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A Thank You To Daily Kos Eco Writers, Black Kos, SheKos, The Evening Blues, and Others!
I've said this before in comments, but I am expanding it into a diary. This diary is a thank you diary to many. But I also want to illustrate that I learned from kossacks who were different from ...
joedemocrat 03/29/2015 25 64 - -
A Note to Old Time Kossacks
Ya know, I have been here for a long time now. I know, to a lot of commenters, I do not have a particularly low user ID. I actually arrived here right after Barack Obama's election in November 2008. ...
rexymeteorite 02/19/2015 241 251 2 -
♥ Three happy decades with my atheist sweetie ♥
I sometimes say that I live in a mixed marriage: I'm an Episcopalian and my sweetie is a gardener. That joke is a light-hearted way to express a reality. My sweetie was an atheist when we met, and ...
Wee Mama 02/14/2015 82 81 - -
How Does A Newcomer Learn Expected Courtesy in Controversy at KOS?
I value the free exchange of ideas between people with widely differing viewpoints. I also understand the fear that the free exchange of ideas can be stiffled by people who are nasty and even ...
OldRedWolf 02/11/2015 75 15 1 -
Update: What you and Extreme Quilting are doing for Cedwyn
Normally, a queen sized quilt can take months to put together. Sara and Ann were hoping to do Cedwyn's quilt in two weeks. That was the initial time frame for getting the quilt made and to Cedwyn ...
Onomastic 01/13/2015 180 227 4 -
When does opinion cross over into prejudice?
It is a truth universally acknowledged that unmoderated internet sites devolve into 4chan or worse. Daily Kos, like most sites that have continued to function for significant time, has rules for ...
Wee Mama 01/04/2015 742 71 4 -
Not too late to give thanks, is it?
It's so embarrassing to have to ask for help, especially when there's money involved. And it's more than a bit overwhelming to actually receive it. About two weeks ago now, my bill-juggling failed &
TiaRachel 11/30/2014 35 80 - -
(Update x 2) Joining Hands and Coming Together to Ensure a Brighter Future for a Community Member
As many of you know, [TiaRachel] has been facing a rather difficult time of late. A host of health issues have adversely affected her ability to work and ...
JekyllnHyde 11/30/2014 25 92 1 -
Giving Thanks and Paying it Forward: Helping TiaRachel
With the Thanksgiving holiday coming up this week, I've been thinking about how grateful I am to the Daily Kos community. It's been a home away from home on the internet for me, a place where I can ...
Avilyn 11/25/2014 27 48 1 -
I Don't Ask This, But I Need Your Help
You ever know how when you are in that hole, and nothing can seem to help you out, and with every action you take, or with every event that happens to you, you get deeper and deeper in that ...
slinkerwink 11/23/2014 50 213 - -
Appealing to our Better Angels: Fundraising for TiaRachel
Community. We talk about Community a lot on DailyKos, not as a function of getting out the message, but as a way to define who we are, as people. When DailyKos began its Connect! Unite! Act! ...
Chris Reeves 11/22/2014 16 56 1 -
Do You Get By With A Little Help From Your Friends?
In our two-dimensional blogging world, it’s far too easy to forget that there are real people with real, day-to-day obstacles behind those screen names with whom many of us at DKos interact on a ...
bobswern 11/20/2014 33 103 1 -
So, Um, TiaRachel Still Needs Our Help
Did you know... ...that TiaRachel 's first diary EVER on Daily Kos was a Daily Show/Colbert Report chat thread? I know, crazy, right? All the way back on July 3, 2006! Here is an excerpt: sob ...
ericlewis0 11/19/2014 34 101 1 -
Kossack Caring: Empathy for TiaRachel
Recently there have been a series of diaries in response to a plea for help from TiaRachel: Friday, Nov 14th : [So. Um. I need some help.
side pocket 11/18/2014 27 101 2 -
Thank you.
You are the community of our hearts. ...
Sara R 11/16/2014 123 159 - -
Aji for TiaRachel: When There Aren't Enough Spoons In the World: Helping a Friend Dig Out
This diary is written by Aji. She can't post at Daily Kos anymore because it does not download for her, so I am cross-posting for her from her blog .
Patriot Daily News Clearinghouse 11/16/2014 51 108 1 -
There, but for the Grace.... An Appeal for Help, with a Match (UPDATED)
Holiday season is upon us, and, as seems always to be the case, beloved friends are in trouble. Our own TiaRachel has fallen on hard times: her electric service has been cut off, she has no ...
Dallasdoc 11/15/2014 139 214 2 -
What a lovely day! And it is all because of you. Look at what you've done for Sara R and Ann!
Several days ago, Peregrine Kate, llbear and JekyllnHyde began calling out to ...
Onomastic 11/14/2014 130 209 - -
Important Updates: For Sara R and Ann. For all of you and the magic you make.
The sound of thread being pulled through cloth whispers like a barely breathed prayer. Through the years, Sara R and her sister winglion (Ann) have made thousands of prayers manifest. Our ...
Onomastic 11/12/2014 279 309 3 -
Please Recommend This Diary as Two of Our Most Beloved Community Members Could Use Some Help
I'm going to be brief. Please be sure to recommend this diary by Onomastic [For Sara R and Ann. For all of you and the magic you make. It's time to make some more.
JekyllnHyde 11/12/2014 14 108 - -
Pootie Pad Party: Special Sale (Kos Katalogue)
Our booth at the Portland Pet Expo last weekend. Pootie Pads are made in Portland, OR NOTE: It is Caturday and we have a special sale for you. Today, your purchase of Pootie Pads will help us ...
Sara R 11/01/2014 64 55 1 -
Feel so near....
Most of the time, the atomization of our society makes us feel isolated, far apart from each other. Cyber friends are scoffed at, labeled "not real," while "meat" friends often disappear at the ...
KibbutzAmiad 10/27/2014 22 65 - -
A Mother's Anguished Cry for Help: a Personal Appeal on Behalf of a Community Member (Update x 2)
Real life will often trip you up in unexpected ways and ones hard to fathom. If you've been on the receiving end of such a nasty curve ball, you know the feeling. Helplessness. Distress. ...
JekyllnHyde 10/26/2014 69 291 2 -
Why do you care what someone else believes in?
So I made a little comment in another diary about how it's not your religious beliefs that matter, it's how you put them into practice. The comment is behind a hidden comment so I won't link it. ...
raptavio 10/07/2014 798 423 6 -
Take a breath everyone. Breathe in, breathe out. Spend some time meditating on this one word: Respect If you like, here's some music to help you. We can respect one another despite our ...
Steven D 09/03/2014 20 26 - -
Bullying, Fear, and Pain
I'm not an expert on what happened with Commonmass. I did follow some of his earlier diaries, when I could, especially when he was talking about music. I don't know what happened and after reading ...
michelewln 08/31/2014 37 68 1 -
A Garden of Meta [With Pooties]
Several folks have recently asked if I could compile some of my meta diaries for easy access. As we have many new members of the community, this collection may be of interest to them. Old timers may ...
Wee Mama 08/30/2014 27 47 8 -
My Unabashedly Biased Advice to New Daily Kos Members (as well as older ones)
Seems like such a great place doesn't it? All this information about the matters of the day, plus special diaries by great storytellers, personal memoirs and issue specific diaries to read. Others ...
Steven D 06/24/2014 199 229 8 -
If I Were You - TEDx Tomball
If you had been born into Dick Cheney's life, would you have been Dick Cheney? Would you have started wars and shot a friend in the face? What if you had been born Martin Luther King, Jr.? Would ...
felicityshort 06/16/2014 11 6 3 -
I apologize.
Every once in a while it is necessary to look back and evaluate your own position, and reflect on the mistakes you made in your writing. I believe that now is one of those times. Last Friday, I ...
rexymeteorite 06/01/2014 93 154 1 -
Vernacular and Euphemisms - Get Out! Trigger warning? STFU!
Each of the terms in the title are words in the modern lexicon of dialogue. They mean something in context that is different than the literal meaning of the words. They are short-hand forms of ...
LilithGardener 05/31/2014 126 67 4 -
The Claim: Carrying a gun in public is like being black or holding your gay partner's hand
Seriously? Here's the claim:* If people feel afraid when they see an openly carried gun in public, that's the same as people fearing a black man or a gay couple holding hands. That claim was made ...
LilithGardener 05/09/2014 112 45 - -
Community Quilt for 2thanks - Round 3
Center block for hopeful's quilt -- the top will be done this weekend Our friend, 2thanks (or William), is the caregiver to his wife, a woman in very fragile health. She suffers from a number of ...
Sara R 04/11/2014 76 46 1 -
Community Quilt for 2thanks - Round 2
Phil N DeBlanc's quilt -- almost done! Our friend, 2thanks (also known as William) is caregiver to his wife. She suffers from a host of autoimmune problems which have left her in very fragile ...
Sara R 03/31/2014 61 42 - -
Community Quilt for a caregiver, 2thanks
Quilt for The Packhorse and irishwitch -- read irishwitch's diary about it here ! Many of you know 2thanks from the beautiful quilt messages he has ...
Sara R 03/06/2014 78 51 - -
Why post a comment?
These musings on posting comments will likely be most useful to newcomers and lurkers who are gathering up their courage. I hope though that some of them may also interest the long timers, and I ...
Wee Mama 03/04/2014 223 177 6 -
A Brief Discourse on Courage and Balls
Recently someone, again, showed confusion about why many here deprecate using the idiom of "balls" for courage. Although I have given a factual proof that this idiom is false in [http://www.dailykos....
Wee Mama 11/09/2013 112 48 2 -
Racial and gendered microaggressions and hypersensitivity, or one last straw after another
Sexism and racism (and homophobia and classism and ableism—add your own identity oppression here) are so woven into the fabric of our daily life that that the barrage wears even the most open-...
hepshiba 09/29/2013 158 119 11 -
Introducing a new Group: Firearms Law and Policy - Glossary of Resources
We are afraid. How did we come to be so afraid? Consider one Canadian's perspective on our national obsession with the right to bear arms, (h/t Vetwife ). America is Afraid!! Canada Rants! by ...
LilithGardener 08/28/2013 45 35 3 -
We are very fond of describing this place as a "Reality Based Community". There are those who decry this description, alleging variously that people live in an alternate reality or that reality is, ...
twigg 08/23/2013 238 309 4 -
Alliances, Coalitions, and the Naivete of Privilege
We live in the United States of America. The nation that killed protesters at Jackson and Kent State Universities. The nation that executed Fred Hampton in his bed, without so much as a warrant. ...
Yasuragi 08/22/2013 516 179 1 -
Why 1-comment WalMart guy won round 2 (& a couple other notes on trolling)
Before I get in trouble, I'd like to say a quick well-deserved congratulations to Calvin F Exoo for an excellent piece calling out WalMart for their deceptive new ad campaign . It was so good in ...
akadjian 08/22/2013 330 424 33 -
Nothing but love: an apology.
Oftentimes I feel disconnected from this community, and question why I do more than just read. The metapocalypse over the surveillance state makes me question whether it's worthwhile to contribute, ...
tytalus 08/22/2013 59 77 - -
Make your case
An essay by Paul Graham on [ how to disagree] is summarized visually by [ this pyramid]: ...
Wee Mama 08/20/2013 154 153 10 -
Community Guidelines: Suggestions for debate-free zones besides IGTNT
In the new draft Community Guidelines, kos declared that IGTNT should remain a debate-free zone, with which I definitely agree, but that that should be the only one. I disagree with the latter ...
Kitsap River 08/15/2013 156 49 - -
Apologies and Non-Apologies: The Rules
OK folks, it is time to set down some rules about apologies. Almost every week some prominent person, politician, or official is in the news for something they said, or did, which was offensive to ...
plan9pub 08/14/2013 67 53 6 -
Are "Some People" Disrupting DailyKos Discussions?
It's a metaphor. I'll explain. I'll make this brief. Because I keep having to write this . Mr. Pensador's diary yesterday raises a charge ...
Adam B 08/13/2013 1398 453 5 -
***Update: Statement of Opposition to Racist Labels Used by Kossacks to Criticize President Obama
***UPDATE - due to the overwhelming and gratifying response to this diary - it has now become almost impossible for some people to get it to load, and we are struggling to add all of the names of ...
Black Kos 08/03/2013 2524 983 42 -
Fourteen Ways to Be a Fierce Activist Even When You're not Feeling It
I've been a feminist since my mother left her copy of the Feminist Mystique where I could find it when I was twelve years old. I've been a civil rights and gay rights ally since I was old enough to ...
odanu 07/26/2013 32 81 12 -
Please Help Tonya's Children
Kossack tonyahky (Tonya) is between a rock and a hard place. You've read about this earlier. Aji wrote: When Your Own Surgery Risks Hurting Your Disabled Child Patriot Daily News Clearinghouse ...
Sara R 07/25/2013 43 97 - -
Building Bridges on Daily Kos
I began writing this diary on April 28th. I wasn't sure I'd ever publish it, but I am. The last several months I've come to a special place on Daily Kos - a place I want to stay. There's nobody on ...
joedemocrat 07/17/2013 60 58 - -
State Hate: Texas, Florida, North Carolina, Ohio... Your State's Next!
The verdict in the George Zimmerman trial has already evoked calls for boycotting Florida. Any state where an unarmed young black man can be gunned down by an armed wannabe-cop assailant is not a ...
cassandracarolina 07/15/2013 124 53 1 -
Kos Katalogue Challenge for All of Daily Kos: Could You Do THIS? It Will Help Lots of People
I am reposting the diary from late last night in the hope that more of you would see fit to consider the simple request I made, which is rather easy to implement. As OPOL wrote far more ...
JekyllnHyde 07/12/2013 29 65 2 -
Tedious Meta: Daily Kos is not a gameshow.
Recently I have noticed an overabundance of diaries with a modest to average number of reccomends but 3 and 4 times the number of comments. Many of those are rife with flamewars: people battling ...
xxdr zombiexx 07/04/2013 272 153 - -
Ageism, Harry Drinkwater, and us
I'm having dinner with a few folks at a friend's house on Saturday. I'm excited about it because one of them is the 94 year-old artist/photographer Harry Drinkwater...who still likes to dance. He'
catilinus 06/25/2013 58 60 - -
I've often thought there should be an alternative to GBCW (Goodbye Cruel World) diaries and TTFN (Ta Ta For Now) diaries. A different kind of mission statement, if you will. Like the GCBW and TTFN, ...
lotusmaglite 06/22/2013 2 7 - -
Civility, Citizens and Siglines
[a reprise of this seemed timely] Civility embraces the manners used among citizens. Civility is not urbanity, those suave manners with a touch of world-weariness and often some cynicism that some ...
Wee Mama 06/11/2013 39 37 1 -
Why Can't We Be Friends?
I haven't been taking part in all the yelling that's been going on. Maybe it's the part of me that used to be a preschool teacher, but I really hate it when people are mean to each other. I have an ...
anotherdemocrat 06/11/2013 68 49 - -
If you don't have anything nice to say, come, sit by me...
So that I can remind you about what we are really all here for... #OrangeTerritory is not the small-town type of blog it started out as. Where there were a few thousand die-hard political junkies, ...
Angie in WA State 05/03/2013 194 179 2 -
No Longer Lonely Crusaders—How Do We Cope With That?
Yesterday I re-posted a Washington Post poll on facebook that showed a clear majority of Americans now support marriage equality and that the trend is accelerating. While obviously something to ...
pmurfin 03/19/2013 9 16 - -
May I Make a Gentle Suggestion?
A good part of what makes this place great is not only the intelligence so frequently on display, but also the diversity. I admit, I enjoy both those qualities which are so evident here. Another ...
RoCali 02/15/2013 472 616 7 -
Anger is fear turned sideways
I would like to claim that as an original phrase. I have been repeating it for so long, that I am almost convinced that it is. But I doubt it. In my early years of recovery from addiction, a lot ...
aravir 02/01/2013 31 72 3 -
Thoughts on TTFN, GBCW and bullying
As a longtime Kossack (no. 1200), I have been around long enough to see every pie fight and controversy within the site. I also haven't really ever been involved in one of these, and have observed ...
jgkojak 01/29/2013 330 221 1 -
MOT - TTFNs banned, what's next?
I know that I haven't been around much of late. This new temporary assignment of mine has kept me busy and I haven't been able to leave as many comments or write as many diaries as I would like. But ...
angelajean 01/29/2013 355 176 - -
I wrote a Call out Diary: Here's why, Here's what happened.
Yes, i wrote a call out diary. It was recent. It was part of the gun wars. And it is something that I am neither ashamed of, but will never do again. Please read below the fold for the details.
kaminpdx 01/28/2013 25 4 - -
Words that refer to someone with a Cognitive Disability
In my diary To Debate, or to Denigrate? , I list a number of words that are used to refer to someone with a mental health condition. My intent was to raise awareness of how these words are used in ...
kaminpdx 01/25/2013 43 11 2 -
The things we do very well here at the Daily Kos
There has been all kinds of talk about where we fail ourselves here lately. Lot's of talk about those who have left this site because we did not do well enough. Fears that we are losing it as a ...
StellaRay 01/23/2013 55 73 1 -
Update on Kossack GreenMountainBoy02's Health Crisis
As some of you may know, my partner GreenMountainBoy02 was repeatedly hospitalized last week with what they thought might be flu. For the last two days he has been in the Special Care Unit (ICU) at ...
commonmass 01/22/2013 681 703 3 -
Kos has spoken.
Thank you for reading the diary. We at Courtesy Kos welcome questions and messages. If you want to reach our group, you can do so by sending the group a message . If you would ...
rexymeteorite 01/22/2013 213 224 11 -
Can We Haz Some Moderation? Please? Pretty Please?
Almost anyone who's been reading diaries here lately have noticed that there are a lot of fights going on. Brutal, awful, name calling, fierce battles being waged in the comments. They've been ...
Puddytat 01/21/2013 589 329 5 -
Our Moral Foundations
During the past year, I was very involved in the Obama campaign as a local volunteer. As such, issues constantly came up that forced me to question why I supported or opposed them. Is it right? Is ...
jim in IA 01/13/2013 13 18 2 -
What the science of comment trolls means more generally, and for Malarkometer
Science journalist Chris Mooney recently wrote about " The Science of Why Comment Trolls Suck " in Mother Jones magazine. His article covers a study by researchers at the George Mason University ...
Brash Equilibrium 01/12/2013 26 22 1 -
Talk Me Down -- A New Service to the Kos Community
rexymeteorite 01/11/2013 152 228 11 -
Indigo Kalliope - Poems From The Left: Live, On-Demand Limerick Challenge!
Welcome to Indigo Kalliope's Limerick Challenge , a cozy artistic alcove tucked away from the more serious side of Daily Kos. Today, we're reducing some of the events of the past week to easily ...
cassandracarolina 01/08/2013 29 13 - -
My only Meta diary, ever
So I'm confused. Everyone's saying this site sucks, it's not like it used to be. I've been here for over four years, and I still consider dKos home. I am still proud to be a Kossack. I still ...
La Gitane 01/06/2013 285 126 1 -
Making a community.
Dailykos is truly a wonder, an oasis of positivity and light in, what is largely, a dark, nasty, cold world of internet politics. It is a true oddity that so many of our commenters and diarists are ...
rexymeteorite 01/05/2013 199 94 - -
Top Comments - The Intensity of Serenity
The energy on Daily Kos ebbs and flows. When things are going well, people are happier, more patient, more respectful. When things are more stressful, the energy on the site tends to reflect the ...
BeninSC 01/05/2013 151 52 2 -
We all like to write about the big stuff. Breaking a story, especially one which hits all the Liberal hot buttons is a guaranteed Rec List Diary and, if done well, brings great credit on the Diarist.
twigg 01/05/2013 84 151 - -
Civility Starts With Each and Every One of Us
I want to first honestly say that I have made mistakes at Daily Kos. If people looked hard enough, they could find where I have personally attacked someone. I've uprated comments I should not have. I'
joedemocrat 01/04/2013 128 142 1 -
Que Sera, Sera
Whatever will be, will be. Except, you know, whatever we change so it becomes what we want. I am a strong believer in change and in our ability to make change happen. Sometimes, we use that power ...
Noddy 12/26/2012 4 28 - -
26 Holiday Wishes
The number 26, once the province of alphabets, now carries a much sadder meaning for us, etched into our souls with the venom of violence. In hopes that we can find the goodness in ourselves and in ...
cassandracarolina 12/24/2012 32 23 1 -
Emotional Intelligence.
From Wiki : Emotional intelligence (EI) is the ability to identify, assess, and control the emotions of oneself, of others, and of groups. Various models and definitions have been proposed of ...
Colorado is the Shiznit 12/20/2012 225 129 5 -
I Apologize, Kinda
The last few days have been difficult for me with President Obama putting chained CPI on the table for Seniors, Vets and the Disabled. I exploded.
Wendys Wink 12/19/2012 95 259 1 -
Courtesy Kos: A Re-Introduction
Thank you for reading the diary. We at Courtesy Kos welcome questions and messages. If you want to reach our group, you can do so by sending the group a message . If you would like to join, please ...
rexymeteorite 12/17/2012 22 26 - -
No, not That. I have nothing to say about That that isn't being said by others, better than I could and louder than I would. In fact, the events of last week led me to immediately turn off the tv ...
Crashing Vor 12/17/2012 38 128 2 -
Is it true? Is it kind? Is it necessary?
My best friend when I was small was a Friend. Her parents were birthright Quakers active in prison reform and nuclear disarmament. As a child I saw the homelier side of Quaker practice - the ...
Wee Mama 12/17/2012 73 123 10 -
Be Kind. It Matters.
I used the title as my sig line for quite a while. I can be as angry and mean-spirited as the next person, fortunately only in small bits and pieces. It's hard for me to stay angry at most people ...
Melanie in IA 12/16/2012 66 119 1 -
"Etch-A-Sketch" EXPOSED Point-By-Point: New York Times Details Romney's "Modulation"
What's so great about this front page New York Times article is that it is a straight news piece, not something on the opinion page. Nevertheless, the article offers a simply devastating, piece-by-...
Ian Reifowitz 11/01/2012 76 94 1 -
Lessons From the Blogosphere
I've hesitated to post this because I know that numerous examples can be found of me violating my own advice – but then that is how people learn. Please forgive my hypocrisy. I'm speaking to ...
One Pissed Off Liberal 09/30/2012 159 281 9 1475
The Unrav'ling Thread, Part 15: Advice From Famous Dead People On The Art Of Commenting
Welcome to the 15th installment of "The Unrav'ling Thread" where we explore the strange and wonderful things that happen when a diary is published and "open for business". Having shared all my ...
cassandracarolina 08/09/2012 24 23 5 131
The Unrav'ling Thread, Part 14: Drawing Traffic To Deserving Diaries (Your Own, Or Someone Else's)
Welcome to Part 14 of our continuing series, "The Unrav'ling Thread" where we explore the things that happen after a diary is cast to the winds of the Great Orange Sky. While some diaries seem to ...
cassandracarolina 07/31/2012 36 31 2 192
The Unrav'ling Thread, Part 13: "Dude! Did You Even READ My Diary?"
"Bummer! I slaved over this diary for hours, but people didn't even read past the title." Welcome to the lucky 13th installment of "The Unrav'ling Thread", where we ...
cassandracarolina 07/30/2012 80 46 1 346
I wish I understood forgiveness...
Uploaded with Painting by Sofiya Inger (2006) (UPDATED : Just wanted to add that I wrote this because I honestly find it hard to know what forgiveness really means ...
Maianewley 07/30/2012 203 68 3 1084
The Unrav'ling Thread #12: I'm OK, But I'm Kinda Worried About You
Welcome to the 12th installment of "The Unrav'ling Thread", where we consider what transpires after a diary is launched onto the Great Orange Sea.
cassandracarolina 07/29/2012 70 56 3 738
Investigate Corbett’s role in Sandusky scandal
The repercussions of the Jerry Sandusky crimes keep adding up. • Thankfully, Jerry Sandusky was found guilty and will never be free to rape children again. • The Freeh Report revealed the ...
Michael Morrill 07/26/2012 20 19 - 127
The Unrav'ling Thread, Part 11: The Comforts of Anonymity
"No, you don't know me... at least I hope you don't..." Welcome to installment #11 of "The Unrav'ling Thread" where we ...
cassandracarolina 07/24/2012 18 22 2 148
The Unrav'ling Thread, Part 10: Train Wrecks and Hockey Fights... And Some Hockey Rules To Consider
"Hey, look! A train wreck! Let's go check it out!" Welcome to Part 10 of our ...
cassandracarolina 07/22/2012 64 27 4 195
The Unrav'ling Thread, Part 9: The Seven Habits Of Highly Effective Daily Kos Commenters
Welcome to Part 9 of our series, The Unrav'ling Thread , where we explore the many fascinating things that can happen once a diary is posted. As we've discussed in Part 1 Part ...
cassandracarolina 07/18/2012 105 49 5 405
The Unrav'ling Thread, Part 8: Building Your Following
Oh, look! You've picked up some followers! When you post a diary and wait for the world to discover it, you may have high ...
cassandracarolina 07/16/2012 44 36 1 263
Coming Out and the "F" word: Discussing LGBT issues at Daily Kos
The meta issues of last week obscured the fact that a number of recent diaries touched on gay issues in unusual ways. First, we had a couple of high-profile coming out stories last week, only one of ...
Dave in Northridge 07/13/2012 44 46 2 319
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