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Cheers And Jeers Monday Sub Edition
FROM THE GREAT STATE OF FLORIDA Bill is off relaxing at an undisclosed spa, where he will be enjoying “the works,” including a Bird Poop ...
Civil Writes Activist 10/03/2011 76 31 - 241
Monday Cheers and Jeers; aka Bill Ain't Here Today, But I Am, Sub Edition
FROM THE SUNSHINE STATE: Bill is getting his annual proctoscopy exam on vacation today, so instead of the witty punditry and political snark you’re used to seeing on Monday mornings, ...
Civil Writes Activist 07/26/2010 51 47 - 41
NFTT: THIS is What It’s All About
Warning: Don’t read this diary if you can’t face the harsh reality of what it’s like for our troops in Iraq and Afghanistan! Beginning in June ...
Civil Writes Activist 07/14/2010 15 24 - 44
Breaking: NFTT’s New, Super-Secret Weapon Revealed
How is it that NFTT is able, year after year, to bring so many donors and volunteers together in a way that benefits the maximum number of guys and gals who put their lives on the line every day for ...
Civil Writes Activist 07/07/2010 14 28 - 67
Updated - C & J has been Abducted;  BOLO for BiPM
The regular Cheers and Jeers post went missing today at approximately 9:00 am EDT. Authorities suspect fowl play. Several chickens were seen milling about in the vicinity of the front pager’...
Civil Writes Activist 07/01/2010 261 169 1 68
Stupid Legislators Decide How Smart Teachers Are
A Florida House Committee is debating the merits of legislation that would tie teachers' pay to students' performance on tests, rather than currently used factors such as their level of education, ...
Civil Writes Activist 04/05/2010 25 21 1 67
Cheers and Jeers Thursday Sub Edition
Hi there fellow splashers. Civil Writes Activist here. Been a Kossak about 2 years, but I keep a low profile. This will be my "public debut," so please be kind. Me - I live in paradise, in a ...
Civil Writes Activist 03/04/2010 260 71 1 39
Don’t let the Door Hitcha
Poor babies. You can’t take it any more. You don’t have the stomach for all the infighting and attack-posts, so you’re throwing in the towel. Cowards! Am I disheartened ...
Civil Writes Activist 01/22/2010 33 11 1 31
It's Time to Pay the Bill Bill - Save BiPM
Disclaimer: this is a re-post from Thursday, due to another diarist & I getting our wires crossed and both putting up “save Bill” diaries. I’m putting this back up for ...
Civil Writes Activist 10/09/2009 31 23 - 49
Cough It Up; It's Time to Pay the Bill Bill (Bill in Portland Maine, that is)
Most of you don’t know the true story of Bill Harnsberger, aka BiPM, and his family. But I am here to fill you in. It will certainly bring tears to your eyes, perhaps a smile to your lips, ...
Civil Writes Activist 10/08/2009 16 20 - 91
Buffalo Springfield - Revisited. (photo diary)
There’s something happening here.
Civil Writes Activist 09/19/2009 23 3 - 32
Just When I though Things Couldn’t Get Any Crazier
Florida State Senators Carey Baker (R-Eustis) and Rep. Scott Plakon (R-Longwood) ...
Civil Writes Activist 09/16/2009 26 7 - 14
Mother, May I?
If you really want to change something, you don’t ask permission first. You go ahead and do it, and then ask for forgiveness. The reasons for overhauling the health care system are well ...
Civil Writes Activist 08/30/2009 5 2 - 11
Who Do You Trust?
Before Johnny Carson got his Tonight Show gig, he hosted a daytime show called “Who Do You Trust?” It was a quiz show where couples could earn money by answering questions. The “...
Civil Writes Activist 08/13/2009 5 3 - 4
Who Killed Michael Jackson?
It will probably come out that some combination of opioids forever stopped Michael Jackson's heart. An accidental over-dose, an unforeen reaction - some palatable explanation that clears those ...
Civil Writes Activist 06/26/2009 123 7 - 39
My Health Care Grassroots Meeting Today with Pie
I just got back from a meeting of Organizing For America on health care reform. It was one of hundreds being held around the country today. The one I attended was small, and hosted by a lovely lady ...
Civil Writes Activist 06/06/2009 1 3 - 10
Cheney: Morality is What I Say It Is
Dick Cheney gave a speech last Thursday in which he assured us that “enhanced interrogation techniques” (i.e.: torture) ...
Civil Writes Activist 05/23/2009 12 - - 21
Ghost Stories
With the full knowledge and agreement of the Bush Administration, interrogation methods that violate the Geneva Convention (i.e. torture) were used multiple times on detainees at multiple locations.
Civil Writes Activist 05/21/2009 5 2 - 11
Slinkerwink Needs Our Help!
She’s applied for a Democracy For America scholarship to Netroots Nation, and is currently in 16th place. She needs to be 9th or higher to qualify. Please nip on over to ...
Civil Writes Activist 05/17/2009 56 44 - 29
I Quit My Job Last Week
I know that sounds crazy in a market where jobs are scarce as conservatives at a Pro-Choice Rally. But there are some things I value more than a pay check. My integrity is one.
Civil Writes Activist 05/06/2009 21 12 1 31
In Arizona, Revenge Is A Dish Best Served Cold
Although it’s no longer grabbing national headlines, the prosecution of a nine-year-old Arizona boy for shooting his father and a housemate to death last November is winding its way towards ...
Civil Writes Activist 01/28/2009 15 12 - 6
A Big Game of Chicken
Boehner and Cantor have decided to challenge Obama to a staring contest over the stimulus bill. Any guesses as to who will blink first? Per an aide, House Republican Whip Cantor told fellow ...
Civil Writes Activist 01/27/2009 16 5 - -
Off My Meds: A Case for Universal Health Care
It’s been years since I’ve felt like this, and I hate it. I desperately want to feel “normal” again. Unless you’ve experienced it first hand, you can’t know how ...
Civil Writes Activist 01/23/2009 125 41 1 34
Witness to History: Then and Now
I remember so vividly sitting in front of the television hour after hour, staring at the images on the screen with tears streaming down my face, knowing that I, and millions of other Americans, were ...
Civil Writes Activist 01/17/2009 - - - 3
Urgent: Let Your Fingers Do The Talking for LGBT Rights
Today is the last day to vote at . Currently in 7th place is this ...
Civil Writes Activist 01/15/2009 22 17 - 24
A Holiday Toast to Kittehs and BiPM: I'm in ur intertubes rotflmao
It’s the holidays, and I want to take a moment to say a very special thanks for two things that, in the light of the current world situation, are relatively insignificant, but to me, and I ...
Civil Writes Activist 12/19/2008 62 37 1 37
Sign of the Times: The latest in holiday decor
Today, as Allie and I walked the neighborhood, I saw this bright red and green sign in a nearby yard.
Civil Writes Activist 12/07/2008 128 13 - 111
All I Want For Christmas is My Two Front Teeth and A Stay of Execution
Because Arizona law says that 8-year-olds can be tried as adults, prosecutors have pushed to use the full force of the state’s judicial system against the third-grader who allegedly shot his ...
Civil Writes Activist 11/29/2008 70 51 2 253
Apology for "Is Obama Too White.." Diary
I would like to offer my sincerest, most heartfelt apologies to those I offended by my post Sunday. It was certainly not my intent to make people angry, and I was totally unprepared for the ...
Civil Writes Activist 11/10/2008 125 4 - 10
McCain the War Hero - No Courage, No Character
I’ve been reading lots of post-mortems on McCain and the mistakes he and his campaign made, but so far I haven’t seen anyone talk about how the campaign revealed the shocking truth about ...
Civil Writes Activist 11/07/2008 13 3 - 11
Stick a Fork in Palin – Her Political Career is Done
Sarah Palin has had her 15 minutes of fame in the Republican Party and will now be banished to the frozen backwater she came from. There will be no expanded role in the party, no 2012. Sarah Palin&...
Civil Writes Activist 11/06/2008 81 13 1 30
Oh Come, Oh Come Emanuel - an Early Xmas Carol
The AP reports this morning that Obama staffers have contacted IL. Rep. Rahm Emanuel about the Chief of Staff job in the next administration. Emanuel is known for his ability to work with congress.
Civil Writes Activist 10/31/2008 8 - - 14
Wow- I Feel So Much Better Now!
According to this poll from AP-GfK, even though Obama is ahead in all of the battleground states, there are enough undecided/other voters to make this a real nail-biter.
Civil Writes Activist 10/29/2008 2 2 - 16
The Last Generation of Racists
For many, this will be their last election. I’m talking about the over 70 segment of our population, the so-called “greatest generation.” These are the people who fought ...
Civil Writes Activist 10/27/2008 26 6 - -
Florida Holdling Its breath - Turns Deep Purple
Early voting in Florida is off to a big start, and Democrats have the early lead. Of the 153,262 Floridians who voted Monday, 56% were Democrats, compared to 28% Republican.
Civil Writes Activist 10/22/2008 14 7 - -
Powell Admits Obama is a Marxist - You Heard it Here Second
I spent some time Monday listening to my favorite comedy program, The Rush Limbaugh Show. Rush was at his sputtering best trying to turn the Colin Powell endorsement of Barack Obama into a bad thing.
Civil Writes Activist 10/21/2008 20 3 1 -
Tampa Tribune Endorses McCain; Stops Short of Calling Obama a Socialist
Tampa Tribune says Obama is "pushing America toward a European-style social democracy.”
Civil Writes Activist 10/19/2008 31 5 - 1
The Power of Hate vs. the Power of Hope
McCain’s strategists have modeled his campaign on the very same propaganda methods used so successfully by the Nazi’s 60 years ago, and by radical Islamic factions today.
Civil Writes Activist 10/16/2008 2 4 - 2
Woods Fund of Chicago: The Real Conspiracy
I reveal the Woods’ Fund board members’ hidden connection for the first time.
Civil Writes Activist 10/15/2008 14 18 1 -
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