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Super-Duper Big: Harvard-Smithsonian Harboring Koch-Funded Climate Denier Wei-Hock Soon
The fossil-fuel industry's campaign to promote climate denial, led by the Koch brothers, has corrupted Harvard University and the Smithsonian, two of the most trusted scientific institutions in ...
ClimateBrad 02/21/2015 163 249 2 -
Sapping ALEC's Power: Group Loses Chair of Corporate Board With Latest Defection
The tech exodus from the American Legislative Exchange Council continues, with German software giant SAP ending its membership in the anti-climate lobbying group. The blow is especially harsh as ...
ClimateBrad 11/06/2014 6 11 - -
Quick Notes on a GOP Senate
Republicans have officially taken Senate with nearly clean sweep of competitive races, with a similar rout in governor races. This means an all-out war on climate, workers, and anything else that ...
ClimateBrad 11/04/2014 10 4 - -
Cory Gardner REVEALED: Behind the Smile, Radical Views
The only thing the media seems to be able to write about Cory Gardner, who's threatening Senator Mark Udall in Colorado, is how pretty his smile is. (Actually, the Denver Post just published a ...
ClimateBrad 11/04/2014 10 15 - -
VIDEO: Joni Ernst Denies Coordinating With Kochs After Attending Secret Koch Summit
U.S. Senate candidate Joni Ernst denied coordinating with outside groups who are involved in the race, despite her participation in a secret summit organized by the Koch brothers in June. Speaking ...
ClimateBrad 10/28/2014 11 19 - -
Thanks to Ebola, Glenn Beck is going viral
There's a scary Ebola outbreak here in the United States: Glenn Beck is going viral.
ClimateBrad 10/17/2014 9 6 - -
UnKochMyCampus: New Grassroots Effort Launches to Fight Koch Influence on Higher Education
This post originally appeared at Hill Heat . Students across the country have launched a new effort to protest the influence of the petrochemical ...
ClimateBrad 10/07/2014 8 26 5 -
Really? America's First Environmentally-Friendly Oil Sands Extraction Project!
Protesters at MCW Energy ribbon-cutting ceremony in Vernal, Utah, on October 1, 2014 I have received one of the best emails all year. The subject line: “EXCLUSIVE INVITE * Witness the Opening of ...
ClimateBrad 10/02/2014 7 11 - -
Welcome to the Era of Climate Schizophrenia
The first law of climate policy is that global warming won’t stop until we stop burning fossil fuels. As long as our policy elites attempt to address global warming while appeasing the fossil-...
ClimateBrad 10/01/2014 5 10 - -
Why Google Dropped The ALEC Liars: People Power
As the campaign manager for Forecast the Facts, I founded the " Don't Fund Evil " campaign in June 2013 challenging Google to stop funding climate-denial groups such as the Competitive Enterprise ...
ClimateBrad 09/23/2014 6 25 - -
Announcing March Livestream and People's Videos
I'm excited to announce that I will providing livestreamed, on-the-ground coverage of the People's Climate March this Sunday and at follow-up actions in the days ahead at . The ...
ClimateBrad 09/19/2014 4 35 2 -
Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution Inks Deal With Saudi Aramco
Originally published at Hill Heat . Sorry, fish.* Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution (WHOI), one of the premier climate research institutions in the world, has signed deals ...
ClimateBrad 05/26/2014 20 50 1 -
New York Times Joins the Bumbling Keystone XL Cops
#RejectAndProtect encampment In a New York Times Earth Day story, the usually excellent Coral Davenport grossly ...
ClimateBrad 04/26/2014 57 62 3 -
ACT: Is Your Senator #Up4Climate?
This is pretty simple. 28 31 U.S. Senators (D+I) have announced they're joining the #Up4Climate talkathon tonight. There are 27 24 Democrats and 45 Republicans who have not. I've made a Twitter ...
ClimateBrad 03/10/2014 19 31 1 -
May 9, 2013, is a historic day in the worst possible sense of the word. For the first time in the history of the human race, atmospheric carbon dioxide levels have risen above 400 parts per ...
ClimateBrad 05/10/2013 20 37 1 -
If The Kochs Buy Tribune, You Can Kiss These Headlines Goodbye
The Tribune Company is for sale — putting some of the most influential papers in the country vulnerable to ownership by the climate change-denying Koch brothers. Over 100,000 people have joined ...
ClimateBrad 04/03/2013 5 6 - -
It's Time For The Jackass Caucus
To the 180 Members of the House of Representatives Who Voted Against Sandy Disaster Relief: I write following the House of Representatives’ passage of HR 152, the Disaster Relief Appropriations ...
ClimateBrad 01/28/2013 10 9 - -
Can Weathercasters Become Climatecasters? CCSOS
Brad Johnson here - I'm sitting in the lobby of Boston's Park Plaza Hotel right now, attending the American Meteorological Society 40th Annual Broadcast Meteorology Conference . Over 200 of the ...
ClimateBrad 08/24/2012 14 36 - 129
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