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Republicans are NOT idiots!
Sometimes I say, “Those damn Republicans in office are idiots.” Then I remind myself that they are not idiots. They know that if they do what is right, e.g. address climate change, they will ...
ConsciousObserver 11/13/2014 22 3 - -
Regardless of Expert Advice, Policy Makers Continue to Suck the Wealth out of America
This article concerns U.S. economic policy decisions in comparison to expert research and opinions. It focuses on conclusions and advice from top economists, covering key economic areas with an ...
ConsciousObserver 01/19/2014 5 11 - -
Does this Seem Odd to You?
Overwhelming evidence from 29,000 scientists is still not enough to convince the GOP.
ConsciousObserver 07/27/2013 18 18 - -
GOP Supporters View Gun Ban on Criminals and Mentally Disabled as an Outrage!
A short post after observing GOP supporter responses to Obama's gun control proposal. Evidently a gun ban on criminals and people with mental disabilities is an outrage.
ConsciousObserver 01/17/2013 24 5 - -
I Enjoy Listening to People Tell Me How Right Romney is for America
I enjoy listening to Romney supporters tell me how great Romney would be for the U.S., because when I ask them about the details their faces freeze and words fumble out of their mouths.
ConsciousObserver 10/22/2012 84 112 5 -
Don't Let Your Garbage Go To Waste!
Stop arguing with people about recycling and the environment. Instead, appeal to them with an economic platform.
ConsciousObserver 10/08/2012 19 43 2 212
Boring Debate, Obama Helps Romney, PBS Staff to Go on Unemployment
"Mitt Romney was a disappointment with his nearly gaffe-less and mostly truthful performance."
ConsciousObserver 10/06/2012 25 2 - 118
I Have Been Waiting to Say, "I Told You So!"
Article concerns global warming, confused Americans, and the Republican Party.
ConsciousObserver 08/04/2012 11 1 - 146
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