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Hurricane Sandy-We Still Need Help
Hurricane Sandy - How You Can Help: I made my fourth drop-off of relief supplies yesterday morning and stand in awe of the goodness that is radiating out from people everywhere. I'll be heading ...
Chazcat 11/07/2012 8 17 3 -
Occupy Wall Street is Occupying Wall Street
A little over two weeks ago, on April 9th at around 11:30 PM, a small dedicated group of occupiers began occupying Wall Street.
Chazcat 04/24/2012 74 229 6 984
Carpooling to #occupywallstreet
There have been groups that have sprung up overnight on Facebook and elsewhere about carpooling to #occupywallstreet. (search on FB for Carpool to #Occupy Wallstreet, the link is not showing up here).
Chazcat 09/23/2011 3 10 - 47
Thank you #occupywallstreet
I finally made it over to Liberty Park today at lunchtime to spend some time with Occupy Wall Street and while it's not the demonstration I've been waiting for my whole life, it's pretty close. ...
Chazcat 09/22/2011 7 8 1 46
Thank You Senator Sanders!
Thank you Senator Sanders for all that you did today. I am proud to be a progressive and to have you on my side.
Chazcat 12/10/2010 8 24 - 68
South Dakota - WTF?
So I'm looking at election results today and realized that the Republican Senator John Thune from South Dakota ran unopposed. WTF?
Chazcat 11/03/2010 35 2 - 17
So what if BP...
says "no" to Obama's and the Coast Guard's "demands"?
Chazcat 06/14/2010 25 1 - 19
Weekend Opinionator: Acorn Falls, the Web Rises
The New York Times Weekend Opinionater today reviews the ACORN scandal and the resulting blog commentary. More after the jump.
Chazcat 09/19/2009 13 5 - 52
Renaming the Health Care Reform Act
There has been mention on these pages, and on many other progressive websites, of renaming the Health Care Reform Act to honor the late Senator Edward Kennedy. The question is how does this get done?
Chazcat 08/26/2009 4 2 - 1
I'm such a mix of emotions right now...
I'm such a mix of emotions today. I am so, so proud that Barack Obama is finally President and that we got to wave good-bye to the Bush years but yet so sad that my husband, David, isn't here with ...
Chazcat 01/20/2009 7 10 - 3
I'm not so nervous today!
Really, I'm not. I'm not sure why but I'm actually feeling pretty good.
Chazcat 11/04/2008 8 - - 1
I'm so frigging nervous!
Okay, I admit it, I'm a frigging wreck worrying about this election. I mean how devastating it would be if the unthinkable happens and Obama loses. We've come so far and for it to be taken away ...
Chazcat 11/03/2008 23 2 - -
Sarah Palin's speech reminded me of...
Reese Witherspoon in Legally Blonde. The same sing-songy voice and lack of any real substance but instead of having a little fou-fou dog as an accessory they had the way too quiet and docile Downs ...
Chazcat 09/04/2008 3 - - -
Five Years Gone
Five years ago today the war in Iraq began. Babies born five years ago have been weaned from bottle and breast, inoculated, potty trained and this year were sent off to Kindergarten. Teenagers ...
Chazcat 03/19/2008 3 4 - 2
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