been so many ups and downs in this effort. We've lost so many battles over crucial parts of the bill. It was never ...
Cenk Uygur 06/25/2010 46 24 1 25
Why Our Nobles Betray Us
I understand that it's a little goofy to draw lessons from a fictional movie, but I am going to proceed nonetheless. My wife and I were just watching Braveheart and there was one interesting element ...
Cenk Uygur 06/21/2010 554 495 10 108
Let's Name the Bankers and Make Them Famous
John McCain said during the campaign that he would stop wasteful spending in government by naming names and making people famous. Well, that's a pretty good idea. So, we've adopted it (call us ...
Cenk Uygur 06/14/2010 147 297 3 64
Israeli Defense Forces Execute American Citizen
What else would you call it? The Israeli commandos that boarded the Free Gaza Flotilla shot Furkan Dogan ...
Cenk Uygur 06/04/2010 1551 757 15 529
Israel Must Release the Full Raid Tapes
Every news outlet in the world has been running the tape of the Israeli commando raid on Free Gaza Flotilla released by the ...
Cenk Uygur 06/02/2010 1177 432 5 220
Ask Goldman Sachs to Give it Back!
Join us on Wednesday, June 9th at 1:30pm in front of the Treasury building to demand our $13 billion back from Goldman Sachs. First job is to get Geithner to recognize that he should have never ...
Cenk Uygur 05/24/2010 112 161 3 51
Progressives Get Clean Sweep on Election Night
Last night went just about as well as it could possibly go for progressives. The more progressive candidate won in Pennsylvania when Joe Sestak ousted long-time Republican, short-time Democrat Arlen ...
Cenk Uygur 05/19/2010 148 48 - 40
The Problem With Elena Kagan Is Barack Obama
I have no idea what kind of Justice Elana Kagan is going to be, and almost no one else does either. She might be a terrific progressive or she might move the Court to the right,
Cenk Uygur 05/10/2010 1525 761 11 519
It's the Derivatives, Stupid
Free market fundamentalists say the real problem with our financial sector is that they are over-regulated. If we just let the banks regulate themselves that we wouldn't have any problems. Rush ...
Cenk Uygur 04/28/2010 45 42 - 58
Where Are the Tea Party Protests About Wall Street?
We're down to the wire here on financial reform. I can't think of a better time to put pressure on Wall Street and Washington to make sure there is adequate regulation to ensure that we never have ...
Cenk Uygur 04/23/2010 343 438 13 541
Insider: Palin's Show Is "a New All Time Low for Discovery"
Last night on The Young Turks we broke the story of reaction to Sarah Palin's new show inside Discovery. We have an inside source at ...
Cenk Uygur 04/14/2010 501 454 2 802
Capitalism's Achilles Heel: The Cassano Loophole
There is a glitch in the system. Alan Greenspan famously said after the collapse that he had "found a flaw" in his free market ...
Cenk Uygur 04/09/2010 45 31 1 41
Rep. Cohen: Palin Made McCain Look Like "A Captured Soldier"
Rep. Steve Cohen was on The Young Turks last night and he brought it. He said the Republicans in Congress seemed to be encouraging the Tea Party protests ...
Cenk Uygur 04/02/2010 41 34 - 45
Obama's "Mission Accomplished" Moment?
Everybody is celebrating this health care reform legislation like we just won the Super Bowl. Or just beat Iraq. All that's missing is the "Mission Accomplished" sign.
Cenk Uygur 03/24/2010 482 61 2 114
Obama Administration Misunderstands Capitalism
On Wednesday, Kathleen Sebelius went in to chide the health insurance companies. Or at least that's what she was supposed to do according to the notes they handed the press before the event. Instead ...
Cenk Uygur 03/11/2010 172 38 1 23
Jesse Ventura: MSNBC Tried to Shut Me Up
We had Jesse Ventura on the show yesterday to talk about his new book, American Conspiracies. He had a lot of interesting theories, such as ...
Cenk Uygur 03/09/2010 400 250 6 187
Michael Moore: There's Going to be a Second Crash (And Glenn Beck Can F--k Off)
We interviewed Michael Moore on The Young Turks today and he was not shy about sharing his opinions. Anyone surprised? He had very strong words for the Democratic Party, the state of our political ...
Cenk Uygur 03/03/2010 499 367 4 70
Take the Damn Vote
I have now heard countless times that Democrats don't have enough votes for the public option. Twenty-four senators and 120 representatives have signed a letter supporting the public option. ...
Cenk Uygur 02/26/2010 414 542 8 141
The Implicit Bribe of Government Officials
Government regulators are like the referees in any sports game. They are supposed to make sure there is fair competition and everyone plays by the rules. Without refs you can't really have a fair ...
Cenk Uygur 02/24/2010 260 243 5 269
Rahm's Parting Shot at Obama Insiders
It looks Rahm Emanuel is done. Dana Milbank transcribed an ...
Cenk Uygur 02/21/2010 1104 528 14 510
The Media's Billion Dollar Ad for Evan Bayh
The mainstream media has been giving Evan Bayh a big fat sloppy kiss for the last 24 hours. Every single story is about how moderate and centrist and independent he is. Golly gee willikers, Evan ...
Cenk Uygur 02/16/2010 279 570 7 102
It's Time for a Progressive Revolution
New numbers from a CBS News-New York Times poll indicate ...
Cenk Uygur 02/12/2010 206 57 2 42
It's Time for Democrats to Use Their Army of the Potomac
General George McClellan had built a huge army during the Civil War. It was known as the Army of the Potomac. The problem was he built it and built it. And almost never used it. It seemed as if his ...
Cenk Uygur 02/10/2010 565 668 10 59
Obama's Rodney King Strategy
Ever since the Massachusetts election, Barack Obama has been asking Democrats and Republicans, "Can't we just get along?" It seems he thinks if he just asks hard enough or wishes intensely enough ...
Cenk Uygur 02/04/2010 184 32 1 36
How Bipartisanship Hurts the Country
We have the worst media in the world. They almost never tell you what's really going on, especially in politics. They have been pushing this idea that bipartisanship is a great thing to be sought ...
Cenk Uygur 02/02/2010 39 40 - 43
House Dem on the Senate: "There is No Way We're Going to Trust Them"
We had a very frank conversation with Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz on The Young Turks . We talked about whether it makes sense to ...
Cenk Uygur 01/30/2010 466 213 6 37
Bernanke Is A Political Time Bomb, Stiglitz Says He Would Take Fed Position
Republicans appear to have documents linking Ben Bernanke to a decision to give the ...
Cenk Uygur 01/27/2010 283 429 7 53
How to Get Bipartisanship and Crush With 59 Senators
You don't get bipartisanship by asking politely. Obama made the mistake of asking Republicans over for tea in his first year in office and thought he could charm them into voting his way. You don't ...
Cenk Uygur 01/22/2010 52 44 1 21
Should Tim Kaine Be Fired?
For months people have been talking about whether Michael Steele, the head of the RNC, should be fired. He says ridiculous things, gets himself and his party in needless trouble, has nearly run out ...
Cenk Uygur 01/20/2010 86 31 - 27
An Invitation to the Tea Parties to Join the Fight
The Wall Street Journal writes today about how the tea party movement might be turning ...
Cenk Uygur 01/12/2010 401 28 2 47
Why is Fox News Leaving Geithner Alone?
Quick question. Why hasn't conservative media ripped Tim Geithner's face off yet? He is by far the most incompetent and compromised (nicer than corrupt) member of the Obama administration. There is ...
Cenk Uygur 01/08/2010 74 43 - 20
Why Jane Hamsher and Howard Dean Can't Be Wrong
Can Jane Hamsher or Howard Dean be wrong on the substance of policy issues? Of course!!! I don't think they often are, but recently there have been many progressives who have thought so. These were ...
Cenk Uygur 12/30/2009 1543 458 8 109
How Progressives Can Move Obama to the Left
There are many debates among progressives now on the true nature of Barack Obama. Did he mean anything he said on the campaign trail? Is he really a progressive? Did he ever mean to challenge the ...
Cenk Uygur 12/24/2009 56 36 1 86
What the Media and Obama Never Understood About the Public Option
People who support the latest version of the health care reform bill can't understand why progressives have been flipping out over the public option. By the end, it was so compromised that it ...
Cenk Uygur 12/21/2009 605 629 23 239
Radical New Idea: Medicare Buy-In For Everyone
You only need 51 senators to pass a bill through reconciliation. But theoretically the main problem with reconciliation is that it can only be used for legislation that affects the budget. So, a ...
Cenk Uygur 12/17/2009 627 965 14 173
Barack Obama, Inc.
The man who said he was going to challenge the system, fight corporate lobbyists and change the system now appears to be fighting for the status quo and corporate America at every turn. I call the ...
Cenk Uygur 12/16/2009 877 650 23 306
The Irrefutable Stupidity of Sarah Palin
From time to time, I'll get into a debate with a right-winger about whether Sarah Palin is actually stupid or if liberals are just hopelessly ...
Cenk Uygur 12/07/2009 602 619 59 1458
Hell No on Bernanke!
I had large misgivings about Ben Bernanke before his hearings began. He's given credit for steering our economy to safe shores after we hit an enormous economic iceberg. First, I would argue we are ...
Cenk Uygur 12/03/2009 294 463 5 188
Why I Changed My Mind On Afghanistan
Until about a month ago, I agreed with Barack Obama's strategy in Afghanistan. I thought we should have concentrated on Afghanistan from the beginning. We should have brought in so many more troops. ...
Cenk Uygur 12/01/2009 478 459 6 146
Knocking Down The Biggest Excuse For The Bailout
Everyone's heard it a hundred times by now. Joe Biden said it when he was on The Daily Show last week. Tim Geithner says it every time he's on television or in a congressional hearing or in ...
Cenk Uygur 11/24/2009 55 25 1 142
Gross Failure of the Media
A new poll by Public Policy Polling shows that 52% of Republicans believe that Obama did not really win the 2008 election. ...
Cenk Uygur 11/20/2009 45 60 2 275
Imagine if the Today's Right-Wing Were Around for Nuremberg
I was talking to Frank Mankiewicz recently (he was the press secretary for Bobby Kennedy and campaign manager for George McGovern) and I asked him what's the difference between the right-wing in ...
Cenk Uygur 11/17/2009 186 371 5 324
No One is More American Than I Am
Predictably, after the Ft. Hood shooting some idiot conservatives are suggesting that we do some sort of ...
Cenk Uygur 11/10/2009 490 922 15 238
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