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The Voting Rights Act of 2009
In eight days, we are probably going to win, God willing, the White House, and strong majorities in the House and Senate. We shouldn't let the first hundred days without passing a federal law ...
Crafty Screenwriting 10/28/2008 6 13 2 10
An Appreciation of the Hedgehog; or Why McCain's Tanking
Why is McCain tanking so spectacularly? Aside from, you know, Americans actually disagreeing with what he stands for. I'm a professional screenwriter. One thing I feel has been missing in the ...
Crafty Screenwriting 10/01/2008 44 43 3 215
Joint Obama-McCain Statement on Russia-Georgia War?
We need one, that is. Russia is currently invading Georgia, a US ally. They've gone beyond the territory of South Ossetia, and they're now headed into Georgia proper. Still-President Bush has sent ...
Crafty Screenwriting 08/10/2008 40 6 1 159
Gas Mileage is a National Security Issue
Lotta talk today about Obama slamming McCain for being in the pocket of the oil industry and keeping gas prices up. What I don't hear enough of is that our dependence on oil is a national security ...
Crafty Screenwriting 08/05/2008 21 10 - 3
Minnesotans: How about a GOP Convention Protest at the I35W Bridge?
Politico headlines "GOP hopes to skirt Minn. bridge issue," talking about the I-35W bridge, of course, which collapsed into the ...
Crafty Screenwriting 08/01/2008 19 8 - 9
"Hillary Can't Win Because of Sexism"
We had dinner with my parents, who are devout believers in Hillary. It's a matter of faith, like abortion rights. All their logic proceeds from the axiom that Hillary should be the candidate, after ...
Crafty Screenwriting 05/29/2008 6 1 - -
McCain Got a Free College Education *Before* Serving
Obama voted for the Webb-Hagel-Lautenberg-Warner GI Bill which revises the GI Bill to increase college aid to GI's who have served at ...
Crafty Screenwriting 05/27/2008 23 33 1 14
Let's Help Saudi Arabia Build Nuclear Reactors!
Remember how President Bush begged the Saudis to pump more oil, and they said, wellll, maybe 300,000 barrels more? Were you wondering what we offered in return? According ...
Crafty Screenwriting 05/20/2008 40 9 2 24
On Talking to the Enemy
Barack Obama has taken a lot of flak for suggesting that he'll talk to our enemies, such as Iran. Let's look at our experiences talking, and not talking, to our enemies. North Korea, Clinton ...
Crafty Screenwriting 05/15/2008 7 6 - 10
Hillary Says She's "Working Class"? Oh really?
I was wondering how long it was going to take for Hillary to screw up Bitter-Gate. I figured it would take a couple of days... and here we go.
Crafty Screenwriting 04/13/2008 35 11 - 1
Don't Go Into That Br'er Patch, Iran!
The Bush Administration has been scaremongering about the prospect that if we walk out of Iraq, Iran will walk in. But from a foreign policy standpoint, wouldn't we benefit from handing the Iraqi ...
Crafty Screenwriting 07/17/2007 6 3 - 67
Win the House in 2008 by winning the state assemblies in 2006
Crafty Screenwriting 05/06/2006 7 1 - 1
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