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To Pres. Obama from Chicago: For the good of Chicago, don't go to Copenhagen.
Cross-posted from Gapers Block , also listed on ...
ChicagoLife 09/28/2009 39 17 - 29
The Poverty of "Elect More Democrats"
There is a flaw in the core motto of the liberal netroots--as a handy shorthand for the current generation of liberal activists--as laid out by Markos and adopted to various degrees by the other ...
ChicagoLife 08/18/2009 3 2 - 24
Chicago Kossacks: FOIA, TIFs, and Govt Transparency
{Cross posted from Gapers Block's political blog, Mechanics. } Government transparency: realm of nerds? Or power politics? America's post-war ...
ChicagoLife 08/17/2009 4 3 - 38
{Chicago Kossacks} But I thought he made the trains run on time?
So the Inspector-General's office has released their report on the parking meter deal, and guess what? Mayor Daley's incompetence may ...
ChicagoLife 06/02/2009 12 5 - 1
A Pitch to Ned Beatty to Make My Karl Rove Biopic
Dear Mr. Beatty , I am writing you this query letter to surmise your interest in my screenplay, Plucky: The Karl Rove Story , ...
ChicagoLife 02/16/2009 13 2 - 1
Chicago's Loose Tooth Love
Cross-posted from the Gapers Block political section, ...
ChicagoLife 01/07/2009 6 4 - 8
Imagine Being for Labor in IL-05
This is cross-posted from Gapers Block and our political section, Mechanics . Updated with a link to James ...
ChicagoLife 01/04/2009 18 7 - 5
Mechanics: Duncan's Task in D.C.
cross-posted from Mechanics , the on-line home for Chicago politics. Although our Governors are making us the shame of the nation, much of the ...
ChicagoLife 12/18/2008 1 1 - 10
UPDATED II (w/ Video): Republic Window Workers Occupy Factory
Here in Chicago, laid-off workers are standing up for themselves , and the solidarity is growing.
ChicagoLife 12/06/2008 462 639 9 62
It's the End of the World as We Know It, And I Feel Mildly Terrified
cross-posted at Gapers Block. Before we proceed, remember this: ...
ChicagoLife 10/15/2008 17 13 - 3
"The Democratic Party is Toast"
Hey everybody. This is one of my periodic diaries to remind you all of Grover Norquists humiliating prediction in September of 2004 that "The Democratic Party is Toast". This time, updated with a ...
ChicagoLife 10/01/2008 21 11 1 28
Don't Mind the Polls, Please
This is apropos of nothing--and I'm going to admit up front that I have no real evidence to back this up whatsoever--but John McCain is going to lead or be tied with Barack Obama in most of the ...
ChicagoLife 05/19/2008 12 1 - 1
Pushing President Obama
The Obama Presidency approaches. Senator Clinton's admirably pugnacious effort to win the nomination has milked the opposition of the succor that would have nourished their autumn offensive. ...
ChicagoLife 03/23/2008 11 10 - 12
1932, FDR & President Obama's Hundred Days
Note : I first published this diary last Friday at 5pm. Several commenters suggested I re-print it during the week. Concern and hope are related emotions. Both have to do ...
ChicagoLife 02/18/2008 2 4 1 37
FDR & President Obama’s Hundred Days
Concern and hope are related emotions. Both have to do with an uncertainty about the future. They are impulses rooted in the evolution of our species, and so very powerful to us.
ChicagoLife 02/15/2008 9 8 1 9
Does Obama have a Blue Collar Problem?
No, I don't think he does, at least not inherently. This is an analysis of an article that ...
ChicagoLife 02/10/2008 47 5 1 1
Obama WON NH (Clinton TIED Iowa)! For Real!
Since we're apparently children willing to accept anything that supports our favorite cartoon character, and unable to apply our critical faculties, let's look at the nebulousness of delegate counts (
ChicagoLife 01/19/2008 23 14 - 30
Polls Seem to Offer Respite, But Clinton Pushes the Pace
By GWEN IFILL, Published: July 26, 1992 The calls to his Little ...
ChicagoLife 01/11/2008 15 - - 9
Let's Talk Class, Not Gender and Race
Why not? Nobody else is.
ChicagoLife 01/10/2008 24 3 1 1
Inspiring. Uniting. And Fighting.
Nasty, fighting spirit. Hope. Unity. Consensus. This is how do it and say it.
ChicagoLife 01/08/2008 - 2 - -
The Debtors' Revolt
cross posted from - GAPERS BLOCK – THE DEBTORS’ ...
ChicagoLife 12/12/2007 14 10 - 25
Losing Mayor Daley
Dec, 5 2007 Revenge of the Second City Losing Mayor Daley Cross-Posted from "He's just terrific," gushed JPMorgan Chase CEO James Dimon. "I wish every city had ...
ChicagoLife 12/05/2007 22 14 2 139
"Democracy": On-Going tragedy in North Iraq
The Iraq Sustainable Democracy Project has been gathering testimonials, interviews, and data from villages all over northern ...
ChicagoLife 11/28/2007 3 2 - 10
Dream Candidate: “Democrats Need to Oppose EEO Laws.”
DREAM CANDIDATE: “Democrats Need to Oppose EEO Laws.” (AP)
ChicagoLife 11/27/2007 21 2 - 4
"Grampa, tell me about the gays back then." (In One Scene)
"...was it really as bad as they say? Were a lot of homeless children homeless just 'cuz they were gay? And is it true we let the government fire people for being gay? What was the big deal back then?
ChicagoLife 11/12/2007 24 25 4 165
COUNTDOWN TO ZERO: Assyrian Extinction, Part II
The news mounts; Assyrian homes are found empty .
ChicagoLife 11/09/2007 8 17 1 155
Dream Candidate: "Screw S-Chip...
...we need single-payer, universal health care in this country," Dream Candidate said in a statement today.
ChicagoLife 10/20/2007 2 2 - -
UAW: What can we do to help?
Allow me to introduce myself: I am a labor supporter and a former union staffer for SEIU and AFSCME. I have been nervously anticipating the UAW/GM strike. As Ron Gettelfinger strike, although ...
ChicagoLife 09/24/2007 17 9 - -
[UPDATE]: Countdown to Extinction: Assyrians Marched To Zero
I am an Assyrian American. I was born at Edgewater Hospital in Chicago in September of 1981. I was raised in Chicago and Des Plaines. Eventually we moved further into the suburbs before I moved ...
ChicagoLife 09/14/2007 8 12 2 50
Somebody Please Find Grover Norquist's E-Mail Address
I wrote this diary a while ago.
ChicagoLife 09/05/2007 19 6 - 4
"The Democrat Party Is Toast"
Everybody has their favorite right-wing villian. Some prefer the Christian fundamentalist types like Pat Robertson or James Dobsons; others zero in on particularly nefarious legislators, like Tom ...
ChicagoLife 03/24/2007 62 23 - -
The Greatest Speech Ever Given - Atlanta, 1988
ChicagoLife 02/01/2006 22 11 5 16
Take a Moment To Meet a Real Democrat
ChicagoLife 09/09/2005 2 1 - -
We Are Nearly Civilized
ChicagoLife 09/07/2005 1 - - -
AF of L C of IO Bye Bye O
ChicagoLife 07/21/2005 26 12 - -
The Assyrian Democratic Movement: Make this an American Movement, Too
ChicagoLife 07/19/2005 3 3 - -
Carpenters Make Six
ChicagoLife 06/28/2005 6 - - -
FYEO: Long-Abandoned Democratic Consultant Advises Durbin
ChicagoLife 06/22/2005 4 2 - -
SEIU, Others to pull out of the AFL-CIO
ChicagoLife 06/15/2005 19 24 - -
HERE Brings A Smile to the House Labor
ChicagoLife 05/25/2005 2 4 - -
ChicagoLife 05/24/2005 5 7 - -
The Moral Welfare State
ChicagoLife 04/27/2005 3 3 - -
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