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Full DC Appeals Court to hear ACA Subsidies case
The full DC Appeals court is going to rehear the Halbig subsidies case where a smaller panel ruled that federal exchanges could not award subsidies. If the full court overrules, it likely will not ...
Chrisfs 09/04/2014 2 1 - -
Get your fake conscience off my lawn
Here's an interesting link responding to Hobby Lobby's conscience exemption claim to the ACA.
Chrisfs 12/02/2013 4 6 - -
Specialty Food companies talk about Obamacare Some early criticisms on the ACA, came from fast food chains. This article ...
Chrisfs 11/18/2013 3 1 - -
German car companies pay workers more and are profitable
Posting this article here is pretty much like preaching to the choir. So do me a favor. Pass this on to your conservative friends/family (or post it to a conservative site ;) ) http://www.forbes....
Chrisfs 07/24/2013 22 6 1 -
Debt Limit explained
Debt Limit Explained This is a great cartoon explanation of the debt limit. And it's short, under 3 minutes Some time, the debt limit will need to be raised again and there will be another fight. ...
Chrisfs 07/23/2013 2 2 - -
WAPO:The Problem with Budget Deals with GOP The question my column left open was whether ...
Chrisfs 03/04/2013 1 2 - -
Chance for another Democrat in the Senate House Rep Paul Broun (GA) of "evolution and embryology and the Big Bang Theory" are all "lies straight from the pit of Hell."
Chrisfs 01/30/2013 29 14 1 -
CA Dems get Supermajority in both State houses CA Dems have a supermajority in both State houses. This means no unending ...
Chrisfs 11/07/2012 15 22 - -
Gaffes don't matter: The Atlantic
I wanted to point to an article in The Atlantic that says that over a longer period gaffes don't affect poll results. So while it's good to see Romney messing up, it's not a reason to lay back and ...
Chrisfs 09/20/2012 11 - - 84
Melinda Gates:Catholic women will decide on contraception themselves Melinda Gates, of Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, is a practicing Catholic. She has also come out ...
Chrisfs 07/11/2012 10 26 - 143
Episcopal Church approves same sex unions 78% of laypersons 76% of clergy voted for it. Another step forward in progress. "With the vote, the Episcopal Church will ...
Chrisfs 07/10/2012 29 11 - 83
Waiting for O'Reily's apology
Short diary, but too good to pass up. From March 26 show of O'Reily Factor, Bill O'Reily states he will apologize for being an idiot if ACA is found constitutional.
Chrisfs 06/29/2012 11 4 - 107
How to Read a Supreme Court Opinion
This is a short one. The folks at ScotusBlog have posted a guide on how to read a Supreme Court ruling. This may be very useful for non lawyers (like myself) who want to understand the Court's ...
Chrisfs 06/27/2012 8 5 - 88
SCOTUS Rulings 06/18/12 Native Americans, DNA and Drug Salesman
The Supreme Court's judicial year is coming to a close and opinions will be coming out fast and furious. Opinions were announced today and more will be announced Thurday morning and finally next ...
Chrisfs 06/18/2012 12 10 - 163
Change your Linkedin password Now
If you have an account on, Change your password Now. Reports are that it has been hacked and 6.5 million passwords are available on cracker sites.
Chrisfs 06/06/2012 27 19 1 287
Quick Thought, Gay marriage, God and Government
Quick thought: If two people have been together for 5 years, then may be it's a sign from God that they should get married, and the government should get the heck out of their way...
Chrisfs 05/10/2012 6 - - 30
Easter Sunday always comes
Grabbed this from a blog (which grabbed part from Those non-religious or anti religious may want to skip it, but then again may not. I'm not saying you can't, I'm just saying that if ...
Chrisfs 04/08/2012 5 - - 44
NPR reviews Who Christians are Last week we explored whether the word Christian has come to be synonymous with conservative. It seems to ...
Chrisfs 04/05/2012 11 1 - 118
Ezra Klein on whether single payer comes if ACA goes down.
Spoiler: not very likely.
Chrisfs 03/29/2012 25 3 - 291
Astroturf activist may be a robot. Interesting article on the use of spam robots in influencing polticial discussion.
Chrisfs 03/04/2012 11 1 - 115
Forbes: Single Payer is on it's way The author writes that some form is government or government/private industry model for ...
Chrisfs 02/26/2012 22 7 - 190
Komen isn't playing politics, OH WAIT IT IS Komen Foundation says they are cutting funding to Planned Parenthood because PP is under investigation, pure ...
Chrisfs 02/02/2012 5 1 - 69
Think SOPA won't affect you directly ? Think again!
If you think SOPA will only affect people who post pirated movies or music, think again, SOPA could affect you if you post or quote a simple news article. How many people are fully versed in Fair ...
Chrisfs 01/18/2012 1 1 - 63
Andrew Sullivan explains Obama's 3-D chess game. Andrew Sullivan does a great job of addressing critiques from the right and ...
Chrisfs 01/16/2012 68 42 2 465
Public Option:Not Dead Yet Excellent article by Ezra Klein makes the statement that the Public Option, ...
Chrisfs 01/15/2012 14 25 1 194
GOP blinking on taxes? We’ve never been in this spot before,” said Cornyn, who also leads his ...
Chrisfs 11/15/2011 5 5 - 90
When Ronald Reagan lead a strike. How actors got residuals
Actors receive payments called residuals when shows they were in are repeated over time. This makes for some smooth income in a rather choppy business. How did they get this from the studio bosses ...
Chrisfs 11/14/2011 15 10 - 70
Freep Fox News OccupyWallStreet Poll
Chrisfs 10/09/2011 19 17 1 230
Transit Worker Union votes to join Occupy New York Things are starting to develop right there. I have seen criticisms in the mainstream media ...
Chrisfs 09/29/2011 3 7 - 42
NRA claims Obama's lack of gun laws is a conspiracy to end 2nd Amendment (video at link) At CPAC, the executive VP of the NRA states that Obama NOT pursuing gun control ...
Chrisfs 09/24/2011 43 11 - 225
Health Care law tweak. Biologic drugs exclusivity shortened to 7 years This was a minor kerfuffle when the bill was in ...
Chrisfs 09/20/2011 2 1 - 42
Drag Racing: A Story
I made this story up when the banks were failing, but didn't post it until Friday as a comment. I like it as an allegory, so I decided 'what the heck' I'm publishing it as a post on it's own. Drag ...
Chrisfs 09/18/2011 1 - - 35
Millionaires must pay same percentage as middle class "President Barack Obama is expected to seek a new base tax rate for the wealthy to ensure that millionaires pay at ...
Chrisfs 09/18/2011 10 1 - 67
Center vs Left or Why Obama won't make you happy
Reading Ezra Klein's article about Obama's speech tomorrow on a jobs plan makes me think people upset with him now will be no less upset tomorrow. The White House believes two things ...
Chrisfs 09/07/2011 18 5 - 97
Msg to Obama critics, Change begins at the bottom
My last diary was not liked by a number of people on Daily Kos. So I'm throwing out this video by Thom Hartmann on how to change the party from the inside. If you want the Democratic party to be ...
Chrisfs 09/06/2011 32 4 - 153
NY Times: Why the Left doesn't understand about Obama I found this article to be insightful. I think much of dissatisfaction with Obama from the left comes ...
Chrisfs 09/05/2011 144 12 1 587
Nate Silver makes case for keeping Obama
Nate Silver responds to calling for primary-ing (is this an actual verb?) Obama with another Democrat.
Chrisfs 08/23/2011 20 3 - 286
Ezra Klein asks What Could Obama Have Done? Ezra Klein asks a compelling question on what Obama could have done during his ...
Chrisfs 08/22/2011 51 15 1 287
How to disagree effectively and politely
I found this wonderfully instructive article today and, given the tone of discussion at DKos at time, I felt I needed to post it immediately. Yes the actual diary post length is short but the link ...
Chrisfs 08/12/2011 20 8 - 139
New Idea:Post so you can comment
Here's an idea: Background: I have gotten progressively disillusioned about the quality of comments to news stories/op/ed pieces. Not just those on DK, but comments to stories on news sites and ...
Chrisfs 11/22/2010 66 2 1 74
Update: Every Vote Counts McNerney wins by 121 votes There were a bunch of close races, however I want to draw attention to Jerry McNerney vs tea partier David Harmer out in Contra Costa. With ...
Chrisfs 11/03/2010 15 15 - 61
GOTV Stop Rand Paul!
I have been using the OFA web calling tool to call Kentucky and support Jack Conway over Rand Paul. The race is very close and we need as many votes as we can get. Also I have found that Kentucky ...
Chrisfs 11/01/2010 15 9 - 32
Wacky: Conservative fringe denounces Norquist In a wacky turn of events, conservative fringe elements have denounced 'bathtub murderer' Grover ...
Chrisfs 08/23/2010 57 16 - 46
GOP headquarters to build Windpower site
Michael Steele has announced that the new GOP headquarters will use a innovative wind power device to produce the electricity. The new corkscrew turbine takes advantage, not of regular horizontal ...
Chrisfs 04/01/2010 11 4 - 18
Investment Adviser goes Teabag on Health Care
You would think the lying about Health Care Reform would stop now that it has been passed, but apparently not. Andy Sutton, ...
Chrisfs 03/29/2010 11 7 - 23
GOP votes for Cornhusker Deal and other HCR musings
So the GOP (and Demos) were outraged by the sweetheart deals in the Senate Bill. The Cornhusker Kickback was shady politics they said. But when a bill came up Sunday that would take away those shady ...
Chrisfs 03/23/2010 7 1 - 23
Be Nice to Those That Hate You- It Confuses Them My Post to the Freepers
I just posted this to Free Republic. I don't know if it will actually get posted. I thought about all the things I could say, but eventually this just seemed to be the best thing to do in every ...
Chrisfs 03/22/2010 15 2 1 32
Good Govt Saves Lives Chile:300 Haiti:200,000
If there was ever a starker example on how a good government and strong regulations saves lives, it is the comparison between the damage and death in Hait and Chile. Haiti's earthquake was 7.0 and ...
Chrisfs 02/27/2010 59 19 - 102
If you watched Avatar, you supported Fox News News Corp's (NWSA.O) results beat expectations thanks to "Avatar" and improved advertising sales, and the company ...
Chrisfs 02/02/2010 153 6 - 42
Update Kucinich and Massa vote with GOP...Again! "The House passed legislation Friday aimed at preventing the next big ...
Chrisfs 12/11/2009 201 25 1 57
Low 2.0 Health Insurers give Facebook gamers fake money to oppose Health Care Reform
Just when you think you have heard it all, there's something new. Facebook has games, they are free. You can do better in the game if you earn some 'free' game currency. Earning the currency ...
Chrisfs 12/09/2009 2 4 - 33
Support Health Care Reform: Door Hangers Consumer's Union is offering to send out free door hangers to anyone who is willing to walk their neighborhoods and hand them on ...
Chrisfs 10/15/2009 4 7 - 8
That Evil Darth Vader needs to go!
Darth Vader has got me really riled up this time. I mean, I didn't like him before with all the heavy breathing and force choking wisecrackers at top brass meeting, but now I find out that Darth ...
Chrisfs 10/14/2009 15 - - 48
Hey Zions Bank, You will be regulated, Deal with it.
In their current email newsletter, Zions Bank had an article complaining about the new regulations that would come with Obama's Consumer Financial Protection Agency. And asked for comments. Below ...
Chrisfs 10/13/2009 18 8 - 31
No Public Options means More Socialism
So the next time some one rattles off govt takeover, tell them this. Health care costs, and especially insurance premiums need to be brought down. This is imperative and everyone can agree that ...
Chrisfs 09/09/2009 6 1 - 3
Rep Pete Stark Health Care Interview A local paper interviewed Rep Pete Stark (Fremont,CA) about health care reform and ...
Chrisfs 09/01/2009 2 2 - 18
CA-17 Santa Cruz Town Hall Meeting
I went to Rep Sam Farr's 3 hour town hall meeting in Santa Cruz last night. As Santa Cruz has a well deserved reputation of being a very liberal town, one would think this meeting would be a cake ...
Chrisfs 08/12/2009 11 13 1 7
Health Care and TownHalls ponderings on logic?
So I am viewing the loud protests at Town Halls with concern and sadness and wondering what can be done about them and how they will affect the process. And going through various iterations of ideas,
Chrisfs 08/09/2009 5 - - 5
What can I do for health care reform 2-3 days/week?
I have a bunch of vacation time saved up. I have done stuff for health care reform. I can do phone banking and stuff in the evening and weekends (except on the 15th! when the tea partiers come to ...
Chrisfs 08/06/2009 12 4 - 24
Public Option needs a Meme
Right wingers have a simple slogan, govt out of health care even if it's wrong, it's simple. Single Payers have a simple meme, 'everyone in, no one out' also simple, easy to understand and remember.
Chrisfs 08/03/2009 19 6 - 3
Defend Health Care Reform, Refute Betsy McCaughey's lies on WSJ
This is a short diary, I apologize, but I wanted to get it out. Betsy McCaughey, who was instrumental in killing the Clinton health reform, has written an OP-Ed article in the Wall Street Journal ...
Chrisfs 07/30/2009 5 3 - 72
Carolyn Lochhead SF Chron reporter misleads on Health Care Reform
Carolyn Lochhead, The SF Chronicle's Washington Bureau person has a history of articles that slant slyly to the right. Her article on health care reform is no different except that it is all the ...
Chrisfs 07/24/2009 5 4 - 14
LiveBlog Senate Help CMTE Markup session If you are watching it and have a comment, I'm putting this diary up to comment on that. ...
Chrisfs 07/14/2009 18 3 - 2
My visit with Sen Boxer's aide about health care LONG
As posted here:,-Why-Public-Option I had a meeting with an aide for Senator Barbara Boxer (D-CA) of Friday morning. The ...
Chrisfs 07/12/2009 15 28 1 28
Meeting with Senator's aide, Why Public Option
Before the 4th of July weekend, I decided I had called plenty of Congresspeople and decided to take it up a notch. So I contacted my Senators (Boxer and Feinstein) and my Rep (Barbara Lee) and ...
Chrisfs 07/08/2009 35 16 - 112
BMI is bad for determining Obesity NPR reports that BMI is severely flawed for determining obesity. One of the ...
Chrisfs 07/07/2009 70 9 - 33
Healthcare and libraries and schools oh my
Conservatives and insurance companies are scared that a public plan will crowd out private insurance plans and lead to single payer. 3 examples on why that's not going to happen. After the jump.
Chrisfs 07/01/2009 7 4 - 1
Problems with health care, public option and hope
I volunteered to staff a table to promote Pres Obama's health care reform this past weekend. One of our tasks was to collect health care stories. Problems that people had with the current health ...
Chrisfs 06/25/2009 8 2 - 7
Virtual Congress a cure for political isolation
So one complaint about Congress is that all our representatives are in Washington DC, away from their home districts and the people who voted (hired) them and instead this bubble called Washington D....
Chrisfs 06/24/2009 3 1 - -
Ode to the HELP Committee
Sung to the tune of Help, (With Apologies to the Beatles) HELP it's Senate Commitee HELP not just any committee HELP you know it works on health care HEEELP When I was younger, so much younger ...
Chrisfs 06/19/2009 1 1 - -
Insurance companies crack down on Doctors who help uninsured
among those 'so amazing you can't make it up' things, Insurance companies are going after doctors who charge uninsured patients a bargain rate.
Chrisfs 06/13/2009 15 16 1 20
Health Care Insurance help for buyers?
I'm throwing this out here to see if someone(s) in the Dkos community can help out. I'm looking for individual health insurance and while I read the terms on all of them and think I understand them ...
Chrisfs 10/29/2008 13 1 - -
New election prediction site picks Obama The site is new to me anyways and it seems pretty professional. I say "pretty" because he has a long FAQ that ...
Chrisfs 10/14/2008 65 4 - -
Republicans move towards Obama The ABC blog above is stunning in the quotes from Republican legislators and former Executive staff are making about Obama. If ...
Chrisfs 08/12/2008 57 12 - 19
No Plan survives first contact -Obama
Go and look at Obama's website and look at what he says. I'll wait right here. ....... Back ? good, some of that stuff is going to change, not all that stuff is going to the done the way he says it'
Chrisfs 06/23/2008 10 5 - -
Can I delete a comment of mine?
Hi, sorry about the procedural post, but the FAQ is down and I can't seem to find the info elsewhere. Can I delete a comment that I myself made after I have made it ? I thought I could, but I ...
Chrisfs 06/19/2008 91 - - 24
Where's my stimulus payment
Ok, so if you want me to stimulate the economy, you need to actually send me the money. Is this happening to anyone else? I paid my taxes via direct deposit in Mid April (before the 15th) and ...
Chrisfs 06/11/2008 31 4 - -
Smurf CA Governor's poll on Same Sex Marriage!
I just heard about this and wanted to pass it along: The office of Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger is polling reaction to the California Supreme Court decision overturning the ban on gay marriage. ...
Chrisfs 05/27/2008 15 14 - -
Hard Sell Health Insurance
After reading the demographic post on health care. I went online to see how much health care would cost me if my employer didn't provide it for me. I went to one of the top sites found by Google (...
Chrisfs 04/29/2008 10 1 - -
What ticks me off the most about subprime mess.
What ticks me off the most about the subprime mess is that I know what would have happened if regulators had actually had the foresight (or desire) to stop it. It would have gone something like this:
Chrisfs 03/26/2008 43 7 - 8
Tightwad Tuesday : Coupons make a comeback
(this might have been a good Frugal Friday post, but I'd forgot about it by then...) If there is any sort of sign, that we are in a difficult economic time, it is this. Bucking a 16 YEAR TREND of ...
Chrisfs 03/25/2008 18 3 - -
No more bailouts without equity
The Fed is facilitating a possible bailout of Bear Sterns, accepting mortgage based securities as collateral for loan, and doing whatever it can to prop up those great pillars of capitalism, the big ...
Chrisfs 03/16/2008 4 15 1 22
Melanie Morgan Gets Fired
This may not be very long, but I figured I throw it up anyways. Melanie Morgan got fired by KSFO today. According to the ...
Chrisfs 03/05/2008 6 6 - 3
Krugman calls Obama "naive" on Heath Care In today's NY Times, Paul Krugman reviews the health care reforms of Obama and Edwards and ...
Chrisfs 12/17/2007 31 9 - -
Haste for Money Cause Mortgage sloppiness It's bad enough that some people got sold insane mortgages, but it seems that in the haste to ...
Chrisfs 11/16/2007 2 3 1 -
How bad is it in Iraq?
Chrisfs 11/14/2006 7 1 - -
don't just read Make some Calls
Chrisfs 11/07/2006 1 2 - 11
is it that bad elsewhere? Kerry cancels appearances
Chrisfs 11/01/2006 29 1 - -
N Korea tests nuclear bomb, complete failure of Bush foreign policy
Chrisfs 10/09/2006 7 3 - -
Sen Lott says all Iraqis 'look alike'
Chrisfs 09/28/2006 8 3 - -
Republicans don't mind using the Filibuster when they want to
Chrisfs 04/06/2006 3 2 1 -
What happened to Patriot Act vote
Chrisfs 03/05/2006 4 4 - -
Rumsfeld says Iraq Insurgency may last 12 years
Chrisfs 06/27/2005 10 1 - 9
Compromise/Bolton BS
Chrisfs 05/27/2005 - 1 - -
"Reid Runs Frist's Senate"
Chrisfs 05/27/2005 22 10 - 7
Voinovich speaks against Bolton
Chrisfs 05/24/2005 1 3 - -
Repub Unity breaking down
Chrisfs 05/24/2005 15 5 - -
Start a Santorum Savings Account
Chrisfs 05/20/2005 3 3 - -
Federal Courts: follow the dots
Chrisfs 05/16/2005 1 2 - -
Bush smoked pot as youth
Chrisfs 02/20/2005 16 2 - -
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