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Saturday Hate Mail 5/10/14: follow-up report
I would have responded to Kos 's most recent Saturday Hate-mail-a-palooza a lot sooner, but Kitsap River and I just got back from visiting her mother in Northern California on the occasion of her ...
Charles CurtisStanley 05/15/2014 9 20 - -
Warning: Avoid Park Avenue Enterprises (Chino, CA)!
Sherman, set the wayback machine to a couple of weeks ago, when the last of our halogen torchiere lamps decided it would much rather be horizontal than vertical. We (being my beloved Kitsap River ...
Charles CurtisStanley 03/09/2014 32 58 2 -
Super Bowl XLVIII and the Friendly Political Wager
Since at least the mid-1990s (if not earlier), mayors, governors, senators, and even presidents and prime ministers have made symbolic friendly political wagers on the result of major sports events. ...
Charles CurtisStanley 12/22/2013 3 1 - -
Next week in the NFL, the New York Jews vs the SF Chinamen
The sports blog on Cleveland's CBS affiliate has an article on racist NFL team names and logos. They cite a poster created by the National Congress of American Indians (NCAI) in conjunction with ...
Charles CurtisStanley 10/11/2013 28 22 - -
She who hath eyes, let her see: Post-Op Update
My beloved wife, Kitsap River , has been suffering from cataracts for several years. A cataract is a clouding of the lens inside the eye which leads to blurring of vision, and is the most common ...
Charles CurtisStanley 02/26/2013 56 76 - -
Kitsap River is ill - Update 2
My partner wife Kitsap River (thank you, voters of Washington State, for confirming same-sex marriage!), has been throwing up for the past two days. She's been unable to keep anything down, ...
Charles CurtisStanley 12/20/2012 293 410 - -
What have I done to deserve this?
I mean, really� I haven't written a diary in over a ...
Charles CurtisStanley 12/17/2011 13 29 - 202
The bravest person I've ever known: Kitsap River
Pain hurts. Let me be very clear about that: pain hurts . Pain is not just the body's way of saying, "Stop that this instant!" — over the long term it's debilitating, enervating, ...
Charles CurtisStanley 12/11/2010 204 384 4 81
Tears of joy tonight
There were tears of joy shed tonight at Paradux Hill, as Kitsap River and I watched history being made. And as we watched and cried together, all we ...
Charles CurtisStanley 03/21/2010 13 10 - 17
A gift of love, tears of joy
Over the past few months, Sara R has been creating a series of "community quilts" bearing messages of healing, support, and love. One of the ...
Charles CurtisStanley 11/29/2009 32 44 - 80
When altruism isn't enough
In an article at Salon Magazine , Frances Kissling writes: The U.N. and ...
Charles CurtisStanley 10/26/2009 11 7 - 108
350 Climate Action: Water is Power
We believe that life originated in the primordial oceans. For most of geologic history, water was the exclusive domain of living things; only recently (comparatively speaking) have living things ...
Charles CurtisStanley 10/24/2009 5 30 1 130
Please help fly Kitsap River to Netroots Nation (Updated x2)
I'm not doing this for myself, and I'm looking for a loan, not a gift. My partner, Kitsap River , has been given a ticket to Netroots Nation by a ...
Charles CurtisStanley 08/06/2009 56 31 1 25
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