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Dear DNC, DSCC, DCCC, and various Democratic Senators and Representatives: STOP ASKING ME FOR MONEY! Last year, I was more than happy to donate what I could to you individually, with most of my ...
Chris Carlson 07/10/2009 44 47 2 21
Let's Get Ready to Rumble.
Before we all get too comfortable after watching our guy's speech kick the crap out of their guy's speech, let's all have a nice splash of cold water to the face...
Chris Carlson 02/25/2009 14 8 - 3
GOP = Grandstanding Obsolete Pricks
I just wanted to take a moment to thank the GOP members of the House for their complete and utter refusal to vote for the stimulus package. There are several reasons to be glad that not one single ...
Chris Carlson 01/29/2009 30 19 1 15
Al is ahead--we can still get to 60
Yeah, I know, this ain't a diary. Franken ahead by 1,000 with 96% in, according to CNN totals. We can still pull Al Franken. Jeff Merkley has a lot of votes in Multnomah and Washington counties ...
Chris Carlson 11/05/2008 27 7 - 18
Be Not Afraid.
This is just a little tidbit for the nervous. It's not intended to make anyone overconfident, or to slow donating, canvassing, phonebanking, etc. Just a quick snapshot to clear your head of the ...
Chris Carlson 10/23/2008 3 2 - -
Business Math 101 for Joe the Plumber
Heya Joe, Since you're all bummed out about this whole deal where Barack Obama's plan would supposedly rob you of your version of the American Dream, I figured you could use a little cheering up. ...
Chris Carlson 10/16/2008 25 13 - 10
The Search for Sixty Senators--Sept. 28 Action Edition
(Please rec if you want to achieve this goal--we're on a roll, let's shoot for the whole enchilada!) How would you like to see Joe Lieberman become the most powerful man in the ...
Chris Carlson 09/28/2008 10 7 - 1
Stop the Drama, Vote Obama!
And some of us, at one point or another, thought Hillary was a drama queen? Great God Almighty, I have seen it all now. Our Hero, John McCain, riding in on His Great White Horse to Save ...
Chris Carlson 09/26/2008 10 7 1 10
Obama Campaign On Offense: JOHN MCCAIN IS A LIAR!
Welcome to the party, Obama campaign! We wanted hard-hitting ads, we deserve hard-hitting ads, and most of all, John McCain the liar deserves hard-hitting ads. And this ...
Chris Carlson 09/15/2008 22 7 - 9
MSM's New Meme: JOHN MCCAIN IS A LIAR. (Backup Requested)
Well, I'll be damned. So I get home from work a bit ago (night shift nurse, me), and as is my wont, I grabbed a bite to eat and plopped down to check out the Internets for a few minutes before ...
Chris Carlson 09/13/2008 686 1336 53 609
Take a Breath.
1.) Sarah Palin's newness will wear off, her cloud of various ethical scandals and outright lies will come back to bite her, and two months from now she will be seen properly for what she is--Dick ...
Chris Carlson 09/07/2008 13 6 - -
The Search for Sixty Senators
With the standard caveats that it's only September, much work must yet be done, and that we can't take anything for granted in the Presidential race, I'd like to ask everyone reading this to clear ...
Chris Carlson 09/02/2008 41 49 6 244
OK, so...McCain is kicking Obama's ass, right?
Yeah, that's what I'm hearing on the news, guys, sorry to tell ya: McCain's numbers are "on the move", he's a genius for getting his new Rove-like crew going in high gear, and they're just ...
Chris Carlson 08/06/2008 27 17 2 16
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