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Baltimore Police Triggered the Riots
Mother Jones magazine reported that police actions triggered the riot.
CharlesII 04/30/2015 114 337 5 -
"Glory to the free Ichkeria!" or Why we are told we need a brand new war in Ukraine
The latest reality-show adventure flick is Putler vs. the West . In this thriller, which will keep you gripping the edge of your seat, Hitler has been re-incarnated as Vladimir Putin. He has seized ...
CharlesII 02/07/2015 227 19 1 -
The fight against corruption is the fight for the soul of our democratic republic
Fordham Law Professor Zephyr Teachout and anthropologist and Public Policy Professor Janine Wedel present a powerful case that fighting corruption is the fundamental organizing principle of ...
CharlesII 01/11/2015 6 4 - -
For those cheering N. Korean Internet being down...
Many Internet security types think North Korea didn't hack Sony, and that black hats are responsible. The U.S. should abandon hacking other countries in favor of securing the Internet.
CharlesII 12/22/2014 51 20 - -
The questions not being asked in the Michael Brown case
Jon Swaine of The Guardian has begun to ask questions about the official narrative of the Michael Brown shooting in the systematic manner that we should have been using all along.
CharlesII 11/26/2014 25 7 1 -
Kissinger goes Commie
Henry Kissinger, that notorious Russian commie sympathizer, says that the West in effect caused the crisis in Ukraine (not, of course, that it's OK for Russia to have, in response, intervened in ...
CharlesII 11/13/2014 18 6 - -
The Russians didn't do it
German intelligence has concluded that pro-Russian separatists, not Russia, in what Der Spiegel terms an accident, shot down Flight MH-17, using a missile battery they captured from the Ukrainian ...
CharlesII 10/20/2014 100 6 - -
The return of Nazism
A recent documentary by Deutsche Welle illustrates a new trend in international extremism. Other events suggest that this may represent a rising wave of violence and intolerance.
CharlesII 09/20/2014 100 18 1 -
Grifters gotta grift: Pat Robertson on McDonnell
In which Jay Sekulow and Pat Robertson assure us that Bob McDonnell will not be convicted.
CharlesII 09/05/2014 17 8 - -
MH17: A big commentariat oops?/updated
The US government says that Russia did not shoot down MH17, and that it doesn't know who did. Will this cause any of those who made virulent, personal comments against those of us who have been ...
CharlesII 07/22/2014 120 16 3 -
Maddow exposes hollowness of reporting on MH17 downed over Ukraine
Updated. Unverified information posted about the downing of MH17 over Ukraine is irresponsible. Rachel Maddow exposed tonight just how much of what we supposedly knew about this story is actually a ...
CharlesII 07/18/2014 238 50 - -
Today in NSA
Hillary says no Star Chamber for Snowden. Germany arrests NSA spy. And the intercepts go on, with anyone who has an interest in anonymity on the web being made a person of interest.
CharlesII 07/04/2014 18 16 - -
Richard Mellon Scaife has untreatable cancer
Perhaps the seminal figure in the right-wing donor network has untreatable cancer. Richard Mellon Scaife's involvement with the politics of smear and division dates back to the Nixon era. We should ...
CharlesII 05/18/2014 185 202 4 -
Time magazine: reports of Russians in Eastern Ukraine greatly exaggerated
Reporting from Slavyansk demonstrates that a man who has been claimed by the unelected government of Kiev to be Russian special forces is in fact not a member of Russian special forces.
CharlesII 04/24/2014 18 7 - -
NYT retracts claims of presence of Russian forces in Eastern Ukraine
In yet another example of why we should be cautious about rushing to judgment about matters occurring abroad, the New York Times now says that the photos of Russian soldiers in Eastern Ukraine might ...
CharlesII 04/23/2014 84 18 - -
Apple, Google, Yahoo, Microsoft: NSA, stop spying
Eight top Internet companies have called on the NSA to curtail the bulk collection of data.
CharlesII 12/08/2013 111 26 - -
NSA spied on "radicalizers" to discredit them
HuffPo reports that the NSA "has been gathering records of online sexual activity and evidence of visits to pornographic websites as part of a proposed plan to harm the reputations of those whom the ...
CharlesII 11/26/2013 154 93 2 -
NSA bulk collection is dangerous, not useful
Senators Wyden, Udall and Heinrich have editorialized against NSA bulk collection of communications, which criticism they limit to metadata, stated that it serves no purpose, and indicated that the ...
CharlesII 11/26/2013 7 12 - -
Whom the gods would destroy, part 6: Honduran elections
The single greatest failure of American foreign policy post-Iraq may be in Honduras, where elections four years after the military coup against President Manuel Zelaya seem unlikely to restore order,
CharlesII 11/25/2013 5 10 - -
Obamacare: Co-pay vs. co-insurance
I found a statistic that may help people to figure out whether to go with co-pays or co-insurance. While I am not a specialist, perhaps this diary will stimulate specialists to provide better data ...
CharlesII 11/23/2013 31 4 - -
What is missing from Shane's NSA story?
A treasure hunt: is Scott Shane hiding the real NSA jewels among GCHQ documents he received from The Guardian and, if so, what are they?
CharlesII 11/04/2013 13 11 - -
The resurgence of fascism in Europe
Andrés Cala reports on the rise of pro-Franco nostalgia in Spain, and ties it to a resurgence of fascism around Europe. These warning signs point us on our path toward national renewal, which is in ...
CharlesII 10/20/2013 22 23 - -
NSA monitors credit card transactions
Der Spiegel has a new piece out on the NSA's monitoring of credit cards. Also, from Yochai Benkler, "the National Intelligence University, based in Washington, DC, offers a certificate program ...
CharlesII 09/15/2013 25 39 2 -
NSA has compromised most encryption
Most methods of encryption have been compromised by the NSA upstream of the actual encryption. Credit card thieves and other criminal hackers may also benefit. This is particularly dangerous for ...
CharlesII 09/05/2013 43 33 1 -
Recent developments in NSA story
A short synopsis of recent press articles on the NSA.
CharlesII 09/04/2013 8 23 - -
NSA plans Mega Malware distribution
Documents from the NSA show that the US is planning to implant malware on a million computers. How many terrorists are there in the world?
CharlesII 08/31/2013 126 201 3 -
The NSA, civil liberties, and civil rights
A WaPo OpEd explores the connection between privacy, civil liberties, and the civil rights movement. The conclusion is that without privacy, the right to peaceably assemble is denied. Without that ...
CharlesII 08/29/2013 17 10 - -
Germany may shut down trade talks over NSA spying
The leading challenger for Germany's Chancellor, Peer Steinbrück, says that he would suspend US-EU trade talks until the US comes clean on spying on Germany. While current Chancellor Angela Merkel ...
CharlesII 08/25/2013 28 40 1 -
Former NSA analyst urges colleagues to blow the whistle
Former NSA worker Charles Seife has issued a call for current NSA analysts and consultants to expose wrongdoing at the agency.
CharlesII 08/24/2013 103 118 - -
Greenwald, Snowden: UK Independent story not based on Snowden material
The UK Independent has published secret material of the kind that could, perhaps, endanger lives and, in any case, apparently represents an irresponsible use of classified material. The Independent ...
CharlesII 08/23/2013 65 30 1 -
Jennifer Hoelzer OpEd on Surveillance "Open Debate"
Ron Wyden's former chief of staff, Jennifer Hoelzer, has a new OpEd in The Guardian. She explains why we should be skeptical of the Administration's call for debate.
CharlesII 08/13/2013 18 11 - -
The Dangers of Surveillance: Harvard Law point counterpoint
Surveillance by agencies such as the NSA and FBI has serious consequences at a very deep level for democracy. Neil M. Richards (Washington University Law) exchanges views with Danielle Keats Citron (...
CharlesII 07/17/2013 38 28 6 -
Greenwald refutes reports on NSA/Snowden
Glenn Greenwald has refuted a Reuters report that suggested that he or Snowden were blackmailing or threatening the US government with leaks of classified materials.
CharlesII 07/14/2013 631 137 - -
The NSA and commercial espionage
One of the themes that has emerged in the Snowden revelations is how much NSA eavesdropping appears to be motivated by commercial espionage and how little is motivated by national security concerns. ...
CharlesII 07/09/2013 60 80 2 -
NSA Revelations on Australia and Brazil; anti-Clinton warhorse on FISA court
New revelations on the role Australia plays in NSA intercepts emerged in RT. New revelations on espionage against Brazil are in O Globo. Also, separately, Ezra Klein of the Washington Post, ...
CharlesII 07/08/2013 77 143 4 -
Ecuador's London embassy is bugged
Reuters reports that Ecuador has claimed that a hidden microphone was found in its London embassy. [Final update]
CharlesII 07/03/2013 37 25 - -
CARE and WWF help greenwash cyanide, heavy metal polluter
CARE and the World Wildlife Federation were willing to help Goldcorp in its attempt to re-brand a heavily polluted Honduran mine into an ecotourism site. To its credit, CARE did not ultimately ...
CharlesII 07/01/2013 3 3 - -
The Iraq War is not over
Depleted uranium is causing an epidemic in cancer cases in Iraq, John Pilger reports.
CharlesII 05/26/2013 18 18 1 -
Schock doctrine: Christian Right roots are in tax avoidance, not abortion
A fascinating article in The Guardian claims that the Christian Right was formed not in response to Roe v. Wade, but in response to the rescinding of the tax-exempt status of Bob Jones University, a ...
CharlesII 05/22/2013 21 9 3 -
Rios Montt trial shut down by Guatemalan president Otto Pérez Molina
The trial of former Guatemalan dictator Efrain Rios Montt for genocide was shut down by current Guatemalan president Otto Pérez Molina, who committed some of those crimes. The U.S. finds this ...
CharlesII 04/19/2013 13 30 1 -
Seven dead, sixty one injured in opposition attacks in Venezuela
At least seven people are dead and 61 injured in attacks by supporters of Henrique Capriles, according to the Venezuelan government. The U.S. role in contributing to instability is described.
CharlesII 04/16/2013 28 29 1 -
Donors Trust: an idea on how to resist Astroturf
Can we fight Koch-funded Astroturf by hitting their weakest link? Here's an idea on how we might be able to end the pollution of our national conversation by billionaires-- at the state level. (...
CharlesII 02/19/2013 3 5 - -
The Yellowcake War: our splendid new adventure?
Events in Mali are likely to engage the US in yet another military conflict. Neighboring Niger is a key source of uranium, not to mention oil and gold--and northern Mali is believed to have similar ...
CharlesII 01/15/2013 32 23 2 -
We accept your surrender
Yes, the GOP lies about everything. They have no ideas at all. A Townhall column by Professor Laura Hollis of Notre Dame Law/Business illustrates their problem. But let's not be complacent. We are ...
CharlesII 12/29/2012 31 10 - -
Robert Bork: All that is wrong with America
Robert Bork was primarily an opportunist, a man whose political ideology deafened him to the call to do justice. We wish him well in the afterlife, but must remember his career as one that spread ...
CharlesII 12/19/2012 98 77 1 -
Criminal Republican or partisan Democrat? The choice is difficult!
The Miami Herald has issued perhaps the stupidest editorial of the 2012 political season, in which it has grudgingly endorsed Democrat Joe Garcia only because no one else is running.
CharlesII 10/19/2012 1 5 - -
Flying the Jolly Roger: wealthy stash trillions in "pirate banks"
The wealthy have stashed trillions of dollars in "pirate banks," banks which assist customers in exploiting the fragmented international regulatory system to escape oversight and, in many cases, to ...
CharlesII 07/23/2012 3 1 - 47
Bombshell: Japan PM says Japan under nuke dictatorship
If George W. Bush stood up before Congress and told the American people that the petroleum industry were run by secret Stalinists whose goal was to destroy America and the world, it would be less ...
CharlesII 05/29/2012 375 387 12 2391
Post-Komen: Howard Dean would not allow pro-cancer Cliff Stearns to run unopposed
Congressman Cliff Stearns (FL-6; Duval-Ocala area) is running a witch hunt against Planned Parenthood to which the Susan G. Komen Foundation responded. The uprising against Komen is wonderful-- but ...
CharlesII 02/04/2012 43 24 - 312
Dear candidate: you look like a loser
This is an open letter to a congressional candidate. I've left off his name, but sent him a briefer form of this letter. I hope that Kossacks will reflect on this and, if they feel moved to do so, ...
CharlesII 09/26/2011 7 5 1 52
Obama and GOP: a dime's worth of difference.
An analysis of the Obama "Grand Bargain" on the debt ceiling by Citizens for ...
CharlesII 07/14/2011 27 2 - 157
Andrew Breitbart strikes again
Professor Judy Ancel and Adjunct Don Giljum have been cleared by the University of Missouri of having advocated violence in their class, as was suggested by video selectively edited and appearing on ...
CharlesII 05/17/2011 32 25 - 268
True Crime: Lockheed Martin and the corruption of conflict
According to author William Hartung, author of Prophets of War , Lockheed Martin is perhaps the leading source of corruption in the defense complex. In an interview on C-Span with Pierre ...
CharlesII 01/01/2011 5 13 1 107
Wikileaked Brazil cables show reckless US
During the Honduran coup, Honduran President Manuel Zelaya attempted to return to his native country three times. The first two times, the Micheletti dictatorship blocked him. At last he succeeded ...
CharlesII 12/19/2010 10 15 1 46
The empire manufactures its enemies: Zelaya replies to Wikileaked Ford cable
The following is a rough translation (sorry, no time to polish it, but it has been hastily peer-reviewed --peer-reglimpsed?) of the response of former Honduran President Manuel Zelaya to a ...
CharlesII 12/18/2010 31 21 - 74
An idea for turning Obama around
Health care costs continue to rage out of control, and tens of millions of Americans lack coverage. Some doors to a renewed financial crisis may have been barred, but options and futures could spark ...
CharlesII 12/13/2010 32 - - 42
The arc of the Honduran coup begins at Ford #cablegate
This entry analyzes the most recent cable on Honduras released by Wikileaks. Authored by Ambassador Charles A. Ford, it amply exhibits the hubris at the heart of the failure of Latin American policy.
CharlesII 12/10/2010 46 33 3 125
US role in establishing Honduran dictatorship
One of the documents released by Wikileaks has established that as of July 24th, 2009, approximately one month after the coup, Ambassador Hugo Llorens had established that there was no basis for the ...
CharlesII 11/28/2010 242 163 2 272
More than a laugh line
This is a comment on Jon Stewart's appearance on Rachel Maddow's show and how Stewart's comments expose the bankruptcy of trying to disparage other people as crazy left in order to ...
CharlesII 11/11/2010 10 - - 38
Committee to Protect Journalists Condemns Honduran Government/updated
The Committee to Protect Journalists issues a report condemning the Honduran government for "fostering a climate of lawlessness". Update: The Center for Constitutional Rights has urged Secretary ...
CharlesII 07/27/2010 2 8 - 34
Serious Allegations Against US Ambassador and Secretary of State by Slain Honduran Official
The murder of a senior member of the Zelaya government, Luis Roland Valenzuela Ulloa following a radio interview in which he alleged specific direct involvement of the US Embassy in Honduras in a ...
CharlesII 07/05/2010 155 29 - 117
One Year of Dictatorship in Honduras
This summarizes some of the events of June 28th, 2010, commemorating the one-year anniversary of the overthrow of President Manuel Zelaya. He was replaced first by Roberto Micheletti, and then, ...
CharlesII 06/28/2010 19 30 3 45
Confronting fraudulent debt collection
Fraudulent debt collection is a growth industry, costing consumers perhaps billions of dollars every year. Yet the major media have not picked up on it. Here is what it is and how citizens can ...
CharlesII 06/16/2010 25 10 3 264
Footage from the Mavi Marmara
Unredacted footage smuggled out by journalists aboard the Mavi Marmara has been posted at . Update: It is now being carried ...
CharlesII 06/12/2010 81 14 - 29
Honduras: the human rights crisis intensifies
Human rights observers hoped that the 2009 election, however illegitimate, would bring an end to the governmental murders, kidnappings, rapes, and beatings that characterized the Micheletti regime. ...
CharlesII 04/12/2010 8 16 - 210
Whom the gods would destroy, part 5: The crisis in Honduras
Part 5. This concludes a five-part series on the Honduran coup. It proposes answers to the questions of Who ordered the coup? Why was the coup ordered? What effect will the election have on ...
CharlesII 01/26/2010 27 16 1 322
The Year of the Metal Tiger: Financial Analysis
Each year, I present predictions for the financial markets. Although I disrespect my own predictions as much as those of anyone else, I have some bragging rights. The coming financial year looks, to ...
CharlesII 01/01/2010 16 3 1 33
Whom the gods would destroy, part 4: The crisis in Honduras.
Introduction. 4. The Current Situation This section of this multi-part series reviews the forces at work in Honduras. In particular, it examines the roles of the US, expatriates, ...
CharlesII 12/14/2009 40 10 1 309
Whom the gods would destroy, part 3: The crisis in Honduras.
Introduction: 3. Responses to the coup: This section of the multi-part series examines responses to the coup by the US government. The documentary record, as well as actions taken ...
CharlesII 11/28/2009 54 11 1 371
Whom the gods would destroy, part 2: The crisis in Honduras.
Introduction. The Timetable and the Motives behind the Honduran Coup. This, the second of a multi-part series on the Honduran coup against Manuel Zelaya, seeks to understand how it was viewed by ...
CharlesII 11/25/2009 63 21 3 705
Whom the gods would destroy, part 1: the crisis in Honduras
Introduction: Antecedents. The expulsion of President Zelaya of Honduras and the “politics of destruction” deployed against Bill Clinton both represented illegitimate attempts to remove ...
CharlesII 11/24/2009 46 14 2 660
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