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Remembering Leonard Nimoy
Normally, I’m pretty good with words. At the moment, I’m not at my best, for reasons I hope are self evident. However, I’m going to do my best to remember someone who gave more to my life than ...
CleverNickName 02/27/2015 18 46 3 -
Anthem Blue Cross: Hospitalizing cancer patient for emergency chemo isn't "medically necessary".
My friend, Zoë Keating , is a musician, wife and mother. Recently, her husband was diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer. He is Vegan, and has never smoked anything in his life. Zoë writes : On May ...
CleverNickName 05/28/2014 160 315 9 -
Time Warner and Comcast merge to form bigger, crappier monopoly
I heard it on Twitter, and I can't believe it's happening : On Tuesday evening, CNBC reporter David Farber tweeted that Comcast would announce its purchase of Time Warner Cable on Wednesday ...
CleverNickName 02/12/2014 28 13 1 -
Nobody fucking cares, and there are real things happening in the world that actually affect people. Weiner may or may not be the best candidate for NYC mayor, but it's his policies that matter. ...
CleverNickName 07/23/2013 70 10 - -
This may not make a difference, but we have to try: We told you so, Harry.
In 2008, Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell declared that his top priority was to ensure that Barack Obama was a one-term president . In his failed pursuit of that goal, he has led his party to ...
CleverNickName 04/11/2013 30 104 2 -
Congress opposes 90% of the American People
This is absolutely infuriating. A tiny, tiny, statistically-meaningless group of radical extremists are deliberately making life more dangerous for all of us who live in this country. TPM : Even ...
CleverNickName 04/01/2013 10 17 - -
Where's the Obama the GOP keeps screaming about?
I was just thinking last night about how great it would be if President Obama cared as much about protecting Medicare and Medicaid as he cares about making a fucking "grand bargain" with lunatics ...
CleverNickName 03/06/2013 7 3 - -
Why is Mitch McConnell so happy? No consequences for unprecedented GOP obstructionism. None.
Greg Sargent :Norman Ornstein, an observer of Congress for decades, literally wrote the book on GOP obstructionism. So I asked him what he thought of the disappointing filibuster reform deal reached ...
CleverNickName 01/24/2013 224 250 10 -
These People are Nihilists, Donnie.
Greg Sargent : And so the current Republican demand, as I understand it, is that Dems must agree to Social Security cuts and a higher income threshold for the lower tax rates (either $400,000 or $500,
CleverNickName 12/30/2012 8 13 - -
Senator Barbara Boxer, what on Earth are you thinking?
Not The Onion: Barbara Boxer, one of the most liberal and wonderful Democratic Senators in the country, in the bluest state of them all, wants to put the National Guard into our public schools . ...
CleverNickName 12/27/2012 184 167 1 -
"We need a federal agent at every ..."
I don't think I've ever agreed with David Frum about anything, but his Twitter tonight pretty much nails it: He has screen after screen of entries like this, with links to every tragic example of ...
CleverNickName 12/21/2012 20 31 - -
The so-called "gaffe" and why R Money is losing
If I may be indulged in a bit of paraphrasing: Obama: I tried to change Washington on my own so it would work for the American People again, but I couldn't do it because Republicans refused to work ...
CleverNickName 09/21/2012 6 7 - 83
Chris Dodd threatens politicans who aren't corrupt enough to stay bought.
From TechDirt : Reinforcing ...
CleverNickName 01/21/2012 193 387 5 1971
Sanders: Why Americans are Angry
Yesterday, I Twittered: Majority of Americans: Please raise taxes on billionaires. Congress: Herp derp screw the middle class! Majority: #fuckyouwashington Senator Bernie ...
CleverNickName 07/31/2011 8 8 - 93
Seriously, DNC? SERIOUSLY?!
DNC head Debbie Wasserman Schultz calls for Weiner’s resignation, and says, This sordid affair has become an unacceptable distraction for Representative Weiner, his family, ...
CleverNickName 06/11/2011 103 28 - 485
America launched about 62.5 Million dollars worth of cruise missiles into Libya today. Just something to think about when our government tells us we're broke and everyone needs to make sacrifices ...
CleverNickName 03/19/2011 4 7 - 37
Here's how Obama wins back young voters
For the last couple of months, I've heard various stories that Obama is losing the younger voters who turned out in record numbers in 2008. They're disillusioned, they're frustrated, and they feel ...
CleverNickName 03/14/2011 29 12 - 127
Whose Side Are They On?
There's just no denying that there's a class war happening in America. On one side, you have the Koch brothers and all the scumbags who work for them. On the other side, you have about 98% of ...
CleverNickName 03/06/2011 12 22 2 87
A simple question for the president
Earlier today, Kos said : Investors around the world say President Barack Obama is ...
CleverNickName 12/14/2010 10 6 - 51
End of an era in Los Angeles: KFWB 980 going all hate talk.
I spent much of my childhood in the 70s-80s driving around Los Angeles every afternoon with my mom, going on auditions all over the city. Because we spent a lot of time on the freeways, getting ...
CleverNickName 08/27/2009 63 17 - 109
Dallas Morning News scrubs Palin quote insulting Texans
This morning, a friend of mine who lives in Texas sent me a link to a Dallas Morning News article that recounted Palin's visit to Dallas on Friday. The subject of his e-mail read "Things you do not ...
CleverNickName 10/03/2008 72 49 2 112
My letter to Sen. Dodd
When the Democrats -- who I thought were the good guys -- took back Congress in the last election, I was overjoyed. I thought we'd see an end -- finally -- to the Bush administration's recklessness ...
CleverNickName 12/18/2007 9 9 - 2
IMPORTANT: Security Breach affects Act For Change Subscribers
I suspect many in the Daily Kos community are Working Assets members, and probably participate in their Act for Change program. If you're one of those people, you are likely affected by a security ...
CleverNickName 11/03/2007 16 11 - 72
Harry Reid Wants to Shut Down Sen. Dodd's Hold?! WTF?!
What the fuck is wrong with Harry Reid? Firedoglake says : Tim Starks of Congressional ...
CleverNickName 10/18/2007 63 29 1 2
Sadness, Frustration, and Disgust: Happy Birthday, America
Bob Geiger said "[E]very American who voted for Bush should take time this July Fourth to perform a truly ...
CleverNickName 07/04/2007 4 5 - -
Way to go, Congress! You're polling beneath Mr. 29%
TPMCafe : New Poll: Bush And Congress Both At Astonishing Lows A new NBC/Wall St.
CleverNickName 06/13/2007 37 34 - 18
Memo to Democrats: You Own This War Now
Dear Democrats, Wow. What a scary day! You were so scared the mean old president would take his sub-30% approval rating out in front of the big bad press and say nasty things about you, you gave ...
CleverNickName 05/24/2007 5 3 - 1
Boston falls victim to culture of fear
The more I think about the Mooninite Panic , the angrier I get. This is the result of politicians and the media creating and then ...
CleverNickName 02/01/2007 9 8 - 19
It's World AIDS Day
Today is World AIDS Day, and it's as good a time as any to think about the 40 million people worldwide who are living with HIV. Their numbers are growing daily, fueled by ignorance and prejudice. ...
CleverNickName 12/01/2006 2 1 - 1
The next thing I hope Condi says nobody anticipated
CleverNickName 11/03/2006 7 8 - 1
a statement of conscience
CleverNickName 09/28/2006 4 4 - 1
Gitmo Detainees in their own Words on This American Life
CleverNickName 03/13/2006 2 7 - -
My Parents Respond to My Essay in Salon
CleverNickName 12/29/2005 288 175 15 70
My Essay in Salon About My Dad and Talk Radio
CleverNickName 12/23/2005 16 10 1 10
To everyone calling for impeachment . . .
CleverNickName 12/19/2005 37 4 - 6
GOP Implosion: RedState Sees Republican "Coup" Brewing
CleverNickName 11/17/2005 23 13 4 -
White House Set to Launch Propaganda Campaign Against Dems, Media Complicit
CleverNickName 11/09/2005 185 178 3 11
Schwarzenegger orders firemen to pose for photo-op while he works to undermine their union.
CleverNickName 10/07/2005 5 7 1 -
Roberts "not up to speed" on First Amendment
CleverNickName 09/15/2005 6 4 - -
If you thought rm -rf /bin/laden was funny, you're going to love this
CleverNickName 07/25/2005 4 2 - 1
Reporter ignores potentially embarrassing Iraq story.
CleverNickName 04/09/2005 9 20 - -
ABC Poll: 70% of Americans say Congress overstepped in passing Schiavo legislation
CleverNickName 03/21/2005 138 72 - 1
GANNONGATE: Niagra Falls Paper calls on Rep. Slaughter to investigate credentials
CleverNickName 02/08/2005 7 4 - -
The difference between the Swift Boat and National Guard controversies
CleverNickName 09/09/2004 5 1 - -
Are the polls really that bad for Kerry? Probably not.
CleverNickName 09/06/2004 1 - - -
support our troops with gmail invites
CleverNickName 06/17/2004 7 - - -
Everyone Panic!
CleverNickName 05/26/2004 13 - - -
Daily Mirror editor sets example Rummy won't follow.
CleverNickName 05/14/2004 1 - - -
Just Following Orders
CleverNickName 05/05/2004 3 - - 1
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