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Posting History for Congressman Paul Hodes

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Denouncing The Union Leader's Disgraceful Policy
Tonight, I sent a letter to the editor of the Union Leader denouncing their decision to exclude a same-sex marriage announcement from publication. It is reprehensible that the Union Leader ...
Congressman Paul Hodes 10/22/2010 29 57 1 94
Kelly Ayotte: "Beneath Contempt"
Viewing the killing of a police officer as a political opportunity is beneath contempt. That’s what a GOP ...
Congressman Paul Hodes 10/14/2010 15 46 - 125
Standing up to Global Warming Deniers
Yesterday, I stood with environmental leaders in New Hampshire to talk about my dedication to a national renewable energy standard. I challenged my global-warming denying opponent, Kelly Ayotte, to ...
Congressman Paul Hodes 09/29/2010 29 55 - 133
We Need Clean Energy Jobs Now
Yesterday, we learned that another oil rig exploded in the Gulf of Mexico. Thankfully, nobody was hurt and no oil has leaked into the Gulf as a result of the explosion. But this most recent ...
Congressman Paul Hodes 09/03/2010 11 39 - 132
Kelly Ayotte's 14th Amendment Extremism
For the last few weeks, Republicans down in Washington have been talking about an extreme proposal to repeal or rewrite the 14th Amendment and deny American citizens the rights guaranteed by our ...
Congressman Paul Hodes 08/10/2010 10 22 - 63
We're Making Them Nervous
Kelly Ayotte and the Washington special interests behind her campaign are getting nervous. They’re seeing the same things we are: my campaign is surging in the polls and the Sarah Palin ...
Congressman Paul Hodes 08/05/2010 113 470 4 70
A Sorry State of Affairs
I’ve spent a lot of time on this blog talking about how we need to end business as usual in Washington. Earlier this week, we got another disheartening reminder of what business as usual has ...
Congressman Paul Hodes 07/29/2010 30 25 - 77
Weak Knees
As I was reading about the Shirley Sherrod issue today, there was one thing that really struck me. I’m sick and tired of Democrats getting weak knees every time the right-wing media ...
Congressman Paul Hodes 07/21/2010 349 693 5 150
Is there anything Kelly Ayotte won’t hand over to Wall Street?
[ The following is a post from Valerie Martin, my campaign manager ] First our mortgages and now our retirement accounts – is there anything Kelly Ayotte won’t ...
Congressman Paul Hodes 07/14/2010 15 20 - 40
Yesterday's DOMA Ruling: A Huge Win
The ruling in Massachusetts yesterday was a huge win for those of us committed to overturning DOMA and ensuring universal marriage equality. As a US Senator I will always stand up for DOMA’s ...
Congressman Paul Hodes 07/09/2010 4 15 - 71
Ayotte Puts New England Drilling "On The Table"
Kathy Sullivan had a great post on this over at Blue Hampshire , but I wanted to take a second and talk about Kelly Ayotte's ...
Congressman Paul Hodes 06/04/2010 16 23 - 241
Is Kelly Ayotte With Sarah Palin On Choice? You Betcha!
[ The following is a post from Valerie Martin, my campaign manager ] On ...
Congressman Paul Hodes 05/17/2010 9 27 - 99
Stop Playing Political Games with Wall Street Reform
Across New Hampshire, people are telling me they’ve had enough of the Wall Street ponzi schemes and casino games. The American people know that we can’t allow Wall Street to put our ...
Congressman Paul Hodes 04/28/2010 24 40 - 59
Orange to Blue: I Answer Your Questions
Last week, DavidNYC solicited nominations for the Orange to Blue program. In his post, he included a ...
Congressman Paul Hodes 04/13/2010 29 61 - 54
My Jobs Plan: Tell Me What You Think
This week I kicked off a five-day, middle class jobs tour across New Hampshire. I have been traveling to cities and towns all over the Granite State talking about jobs; about how we’re going ...
Congressman Paul Hodes 04/07/2010 85 24 - 41
Howard Dean Endorses Paul Hodes
I am proud to accept the endorsement of a great progressive leader, former Governor Howard Dean. Please join us in Portsmouth this Sunday.
Congressman Paul Hodes 03/02/2010 9 35 1 38
Thank you for your comments
Thank you, everyone, for your comments. They are truly appreciated. And I understand your frustration, because I feel it too. The next question is how we get Washington to listen - how we get them ...
Congressman Paul Hodes 02/16/2010 230 348 3 51
Hey Democrats, Get Over It
Losing a special election in Massachusetts and seeing Democrats retiring in the Senate does not mean that we should back down from what we believe in. It doesn’t mean we should give up on ...
Congressman Paul Hodes 02/15/2010 670 745 12 234
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