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#Obama: Did the #CIA betray #Assad's opposition in #Syria?
“America, is trying to prolong the Syrian revolution.” -- Firas Tlass (a high level Assad defector) I am a relatively insignificant person, so the fact that I think ...
Clay Claiborne 02/10/2013 39 2 - -
Barack #Obama's Courtship of Bashar #Assad Exposed!!! in #Syria
Even before the Wright brothers invented powered flight, aerial assault had proven to be one of the most efficient, if indiscriminate, ways to kill human beings. Sadly, for those of us still ...
Clay Claiborne 02/08/2013 103 1 - -
BREAKING In #Syria a new batte for #Damascus is joined: Comeuppance II
A new battle for Damascus has been initiated by the Free Syrian Army. Perhaps the final battle! From samer (@samersniper) we have this report The latest developments of the Grand Epic battle (...
Clay Claiborne 02/06/2013 4 4 - -
Syria: Who is the new FSA arms supplier?
from Syrian Revolution Digest, 6 Feb 2013 : How You Failed Syria! How you failed Syria, let me count the ways: you abandoned her when her movement for democratic change was nonviolent. You let ...
Clay Claiborne 02/06/2013 25 1 - -
{ Syria } - the anti-interventionist masterpiece #Syria
When NATO intervened in the Libyan conflict by enforcing a no-fly zone and providing air support for the revolutionary armies, there was a large segment of the left and the anti-war movement that ...
Clay Claiborne 02/03/2013 48 3 - -
More from Wikileaks on the DHKP in Turkey
Below the fold are a number of Stratfor Global Intelligence file emails that I have found in my research in the the Revolutionary People's Liberation Party-Front [DHKP-C] that is being widely ...
Clay Claiborne 02/02/2013 18 3 - -
BREAKING: Marxist DHKP claims they did bombing at US embassy in Ankara Turkey
Featuring New Wikileaks Stratfor GI File releases on Turkish group behind the attack! Syrian Intelligence Agencies Implicated!
Clay Claiborne 02/02/2013 37 12 - -
MSM wrong on Libya again
Clay Claiborne 02/01/2013 13 2 - -
Was Israeli air strike in Syria for Assad's benefit?
What ever happened to Assad's vaunted air defense systems ? You know, the ones that were said to be so formidable, so far above what Qaddafi had, that the very idea of imposing a "No Fly Zone" over ...
Clay Claiborne 01/31/2013 38 1 - -
More thoughts on Obama's 'No MANPADS for you!' policy in Syria
For all the carping and name calling that my first diary on this generated, I haven't seen a single argument in the comment gallery that even speaks to, let alone undermines, my basic thesis that ...
Clay Claiborne 01/31/2013 29 3 - -
How Obama's 'No MANPADS for you' policy in Syria is backfiring
Big Hello from #Syria : Obama vows 'never again' on Holocaust memorial day… — صفحة الثورة السورية (@RevolutionSyria)
Clay Claiborne 01/29/2013 76 - - -
"unlocking" your smartphone can now land you in jail!
After the tragic and untimely death of Aaron Swartz, we are all going to have to do a little bit more to make up for his loss. If he was still alive, I suspect I'd be receiving a letter from him ...
Clay Claiborne 01/29/2013 18 17 - -
Obama on Syria: They're still dying, he's still looking
Killed by Assad. #Syria… — Rime Allaf (@rallaf) January 28, ...
Clay Claiborne 01/28/2013 30 - - -
Rape in Syria: Woman dies after encounter with rodent
Formerly titled Rape in Syria: 'He pushed a rat in her vagina' See comments for reason for this obscurification. Since I see my role in writing these dairies as comforting the afflicted, I want the ...
Clay Claiborne 01/23/2013 62 9 - -
UN reveals its real stand on Syria, giving #Assad $500 million | #UNPaysAssad
Rewards for crossing red-lines in #Syria @ un #UNpaysASSad 519 MILLION DOLLARS for "aid" what a horrible world we live ...
Clay Claiborne 01/20/2013 72 1 - -
The significances of Obama's 2nd inaugural to me
I have been pretty hard on President Barack Obama in my diary in the past year and I will continue to be in the next year. My next diary will call on him to veto the $500 million the UN is ...
Clay Claiborne 01/20/2013 8 6 - -
BREAKING IN SYRIA: Massacre about to occur in Jobar, big new terror rocket being used by Assad!
I am publish this report as I received it and without waiting for confirmation that a massacre is in progress or has already occurred, beyond the very powerful videos included in that report. ...
Clay Claiborne 01/20/2013 8 8 - -
NOT BREAKING NEWS: Just another massacre in Syria
There has been another horrific massacre taking place in Haswiyeh, Homs over the past several days and there were the 80 plus students slaughtered at Aleppo University. We ask Noble Peace Prize ...
Clay Claiborne 01/17/2013 33 2 - -
Libya: Saif Qaddafi's trial starts today
When Mummr Qaddafi was killed and his son captured, many anti-interventionists and Qaddafi supporters said his life was in danger too because he would not be safe in the hands of the Zintan Brigade.
Clay Claiborne 01/17/2013 20 2 - -
#Syria: #FSA begins final push to free #Aleppo
There were two major explosions at Aleppo University that killed 87 people, including many students, yesterday. The Assad regime blamed "terrorists" but many observers on the ground said that the ...
Clay Claiborne 01/16/2013 15 6 - -
US: #Assad didn't use chemical weapons in #Syria
The Obama administration is conducting a robust defense of itself and what some see as its pro-Assad stance in the face of a growing body of evidence that Bashar al-Assad has started to use ...
Clay Claiborne 01/16/2013 21 2 - -
BREAKING: FP says #Obama ignored chemical weapons attack by #Assad in #Syria
Foreign Policy is reporting this story which I first picked up from RIA Novosti: Secret State Dept. Cable Says Syria Used Chemical Weapons 15 January 2013 United ...
Clay Claiborne 01/15/2013 37 4 1 -
Is #Russia getting ready to skedaddle from #Syria?
A number of reports have come to my attention in the last few days that would appear to answer that question in the affirmative and I now would like to share them with you. Russia has had a naval ...
Clay Claiborne 01/15/2013 3 6 - -
Vietnam: longest US war ended today 40 years ago
On 15 January 1973, President Nixon ordered a ceasefire in Vietnam. The Paris Peace Accords were signed on 23 January and a cease-fire took effect five days later. When exactly it begin may be a ...
Clay Claiborne 01/15/2013 12 8 - -
#Assad's systematic use of #Rape in #Syria
The systematic use of rape as a weapon of war against his own people has come into somewhat sharper focus in the past few days owning to the publication of a report released Monday by the New York ...
Clay Claiborne 01/15/2013 12 7 - -
RT: 'Large Portion' of #Qaddafi's army in #Libya were non-Libyans
This very interesting admission from the news source formerly known as Russia Today came in a recent report on the conflict in Mali, the African nation currently being bombed by the French. In a ...
Clay Claiborne 01/15/2013 28 4 - -
How the US help put #Assad in power in #Syria
My nomination for the most prophetic statement of 1949 goes to Deane Hinton , the CIA agent that was part of the CIA "Political Action Committee" carrying out a coup in Syria that was suppose to ...
Clay Claiborne 01/14/2013 8 5 1 -
Two years blogging for the Arab Spring
This diary is being published exactly two years, to the minute, after I published my first of 270 diaries on the social-political phenomenon that came to be known as the Arab Spring. At the time, I ...
Clay Claiborne 01/14/2013 3 7 - -
Defections and Murder [#Syria #Assad]
By now it is clear, even to the most casual observer, that an appalling human tragedy is now playing out in Syria. It should also be clear that the engine of this tragedy is the government of Syria,
Clay Claiborne 01/13/2013 3 2 - -
Please RT: 50 #UN countries want #Syria referred to #ICC, US should join them! @BarackObama
The letter cites ... reports of Syria using chemical weapons as reasons for immediate action. In the past few days an international movement has taken shape to demand that the Syrian conflict be ...
Clay Claiborne 01/12/2013 16 5 - -
Diane Sawyer's insensitivity towards Syrian children [#Syria #ABCNEWS @DianeSawyer ]
On Wednesday, as is usually the case, ABC News World News with Diane Sawyer , made no mention of Syria or the humanitarian crisis that is quickly evolving there, where already 600,000 Syrians ...
Clay Claiborne 01/12/2013 23 3 - -
#Tawergha, #Libya: Acknowledging History
The fight between the people of Tawergha and those of Misrata has been been one of the most violent and passionate of the Libyan Revolution and the plight of the people of Tawergha has been one of ...
Clay Claiborne 01/11/2013 11 3 - -
BREAKING: #Taftanaz, #Assad's biggest air base falls in #Syria
After a two month siege, the Taftanaz military air base in Idlib province, the largest military air base in Syria, has fallen to Assad's opposition. This base has been the source of a relentless ...
Clay Claiborne 01/11/2013 34 14 - -
#Syria: Friday of the Death Camps
As I have related before, the Friday after prayer services are named through an on-line vote by as many as 30,000 activists on submissions by groups to the main Syrian Revolution Facebook ...
Clay Claiborne 01/11/2013 5 - - -
My Libyan Diaries
These are my articles on the Libyan Revolution: Libya: Saif Qaddafi's trial starts today RT: 'Large Portion' of #Qaddafi's army in #Libya were non-Libyans Two years ...
Clay Claiborne 01/11/2013 2 3 - -
#Syria: #UN envoy finally says #Assad must go!
Yesterday the foreign ministers of Austria, Slovenia, Ireland and Denmark called for the Syria crisis to be referred to the International Criminal Court. In a joint statement published by CNN ...
Clay Claiborne 01/10/2013 22 3 - -
The State of #Libya
Op/Ed: The State of #Libya via @ dailykos @ clayclai RT — LibyanYouthMovement (@ShababLibya) January 10, ...
Clay Claiborne 01/09/2013 10 1 - -
Syria: Prisoner swap frees 2130, al Nusra speaks out
2130 political prisoners are being freed today by the Syrian government in exchange for the 48 Iranians detained by the Free Syrian Army. The Iranians claimed to be pilgrims but the FSA says they ...
Clay Claiborne 01/09/2013 7 - - -
NY Times: Assad has sarin in bombs at airfields
The NY Times has just publish a very interesting investigative piece that claims that in late November the Assad regime moved sarin gas components from their holding locations, mixed them and ...
Clay Claiborne 01/07/2013 17 5 - -
#Syria: #Assad must be defeated on the battlefield
After the UN reports more than 60,000 dead in Syrian conflict, President Bashar al-Assad declares: "We won't stop as long as there is one terrorist in Syria" In his first major speech in six ...
Clay Claiborne 01/06/2013 52 2 - -
Syrian opposition says still receiving no help
Syrian Assistance is reporting today that despite widespread pledges financial and military assistance from western countries and the certain knowledge in certain Left quarters that the whole ...
Clay Claiborne 01/04/2013 34 3 - -
BREAKING: UN says 60,000 killed in #Syria-n conflict
Two years ago today Anonymous kicked off Operation Tunisia, as mass uprisings that would change the social fabric and political landscape of North Africa and the Middle East to its core were just ...
Clay Claiborne 01/02/2013 77 5 - -
5,000 Syrians murdered in 2011, 40,000 in 2012, what will 2013 bring?
A year ago the death toll resulting from the Assad regime crackdown on the uprising of the Syrian people against his rule stood at about 5,000, a year later it is about 45,000. The protest ...
Clay Claiborne 12/31/2012 5 3 1 -
MSM finally reports on Syria massacre story I broke here yesterday
In comments to my dairy yesterday BREAKING: Massacre in Homs Syria right now! 150 burnt corpses found , some Kossacks questioned whether my reports were accurate or whether that diary should have ...
Clay Claiborne 12/30/2012 23 7 - -
Prediction: In 2013 Syria will see the last of Assad
It is my fervent wish that in 2013, the Syrian people, and the world see an end to the murderous Assad regime. It is also my prediction that 2013 will see an end to the Assad regime and that the ...
Clay Claiborne 12/30/2012 3 2 - -
BREAKING: Massacre in #Homs #Syria right now! 150 burnt corpses found
364 martyr in #Syria thus far; 220 of them in Deir Balbaa neighborhood of #Homs . - LCC. This bloody day is not over yet — ☪†Damascus Tribune†☪ (@DamascusTribune) December 29, ...
Clay Claiborne 12/29/2012 78 13 - -
Why did this #Syria-n mother try to kill her own child?
With all that is going on, ABC Nightly News didn't mention Syria once last night. That doesn't sound like MSM is trying to build support for NATO intervention to me. Israel has spoken up to support ...
Clay Claiborne 12/28/2012 6 7 1 -
BREAKING: Another high level defection in #Syria
News bit on Syria.... There are reports at this hour in ...
Clay Claiborne 12/27/2012 22 10 - -
BREAKING: Defecting General confirms use of chemical weapons in #Syria
I already mentioned this in my diary today on the UNAC statement but I thought it deserved its own "Breaking News" headline seeing how it involved crossing Obama's red-line in all. Last week we ...
Clay Claiborne 12/26/2012 42 11 - -
Sticking to their story: UNAC's new 'Statement on #Syria'
If you are neutral in situations of injustice, you have chosen the side of the oppressor. If an elephant has its foot on the tail of a mouse, and you say that you are neutral, the mouse will not ...
Clay Claiborne 12/26/2012 17 2 - -
Why I think #Syria is so important
What has turned into a very vicious and bloody civil war in Syria began as popular peaceful protests by large numbers of Syrians petitioning their government for change. At the most basic and ...
Clay Claiborne 12/24/2012 12 6 - -
Bashar #Assad reported willing to leave #Syria with entourage of 142
This is clearly from the " For What Its Worth Dept. " but since I think it does pass the sniff test of plausibility, I thought I'd share this with you. From asharq alawsat , the leading Arabic ...
Clay Claiborne 12/23/2012 20 13 - -
My Syria diaries
Here are my related diaries on Syria: More thoughts on Obama's 'No MANPADS for you!' policy in Syria How Obama's 'No MANPADS for you' policy in Syria is ...
Clay Claiborne 12/23/2012 2 2 - -
BREAKING: 300 killed in air strike on breadline in #Syria
we need gun control right now!!!!!! but stopping #assad isn't important at all, just ignore that. #syria — S K (@nolesfan2011) December 23, ...
Clay Claiborne 12/23/2012 47 11 - -
BREAKING: Chemical weapons use reported in #Syria, Has Obama's red-line has been crossed?
See also today: BREAKING: 300 killed in air strike on breadline in #Syria 10:42 PM PT : SYRIAN REGIME IS SPRAYING NERVE GAS IN #HOMS .
Clay Claiborne 12/23/2012 36 8 - -
BREAKING: #Russia takes control of #Syria-n chemical weapons
Russian Foreign Minister Lavrov has made a statement and reports are coming in at this hour that indicate that Russian forces in Syria have taken control of Assad's chemical weapons. Death toll in #
Clay Claiborne 12/22/2012 18 21 - -
Syria: Assad Regime enters the Deathwatch Phase
#Breaking : Heavy clashes reported now between #FSA & #Assad forces at 2 checkpoints near presidential palace in Qasyoun #Damascus #Syria .— Nidaa Hilal (@NidaaHilal)
Clay Claiborne 12/21/2012 40 9 - -
SecState[?] John #Kerry and his 'dear friend' Bashar #Assad in #Syria
President Barack Obama has just nominated Senator John Kerry for the position of Secretary of State. I believe John Kerry first came to public notice as a member of Vietnam Veterans Against the ...
Clay Claiborne 12/21/2012 26 3 - -
A #Libya-n rebel speaks out on Jihadists in #Syria
A Libyan thuwar who was with the Tripoli Brigade left a very interesting comment to a recent blog post to The North Star, so interesting that Louis Proyect posted it to the Activists and scholars ...
Clay Claiborne 12/20/2012 13 3 - -
Does what #Obama said at #Newtown apply to #Syria?
#SYRIA : #FSA capturing govt armouries is rendering increasingly IRRELEVANT Western efforts to LIMIT SUPPLIES… … — Michael 7546 (@mog7546)
Clay Claiborne 12/17/2012 33 - - -
BREAKING: Heavy fighting in Damascus as coup attempt reported in progress
2:53 PM PT : Reuters has this report out this afternoon: From central Damascus, war seems ever closer 5:05 p.m. EST, December 17, 2012 (...
Clay Claiborne 12/17/2012 41 74 - -
Assad's jets bomb Palestinian refugee camp
Too bad they weren't Israeli jets, then there would be outrage on the Left, demonstrations in front of consulates, etc. The Telegraph is reporting: Syrian fighter jets bomb Palestinian ...
Clay Claiborne 12/16/2012 19 5 - -
Jabhat al-Nusra is a Threat to the Syrian Revolution
Wednesday in comments to my diary someone challenged me to say something about Jabhat al-Nusra. So as not redo what as already been so well done, I would say that I agree substantially with the ...
Clay Claiborne 12/14/2012 10 1 - -
AP weighs in on Obama's Green Light for Assad's slaughter in Syria
Since the chemical-weapons "red line" warning on 20 August 2012, at least 18032 people have been confirmed killed in #Syria , acc. to LCC. — EatingMyPeaz (@EatingMyPeaz) December 13, ...
Clay Claiborne 12/13/2012 109 3 - -
Syrian opposition says "Thanks but No Thanks!" to foreign intervention
"Now the Syrian people have nothing to lose. They handled their problems by themselves. They no longer need international forces to protect them. The international community has been in a slumber, ...
Clay Claiborne 12/13/2012 5 3 - -
Assad firing Scud missiles at Syria
BBC News says Aleppo is completely liberated as reports come in that the dying Assad regime is now firing Scud missiles at its own cities. At least six Scuds are reported to have been fired. As ...
Clay Claiborne 12/12/2012 38 14 - -
WMD: Should Syrians feel safer because the Left hears echoes of Iraq?
New Stratfor files released in my partnership with Wikileaks below the fold! Dear US and EU citizens: Don't let your politicians fool you now ...
Clay Claiborne 12/12/2012 10 4 - -
Updated: Is Assad using white phosphorus in Syria?
Thu Dec 13, 2012 at 3:09 PM PT : According to the latest information, the munitions thought to be examples of white phosphorus use by the Assad regime in Syria is most likely not white phosphorus ...
Clay Claiborne 12/12/2012 15 4 - -
BREAKING: Obama recognizes opposition in Syria
#Breaking #News : President Barack Obama recognizes Syrian opposition coalition as "the legitimate representative... — ...
Clay Claiborne 12/11/2012 21 14 - -
Speaking for the murderous regime in Syria
One Kossack regularly posts Assad regime talking points in comments to my diaries on Syria. In my last diary he did this with eleven separate comments to my one diary His the total verbiage in ...
Clay Claiborne 12/11/2012 6 1 - -
State of the war in Syria: Most of Damascus now in FSA hands!
As these maps published Friday by the Institute for the Study of War show, Bashar al-Assad now controls less than half of his capital city of Damascus, and is basically holding up in his ...
Clay Claiborne 12/09/2012 29 10 - -
Syria: Obama's moves Assad's "red line" back as SOHR reports 42,000 dead!
Yesterday, 6 December 2012 the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said the number of Syrians killed in the conflict since March 2011 was over 42,000. On August 20, 2012 President ...
Clay Claiborne 12/07/2012 48 3 - -
BREAKING in Syria: Assad asylum offers pour in as he is reported loading sarin gas into bombs
Lethal air raids. Bombings of starving people in front of bakeries. The world waited and watched. #ChemicalDeath #Syria — Thaer Almani ☪ † (@enum68) December 6, ...
Clay Claiborne 12/06/2012 25 10 - -
Syria comes back on-line as mystery flight leaves Damascus airport #SYR441
RT @ newssyrev Warning || no reports of Bashar Al Assad's death/escape have been confirmed ... but we hope they will be soon. #Syria — shahar halperin (@checkmate9) December 1, ...
Clay Claiborne 12/01/2012 8 15 - -
UPDATED: Syria goes dark as "cleansing" begins in Damascus
This just in from an Anonymous pastebin : Syria completely cut off Internet access today...if you are in contact with someone over there, pass along these dial-up lines. Dial up Internet may still ...
Clay Claiborne 11/29/2012 47 19 - -
Stratfor files: British mercenaries trained rebels during Libyan Revolution!
"Female snipers are generally good -- they are much more patient then men" As a result of having entered into an investigative partnership with WikiLeaks, I was recently ables to gain access to ...
Clay Claiborne 11/28/2012 5 5 - -
On Mummar Qaddafi, Louis Farrakhan and the Nation of Islam
I was looking for a link to use as reference in the main diary I am publishing today, Bani Walid Revisited , when i came across this, which is the best description I have seen yet of the ...
Clay Claiborne 11/27/2012 11 - - -
Bani Walid Revisited
It has been a month since pro-Libyan government forces took the pro-Qaddafi stronghold of Bani Walid by force of arms. This slight return to armed struggle in the Libyan Revolution has spun ...
Clay Claiborne 11/27/2012 18 2 - -
BREAKING: Assad's Troops Wipe Out a Playground Full of Children in Syria
A lot of my friends on the left have recently been out on the streets protesting the Israeli shelling and bombing of Gaza. I wonder it they will have anything to say about this? Or is it just ...
Clay Claiborne 11/25/2012 29 27 - -
Romney thought this was a laugh line
My comment. I was born and raised in Atlantic City.
Clay Claiborne 11/01/2012 16 45 - -
BREAKING: Russia denies Syrian army on brink of collapse
This just in from : Russia denies Syrian army on brink of collapse 2012-11-01 21:08:49 MOSCOW, Nov. 1 (Xinhua) -- Claims Syrian government forces had disintegrated ...
Clay Claiborne 11/01/2012 6 5 - -
Bani Walid
In the beginning of a revolution it is necessary to form an ad hoc government. There is no other way, if it is not simply a coup in which control of the already existing "bodies of armed men" ...
Clay Claiborne 11/01/2012 11 2 - -
BREAKING in Syria: Explosion rocks #Damascus as people use "Truce Day" to protest regime
Assad can't handle the truce! - Syrian Freedom While the EID holiday crease fire negotiated by UN envoy Lakhdar Brahimi cannot be said to be holding everywhere, the ...
Clay Claiborne 10/26/2012 15 2 - -
BREAKING: Libya | BaniWalid falls!
October 24, 2012 at 2:44 pm | Suzy says: No doubt this was a messy business but it had to be sorted or else it would destabilize Libya. Remember this is the intention of Libyans from the start ...
Clay Claiborne 10/24/2012 2 26 - -
US Ambassador to Libya, Chris Stevens Murder Timeline
1516 GMT 12 September 2012: Obama said at the White House. “No acts of terror will shake the resolve of this great nation.” There has been a lot of confusion and misinformation about ...
Clay Claiborne 10/22/2012 9 3 1 -
We condemn Israel. So why the silence on Syria?
Jonathan Freedland wrote a very important opinion piece in the Guardian today. It echos my frustration with the so-called "left" and liberal communities in the US: When Israelis kill Arabs there is ...
Clay Claiborne 10/19/2012 31 1 - -
Norodom Sihanouk at his finest & more on Syria
The legendary father king of Cambodia died on 15 October 2012. He was a towering figure in Cambodia politics. I don't want to attempt any kind of summation or retrospective of the life of this ...
Clay Claiborne 10/18/2012 2 2 - -
Meet a Syrian who doesn't think both sides are equally bad and is betting her life on it!
First, some thoughts on Rules of Engagement One of the things being shaped in the Syrian conflict, as with Libya earlier, are rules of engagement for the class struggle. Make no mistake about it, ...
Clay Claiborne 10/12/2012 19 - - -
Two statements about Syria
Newest insulting line in virtually every article: "There are no good guys or bad guys in #Syria now." Or "We can't tell them apart." #BS — Amal Hanano (@AmalHanano) October 11, ...
Clay Claiborne 10/11/2012 3 2 - 2
Syria Today: New videos from the revolutionary war
The term stalemate is heard a lot these days in descriptions of the military situation in Syria today, just as it was for months on end in Libya, until the rapid takeover of Tripoli and the final ...
Clay Claiborne 10/09/2012 4 1 - 44
Syrian Defector: Assad behind "terrorist" bombs
In the interview aired on Al Jazeera English today with a Syrian regime insider who defected from the Assad regime, the defector, Abdullah al-Omar, says that most of the so-called terrorist bombs ...
Clay Claiborne 10/08/2012 27 4 - 164
How #Assad fights "terrorism" in #Syria
From an American Syrian perspective, Obama once ended his silence on #Syria by assuring we won't intervene. Massacres of confidence followed — Laith Zaitouneh (@GotFreedomSY) October 4, ...
Clay Claiborne 10/04/2012 7 - - 71
REVISITED: FSA says it killed Russian General in Syria
Remember this story which I broke at the Daily Kos back in August? BREAKING: FSA says it killed Russian General in Syria There were a lot of claims and counter-claims at the time with the Assad ...
Clay Claiborne 10/03/2012 14 3 - 81
Turkey attacks Syria
Sources to Al Arabiya: Turkish army destroy Rasm Ghazal battalion amid clashes with #Assad forces across Tal Abyad borders #Turkey #Syria — عمر الجعبري (@OmarJaabari) October 3, ...
Clay Claiborne 10/03/2012 47 14 - 333
Truth Out: How Assad helped France kill Qaddafi
Of the estimated 30,000 Libyans to die in that country's civil war last year, the brutal murder of Libyan dictator Mummar Qaddafi on October 20, 2011, seeming at the hands of a mob of opposition ...
Clay Claiborne 10/03/2012 5 3 - 162
Panetta: Unilateral U.S. Military Intervention in Syria Would Be a Serious Mistake
"All that is necessary for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing" --- Edmund Burke Unilateral U.S. military intervention in Syria would be “a serious mistake.” said US Defense ...
Clay Claiborne 09/30/2012 24 2 - 206
My Achilles Heel
You don't realize how important and delicate your Achilles tendon is until you damage it, which I did on my bicycle just about two weeks ago. It is the largest tendon in the body, it supports all of ...
Clay Claiborne 09/28/2012 1 1 - 84
BREAKING: 305 Syrians slaughtered in bloodiest day yet
More than 305 people were killed across Syria on Wednesday according to the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, making it the bloodiest day yet in the eighteen month conflict. Some human rights ...
Clay Claiborne 09/27/2012 12 15 - 168
Please help me continue my work with WikiLeaks
It is clear from US government pronouncements since the beginning of the public demonstrations in Syria that the Obama Administration wants the leadership in Syria to survive. Thus begins a ...
Clay Claiborne 09/26/2012 33 3 1 237
Syria: Secret source of rebel arms revealed
What I want to do with today's dairy is to highly recommend the writings of C. J. Chivers on the arming of the Syrian opposition. Local Arms Production in Syria’s Aleppo Governorate, Part II.
Clay Claiborne 09/24/2012 25 7 - 242
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