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We Must Go on Offense on the Need for Government
Why does the tea party, a group that seems to represent a small but extreme part of America, have such undue power? Its power is indisputable when you look at what's going in America. Voting ...
Chuck Schumer 01/24/2014 49 28 1 -
Misplaced Priorities
On the very first legislative ...
Chuck Schumer 01/14/2014 18 12 - -
Liberal Blogs are a Positive Force
To me, there is no single greater problem facing the United States today than the decline in middle-class incomes. For the first time in our history, those incomes have declined for over one ...
Chuck Schumer 12/05/2013 445 100 2 -
Stemming the tide of special interest money
As you know, last month, the Supreme Court shattered nearly a century of U.S. law designed to curb the influence of special interests in our election process. Last week,
Chuck Schumer 02/12/2010 440 279 2 42
Undoing the damage of the Citizens United decision
It is hardly an exaggeration to say that the Supreme Court’s decision in the Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission case two weeks ago will change the very nature of American ...
Chuck Schumer 02/02/2010 484 608 10 153
Real Corporate Accountability
In the last year, we’ve talked a great deal about the failures of regulation and government oversight in the financial system. However, in many instances, equally important were failures of ...
Chuck Schumer 05/21/2009 390 176 2 42
Winning the Presidency Isn't Enough
(Cross-posted at ) The excitement I see in the netroots, and across the country, surrounding this year's presidential ...
Chuck Schumer 02/13/2008 969 249 11 47
2008 Senate Recruiting
In my last diary here on Daily Kos I promised to come back and discuss something that I believe the netroots can play an important ...
Chuck Schumer 03/21/2007 726 366 4 48
Positively American
Tuesday night we heard what the president stands for, and we didn’t much like it. Now... what do Democrats stand for? My new book POSITIVELY AMERICAN: Winning Back the Middle-Class ...
Chuck Schumer 01/25/2007 305 126 1 39
Thank You
Chuck Schumer 11/15/2006 872 556 10 83
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