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Why the Sequester Has Not (yet) Sunk the Economy
(Cross-posted at ) I have heard rumblings that some economic nitwits believe the sequester is good because, two weeks after it went into ...
CharlieHipHop 03/15/2013 37 37 1 -
Republicans Are Economic Dipshits
( Cross-posted at ) I'm mad as fuck about this sequester. The fucking Republicans are fucking us again so that the richest assholes on the planet don't have to pay a ...
CharlieHipHop 03/02/2013 16 14 - -
The National Debt "Problem" Is a Tragic Myth
( Cross-posted at The United States Government IS NOT Like Your Family What if 46 cents of every dollar you spent was borrowed? You'd quickly find yourself bankrupt. Presently,
CharlieHipHop 02/23/2013 22 10 - -
Warning: They may just steal Ohio
Sorry for the (possibly) hysterical headline. Maybe I'm feeling a little paranoid because of Willard's smirking cockiness today. He seems pretty sure about winning. If this report is true, it ...
CharlieHipHop 11/04/2012 148 8 - -
Willard's Spawn Buys Voting Machines, Nobody Notices/Cares
It is enough that the people know there was an election. The people who cast the votes decide nothing. The people who count the votes decide everything. -Stalin Does anybody know or care that Mitt ...
CharlieHipHop 10/23/2012 246 378 10 -
"I will defend to the death your right to say it..."
I do not agree with what you have to say, but I'll defend to the death your right to say it. The above quote is often attributed to Voltaire, but who knows... So I got in a ridiculous war on a ...
CharlieHipHop 07/04/2012 129 5 1 1144
To All the ButtHeads on this Site
You know who you are, the ones who don't agree with me! Yeah, you! I just want you to know that you are a total ButtHead. You have no clue how much damage you're doing to this country with your ...
CharlieHipHop 08/15/2011 38 7 - 304
Tiger Woods, Health Care, Afghanistan (rant)
First of all, I can't type well or much because of a hand injury. Believe me, if I could say more, I would. So I made a video. It's a rant. I won't say I'm proud of it, but I will say that it ...
CharlieHipHop 12/11/2009 11 2 - 86
Why some famous economic prognosticators are totally wrong
I was going to do this as a comment in bonddad's diary , but it would get lost in the flurry. It turned out to ...
CharlieHipHop 08/22/2009 64 12 - 35
Sucker Rally to End Soon, Economy Still Shit
(Cross-posted at Professor Dumbass ) [Edited to remove slightly unfair reference to bonddad, with whom I disagree sharply these days. This diary is about the ...
CharlieHipHop 08/20/2009 129 14 - 26
Bad News From Iraq
(Cross-posted at Professor Dumbass .) Bad news on the Iraq front today -- major attacks on government centers in Baghdad. The Ministry of Finance and the ...
CharlieHipHop 08/19/2009 39 13 - 3
BREAKING!!! Charlie HipHop Drops Commie Anthem
When people pimp their books and stuff on Daily Kos, it annoys me so I generally refrain from doing it. In this case, I have something that I really want to share widely, something that -- based on ...
CharlieHipHop 06/17/2009 10 3 - 7
"Appeasement" has never been a more appropriate descriptor
First of all, this is the definition from which I am working, from Appease (v) 1. to yield or concede to the belligerent demands of (a nation, group, person, etc.) in a conciliatory ...
CharlieHipHop 03/18/2009 6 - - 16
When Freepers Attack
Today I posted to my blog about Joe the Plumber . I called him an asshole, and the hit counter started spinning within minutes.
CharlieHipHop 10/16/2008 22 8 - -
Fed to Fund Short-term Credit
(Cross-posted at ) The Federal Reserve announced this ...
CharlieHipHop 10/07/2008 38 5 - -
The surge FAILED!
John McCain's main claim to foreign policy accomplishment is that "the surge" worked in Iraq. Really? If this is success, I'd hate to see what failure looks like.
CharlieHipHop 09/08/2008 16 4 - 1
Why We Need Unions (How I Lost My Shitty Job)
Though it sounds too odd to be true, the incident I am about to describe happened exactly as I describe it to the most minute detail. No suspense -- the story ends with my being unemployed and with ...
CharlieHipHop 07/17/2008 55 29 - 34
what the hell happened to my status?
I'm really confused about how the whole "mojo" thing works here at DKos. After a few years of commenting and diarying, you'd think TU status would be a given, but I've lost mine inexplicably. ...
CharlieHipHop 07/15/2008 144 22 - 31
Liebaugh - $400 mil., workers - 0
(Cross-posted on my blog .) In case you hadn't heard, Gush Liebaugh, bloviating liar and hypocrite extraordinaire, just got a new ...
CharlieHipHop 07/03/2008 52 5 - -
Will "Change" Be Enough?
Look, I'm all for change, as long as it's change for the better, and I don't see how it could be for the worse at this point unless... well, let's just not go there for now. Anyway, Obama talks a ...
CharlieHipHop 02/01/2008 36 1 - 1
Let's Serve Eviction Papers
I'm prone to Walter Mitty fantasies. Today I had a good one: ten thousand people around the White House with pots, pans, drums... and eviction papers. The police came and started arresting people, ...
CharlieHipHop 07/03/2007 9 3 - -
100 U.S. Soldiers Dead, Nobody Notices
This will be a short entry. As of yesterday, the Pentagon has reported 100 U.S. soldiers, sailors, airmen and Marines dead so far in the month of June. This comes on the heels of a bloody May and ...
CharlieHipHop 06/29/2007 41 16 - 23
Why the War Will Never End
Face it, the war will never end. It's just too damned important to our economy. This won't be news to a lot of people around here, but the ~$500 billion in regular defense spending this year plus ~$
CharlieHipHop 06/26/2007 36 10 1 5
BREAKING: Journalist Protects Sources, Promotes Book!!!
Like many here, I just want it to go away, the whole drational vs. Palast stink (and it does stink to high heaven -- more on this later), but I need to weigh in before I can let it die. Let's ...
CharlieHipHop 05/29/2007 59 10 - -
The America I Love
(Cross-posted at How well would you sleep knowing that a doomsday cult has its finger on the nuclear trigger and that it considers itself ...
CharlieHipHop 04/27/2007 3 4 - 10
Freedom of Speech Under Assault - FIGHT!
If you don't understand the music industry and how scummy it is, you can be forgiven -- a lot of artists don't get it until they find themselves screwed, penniless, the rights to their work stolen (...
CharlieHipHop 03/29/2007 2 4 1 -
Toothless Iran Sanctions Show How Low Bush Leaguers Have Taken U.S.
The three (many media outlets reported four, but it's essentially three; see below) largely meaningless sanctions imposed today by the UN Security Council against Iran highlight the tremendous loss ...
CharlieHipHop 03/26/2007 15 2 - 2
Open Letter to Preznit Shrubbie
As most Kossacks already know, Preznit Shrubbie threw a little tantrum yesterday. He promised to ignore any congressional subpoenas in the ever-widening, ever more-odious US AttorneyGate scandal. ...
CharlieHipHop 03/21/2007 1 2 - -
Repugs Try to Subvert Justice by Calling for AG's Resignation
This story over at HuffPo really got me steamed. Gonzalez's resignation would be one of the least ...
CharlieHipHop 03/16/2007 20 5 - -
Still Room for Hope
Reviewing some of my comments lately, I realize that I have been excruciatingly negative. Nuclear armageddon, environmental catastrophe, mass murder by finance, high-tech totalitarianism, seemingly ...
CharlieHipHop 03/14/2007 1 - - -
Don't let them get away with it: Why Libby matters
Just want to remind everyone of why Scooter Libby matters and maybe give a few people some ammunition in the battle of memes. Scooter Libby does not deserve a pardon. If anything, he got off light ...
CharlieHipHop 03/08/2007 3 4 - -
Your advice earnestly sought
I need your help, kossacks. I don't know what to do. This site may have cost me a job opportunity. I really had no idea that the site was so offensive. ...
CharlieHipHop 02/28/2007 16 2 1 -
You goin' to D.C.?
Once again, the American people will take to the streets of our nation's capital [edit: jeezbus, did i really just misspell "capital?" fuck, I've go alzheimer's for sure...) to protest the ...
CharlieHipHop 01/25/2007 10 7 - -
Learn or Die - One Take on NOLA
There were two disasters in New Orleans: one natural and inevitable, the other social and, if not totally avoidable, at least manageable. In a world of obvious climage change and increasingly ...
CharlieHipHop 01/07/2007 14 6 - -
Sean Penn for President!
Seriously . This is supposed to be a representative government, right? So why is it, then, that only a ...
CharlieHipHop 12/19/2006 10 3 - -
An Ounce of Prevention: The first step in health care reform
If you are lucky enough to have health insurance, you know that the one hassle-free procedure you undergo is a routine annual physical. Your health insurance provider is pleased as punch to pay for ...
CharlieHipHop 12/16/2006 15 6 - -
The Event Horizon Has Been Crossed
Hello from yet another voice from the wilderness. The issues in this diary have all been raised and examined here at length by other diarists. Nobody, to my knowledge, has yet connected the dots ...
CharlieHipHop 12/13/2006 66 31 3 18
"Kidnapped contractors"=captured mercenaries
CharlieHipHop 11/18/2006 16 20 1 5
It's pretty much official: We lost.
CharlieHipHop 10/24/2006 38 10 1 6
Never forget - Impeach!
CharlieHipHop 10/13/2006 17 5 - -
No scapegoat for high gas prices
CharlieHipHop 05/01/2006 14 10 - 2
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