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Why Does Barnes & Noble Seem to Be Going Right-Wing?
Lately I was in two local Barnes & Noble stores, looking for James Risen's latest, Pay Any Price: Greed, Power and Endless War . Risen, you'll recall, is the New York Times journalist facing ...
Clio2 11/28/2014 48 20 - -
In Virginia Or These Other 24 States? Make Sure You Aren’t Purged Off Voter List
Alaska, Arizona, Arkansas, Colorado, Florida, Georgia, Idaho, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Michigan, Mississippi, Missouri, Nebraska, Nevada, Ohio, Oklahoma, Oregon, South ...
Clio2 09/04/2013 19 17 - -
Teeny Weeny “Election” In Arlington County, Va.
A yearly design competition for windshield decals sounds trivial on the face of it, but has caused a surprising amount of local ruckus in recent years due to some of the images selected. By ...
Clio2 01/06/2012 5 2 - 79
Wait, what? ads? Maybe...No, couldn't be! Check profile: Subscriber ? Me? Check it again. Still there. A mistake? I hardly dare to think otherwise, but...thank you, thank you....whoever ...
Clio2 01/01/2012 8 9 - 69
Thanks, "hotheads" and "Obamabots"
For making me check out for myself what's in the Defense Authorization bill, H.R. 1540, which recently cleared both Houses and is apparently in line to be signed today. There has a been a lot of ...
Clio2 12/16/2011 28 11 1 213
Hey! Guys! Come off it!
Warning: This is for those who still don't Get It. Not the others. Also, I have just met a work deadline. Also, I have just had a glass of wine. Therefore, this diarist is in a take ...
Clio2 11/13/2011 21 2 - 199
Early Reporting On Occupy DC
The Washington Post early this p.m. published on its website what looks like ...
Clio2 10/06/2011 9 7 - 92
Easier Than An "Occupy Wall Street" Bumper Sticker
Wanted to put something on my car supporting Occupy Wall Street. But don't know of any bumper stickers and wanted it now. Or even better, something like those stickers on the rear windows of all ...
Clio2 10/03/2011 13 15 1 142
Another Smidgen of the 4th Amendment Bites the Dust (w/ Update)
Sliver by sliver, the Fourth Amendment is whittled down on a pretextual basis. The direction of movement is toward a new principle: that this Amendment does not apply when traveling by common ...
Clio2 12/17/2010 56 12 - 64
Dystopia USA (w/ Poll)
In January of the New Year, Republicans controlling the House of Representatives refused to pass a continuing resolution to keep open large swathes of the Federal government. They declared a moral ...
Clio2 12/10/2010 3 3 - 48
TSA Screeners Victimized Too (Updated)
As many here have noted in recent days, TSA screeners are in an unenviable position. Many of them are far from happy with the new procedures that include pornoscanners and fingering of genitals. ...
Clio2 11/23/2010 137 27 - 168
Coercion, Sexual Humiliation and TSA: Part IV
Part I presented evidence that the TSA's naked scans and genital touching are ...
Clio2 11/22/2010 66 22 1 110
Coercion, Sexual Humilation and TSA: Part III (And We're Starting To Be Heard)
They're starting to listen. Not only have pilots been exempted from the new gawk-n-grope procedures. Outraged travelers have now made enough noise to get on President Obama's screen. His initial ...
Clio2 11/21/2010 35 40 1 313
Coercion, Sexual Humiliation and the TSA: Part II
In yesterday's Part I , "Coercion," set forth the case that, regardless of TSA ...
Clio2 11/20/2010 115 44 1 250
Coercion, sexual humiliation, and the TSA: Part I
It took days to clarify my thinking on the new TSA procedures. Just seeing the accounts from a few victims, including “Don’t Touch My Junk,” caused a mild case of “shock ...
Clio2 11/19/2010 56 20 3 124
UPDATED: Arlington Co., Va., 2 1/2 hours left for online vote re sticker image
If you happen to live in Arlington County, Va., there are less than 2 1/2 hours left to vote on the image we will all have to plop on our windshields next November. Some people have found past ...
Clio2 02/21/2010 6 - - 9
WHEE: The Politics of Overeating, Kessler, Ch. 48
Almost up to the end of The End of Overeating ! Today's installment: Ch. 48, "Fighting Back." Welcome back to the group read of this book. For those who might want to catch up,
Clio2 02/09/2010 25 13 - 15
WHEE: Sympathy For the Devil, Kessler, Ch. 46
"Everything that has made us successful as a company is the problem." That's what a food industry executive in London told Dr. David Kessler when Kessler gave his company ...
Clio2 02/02/2010 24 9 - 15
WHEE: You're My Obsession (Kessler, Ch. 44)
Setbacks. We all have them. WHEE has seen a number of useful diaries lately from people who were experiencing setbacks, pulling out of them or just feeling in the doldrums. Welcome back to the ...
Clio2 01/26/2010 30 11 - 8
WHEE: When to The Sessions of Sweet Silent...Twinkies? Kessler, Ch. 42
In Ch. 42, "Letting Go of the Past," Dr. David Kessler continues to prescribe for those of us who identify with what he has dubbed "conditioned hypereating," the sense of obsession and loss of ...
Clio2 01/19/2010 14 7 - 12
WHEE: Might As Well Face It, You're Addicted to Food! Kessler, Ch. 40
Hi, again, welcome to the continued group read of Dr. David Kessler's The End of Overeating . This evening, we're into Part 5, "Food Rehab," Ch. 40, "The Treatment Framework." For links back ...
Clio2 01/12/2010 43 21 - 30
Right-wing Think Tank Godfathered Health Benefits Tax
I was surprised to discover that Robert B. Helms of the American Enterprise Institute has been pushing for a tax on stronger health benefit plans since at ...
Clio2 01/11/2010 25 17 1 29
WHEE: Willpower! It's Now Or...Kessler, Ch. 38
Is "willpower" something that some people are simply born with more of, or with less? Or could it be something that a person can develop? Welcome to the continuing diary series "Let'...
Clio2 01/05/2010 28 15 1 9
WHEE: Resistance Is -- er, Difficult! "The End of Overeating," Ch. 36
Wow! We finally made it to the answer section. Welcome to the continuing group read of Dr. David Kessler's The End of Overeating . For those who have been following along, it's a ...
Clio2 12/29/2009 52 14 1 74
Health Care Excise Tax: Email To My Rep
I'm not brilliant about economic matters (to say the least), but I've have a gut-level worry for some time about the proposed excise tax on strong health benefit programs. When you count the ...
Clio2 12/23/2009 3 1 - 14
WHEE: Tattered Compensation: "The End of Overeating," Ch. 34
We're almost there...two more chapters, and we'll be into the "Theory of Treatment" for what Dr. David Kessler, in The End of Overeating , titles "conditioned hypereating." Welcome to the ...
Clio2 12/22/2009 25 13 - 53
Tax the Rich
This diary is going to be short. And have shortcomings. There are brilliant economic minds posting on here every week, so I'm probably the last person qualified to raise this. Still and all. As ...
Clio2 12/17/2009 126 21 1 71
WHEE: Half-A****d Kessler Diary and Open Thread: "The End of Overeating," Ch. 32
This evening, we're scheduled to continue a group read of David Kessler's The End of Oveating . WHEE is a group of Kossacks who are into health, fitness and weight control. ...
Clio2 12/15/2009 21 10 - 47
WHEE: Trapped Like Rats! "The End of Overeating," Ch. 30
This evening, we're continuing a group read of David Kessler's The End of Overeating , started by Edward Spurlock. His latest, covering Ch. 29, ...
Clio2 12/08/2009 39 14 1 71
WHEE: Dangerous Drugs and What They May Teach, "The End of Overeating," Ch. 28
Fen-phen , or fenfluramine plus phentermine, was the "miracle" diet drug of the 1990's. Until it was found to be potentially lethal and removed ...
Clio2 12/01/2009 8 10 - 80
WHEE: Purple Cows, "The End of Overeating," Ch. 26
Our group read of David Kessler's The End of Overeating has passed the half-way point and with the next chapter, we'll enter Part Three, "Conditioned Hypereating Emerges." But first, we ...
Clio2 11/24/2009 37 15 - 105
WHEE: Schadenfreude Edition, "The End of Overeating," Ch. 24
Scroll back to a short course on marketing I once took, courtesy of the Public Relations Society of America. Marketing, we learned, is not to be confused with advertising. It has several ...
Clio2 11/17/2009 37 15 1 71
WHEE: Oh, General, You Are Soooo Sweet: "The End of Overeating," Ch. 22 (w/ Poll)
There are many recipes for this deep fried delight. One calls for: Protein: 3 lb Chicken 1 egg Fat:
Clio2 11/10/2009 21 12 1 72
WHEE: Because It Tastes Good: The End of Overeating, Ch. 20 (w/ Poll)
Election Night...attention will surely be more on what went into the ballot box than what goes into our mouths, and here in Virginia, some of us may find ourselves grabbing a plate of comfort food ...
Clio2 11/03/2009 44 15 2 79
WHEE: Foods That Go Whoosh! The End of Overeating, Ch. 18 (w/ Poll)
"Adult baby food," author David Kessler was told by a "prominent restaurant concept designer" is the end product of processes applied to commercially prepared foods that virtually melt in our mouths.
Clio2 10/27/2009 57 16 1 119
WHEE: Premium Indulgence! The End of Overeating, Ch. 16 (w/ Poll)
What kind of circus would you like with your bread? Indulgence and EATertainment entice us everywhere as marketers compete for "share of stomach" and "share of wallet" in our stress-filled 21st ...
Clio2 10/20/2009 43 15 1 33
WHEE: Let's Go To Chili's! The End of Overeating, Ch. 14 (w/ Poll)
In David Kessler's The End of Overeating , we learned from Part One that "hyperpalatable" foods – defined as those loaded with fat, salt and sugar – have been shown on both the ...
Clio2 10/13/2009 45 22 1 47
WHEE: Free Food! The End of Overeating, Ch. 12 (w/ Poll)
The story so far: hyperpalatable foods – defined as those loaded with fat, salt and sugar – have been shown on both the behavioral and the neurological level to impel animals actively to ...
Clio2 10/06/2009 53 12 - 38
WHEE: The End of Overeating, Ch. 10 (w/ Food Porn Bonus)
Welcome to the continuing diary series "Let's Read a WHEE Book Together!" Today, we're continuing with David Kessler's The End of Overeating , with diaries generally appearing on Tuesday ...
Clio2 09/29/2009 75 17 - 46
WHEE: It's Supernormal! The End of Overeating, Ch. 8 (w/Poll)
The delight we feel in eating highly palatable foods, and the spur to take the next bite, result from brain chemicals titled opioids or endorphins. Pleasure really peaks within a brain tract called ...
Clio2 09/22/2009 25 9 - 23
WHEE: Rat Race! The End of Overeating, Ch. 6 (w/ Poll)
”...And now they’ve entered the starting gate. In the #1 post position...16 healthy rats that have been in training on a restricted-calorie diet. They are Hungry! And running against them.
Clio2 09/15/2009 40 13 - 14
WHEE: Layered and Loaded! The End of Overeating, Ch. 4 (w/ Poll)
Welcome to the diary series "Let's Read a WHEE [Weight, Health, Eating and Exercise] Book Together!" We're on David Kessler's The End of Overeating , Chapter 4, "The Business of Food: ...
Clio2 09/08/2009 114 26 2 75
WHEE: A car with no brakes? The End of Overeating, Ch. 2 (w/Poll)
It’s an honor to post as part of the WHEE dialogue and help with the group read of The End of Overeating by David A. Kessler, M.D. This diary addresses Chapter 2. Hope I am doing this ...
Clio2 09/01/2009 74 19 - 40
The Right-Wing Red Riding Hood
Once upon a time there was a wolf who was the biggest and strongest and boldest and baddest and best wolf in the whole forest. All he wanted was to enjoy his God-given right to roam ...
Clio2 08/29/2009 14 2 - 17
Moses Minus One
You know. That fellow who wants to organize frustrated wingers into "cell groups" to take down the Obama administration, having given up on the American system of self-government after just 50 days.
Clio2 03/10/2009 7 2 - 10
Scalia friend running Labor Dept. as Republicans stall Solis
The Las Vegas Sun is reporting that no vote has yet been scheduled by the Senate Health, ...
Clio2 01/23/2009 22 18 - 220
The Old Bush Pilots Will Be Back....
Just When You Thought They’re Gone by "Rab Tremain" [Going under the pen name of Rab Tremain, a friend of mine who worked 30+ years with the federal government in ...
Clio2 11/03/2008 7 3 - -
I Am A Billboard (w/Poll)
Today was not a good day to betake myself down to HQ for a spell of phone banking. This happens too often. Still, I managed to contact 114 neighbors about Obama.
Clio2 09/28/2008 17 8 - 20
Bizarre: Bush & Pope With Confederate Flag on South Lawn (W/Poll)
Sounds like the solution in a really weird game of "Clue," but no snark. Unless someone within the Yahoo organization has pulled off a spoof, it appears to be real. The photo, attributed to ...
Clio2 04/21/2008 30 - - -
TSA Humiliates Woman, Protects YOU From Deadly N***le Rings (w/Poll)
This is it. The Transportation Security Agency is an idea whose time is gone. You have all read of its many outrages, from the botched No-Fly ("enemies") list to mistreatment of wheel-chair-...
Clio2 03/28/2008 92 24 3 6
Did your bottled water come from drought-hit Raleigh? (w/poll)
Irony, anybody? Under severe drought since last summer, Raleigh, N.C., may run out of water by June, according to ...
Clio2 02/24/2008 33 39 1 36
Under the Radar: Spying On An American
Missed by most other major media, Congressional Quarterly flags an actual example of warrantless wiretapping ...
Clio2 01/29/2008 13 16 - 2
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