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The American Dream
To give credit where credit is due--this post was originally written for Great Lake Progressive by Bob Nowlan -- I did not write this piece, just though the dKos crowd would appreciate it. When I ...
Chris Chasteen 06/24/2011 4 1 - 30
Update: MN/WI GOP Finally Cops to Their True Agenda – To Hell With Anyone Reliant On Gov’t Care
The folks over at MN Progressive Project have a piece up about four MN state senators’ attempt to force ...
Chris Chasteen 06/20/2011 10 12 - 153
Initial Thoughts on Netroots Nation and Bacon
Well, it's all over except for the Daily Kos 4 party at the Fine Line at 8pm tonight, and what a great event! Even though we woke up late on Thursday and missed the first session we--Lucas, Bill ...
Chris Chasteen 06/18/2011 6 4 - 95
NOTICE: To All Local Netroots Nation Attendees and Supporters:
Message: To all local attendees and supports, please offer the following as you are able: 1) Rides from airport downtown--I am open, call me... 2) Suggestions about places to eat in Minneapolis... ...
Chris Chasteen 06/14/2011 4 4 - 69
What Does the Root Word Progress in Progressive Mean To Progressives?
I am no scholar in politics or political history, however, when I think about the word progressive I do not read the root word progress in the teleological sense (e.g. that as a ...
Chris Chasteen 06/11/2011 10 2 - 55
A Creative Call For Help and Hopeful Vision For Tomorrow
Three weeks have gone by. Not in a flash or a blur, but in a spent succession of jolts and sputtering lurches back and forth--like a person trying to drive a manual transmission for the first time.
Chris Chasteen 06/10/2011 3 1 - 36
Updated: Looking for a Web Saavy Volunteer...
UPDATE: First off..I apologize if the title of this was misleading...any thoughts how to find someone that might be willing help us out? Two months ago a few people started grumbling via email and ...
Chris Chasteen 06/08/2011 12 1 2 79
UPDATE: 2X -- Coming Out As a Progressive.
Scroll to bottom for update: Today I did two things that I thought I'd never do. Two very big steps in my political and community identities. Today, I stood up and spoke out. I marched with ...
Chris Chasteen 05/21/2011 3 8 - 73
MN House Opened by Prayer of a Bigot and Racist--Unbelievable.
Between the constant "Newt this" and "Newt That" the news on all the other attention on right-wing hopefuls and budget struggles everywhere I am just feel bit saturated with the same story lines.
Chris Chasteen 05/20/2011 15 13 - 131
Great Lakes Progressive (who???)Will Be At Netroots Nation 2011
Events in Egypt, Tunisia, and other (wait let me break out my AP stylebook--yes I have a formal journalism education) Middle Eastern (see AP says caps), have left the world shocked by the ...
Chris Chasteen 05/13/2011 4 3 - 54
IMPORTANT UPDATE:: OPEN QUESTION: Should I go to Netroots Nation?
Okay...I am going...just registered...that said...if any out towners want a resource to the best of the best of the Twin Cities...I am your source... First stop--if you have transportation...Matt's ...
Chris Chasteen 05/13/2011 46 7 - 173
On Teachers and Taxes
The attacks on public employees, particularly teachers, that is occurring across the nation, but in mid-west most strikingly is not about the size of government or budgets. It’s about laying the ...
Chris Chasteen 05/13/2011 3 2 - 57
(Update) A Republican Did Something Right (or correct)
As part of my work with TakeActionMinnesota I have been tasked with following State Representative John Kriesel in the news and other sources in order to keep people aware of the moves of our ...
Chris Chasteen 05/12/2011 11 7 - 90
Growing a Progressive Garden -- Part 2 -- Planning
Update: Major news/changes to plans will be mentioned in the next installment--and to assuage peoples fears I am i noticing the comments, I am quite an experienced landscaper/gardener with a number ...
Chris Chasteen 05/12/2011 39 45 3 294
I can Vouch for This--MN Lege Don't Want to Be On Voucher System
As a Minnesota legislator, how do you make statement in regards to attempts reduce access to quality health care for the poor—or attacks on the MinnesotaCare state health program? How do you make ...
Chris Chasteen 05/12/2011 6 11 - 70
Gambling with Progressivism
I’m a strange brand of progressive—on the one hand I very much believe in equality for all socially, economically, educationally, and opportunistically regardless of a person’s demographics. ...
Chris Chasteen 05/11/2011 8 - - 51
Wisconsin GOP pushing to re-engineer Wisconsin Gov't.
Update: Link to the original article added, which includes a link to the resolution text. Though this may be seen as pimping my own progressive site, this is first I have heard of this and one of ...
Chris Chasteen 05/10/2011 32 9 - 111
A Diarist’s Growing Pains – A Lesson Learned and a Thank You.
I recently posted a diary regarding proposed changes to Minnesota’s gun laws. While I took stance against the proposed changes, I believe I also made it very clear that I was not against gun ...
Chris Chasteen 04/28/2011 49 7 - 212
The Wild Wild (mid)West? – Minnesota GOP Proposing Major Changes to Existing Gun Laws
With the state budget still in limbo, state unemployment still above the norm, and reasonable healthcare solutions still in question, the Minnesota GOP feels the time is ripe to focus on those pesky ...
Chris Chasteen 04/27/2011 73 6 - 323
Growing a Progressive Garden
Gardening is not a topic that immediately springs to mind when considering progressive politics, or political action. However, after listening to an NPR piece over the weekend about gardening and ...
Chris Chasteen 04/26/2011 38 43 2 292
The Progress of Progressivism is Progressing—the Long View.
The momentum is shifting if we keep in mind that successful political strategy is about the long view. While the Dems and progressives lost a number of seats in the 2010 off-cycle election—an ...
Chris Chasteen 04/20/2011 8 2 - 64
Who's the Public and Who's the Servant -- or Who's Serving Who?
One group of our elected officials are public servants in the absolute strictest sense of the term only; any denial or attempt at twisting this fact is hardly worth the effort. Let’s explore the ...
Chris Chasteen 04/08/2011 1 - - 13
American Exceptionalism? What's so Exceptional?
The Wisconsin GOP’s attack on UW-Madison History professor William Cronon provides an excellent launching point for the exploration of how the hard right has successfully co-opted concepts or ...
Chris Chasteen 04/07/2011 75 32 3 400
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