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Posting History for Congressman Ed Markey

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Forward on Climate: The Climate Cliff
Forward on Climate: The Climate Cliff By Ed Markey For two years, the nightly news and the morning papers have been filled with scenes that look like they’re straight out of a blockbuster movie.
Congressman Ed Markey 02/13/2013 34 164 5 -
Climate Change SOS: Drought, Water & Energy
Climate Change SOS : Drought, Water & Energy By Rep. Ed Markey (D-Mass.) Next week, Mitt Romney will accept the Republican nomination in Tampa from a party increasingly dominated by global ...
Congressman Ed Markey 08/23/2012 13 55 1 142
Nuclear safety must be first priority
On Tuesday, Japan raised the severity level of its nuclear crisis to a seven, placing the meltdown at Fukushima on par with the disaster at Chernobyl. This tragedy holds both lessons and warnings ...
Congressman Ed Markey 04/14/2011 49 23 - 149
Bloggers vs. Broadband Barons
The Internet is proving to be the modern day musket in the revolutions heralding democracy across Egypt, Tunisia, Yemen and Libya. An Internet with no slow lane, no fast lane, no pay-to-play and ...
Congressman Ed Markey 03/09/2011 5 21 1 85
Results from Wildfire Hearing
I wanted to share a few video clips from the wildfire hearing. I asked the question raised in Wednesday’s discussion about ...
Congressman Ed Markey 11/02/2007 25 41 - 25
Seeking Thoughts and Questions for Wildfire Hearing
Following the devastating fires in Southern California, the Select Committee on Energy Independence and Global Warming will hold a hearing on Thursday Nov 1st at 10 AM to examine ...
Congressman Ed Markey 10/31/2007 93 65 1 31
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