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A Capitalism Pro-Tip for Big Box Retailers in this Wonderful Holiday Season...
Here I am, Big Box Electronics Retailer. You've crowded out the local competition, and so now I've found myself in your store. I have money that I'd like to give you for a product that I could ...
Corporate Dog 12/16/2011 11 18 - 96
In this Issue: Occupy-Man versus The Norquistnauts!
My basement. To some, a place where treasures of great value are stored. To others, a dusty tomb housing unmitigated evil. For it is in this concrete cavern of clashing convictions that the caped ...
Corporate Dog 11/19/2011 20 24 3 263
OWS: My Letter to the Editor
Lately I've been swamped at work, with no time for Daily Kos, let alone political action of any stripe. If I were a conspiracy-minded individual, I'd suggest that THE MAN, in conjunction with THE ...
Corporate Dog 10/12/2011 11 12 - 103
UPDATE: Why I'm boycotting
Ever since I was a little boy, I had a couple of dreams: 1.) Get rich. 2.) Fly the Millenium Falcon. I guess I figured that Dream #1 could get me Dream #2 (as that cat who runs the Virgin ...
Corporate Dog 09/12/2011 67 51 1 545
Watch me stick a pin in the "household budget" meme.
"Every day, families are figuring out how to stretch their paychecks a little further, sacrifice what they can't afford, and budget only for what's truly important. It's time for ...
Corporate Dog 07/22/2011 24 47 1 223
Firefighters deserve pay cuts, because they hate Democracy.
And now that you're here (suckers!) the title of this diary has almost nothing to do with the content. Less than almost nothing. It was a cheap ploy. Accept it. Move on. The truth is that some of ...
Corporate Dog 04/29/2011 2 3 - 97
UPDATED: Your Confused Wingnut Technique is no match for my Crouching Dog E-Mail Fu!
For a good ten minutes today I was left gasping for breath by an e-mail that I had received. It was astounding in both the scope of its ignorance, and the breadth of its cognitive dissonance. It was ...
Corporate Dog 04/13/2011 127 349 15 2109
BREAKING: Greyhound bus with "suspicious device" in Portsmouth, NH.
Not that Portsmouth, NH is a hotbed of potential terrorist activity, but this particular bus was en route from Portland, ME to New York City. Police initially received a call from a passenger ...
Corporate Dog 05/06/2010 17 8 1 31
Due Process? For an American? Nah.
For the last few months, my family has been living at my parents' home. It was gracious of them to offer, given that we're "between homes" at the moment, and so help me, Ringo,
Corporate Dog 04/07/2010 201 25 1 41
Obama: So Awesome He Can Alter Reality
For my birthday in 2008, my wife bought me an unassuming little paperback book with our current President (then Presidential Candidate) Barack Obama on the cover. The title?
Corporate Dog 12/22/2009 122 36 1 68
Totally irrelevant, but Jamie Rubin IS Bob's son.
It's confusing, I know, that there are two high-profile politicos named 'James (Jamie) Rubin'. I also know that tearing into Matt Taibbi is today's sport of choice. But I'm really getting sick of ...
Corporate Dog 12/11/2009 50 23 - 263
New Hampshire's Own Sarah Palin...
If the RNC can draft a resolution to relabel the Democratic Party as the 'Democrat Socialist Party', then I say that we should draft a resolution to have the Republicans change their mascot. An ...
Corporate Dog 07/07/2009 21 10 - 36
The Push Polling has Begun (Target Point Consulting)
I'm posting this diary in the hopes that some of you will be better able to grab some information from the push polls that I suspect will be making their way to you within the next few days.
Corporate Dog 07/11/2008 5 7 - -
"FISA is a hard left issue."
Yes. I actually saw someone post a comment with those very words in it. The contortions some of you people have made in the last 48 hours have been nothing short of astounding. I've seen ...
Corporate Dog 06/26/2008 28 19 - 26
Oh, TradMed. You don't even try anymore.
Show of hands: who here is jazzed about those scrappy little House Dems who pulled together with some smart political maneuvering, and drove a stake through the heart of the Senate's FISA bill? ...
Corporate Dog 03/14/2008 6 1 - 2
Tell Me Your Municipal Tax Cap Horror Stories
Where I live (Dover, NH) we have a bunch of cranky, old Libertarian types who have infiltrated our city council, and do everything in their power to prevent their property taxes from going up. Their ...
Corporate Dog 08/31/2007 21 2 - 6
Did You Thank Your Rep/Senator Today?
With the passage of the so-called "Protect America Act", it doesn't seem that we have much to be grateful for. While we spent the better part of a week worrying about quaint concepts like the ...
Corporate Dog 08/06/2007 24 8 - 5
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