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When Red States Turn Blue: An Anticipatory History of the Next Twenty Years
Hey, so you know how everyon'e always going on about how demographic change will eventually deliver this or that red state to the Democrats? Because minorities keep growing as a share of the ...
Chachy 03/16/2015 184 138 4 -
Just Another Texas Redistricting Diary: H-Town and Big D Edition
So I was trying to come up with what a court-drawn Texas map would look like. No, not like the San Antonio court drew - that map largely followed the lines the GOP drew, especially in Houston and ...
Chachy 02/10/2013 8 4 - -
Projecting Texas: The coming Democratic plurality
The other day I wrote a comment in which I tried to project future voting trends in Texas. This diary is a lot like that comment! But with more words. And a few images.
Chachy 07/30/2012 159 246 11 1965
Is Part of the United States in the Third World?
I think a lot of us have the sense that the United States has been slipping a bit compared to other industrialized countries. And it's not because we aren't wealthy - it's because many of our public ...
Chachy 05/20/2009 31 22 4 27
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