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Daily Kos Phazebook Progressive Social Networking Group
Welcome to the Daily Kos Phazebook social networking group. We are destined to become the Daily Kos largest social networking site. Are you interested in having a virtual phaze to phaze meeting with your favorite Daily Kos author or commentator? If so check out their personal DKos phazebook diary because now they and you have an opportunity to make a diary introducing yourself and your interests and you're not restricted to a few sentences or a single graphic. This is Daily Kos social networkin...
DKos Cannabis Law and Drug War Reform
We wnt to fix laws, not break them Diaries, essays, news, views, action items, and serious discourse related to the reform of America's laws prohibiting the possession of the cannabis plant, with a side order of general drug policy wonkery. Cannabis reform is on the march, it is inevitable and it should be an accomplishment of the Democratic Party.
Election Central
This group will highlight election based posts; focusing on campaigns, candidates, get out the vote efforts, outside groups that influence elections, election law, advertising and what have you.
Environmental Foodies
For all who eat and are concerned about the environment, food security and food safety, and lots of recipes.
The Yes We Can Pragmatists
Yes we can was a slogan used during Senator Obama's 2008 Presidential campaign that inspired and continue to inspire many Americans from all walks of life. It amplifies hope and pragmatism. The "Yes We Can" Pragmatists group is open to those who wish to participate, contribute and learn about President Obama's agenda, his policy position on the issues, the challenges the Administration faces and its strategy in trying to get things done while highlighting many of the Administration's accomplish...

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