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Suddenly Homeless 37: Daring To Hope
The hardest thing to hold onto when you're homeless is hope. During the time leading up to losing my own place, every time I thought life was turning around, it didn't. The last few years did ...
Charley James 11/15/2012 17 24 - -
For Homeless Families, November Brings The Worst Sort Of Chill
Suddenly Homeless 36 T.S. Eliot had it wrong: April is not the cruelest month. Not if you are homeless. Then, it's likely to be November. Not only does the mere act of surviving become much more ...
Charley James 11/14/2012 3 7 - -
Suddenly Homeless 35 – Homeless Population Soars By 10% After Sandy
Thanks to Sandy, November saw the ranks of the homeless surge all along the east coast, from North Carolina to Massachusetts. And despite massive relief efforts by every level of government and ...
Charley James 11/10/2012 9 16 - -
Joe Lieberman's Parting "F U America!" Shot
Other than voting for Obamacare, Joe Lieberman has done little of anything good for the nation or the Senate starting with his petulant run as an Independent six years ago after Connecticut ...
Charley James 11/08/2012 188 686 11 -
The GOP Is Systematically Stealing Democracy
The United States is facing its greatest Constitutional crisis since the Civil War. With multiple studies providing incontrovertible proof that operatives of the Republican Party – either direct ...
Charley James 10/29/2012 58 18 2 -
Romney Lies As Much As Bush
When George W. Bush was president, comic genius Harry Shearer wrote and recorded Songs of the Bushmen that included "Who Is Yoo? (He's The Torture Memo Man)" and "Turd Blossom Special" about Karl ...
Charley James 10/21/2012 10 6 - -
"Even I Knew Romney Was Lying."
Ginger considers herself a low information voter who pays no attention to politics until there's an election. She seldom watches television news and hardly ever reads a newspaper. Although she ...
Charley James 10/18/2012 15 23 - -
Homeless Hispanic Families Fight "If They're Brown, Turn 'em Down."
Suddenly Homeless 34 - Homeless Hispanic Families Fight "If They're Brown, Turn 'em Down." Being Hispanic in the parts of America where it's illegal to look Mexican is tough. From Arizona ...
Charley James 10/11/2012 3 6 - -
Suddenly Homeless 33-Middle Class Homelessness Pushes Up Suicide Rates
When you tumble from middle class to homeless, time and space isn't flat as it is for most people, it bends and curves just as Einstein predicted – even if in ways he hadn't anticipated – and it ...
Charley James 10/07/2012 10 18 - 79
Trolls And Flame Throwers
Not everyone reading this today will remember Hubert H. Humphrey, one of the great post-war, liberal Democrats. He was elected mayor of Minneapolis in 1948 before being elected US Senator, then Vice ...
Charley James 10/04/2012 89 7 - 391
BREAKING: Is Krugman Heading To White House Job?
Reports surfaced today that Nobel Prize Winning economist Dr. Paul Krugman will be offered the job of chairman for the White House Council of Economic Advisors. More below the noodle.
Charley James 10/03/2012 386 214 6 4470
BREAKING: Fed'l Voter Registration Law Planned
I learned today that Rep. Jesse Jackson Jr (D-IL) plans to introduce a national voter registration law in the new Congress. It is intended to get around the large number of voter supression laws ...
Charley James 10/01/2012 21 56 2 556
Suddenly Homeless 32-Paul Ryan Says I'm A Looter: An Open Letter
Dear Congressman Ryan: I know that you and your running mate don't like people like me because we're not rich, white, evangelical and Republican. It's not a secret and you don't have to pretend ...
Charley James 09/27/2012 8 23 - 138
'Rich Like Mitt' Reality Show Set For E!
Insiders at the E! cable network have leaked word that Mitt and Ann Romney will star in a new reality show, Rich Like Mitt , scheduled to launch in early 2013. Taping begins Nov. 7, the day after ...
Charley James 09/24/2012 8 8 - 129
An Overdue Thanks, Kossacks - 2,400 Times!
Once again, you absolutely blew me away like a dry leaf during a bad storm. Your seemingly unending generosity leaves me humbled and grateful. Thanks to the efforts of ShoshannaD, a fund raiser she ...
Charley James 09/20/2012 16 30 - 156
Suddenly Homeless 31–Poverty, Homelessness Grow As Food Stamps Cut Looms
If the House Agriculture committee has its way, food stamp benefits will be cut by some 20-percent, thanks to Republicans in Congress who tossed this mean-spirited gem into a GOP's hostage bills ...
Charley James 09/16/2012 21 19 2 100
The GOP And The Damaged American Psyche
A few nights ago, I was reading something about the late British thinker, novelist and screenwriter best known as Dresden James . A line of his that I came across brought into sharp focus for me why ...
Charley James 09/15/2012 13 22 1 181
Unbuttoning Mitt Romney
There are lots of disturbing things about Mitt Romney, from the unconscionable manner in which he built a great fortune to his abject refusal to unveil any more details about his proposed programs ...
Charley James 09/12/2012 5 6 - 66
Suddenly Homeless 30-Hunger In America Worsens
According to a new study released late last week by the US Dept. of Agriculture , some 50-million Americans, including nine million children, will go to bed tonight without having had enough to eat. ...
Charley James 09/10/2012 18 56 1 247
Clinton Rolls Out The Old Magic
Last night, Bill Clinton reminded America of what it is – and who he is. Whatever the former president's many personal flaws and weaknesses might be – and they are both numerous and legendary, ...
Charley James 09/06/2012 2 4 - 34
Suddenly Homeless 29–Down, Up And Down Again
There are many truly hideous things about being homeless but high on the list is the constant roller coaster ride my emotions are on. It's not just day-to-day; it can be hour-by-hour. Every time ...
Charley James 09/05/2012 6 8 - 73
Suddenly Homeless 28-Five Steps To Fixing The Problem
The process to begin making a dent in the nation's homeless problem will not be easy or simple. But broken down into its component parts, it is possible to draw a picture that will show the country ...
Charley James 09/02/2012 17 31 3 184
Suddenly Homeless 27-Leadership Needed To Solve Homeless Crisis
The more I experience homelessness and the struggle to simply stay alive every day, the angrier I get. America's priorities, far too many of its politicians, and even a disturbing number of our ...
Charley James 08/31/2012 48 29 - 201
Suddenly Homeless 26-Homelessness Can Strike Twice!
For the estimated 10-to-12 million Americans who'll be homeless for at least one night this year, the impact is devastating enough when you lose your own place once. For me, it is an emotionally ...
Charley James 08/27/2012 3 24 1 97
Thanks And So Long, Neil. You Made The Globe Proud
I remember it being very late at night yet three generations of my family were still awake, glued to the television watching grainy, black-and-white, live images from the moon. The moon! Walter ...
Charley James 08/25/2012 3 5 - 36
The Know Nothings Gather In Tampa
When Jack Kennedy was president, he hosted a state dinner for all of the living Nobel Prize winners. His toast to the guests, one of the best ever uttered at such an event, proclaimed, "This is the ...
Charley James 08/23/2012 43 83 2 623
Suddenly Homeless–Your Help Needed For My Book
My book on becoming homeless is about 60% written and I am asking for some help from Kossacks in two areas: - Choosing a title, and - Any personal experiences with being homeless that you want to ...
Charley James 08/14/2012 7 11 - 72
Suddenly Homeless 25 - NYC Faces Homeless Emergency
New York City's homeless population is reaching monster proportions and the city is using emergency powers to open nine new, large shelters for people who have no place to live. According to a ...
Charley James 08/11/2012 11 29 - 184
Suddenly Homeless 24-Romney Wants Our Elderly To Be Homeless
There is a group of Americans who don't have jobs, and are chronically short of money and assets but, unless they have been on the street for a long time because of an ongoing addiction problem or ...
Charley James 08/09/2012 19 56 4 278
Suddenly Homeless 23–Homeless LGBT Face Even More Problems Than Do Straights
A few weeks ago, I wrote about Mark Twombley and Craig Richardson , a committed gay couple who found themselves homeless after Mark became injured on his job and Craig getting laid off from a middle ...
Charley James 08/04/2012 18 39 2 220
Suddenly Homeless 22-A Cheap Way To Put Folks In Homes
Since the onset of the Great Foreclosure Adventure launched by banks and mortgage companies in 2007 causing the housing market collapse, the financial industry has done a great job of screwing the ...
Charley James 08/01/2012 38 64 3 322
Is Mitt Romney Monty Python?
It's taken me a while to figure out what bothers me the most about Mitt Romney. Is it the lying, changing his policy positions every 10 minutes, pandering to the extreme fringe of the Republican ...
Charley James 08/01/2012 9 9 - 93
Suddenly Homeless 21- Downwardly Mobile Americans
It's easy to stereotype the homeless as people who had marginal jobs, lack education or training, or overextend themselves before falling behind on mortgage payments. Through no schooling, ...
Charley James 07/30/2012 35 43 1 214
Suddenly Homeless 20 - Double Trouble For Homeless Teens
Teenagers have it tough enough under the usual-and-customary circumstances of being 13-to-19 years old. Beyond the horrors of enduring puberty, there is everything from peer pressure to conform and ...
Charley James 07/18/2012 5 9 - 55
Suddenly Homeless 19 - Cheaper To Fix Than To Let Fester
Many of the social, economic and political ills facing the United States will cost tens of billions to fix, from updating the power grid and building a high speed rail network to dealing with ...
Charley James 07/16/2012 33 59 1 283
Suddenly Homeless - Writing The Book
As Kossacks who are regular readers of my series of posts on becoming homeless know, I am writing a book on both my experience and the broader issue of why America cannot - or, more precisely, will ...
Charley James 07/13/2012 15 17 - 89
Suddenly Homeless 18–Craig and Mark Don't Count
It's unlikely that either Craig Richardson or Mark Twombley would fit anyone's stereotype of homeless men. They each have a post-secondary education – a university degree for Craig, Mark a ...
Charley James 07/12/2012 22 58 - 307
Just Call Mitt 'Gatsby'
The rich truly are different than the rest of us, as Dorothy Parker observed many decades ago, and they proved it Sunday afternoon at a trio of Mitt Romney fundraising events in The Hamptons on Long ...
Charley James 07/09/2012 12 7 - 102
Suddenly Homeless 17 – A Kid's Story
"Sometimes, mommy cries because we don't have a house. Then, I cry, too." Judy's words haunt me still. She is eight years old, a third grader in a rust belt state whose parents lost their home ...
Charley James 07/07/2012 34 86 2 318
Suddenly Homeless 16 – The Invisibles
Chance are, most of us who live in cities see homeless people frequently. They're sitting in doorways, spare changing people on the street, carrying their belongings around in backpacks and small ...
Charley James 07/06/2012 17 38 - 116
Romney SuperPAC Lies About Olympics Success
Restore Our Future, the Mitt Romney SuperPAC that allegedly has done some illegal, back channel coordinating with his campaign, will run $7.2-million worth of TV ads during the London Olympics ...
Charley James 07/05/2012 8 13 1 70
Suddenly Homeless 15 - Charley And Prince, Together Again!
I don't know who was happier on Sunday morning: Prince to see me, or me seeing him again. As soon as he spotted me in the vestibule of his "foster parent's" home, Prince jumped to his feet, began ...
Charley James 07/04/2012 95 195 1 632
Suddenly Homeless Pt 14–Kids With No Roof
Tonight in America, 200,000 children will go to sleep without a roof over their head. Last year, 1.6-million individual children were homeless for at least one night. How does this happen in the ...
Charley James 06/30/2012 13 28 1 114
Dangers Lurk In ACA Ruling
Not since Brown v. Board of Education outlawed segregation will a Supreme Court decision have such a lasting, positive impact on so many people in this country. Yet that is precisely what happened ...
Charley James 06/28/2012 13 4 - 115
Suddenly Homeless Pt 13-Thanks Kossacks!
Like the deeply wounded Blanche DuBois , being homeless has meant that I’ve had to rely on the kindness of strangers – and many friends – to get by. But unlike Stanley Kowalski , rather than ...
Charley James 06/27/2012 20 83 1 311
Suddenly Homeless Pt 12-Soul Destroying
The days I've spent out here do their best to rob me of my spirit – along with my underpants . Sometimes, it's because I only have a few dollars of loose change in my pocket. Sometimes, it's ...
Charley James 06/22/2012 25 33 2 191
Suddenly Homeless Pt 12-Wasted Lives
There are innumerable tragedies connected with homelessness but underlining them all is the sheer number of wasted lives. During the months I have been out here, I’ve met people who had been ...
Charley James 06/21/2012 13 17 - 95
Suddenly Homeless Pt 11-"Our Disgrace"
Sitting here in 86' sunlight with a humidity index crawling into the upper 90s and major thunderstorms coming later, I am wondering where I will eat tonight and sleep tomorrow. Wrapped up in my ...
Charley James 06/19/2012 33 24 - 197
Suddenly Homeless Pt 10–Gimme Shelter
The nights I’ve had to spend in shelters were an assault on my senses. First, there was combination of smells that don’t exist anywhere else. Walking through the door, I was overwhelmed with ...
Charley James 06/18/2012 11 25 - 126
Suddenly Homeless-Pt 9-Whispers Of Life
Until I became homeless, I didn’t realize how much I needed face-to-face contact with people – until I got cut off from them. I’d always thought of myself as a bit of a hermit – many ...
Charley James 06/17/2012 15 50 2 232
Suddenly Homeless Part 8–Indignities
When you’re homeless, each day brings a new indignity. Having my underpants stolen may be as demoralizing as indignities can get. Common sense dictates that when you’re adrift with not much ...
Charley James 06/17/2012 24 73 1 292
Meet Rob Ford: Canada's Chris Christie
When Rob Ford was elected Toronto’s mayor last year, mostly it was by accident: Two reasonable, qualified candidates split the moderate vote, allowing the hard-right Ford to get elected. Ford is ...
Charley James 06/16/2012 12 14 - 84
Suddenly Homeless Part 7 - Battling Hunger
Often, people out here with me don’t eat regularly, sometimes nothing for days, because they don’t have access to food or money to buy it. At times, I haven’t either but, by comparison, I’...
Charley James 06/16/2012 60 195 4 779
Suddenly Homeless Part 6 - Losing Prince
The only thing that's possibly more devasating than finding yourself on the street is having to let a friend take care of a beloved pet because you are homeless. It's hard enough to me to cope with ...
Charley James 06/06/2012 17 27 - 263
Suddenly Homeless Part IV - Living Rough
This business of moving from place to place every night is totally new to me. I was in my last home for six years, nine for the one before it and seven in a previous residence. And by the ...
Charley James 06/04/2012 8 28 - 217
Suddenly Homeless Part III - Waiting Forever
When you're homeless and only have one thing to wait for, you wait forever. The promised Friday night call doesn't come by Saturday morning nor in the evening which eventually drifts into Sunday ...
Charley James 06/04/2012 6 21 - 184
The Christian Right And Our Age Of Unreason
Except for maybe students of the French Enlightenment, not may of us proles know that a fight over god and Christian orthodoxy was as destructive a force in Paris of the 1700s as it is in 21st ...
Charley James 06/04/2012 168 154 2 1075
Suddenly Homeless Part II - Living Edgewise
I have acquaintances who say they like to live "on the edge." They boast of vacations bungee jumping over Victoria Falls, mountain climbing in Nepal, skiing the Rockies steepest slopes that are ...
Charley James 06/03/2012 5 19 1 150
Herds On The Street
For the first time in well over 15,000 consecutive nights, I will not have a roof over my head this evening. I don't know where I will sleep, how I will eat tonight or where I will shower, shave and ...
Charley James 06/03/2012 3 9 - 189
Suddenly Homeless
One hundred lifetimes ago, or so it seems, I said G'night Mother , refusing to be bombarded by still for toxic chemicals and radiation when a cancer returned. The third time isn't lucky; I wanted ...
Charley James 06/03/2012 41 162 - 878
Scrooge Is Premier Of Alberta, Canada
On Thursday, Alberta's Conservative Premier Ed Stelmach told reporters the provincial government wouldn’t be donating a nickel of its lush, oil-and-gas royalty enriched treasury stash to aid ...
Charley James 01/17/2010 18 12 - 17
Two Progressive Uncles, JFK And Me
Maybe it's because of the association of families and the holidays that I thought about mine - now all dead - a lot this week. Families with any luck whatsoever have at least one relative who is ...
Charley James 12/31/2009 11 12 3 251
DHS Announces Mandatory Underwear Inspection
Enhancing airline passenger screening at security checkpoints, starting tomorrow the Dept. of Homeland Security says all travellers on every flight arriving, departing or flying over the US will be ...
Charley James 12/28/2009 34 11 - 129
Why Is The GOP Running A Possible War Criminal For Congress?
Florida’s 22nd Congressional district is where Allen West, a former lieutenant colonel who was drummed out of the Army for torturing an Iraqi prisoner by holding a mock execution after ...
Charley James 12/20/2009 69 30 1 53
Joe Lieberman Is “Unbalanced”
While five psychiatrists interviewed for this article caution that it is difficult to make a specific diagnosis without seeing a patient in their office, each says Lieberman’s public ...
Charley James 12/17/2009 22 3 - 20
Volcker Body Slams World Bankers
Paul Volcker, head of Pres. Obama’s Economic Recovery Advisory Board, rose to his considerable full height to deliver bankers one body slam after another at a conference this week in Britain. ...
Charley James 12/09/2009 12 19 - 49
Canadian PM Harper Carries On As Bush Lite
For as long as anyone can remember, Canada has been the world’s warm-hearted, well-intentioned, generous friend. But Stephen Harper, prime minister of a minority Canadian government since ...
Charley James 12/04/2009 15 5 - 42
We Can’t “Train” Our Way Out Of Afghanistan
Reportedly, Pres. Obama's new Afghan strategy to be announced in his speech tonight includes more people assigned to training Afghan soldiers and police. It takes a year to produce a reasonably ...
Charley James 12/01/2009 5 5 - 19
Obama's Afghan Box Canyon
Pres. Obama finds himself in a deadly box canyon in Afghanistan, militarily, politically and financially. Tomorrow night, he’ll lay out a strategy to do the nearly impossible: Outline a way ...
Charley James 11/30/2009 2 - - 94
Like Leaves, Life Drifts Back To Earth
Death will be patient, if I let it. No oncologist worth the Hippocratic oath will tell a cancer patient how much time they have left because, frankly, they don’t know and the really good ones ...
Charley James 11/23/2009 16 8 1 156
UDPATE 7: Reviewing Goofy Sarah’s Goofy Book
As self-serving and poorly written as Going Rogue is, it will only increase Palin's appeal to the very base of the shrinking GOP while leaving moderate Republicans, independents and anyone ...
Charley James 11/16/2009 25 18 2 146’s Erick Erickson’s Head Officially Explodes
After 10 months of increasingly pulsating throbs like a character in an Itchy and Scratchy cartoon with every move the Obama Administration has made,'s Erick Erickson's head exploded ...
Charley James 11/14/2009 32 19 1 179
To Hell And Beck
Jon Stewart's parody of Glenn Beck is another reason why The Daily Show provides the most-incisive and cutting coverage of news on television.
Charley James 11/07/2009 9 10 - 95
Another Great Swindle: Doctors, Hospitals, Pharma As Much To Blame As Insurers
Why does American health care costs so much more than in any other country? We pay so much more. As university studies and consulting companies confirm repeatedly, if you leave everything the same 
Charley James 11/06/2009 63 16 - 34
Humana Trolls College Campuses For Whores
Health insurance giant Humana is trolling college campuses looking for whores willing to accept money to be on-line promoters of an anti-reform policy that’s against the student’s own, ...
Charley James 11/03/2009 441 244 1 320
Breaking: Lou Dobbs Leaves CNN
Lou Dobbs is departing CNN and joining The Cartoon Network, according to Andy Borowtiz. A press release from the network calls Mr. Dobbs' show "a perfect fit."
Charley James 11/02/2009 20 9 - 43
Plamegate Rides Again: Early Peek At New Film
A test screening for Fair Game , based on Valerie Plame's book by the same name and which stars Naomi Watts and Sean Penn, was held a few days ago. Someone at the website Coming Attraction ...
Charley James 10/28/2009 97 16 - 168
Yet Again, The Army Fails Its Troops
The Army admits it is still failing troops with mental health issues as it was in 2006. In the waning twilight last Friday night, Pentagon investigators publicly unleashed a searing 325-page ...
Charley James 10/19/2009 5 15 1 65
Moore's New Film Says Jesus Was A Socialist
What didn’t register the first time I saw Michael Moore's Capitalism: A Love Story was the profound theological message Moore, a devout Catholic, wires into the film. He doesn’t ...
Charley James 10/05/2009 39 17 1 41
Not The Belly Of The Beast
Despite lies the right in the US keeps telling about the Canadian health care system, when I go for more cancer tests this week as an ex-pat American living in Toronto, I am not descending into the ...
Charley James 10/03/2009 3 4 - 23
Glenn Beck Can’t Take Glenn Beck’s Heat
Like most uninformed bullies, Glenn Beck loves dishing it out but doesn't like it when the tables are turned the way a new website did this week: www.glennbeckrapedandmurderedayounggirlin1990.
Charley James 09/30/2009 58 14 1 37
Med Journal "Health Affairs" Bends Over For Aetna
An otherwise respected medical journal turns its cover over to Aetna's sponsorship for an issue entirely about controlling health care costs. Can you spell apparent conflict of interest?
Charley James 09/28/2009 5 4 - 14
Health Reform Inaction More Likely To Kill You Than Drunk Driver Or Psycho Murderer
A new Harvard University med school study reveals that more Americans die annually from lack of health insurance and access to care than are slain by drunk drivers or murderers. Some 45,000 people ...
Charley James 09/27/2009 11 6 - 16
Palin’s As Goofy In Hong Kong As She Is At Home
A friend in Hong Kong who attended Sarah Palin's debut on the world stage e-mails an account of the speech - such as it was.
Charley James 09/24/2009 24 22 - 29
What A Surprise! “Values Voters” Pick Racist Huckabee
Mike Huckabee, the silver-tongued, jovial Baptist preacher now best known for losing weight, charmed the crowd gathered in Washington over Rosh Hashanah weekend by dog whistling coded racist ...
Charley James 09/21/2009 25 7 - 51
Cut The Crap: Compared To The US, Canada’s Health Care Is Utopia.
While films such as Michael Moore’s Sicko and Capitalism: A Love Story , and shorts produced by Robert Greenwald’s Brave New Films, do much spotlight the problem in bold ...
Charley James 09/17/2009 29 75 5 265
The Way Out Of Afghanistan? Leave. Here's How.
America won’t solve Afghanistan’s social or political problems by continuing to wage a cruel and apparently endless war. Soldiers will never be able to change Afghanistan’s social ...
Charley James 09/14/2009 12 7 1 7
Toronto Film Festival: Moore's "Capitalism" Will Infuriate Wingnuts Because It's Accurate
In Capitalism: A Love Story , which premiers Sunday night at TIFF, filmmaker Michael Moore is at his best. The new film explores another taboo question that will make the right wing go ...
Charley James 09/13/2009 18 33 - 60
The New Volt And An Old Nash Rambler
This is a tale of what could have been done a half-century ago - and wasn't - to save energy, save the planet and save billions of dollars. In the late-1950s, an experimental car with a new ...
Charley James 08/12/2009 54 7 - 42
No, Mr. President, I Won't 'Back Off'
Dear Mr. President: According to a senior White House staff member who attended Wednesday’s lunch with the Senate Democratic caucus, you told progressives to “back off” ...
Charley James 08/06/2009 20 11 - 22
Obama Needs A Shot Of LBJ
Pres. Obama is said to have read a lot of books about Abraham Lincoln during the campaign and transition; too bad he didn’t read more Doris Kearns Goodwin books about Lyndon Johnson. Right now,
Charley James 07/27/2009 19 7 - 11
Ten Totally Weird Days On The Far Right
I disappear for a couple weeks and look what I find upon returning: Ten days that were weird even for increasingly bizarre far right politicians, hangers-on and just plain wacko’s. Everywhere ...
Charley James 07/22/2009 11 15 - 42
Missing Home On July 4
July 1 was Canada Day so, on Wednesday, The New York Times asked 11 Canadians living in the States what they missed most about their native land. Turnabout is fair play and I started ...
Charley James 07/03/2009 3 1 - 28
Yet Again, The Right Is Wrong – This Time About Cap-And-Trade Costs
The 1,200-page long energy bill narrowly passed the House last night but that hasn't stopped the climate change deniers from warning of our rack-and-ruin if the Senate approves a parallel measure. ...
Charley James 06/27/2009 10 14 - 165
What’s With Cable’s “All Jack-O All The Time” News Coverage?
Yesterday’s solemn, over-the-top, wall-to-wall, commercial free coverage of Michael Jackson's death left me wondering if Archduke Ferdinand had been shot a second time. Yes, Jackson once ...
Charley James 06/26/2009 66 10 - 21
"Of Course (The CIA) Misled Congress. We Were Trained How.”
The voice of the former CIA briefer on the phone is strong and direct, unapologetic in either tone or words. “Of course we misled Congress on torture. The White House and (George) Tenet ...
Charley James 05/22/2009 12 13 - 35
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