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This diary follows Pragmaticus' brief account of this morning of Barack Obma's visit to Portsmouth, Ohio last night, where he spoke on the green at Shawnee State University before an estimated crowd of 10,000.

Below the fold I expand on some of Pragmiticus' comments and also put this into wider perspective as to why this was actually a pretty important event (I keep saying it and Kossacks don't always believe me but on rare occasions such as my argument with Paul Hackett I break through. Incidentally, I voted for Paul enthusiastically when he ran in "Mean Jean's" district (OH-2)since this district includes much of Portsmouth, and my neighborhood just north of Portsmouth where I am the volunteer neighborhood team leader for the Barack Obama campaign this time around. I also worked last night's event as a volunteer. Anyway, on with the story.


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Mon Oct 06, 2008 at 02:35 PM PDT

Obama in Portsmouth, Ohio Thursday

by Citizen Rat

Barack Obama will definitely be in Portsmouth, Ohio, this thursday evening. The exact place is  yet to be set as the final location is still awaiting approval by someone in Chicago. There's a better than 50/50 chance it will be at Shawnee State University though this is not definitive.

This diary will be very short but below I will just say a few words about why this is important. For some backgroundhere is a previous diary and you can also scroll down my diary page for additional diaries on Portsmouth and Southern Ohio.

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Here is Kos earlier today referencing Bower's assertion on Open Left that there is no crisis. To be fair, Kos hasn't quite "gone there" yet, but he comes close in this diary. As I continue to follow the left-liberal blogosphere on this issue, I have become increasingly alarmed that signficant people on the left blogosphere just don't get it.

In this diary, I am going to try to explain:

  1. Why we really are in a crisis;
  1. What we can reasonably do to resolve it;
  1. The political risks involved.

My position boils down to one I have advocated here previously-fix the bailout-don't reject it. I also build on concepts I developed last night about our choice between "liquidate, liquidate" vs. "liquidity, liquidity."

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Conservatives, due to their ideology, do occasionally stumble upon half truths. Conservative opposition to the current proposed bailout is one of those examples. There are others as well-such as conservative criticisms of the "bailouts" on the part of the IMF of the developing world, or of Mexico by the U.S. in 1994. But their diagnosis and solution is based on an understanding of a world "in which we happen not to live" (to borrow Keynes' phraseology)and their proposals, if enacted, will be disastrous.

There are I would argue three different ways to resolve the current crisis. Way one, Paulson's way is crony capitalism and that way, at least in its totality, appears to have now been rejected. The other two ways are "Liquidate, liquidate, liquidate", (the advice of Herbert Hoover's Treasury Secretary) Andrew Mellon following the 1929 crash and the onset of the Great Depression. It is also the advice of right wing Austrian Economists.

The third way is the way of Keynes-which might be the ultimate direction of the Democratic proposal.

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So far, as  I have read through many diares here and especially on Open Left, there seems to be a significant current of opinion that Obama and the Democratic leadership have already caved on the bailout-though no one has offered any real evidence that that has happened. There are indeed problems with the current structure of the bail out (which I discuss below). There are also significant risks and opportunities. What I would like to happen-Bernie Sander's Plan (also Diaried Above is not going to happen-at least not in totality. That isn't to say some elements of it couldn't be enacted. I discuss below the fold.

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Sat Sep 13, 2008 at 06:15 PM PDT

Glenn Beck lying again

by Citizen Rat

Or I guess I should say "lying still." Nevertheless, This recent commentary by Glenn Beck, of CNN provides a pretty good example of how conservative commentators distort Sarah Palin's record.

In this diary, I'll tackle only one of Beck's talking points. The money quote and the rest below the fold.

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This diary will be very short and will deliberately break some rules.

Obama may or may not be at present farther behind in the polls than the polls indicate. We have to be honest and acknowledge we've had a rough couple weeks.

But Paul Hackett's Diary is a substantive misrepresentation. I can't understand how it got on the Rec list.

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This will be a very short diary-and no, I won't delete or repost it as a comment, because the exact truth and scope of this story needs to be gotten out.

According to This ABC report Sarah Palin did in fact try to censor books in the Wasilla library.  should set the record straight.

Its interesting because the censorship story is rapidly achieving status as one of the "smears against" Sarah Palin, as opposed to one of the true stories. Personally, I think this video speaks for itself, but below the fold I justify this diary.

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I just watched John King's five minute "hit piece" on Scioto County Democrats. The piece begins by showing pictures of Portsmouth, Ohio and noting the hard economic times of Portsmouth. This much is true. Starting in the 1970's the jobs went away, leaving Portsmouth high and dry as its population dwindled (the population of Scioto County has stayed the same).

Aside from that, John King is living in a reality of his own making. It's clear he came here looking for the story he wanted (Hillary voters won't support Obama) and (everyone here is a racist). Below the fold I discuss how little John King knows about Portsmouth, racism, culture-or Hillary voters.

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The following is my effort thus far to document-as much as possible-by direct sources and where not possible by sources that refer to a primary source exactly what we know about Sarah Palin. You will note I haven't discussed Trooper Gate or her child since the first issue is still murky and the child is a non-issue. I also haven't gone into her potential dominionist ties yet because that's murky and complex and difficult to communicate. I've tried to focus on what is clear, direct and reducible to a soundbite.

Below the fold I detail Sarah's problems and provide extensive documentation.

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Wed Sep 03, 2008 at 05:34 PM PDT

New-Same Smears on Barack Obama

by Citizen Rat

Sometimes we are fortunate enough to know where outright lies and smears come from. The latest seems to come from a man named J. R. Dunn who is an active or primary contributer to a magazine named the American thinker. What is particularly appalling however is that I recently received This article in the form of a chain e-mail from someone who until recently was an ordained Minister in the United Church of Christ (yes, Jeremiah Write is an ordained minister on the UCC and Barack Obama is still a member of the the UCC, but no longer of Wright's church). Why is this particularly suprising?

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Sun Aug 31, 2008 at 07:30 AM PDT

Scioto County: Yes we will!

by Citizen Rat

I imagine that in every political party, in every campaign, in every County in America, campaign volunteers and staffers must in some way believe that their county is central to their candidate winning the election. It just happens, that in this case, our belief that this is so in Scioto County is probably correct. And if yesterday is any indication, that may be a promising sign.

Follow be below the fold as I explain why I think this, and what yet remains to be done. First, let me add a short disclaimer. I don't speak in any way at all for the Obama Campaign or for the local Democratic Party. I'm a local registered Democrat and I also volunteer for the Obama campaign. This diary of course, is my own personal view of the matter.

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