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Without Net Neutrality, there wouldn't have been the Dean Campaign
In early 2003, a former governor of Vermont threw his hat in the ring as a long-shot contender for the Democratic presidential nomination. With limited name recognition and without funds to run a ...
Charles Chamberlain 04/29/2014 4 14 1 -
It Gets Worse
The collective craziness coming from the Republican Presidential Candidates shouldn’t be surprising at this point, but practically every day I’m stunned by something they say or do. Most of the ...
Charles Chamberlain 10/13/2011 2 7 - 88
Draft Russ Feingold
I just hit send on an email to over one million members and I wanted to make sure that everyone here on DailyKos saw it too. -- Earlier today, Democratic Sen. Herb Kohl announced he was retiring ...
Charles Chamberlain 05/13/2011 49 97 3 530
History in Wisconsin
Today, Democrats will make history in Wisconsin. WI Democrats -- supported by over 2,600 DFA volunteers on the ground -- will submit over 150% of the signatures ...
Charles Chamberlain 04/21/2011 21 63 2 321
Primary an Anti-Gay Dem
We talk a lot about more and better Democrats here and we're usually talking about Congressional races when we do. But I'm here today to talk about a Better Democrat running locally in New Jersey. ...
Charles Chamberlain 03/24/2011 33 103 2 464
Who are the Best and Brightest on Daily Kos?
I'm excited for June -- not just because we're still getting snow here in Burlington and I'm ready for summer -- but because I'm really looking forward to Netroots Nation. As most of you know, ...
Charles Chamberlain 03/07/2011 68 40 3 476
Bernie's Right
Bernie Sanders is right. This tax deal is "reprehensible." The tax holiday from Social Security is especially bad and is a Republican idea intended to defund Social Security. Make no mistake, they ...
Charles Chamberlain 12/09/2010 16 43 2 103
We're so close to winning... Don't. Stop. Now.
Have you heard the news? The White House has released a proposal to step up the repeal of "Don't Ask, Don't ...
Charles Chamberlain 05/26/2010 11 18 1 51
Republican Zombies
To shake up the U.S. Senate we need to give vulnerable Republicans the boot. Republicans Richard Burr in North Carolina who votes like a zombie for anything Republican leadership tells him ...
Charles Chamberlain 04/27/2010 8 35 - 32
LANDSLIDE! 30 Senators and counting
While Democrats in Washington spent last week giving Republicans one last chance to get on board healthcare reform, over one million American voices called on Congress to finish the job. Now, 5 ...
Charles Chamberlain 03/01/2010 392 195 - 69
The Public Option may live again! (Updated with names of signers)
***UPDATES AFTER THE JUMP*** Here's Representative Jared Polis in the Huffington Post article today titled: House Progressives Push Reid To Put Public Option Back On ...
Charles Chamberlain 01/27/2010 407 718 11 334
Governor Dean speaks for me
“If you’re not angry you’re not paying attention” I’m paying attention... and I am angry. Any real progressive following healthcare should be. Yesterday, the ...
Charles Chamberlain 12/17/2009 708 723 10 139
Max Baucus vs. Montana (UPDATED X3)
As most of you already know, according to a Research 2000 poll commissioned by Kos, more Montanans want the choice of a public option than don't. Here's what Kos ...
Charles Chamberlain 09/28/2009 134 599 6 253
Trigger This
There's been a lot of talk today about the Trigger. First it's Mike Lux over at OpenLeft hearing that the White House is pushing progressive groups behind closed ...
Charles Chamberlain 09/23/2009 124 441 2 67
5 more to 50
Today I sent a message to the DFA Community about where we stand in our fight for the choice of a public health insurance option. In it, I said this: We've proved that a bill ...
Charles Chamberlain 08/24/2009 395 819 6 110
Flipping Insurance Industry Democrats
Slinkerwink has a great post up today discussing the pros and cons of the Senate's ...
Charles Chamberlain 07/02/2009 16 42 1 20
Senate Dems could blow this
Yesterday, Senator Schumer proposed a "middle ground" on healthcare reform. The New York Times reports the core points of his "compromise": • The public plan must be self-...
Charles Chamberlain 05/06/2009 283 361 6 74
Howard Dean is BACK!
You may have heard by now that Gov. Howard Dean is coming back to Democracy for America. Today we made the official announcement. Here’s some of what the good Doctor sent to ...
Charles Chamberlain 03/02/2009 335 733 11 49
Thank You Howard Dean! (Sign the DFA Card)
Hey Everyone, Well, we did it. Sure, we didn't do all of it. There are a few painful losses around the country, but we still did it. We elected Barack in a landslide. There was a time ...
Charles Chamberlain 11/06/2008 36 62 - 23
Hit McCain where it hurts - Run the Ad!!
I'm ...
Charles Chamberlain 09/10/2008 19 55 3 16
Breaking: House Democrats about to cave on FISA
On Monday, the AP reported House Democrats were about to cave on FISA. Reyes: Deal Soon on Eavesdropping ...
Charles Chamberlain 03/06/2008 158 242 2 10
Don't Let the Superdelegates Decide: Action Alert
Charles Chamberlain 02/14/2008 20 35 - 7
Don't Let Senators Clinton or Obama off the hook
Hey Kossacks,
Charles Chamberlain 01/27/2008 86 59 1 13
(Updated) Ready to lead? Senators Clinton and Obama: Prove it.
Charles Chamberlain 01/26/2008 105 288 8 22
Mad As Hell
Are you mad as hell at the Bush Republicans? You'd think that Republicans would've gotten the clue. President Bush is at record low approval ratings. Yet the Bush Republicans still ...
Charles Chamberlain 12/20/2007 6 28 - 9
1576 Calls! Reid buckling on FISA?
Hey Kossacks, This is potentially great news. Since 1pm today, DFA members have been calling Senator Reid to demand he honor Senator Dodd's hold on the Intel FISA bill or bring a bill to the floor ...
Charles Chamberlain 12/14/2007 16 50 1 137
31 days left! Unite for a Progressive President
Hey Kossacks, 31 Days. That's right. We only have ...
Charles Chamberlain 12/03/2007 58 38 - 9
Kossacks, you owe me $15... 2399 Calls Later!
Hey Kossacks, The past two days have been unbelievable. Yesterday, DFA members asked for action to hold Sen. Feinstein accountable if she did not vote for a bill WITHOUT telecom immunity ...
Charles Chamberlain 11/15/2007 70 107 5 12
NEW GOAL! Can we hit 2300 calls before 10am? Feinstein: Three Strikes You're Out
NEW GOAL : So it is 8:30am on the east coast and this post is still on the rec list. That's awesome because it means we can keep the pressure on all the way up to the vote. The vote ...
Charles Chamberlain 11/14/2007 125 362 6 37
Gore: What We Want to Know
On February 21, 2003, Governor Dean famously asked “what I want to know” on behalf of disaffected Democrats who ...
Charles Chamberlain 10/24/2007 43 59 - 8
Cenk nails it. Take action!
Earlier today Cenk Uygur from The Young Turks on Air America posted a stinging rebuke of spineless ...
Charles Chamberlain 10/09/2007 30 30 - 10
UPDATE 3: Urgent Action: Saving SCHIP
Hey Kossacks, Yesterday, DFA launched a campaign to stop the changes to SCHIP. We had tremendous success calling Governors and demanding that they stand up to George Bush and oppose his changes to ...
Charles Chamberlain 08/23/2007 62 152 4 12
(2nd Update) Karl Rove Under Oath
1st UPDATE: 4,000 more signatures just since ...
Charles Chamberlain 05/30/2007 147 481 13 22
Political Theater or Curtain Call?
From an article in today's LATimes: President Bush, asked about the Senate's push for a no-confidence vote against his embattled attorney general, accused critics of engaging in "
Charles Chamberlain 05/21/2007 10 40 1 8
"We must reject war as an instrument of policy"
Hey Kossack!! Democracy for America is at it again. Rep. Dennis Kucinich has stepped up to the plate with a double hitter by responding to the DFA Primary Petitions ...
Charles Chamberlain 05/18/2007 10 36 1 36
"I think a President should... ask Americans to be patriotic about something other than war"
Thousands of DFA members (many upon many of whom are Kossacks too) signed the DFA Primary Petition demanding action on global ...
Charles Chamberlain 05/08/2007 128 227 7 10
Will Kossacks decide who tastes grassroots victory?
Hey Kossacks Democracy for America is powered by the grassroots. Over half a million DFA members on the ground in all 50 states drive campaigns up and down the ballot, in and out of the Democratic ...
Charles Chamberlain 04/23/2007 16 47 1 14
Help Choose DFA's first 2007 endorsement
Hey Kossacks, Democracy for America has launched our 2007 Grassroots All-Star Campaign today. DFA's Grassroots ...
Charles Chamberlain 04/18/2007 18 68 2 66
Democracy for America Goes Green!
Hey Kossacks, Check ...
Charles Chamberlain 04/04/2007 6 33 - 17
Gov. Richardson answers DFA's Iraq Petition
Hey Kossacks, Now Governor Richardson takes his case on the Iraq War directly to Democracy for America members after receiving DFA's ...
Charles Chamberlain 03/30/2007 11 29 - 22
Senator Obama answers DFA members on Iraq
Hey Kossacks, Senator Obama is the second Pres. candidate to take thier case on the Iraq War directly to Democracy for America members. Here's a chance for you to hear what he has to say. -...
Charles Chamberlain 03/29/2007 71 38 1 6
DFA's Presidential Pulse Poll
Charles Chamberlain 03/20/2007 29 28 1 16
Senator Edwards responds to DFA members
Senator John Edwards wants you to know where he stands on Iraq. Last month, Democracy for America members petitioned the ...
Charles Chamberlain 03/14/2007 99 184 2 18
Don’t Stop Until Every Soldier Is Home
All month, Democracy for America (DFA) members have kept the pressure on both the President and Congress to not only stop the escalation of the Iraq War, but end the occupation and bring our brave ...
Charles Chamberlain 02/23/2007 2 8 1 -
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