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Writing Successfully at Daily Kos - A Few Tips
Over the last few days at Daily Kos we've had several debates over editorial content and control as well as guidelines that writers follow. As a site that lives as a peer-reviewed source, Daily ...
Chris Reeves 05/22/2015 78 142 12 -
Can't login to DailyKos using Firefox
Sorry to take up diary space on something that should be background, but this is vexing. For years I've been using Firefox as my browser for political websites. And the left two tabs are for ...
Demi Moaned 05/11/2015 36 23 - -
Welcome New Users: Groups
In your "Welcome Back" box you will find many helpful links including your "stream" and "groups" Groucho Marx, or some other dead guy once said, “I would never be a member of a club that would ...
Glen The Plumber 05/09/2015 117 50 - -
Daily Kos Will be Offline Saturday Morning as We Move Data Centers
On Saturday at 8 AM PT, the tech team will be moving Daily Kos from its current web host to Amazon's Web Services. We'll be taking the site down for an estimated one to three hours while we move our ...
Jason Libsch 05/06/2015 132 136 2 -
Farewell, but not exactly goodbye
I am sad, but also excited, to announce that after 11 years I am leaving Daily Kos and joining Raintank , where I will be working on monitoring software and doing devsy-opsy. It's been a long and ...
ct 05/04/2015 120 293 1 -
BFSkinner bled again. Back in hospital, awaiting surgery.
Sigh. Our friend BFSkinner returned to the emergency room on Friday due to intestinal blood loss and extreme weakness. He remains hospitalized at William Beaumont Hospital in Royal Oak, Michigan, ...
2thanks 04/28/2015 57 166 - -
Kossack Emergency: Youffraita needs transportation in PA!
Our long-time community member Youffraita just found out she is getting evicted TOMORROW (Wednesday 4/22) because her apartment has been condemned. I do not have details -- as you might guess, she's ...
belinda ridgewood 04/21/2015 191 167 - -
This database, it likes to run. It likes to run in the hot, hot sun
One fish, Two fish, Red fish, Blue fish, Black fish, Blue fish, Old fish, New fish. This one has a little car. This one has a little star. Say! What a lot of fish there are. Yes. Some are red, ...
elfling 04/11/2015 157 180 - -
Of Time, and The DailyKos : Update
I installed a search service here at DailyKos lo these many years ago and brought it through the dk3 to dk4 transition. I've maintained it all along as my contribution to the site. Yesterday I ...
jotter 04/10/2015 76 98 - -
Daily Kos to Take a Nap, Travel Back in Time
Tonight, starting at 9 PM ET / 6 PM PT and running for about 15 hours, we will be taking Daily Kos offline to implement a major upgrade to the infrastructure behind the site. There should be no ...
Jason Libsch 04/10/2015 239 179 3 -
Help me with a stupid question
I have a question about publishing to groups, I am a member of a few groups, and a moderator of one. Question: is it possible to publish just to a group? How is this done. I have read Kospaedia, ...
manoffire 04/06/2015 27 8 1 -
Tuesday is Tagsday.
Diarists and Trusted Users are allowed to add tags to diaries. It is likely that I am the only active Tag Librarian . I desire to reduce my workload. The most common mistakes are simple to avoid. ...
aoeu 03/31/2015 21 11 - -
Ever want to embed an audio soundcloud like front page writers and couldn't? try this & Scalia poll
Today in Jotters High Impact Posts in the "Two Years Ago In Daily Kos" section was a Diary by Meteor Blades titled Antonin Scalia on tape that included links and an audio recording of Justice ...
Eric Nelson 03/03/2015 21 38 15 -
Daily Kos is more than just about the news. It’s about telling your story.
Politics is about the personal. We come to Daily Kos to read about politics and make the world a better place, but we also come with personal stories that shape our politics. And as we learned in ...
Paul Hogarth 02/19/2015 19 40 3 -
Is it down right now?
I was trying to put together a photo diary about a road trip, when Photobucket went wonky. I wondered if it was the site itself, and discovered this wonderful site: [
Wee Mama 01/26/2015 14 19 2 -
Daily Kos end-of-year update, and a peek into 2015
2014 was a shitty year for us politically, but as a community, it was the biggest breakout year since 2003. The chart above is based on traffic data compiled by Quantcast, and you can see their ...
kos 01/19/2015 237 179 2 -
A WiseAss's Introduction to Diarying at Daily Kos
For the majority of newcomers, Daily Kos has a vast repertoire of helpful tips and tricks to make your experience here more rewarding. You can start with this diary, or you can check out this group, ...
serendipityisabitch 12/18/2014 56 53 1 -
META: How to optimize Daily Kos if it is slow.
We had an interesting discussion a few days ago about how slow DK has become for some users. The problem seems to be the 3rd party bloatware that comes along with the amazing content that brings us ...
Zwoof 10/21/2014 52 51 12 -
Michigan/Motor City Kossacks Open Thread: We Can Make a Difference Edition
Today's Icebreaker: During last Saturday's MCK meet-up, I heard fellow Kossacks proclaiming what they're NOT good at. Don't get me wrong, this is not an indictment or an attempt at shaming ... ...
DoReMI 08/20/2014 16 9 - -
oook: From the top through 300 uses.
Last time I went in order by use I got down to 400 uses. Today I went down to 290. I have a list of tags which need clarity. Most of them are duplicates of the non acronym version. DK5 will allow ...
aoeu 07/02/2014 15 2 - -
Learning the Ropes at Daily Kos: A Guide for New Members 2nd Edition
Greetings to all PostHuffPost Group Members! This is MurphtheSurf3. Periodically we will be updating the "Learning the Ropes" Diary in a significant way and moving it to the top of our diary list.
murphthesurf3 06/24/2014 190 91 18 -
First look at DK5
The dev team is cranking hard to finish the next major revision of this site in time for the fall elections. At some point, we'll have an open beta so people can hunt down bugs and help us refine ...
kos 06/23/2014 636 267 7 -
Welcome New Users: What can Daily Kos offer you, New User?
Welcome, New Users, to Daily Kos, from your host Angie in WA State . This Diary is intended to help you orient yourself to the site and ask questions about how to use it. Below ...
Angie in WA State 06/07/2014 132 48 2 -
Big Changes on the Little Screens
Pull up on your smartphone and you’ll see we’ve brought some big changes to our mobile interface. The tech team has been working hard to bring you the ability to create comments ...
Jason Libsch 05/28/2014 70 50 1 -
First Diary ☼ Gratitude ☼ Coding ☼ Please advise.
*Gratitude, a good place to start. My background in brief. Coding: My career shift. Request for advice.* 2thanks. Gratitude ☼ Thank you, Daily Kos community. In this crazy world, you keep me ...
2thanks 05/17/2014 90 96 4 -
How to add an Image to a Comment
without having to open a new diary to add the photo to the Image Library. (Which is way too long for a title.) 1) Click Post a Comment or Reply to This . 2) Click Image Library in your Welcome ...
Susan Grigsby 05/02/2014 310 207 100 -
Why post a comment?
These musings on posting comments will likely be most useful to newcomers and lurkers who are gathering up their courage. I hope though that some of them may also interest the long timers, and I ...
Wee Mama 04/27/2014 223 177 6 -
Ageing Gracefully On The Internet
I am 71 years old. While I am fortunate to sill be in generally good health and fully able to do the things that I want to do, the process of ageing slowly requires me to do many of those things in ...
Richard Lyon 04/15/2014 35 39 3 -
Heartbleed: Take Two.
Executive Summary: Take a careful look at the problem. It is real. Some passwords may need to be changed. Small sites are the most likely to reveal information about you to bad guys who know you. ...
aoeu 04/15/2014 34 20 2 -
Ask me anything about Daily Kos: In which I ask you things
'Tis my turn on the askie-go-round today. I am known around these parts by the pen name Hunter, which is a perfectly good pen name and which, as it turns out, works equally well with pencils, ...
Hunter 04/11/2014 271 133 - -
blueyedace2 04/11/2014 20 35 1 -
The new Google Maps sucks
I need to vent. Because I can't find a place where I can actually contact Google and inform them how badly they have screwed up their Maps with their latest edition. I hate what Google has done to ...
NBBooks 04/06/2014 157 113 2 -
An Open Letter to kos About That Tablet-Centered Redesign You May or May Not Have in the Works
Dear kos: If Daily Kos is anything like most other major websites these days -- and in this respect, at least, I'm hoping that it's not -- you're in the process of redesigning the site to be more "...
Geenius at Wrok 03/30/2014 383 216 8 -
WhereTheKogsAre:Links to the 150+ DK Geographic Groups by State & Beyond,2011-2015
COPYPASTE \http:\/\/ FOR LINKING. Revision is continual : send corrections, additions, mergers, "ceased activity", etc. HERE . SCROLL ALPHABETICALLY BELOW INTRO OR ...
mettle fatigue 03/27/2014 25 37 12 -
Cute Farm Animal Images For All!
Little lambie! Jason just posted our release notes for the updated image library, which consists of a better search plus the opening of the image library feature ...
elfling 03/10/2014 32 66 4 -
Community Quilt for a caregiver, 2thanks
Quilt for The Packhorse and irishwitch -- read irishwitch's diary about it here ! Many of you know 2thanks from the beautiful quilt messages he has ...
Sara R 03/08/2014 78 51 - -
Ask Me Anything, Tech Dept. Edition
This the part of the diary, right after the title that says you can ask me anything, where I tell you what you might ask about. As the tech person around here, maybe you want to ask me about the ...
Jason Libsch 03/08/2014 110 33 - -
Update from the Tech Dept- March 4th, 2014
Jason Libsch 03/04/2014 22 31 6 -
Creating Simple Video Slide Shows
This is a simple video slide show created using PowerPoint for Microsoft Office Professional 10.
GreyHawk 02/16/2014 9 14 4 -
Kitchen Table Kibitzing 1/30/2014: Advanced Fancy Diary Techniques
*Good evening, Kibbitzers! Last Thursday, ...
belinda ridgewood 01/30/2014 156 69 25 -
Kitchen Table Kibitzing: Friday
Kitchen Table Kibitzing is a community series for those who wish to share part of the evening around a virtual kitchen table with kossacks who are caring and supportive of one another. So bring ...
poco 01/17/2014 67 37 5 -
Image Loader Test Diary
aoeu 12/29/2013 46 16 2 -
Troolz: Spam linking and a challenge
This is an update of an earlier post on the same topic. ACTION ITEM: If you find one of these replace the tags with 'Spam' Donuts are optional. I tend to toss a first donut and leave a comment. ...
aoeu 12/13/2013 67 48 1 -
Deploy Log- 5.1.0
This is a rocking horse I built. It has nothing to do with the deploy. This deploy is a big one, but consists mostly of behind the scenes performance optimizations. Avatars have been ported to ...
Jason Libsch 12/12/2013 20 32 - -
Troolz: The Latest Twist in Trolling Technology: Hidden Spam Links
I have long wondered what the plagiarizing troll I've long thought of as the BBC troll was up to. What was the payoff? Another kog gets the credit for finding this and I'm at loss as to whom it is. ...
aoeu 12/05/2013 39 18 1 -
Welcome New Users: Kos secrets & not giving up
Welcome, New Users, to Daily Kos, from your host catilinus (just call me cat). This Diary is intended to help you orient yourself to the site and ask questions about how to use it. Below the ...
catilinus 12/02/2013 38 37 2 -
oook: How kos Uses Tags in an Election Diary
2016, Elections, Elizabeth Warren, Hillary Clinton, President, Recommended Year, Elections (rather than Election), Two properly spelled names in the format Firstname Lastname, Office.
aoeu 11/12/2013 26 7 - -
Please help if you can...Nurse Kelly's friend Pat. Urgent update!
I don't know the story about why Nurse Kelley isn't around much anymore, but I do know she has done a lot for many here. I'm Facebook friends with her and this evening she posted that a dear friend ...
nannyboz 10/17/2013 102 118 2 -
That is all. Oh, for those wondering (like I was) why the HHS Dept. didn't simply snap up those other domain names as well: There's nothing precluding a government agency from registering non-GOV ...
Brainwrap 10/01/2013 79 242 2 -
oook: Thinking about tags.
First things first. Well formed tags facilitate two purposes. Search ...
aoeu 09/21/2013 12 13 1 -
oook: Tagstag Progress Report.
This week I have looked at the tags of every single diary within nine hours of posting. My attention has been on uppercasing, punctuation, and spelling with an eye toward fixing repeat problems by ...
aoeu 09/16/2013 5 4 - -
Using art and photos: How copyright law applies
Or - When in doubt, don't . The only time that it is truly reasonable to post an unattributed photo or piece of artwork is when it's your own. Even if it's your own, consider including an ...
serendipityisabitch 09/11/2013 59 41 14 -
oook: The Nuts and Bolts of Tag Editing.
Any TU can change tags in situ. That change from a common tag to one that is more specific is valued. Vague tags are a big problem that can only be fixed one diary at a time. Start with fresh diaries?
aoeu 09/10/2013 20 14 2 -
Be blessed in the name of our Lord.
I got a lovely spam Kosmail about an hour ago: The spammers are getting more creative. I like it. It's more personal than posting a thousand hit-and-run comments in dead diaries. Plus, I'm ...
weatherdude 09/07/2013 77 154 - -
Ask Me Anything About Daily Kos
Jason Libsch 09/06/2013 129 49 - -
Troolz: Robojo appears to be working out well.
The Wreck list is mostly occupied by obvious wreckage. My guess is that the extra grumpy setting includes the following rules. If the first comment is a hidden Tip Jar the account is unlikely to ...
aoeu 09/05/2013 9 5 - -
Copyright, Fair Use, and all that
Back when PCs were still pretty new, DOS users would face a blank screen with a prompt such as A:> or C:>. If we had a modem, it was connected, externally or internally to a comm port and was ...
enhydra lutris 08/25/2013 33 40 4 -
New community guidelines, final draft
Below are final draft rules incorporating feedback I've seen the last week. It's a "final" draft, but of course we can always tweak. Also, before we get into the rules, I saw Bob Johnson's diary ...
kos 08/23/2013 568 384 58 -
DRAFT community guidelines, comment period
By popular request, I've drafted a new set of community guidelines with input from Meteor Blades, Navajo, Elfling, and Susan Gardner. These are draft rules. You'll have the next couple of days to ...
kos 08/14/2013 1476 459 23 -
I, for One, Welcome our New and Improved Robot Overlord
I've mentioned here and there that we've been working on a new warning system. Well, kids, today's the day we welcome our new and improved robot overlord and also some better systems for the human ...
elfling 08/08/2013 606 316 23 -
Release Notes- August 7th, 2013
Tonight the tech team released some major site enhancements, mostly centered around an overhaul of the new user process. We've rebuilt the interface for sign up and login , as well as auxiliary ...
Jason Libsch 08/08/2013 5 26 4 -
Troolz: How much is that mojo in that window?
Some are very obvious. Bojo and one bar through five, for example. NR is not obvious and I do not know whether, for example, that it only means No Comment rating. One puzzle is whether some NR kogs ...
aoeu 07/25/2013 56 8 - -
Embedded videos playing automatically at DKos? Let's look at that
This will be a short diary about the symptom of video embeds at DailyKos recently autoplaying for so many folks. I don't have all the answers, but do have some "cures" to consider from various ...
wader 07/21/2013 58 64 11 -
The DailyKos Spam Problem (explanation + solution)
In Markos' recent diary , he mentioned the following: The UID is no longer a marker of site growth, since spambots create fake accounts by the hundreds every day. We don't know why those are created,
Sucker Politics 07/21/2013 89 139 3 -
Tag Librarians are gearing up and you are invited to assist. Are there any tags that you have seen that are incomplet, mispelled or poorly caPitalized.
aoeu 06/27/2013 6 4 - -
DK Image Library favorites
This is actually the image that inspired this diary, an elegant yet ever so simple image of a beet, by user SteelerGrrl. One of the neat things about the new Image Library tool is that so many ...
elfling 06/23/2013 54 44 9 -
Ask Me Anything about Daily Kos
Why wasn't my lunch ...
elfling 06/07/2013 438 96 2 -
Ask me anything about Daily Kos
Editor's note: Last week, with a little time on my hands, I did an impromptu Ask Me Anything diary on the site. The response was huge, with hundreds of questions and nearly 1,000 comments. I ended ...
Meteor Blades 05/03/2013 702 270 7 -
Ask me anything
There were lots of questions in the meta diaries over the last couple of days, and we've tried to answer many of them. Here's another chance to do so. Ask me anything. I'll answer in batches. I'll ...
kos 04/25/2013 1000 226 4 -
Embedding Tweets in 5 easy steps
> Embedding Tweets in 5 easy steps… via @ dailykos | #kt2 R U a #kossack ? #VisualGuide ...
Angie in WA State 04/23/2013 83 49 25 -
An Earth Day Photo Diary
Aloha all. Those of you that have been around here a while might remember my photo diaries. I have no excuse for my absence and I have not really gone away. Just lurking around watching the (uh, ...
Haole in Hawaii 04/22/2013 64 150 11 -
Welcome New Users: Questions from our kosmail*
Welcome, New Users, to Daily Kos. This Diary is intended to help you orient yourself to the site and ask questions about how to use it. Below the orange gnocchi-doodle you will find links intended ...
smileycreek 04/03/2013 207 116 12 -
Announcing Partners & Mentors
Daily Kos is a scary place for a lurker considering engaging. It's crowded, with tons of people. Many are brilliant, and there's a fear from new users that they can't contribute at that level. ...
kos 03/22/2013 453 392 16 -
Community Quilt for Clytemnestra
Ebby's quilt, detail Clytemnestra is in a lot of pain. She can't eat without intense hurt -- and she doesn't yet know why. Clytemnesta is a DES ...
Sara R 03/09/2013 70 91 1 -
What's New In Tech - February, 2013
Its been a while since tech has released new user-facing features. In the run up to the election we bolstered our infrastructure so as to be able to handle the drastically increased election-season ...
Jason Libsch 02/06/2013 14 18 1 -
FAQing Top Mojo
As the wrangler of the reconstituted "Top Mojo" feature of the daily "Top Comments" diary series, I am often called upon to defend explain how it works. This diary is an attempt to memorialize that ...
mik 01/29/2013 39 49 4 -
Can We Haz Some Moderation? Please? Pretty Please?
Almost anyone who's been reading diaries here lately have noticed that there are a lot of fights going on. Brutal, awful, name calling, fierce battles being waged in the comments. They've been ...
Puddytat 01/21/2013 589 329 5 -
Why I hate Windows 8
Here is my rant on Microsoft Windows 8. It may be not as detailed as possible since I no longer have a working example in front of me as I write this – of course, I would be writing it in any case ...
memiller 01/15/2013 734 350 16 -
Quick Question Re: TU Status
I'm sorry to be posting this as a Diary; the only Open Thread I see here is the Night Owl one, and I'm pretty sure that no one would see my question if I posted there. I've been a member since 2005,
DianeNYS 01/11/2013 267 396 1 -
Fundraising and Financial Transparency at a For-Profit: Donating to Dailykos
What is dailykos? Of course, it's News·Community·Action. With many more readers than commenters and diarists, the site must be widely viewed as a news and information source. Many of us consider ...
bubbanomics 12/31/2012 172 54 2 -
HTML Magic for Diarists - Image Mapping with Anchors or Links
NOTE: The anchor portion was working, now it's idea why. So I've adjusted the image to use URLs to hopefully work better... Skill level: Advanced ( but learnable by code-friendly novices & ...
GreyHawk 12/22/2012 17 21 14 -
Found in morning Kosmail
Good morning! Did you get this in your kosmail today? LOL I guess we've arrived THREAD STARTED BY FRIEND3 TO CLYTEMNESTRA. Confirm from princess sameera michel friend3 Thu Oct 25, 2012 at 10:...
Clytemnestra 10/25/2012 19 11 - -
[New]: Daily Kos is Broken
Last Thursday at about [ 1AM Eastern], the Daily Kos tech team announced a site update that fundamentally changed the way users interact ...
andgarden 10/15/2012 285 315 4 -
Cranky Users: Diary "VIEWS" is broken. [POLL]
In a diary there is a link at the top left (list) which brings up a compact display of the author's diaries, with numbers for comments, recommends, hot listing, and "VIEWS". This last number can be ...
Wee Mama 10/15/2012 67 30 - -
Site Updates
We have two site updates to announce. First is a minor mobile site enhancement- in the list of stories on the frontpage, recent list and recommended list (mobile only) you can now scroll back in ...
Jason Libsch 10/10/2012 137 29 4 1
Register the internet to vote
Today has been deemed National Voter Registration Day across the country with more than 1,000 organizations, businesses, and campaigns pushing for every eligible voter to register. Tech President ...
Rachel Colyer 09/25/2012 3 2 1 42
New Diarists: Diary Layout Using Tables in Markos Markup Language ☺
Welcome to our series on the basics of visually enhancing your diaries and comments! If you are joining us late, you can find links to the entire series at the top of the first diary in the ...
palantir 09/11/2012 93 65 46 337
New Diarists: Tables
Welcome to our series on the basics of visually enhancing your diaries and comments! If you are joining us late, you can find links to the entire series at the top of the first diary in the series, ...
belinda ridgewood 08/23/2012 52 54 26 192
New Diarists: Creating Boxes Using HTML Tags
Welcome to our series on the basics of visually enhancing your diaries and comments! If you are joining us late, you can find links to the entire series at the top of the first diary in the series, ...
nomandates 08/21/2012 65 62 45 311
DKos: Updated: Please fix because it is disrespectful
Yes -- short, annoying diary but this issue bugs the shite out of me. Two, three, and more day old diaries are re-published on the front page. I won't link to the most current one because I'm fond ...
gchaucer2 08/17/2012 161 115 - 2184
New Diarists: Lines & Color
Welcome to our series on the basics of visually enhancing your diaries and comments! If you are joining us late, you can find links to the entire series at the top of the first diary in the series, ...
belinda ridgewood 08/16/2012 75 54 39 268
New Diarists: Layout & Lists
Welcome to our series on the basics of visually enhancing your diaries and comments! If you are joining us late, you can find links to the entire series at the top of the first diary in the series, ...
nomandates 08/13/2012 47 52 30 258
New Diarists: Using Special Characters
On occasion, depending on the kind of diaries or comments you write, you may need to use a symbol that's not on your keyboard. Perhaps you want to give a temperature, show an amount in a foreign ...
belinda ridgewood 08/09/2012 170 191 125 904
New Diarists: Formatting Text with HTML Tags
One way to format text on Daily Kos is to write HTML tags. This is easier than you might think! You've probably seen HTML tags -- they are those things in pointy brackets ("angle brackets") that ...
nomandates 08/07/2012 154 102 69 537
New Diarists: Links & Blockquotes
Update: When you're done with these two lessons, move on to the rest of the series (updated as each new diary is posted): Lesson 3: Formatting Text with HTML Tags . Lesson 4: Using Special ...
nomandates 08/06/2012 69 39 27 382
URGENT: Need Help (Info) for Regina in a Sears Kit House
I'm addressing this plea to Kossacks in the Pacific Northwest, particularly. However, anyone who can offer concrete referrals, please do so. This is urgent. As many of you know, our beloved ...
Aji 07/28/2012 282 258 3 1865
Cranky Users & KosAbility: Image Metadata
Greetings, Cranky Users! Today we'll talk a bit about the new Daily Kos Image Uploader and Library. I am NOT here to explain in detail how it is used, because a very good job has already been done ...
belinda ridgewood 07/22/2012 57 53 19 367
This "Image Library" Thing Is Cool!
Totally pointless diary so I can play around with the new "Image Library" toy. Struttin' around!
weatherdude 07/17/2012 13 16 - 158
Want to use our super cool new image uploader and library? Of course you do! Find out how.
We told you it was coming, [and now it's here]. Our fabulous new image uploader and ...
Kaili Joy Gray 07/17/2012 64 88 79 881
Announcing the new image uploader and photo library!
Last year, as we were ramping up our technology team (now at a healthy six developers), I promised an image library by the first quarter of 2012. Well, that deadline slipped, by a little bit. Not ...
kos 07/17/2012 310 302 90 2358
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