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Just to Be Clear: Bobby Jindal Isn't Running for President
Oh, certainly he has an exploratory committee . Who doesn't? Got one myself, somewhere around here. He's talking it over with his family and the Almighty . He's giving the idea quiet contemplation ...
Crashing Vor 05/23/2015 85 110 - -
The Jack Boot's on the Other Foot
Bobby Jindal has put conservatives in a bind. In his desperation to break into the single digits among GOP primary candidates, he decided to ignore the state legislature's decision to table his ...
Crashing Vor 05/20/2015 24 53 - -
These Guys 6: Little Brother
Well, another season of campaigning is upon us, and that can only mean... Another season of These Guys !
Crashing Vor 05/19/2015 8 17 - -
Sharing Roads, Sharing Rules
It happened again last night. Guy blew off a red light at Claiborne and MLK. Last week it was Cleveland Ave. down by Tulane Hospital. Fellow thought a stop sign was patronizing advice he was beyond. ...
Crashing Vor 05/18/2015 16 15 - -
The Food Is in the Mail (Again)
Wow, did you know tomorrow is National Babysitters Day? It's also Miniature Golf Day, Lost Sock Memorial Day and Stay Up All Night Day (waking lost socks, presumably). It's also my favorite holiday,
Crashing Vor 05/08/2015 27 83 - -
I'm Watching YouTube Steal My S#!+ in Real Time
Being in the middle of a national promotion campaign for a record launch in 2 days, I've been required to self-google several times a day to catch radio station playlists, review posts, etc. Today, ...
Crashing Vor 04/16/2015 110 264 1 -
Divertissement: Come Fly with Me (Again!)
Nearly seven years ago, I was able to relay the good news that the restoration of New Orleans' WPA-era gem, the Lakefront airport, was underway and to celebrate the announcement with a photo diary ...
Crashing Vor 03/08/2015 7 35 1 -
Would-Be Theocrats: Think About What You're Really Saying
Another day, another poor, persecuted religious, um, majority. Republicans propose declaring Idaho a 'Christian state' (Reuters) - Members of a county Republican Party in Idaho are to take up a ...
Crashing Vor 02/26/2015 215 301 3 -
Where I'm At, the Old SSP and a Little Lagniappe
This is more or less an SSP (shameless self-promotion) diary, but there's langniappe in it. Hello, orange friends. I've been rather scarce 'round here since November, for multiple reasons. Most of ...
Crashing Vor 02/22/2015 8 33 2 -
Kim Fowley: An Appreciation
Another irreplaceable has left us. An irreplaceable what exactly isn't that clear, but it's plain there will never be, really can never be, another of his like.
Crashing Vor 01/16/2015 2 10 - -
Flood Your Senators Now
Elizabeth Warren has just given the clearest, most cogent argument against the omnibus spending bill and its provision relaxing regulations on derivative trading. Any American not in the top tier of ...
Crashing Vor 12/12/2014 20 23 - -
Cue the World's Tiniest Violin
NBC News foreign correspondent Richard Engel has been getting an earful from folks at Langley about the Senate Intel Committee's report on torture, and America's spooks are quite the Grumpy Cats ...
Crashing Vor 12/10/2014 231 502 3 -
I Hereby Declare America Post-Racial
And, no, this isn't one of those instances of some white guy just saying, "Stop talking about this stuff, black people. You're making me feel bad." No, it is an acknowledgment that, despite a ...
Crashing Vor 12/04/2014 8 11 - -
Marilyn Ludwig: My Appreciation
We said goodbye to Mom today. We are happy to know she is finally at rest after a long, tough haul. In other posts, I've noted her accomplishments as an editor and public relations pro in the ...
Crashing Vor 11/20/2014 18 33 - -
Senate Dems' Keystone Cave Demonstrates Why We Lose Elections
I'm honestly baffled at the Democratic Delusion that supporting the Keystone XL pipeline will somehow help Mary Landrieu's re-election bid. The idea that workers in the Louisiana oil patch, who ...
Crashing Vor 11/18/2014 341 351 - -
Packing Lunch
Item: Guns and biscuits: Port Allen eatery offers discount to patrons packing heat PORT ALLEN — Business has been booming at Bergeron’s Restaurant since owner Kevin Cox came up with an emphatic ...
Crashing Vor 11/15/2014 25 32 - -
In Praise of Generic Branding
I was fascinated by lowkell 's breakdown of who sees a broadcast ad on metro DC television in yesterday's progressive state blog roundup. The problem of spending big bucks to buy broadcast time ...
Crashing Vor 11/09/2014 3 7 - -
Zervigon Firebombing: Politics as Unusual?
The firebombing of Mario Zervigon's cars--and subsequent burning of his home--in uptown New Orleans has been ruled "definitely arson" by ATF agents investigating the torching. It is an easy ...
Crashing Vor 11/07/2014 6 12 - -
Guess I'll Eat a Quart of Ben and Jerry's...
Opened my inbox this morning. Now I find myself strangely lonely. All my good friends who've been so attentive and eager to hang with me seem to have found other people to hang out with. Hey, I ...
Crashing Vor 11/05/2014 23 18 - -
Dear Sen. Manchin: Um...
How exactly does one tell another politely to STFU? This evening, discussing Shelley Moore Capito's victory in the West Virginia senate race, Joe Manchin said, in effect, that the federal government'
Crashing Vor 11/04/2014 21 47 1 -
Tomorrow's Headlines TODAY!
Washington Nov 5 (AP) In a stunning reversal of expectations and accepted political wisdom, Democrats not only held the US Senate in yesterday's elections, but gained seats in both houses of Congress.
Crashing Vor 11/04/2014 8 14 - -
An Anecdote You May Enjoy
For the umpteenth time today, the phone rang. Caller ID said, "San Antonio, TX." Don't know why I even bothered answering, but I did. And I'm glad I did. It made me think we might have a chance to ...
Crashing Vor 11/03/2014 7 21 - -
Quarantine Them!
I just posted This old man 's fine diary comparing America's experience with Ebola to our long history of influenza epidemics, pandemics and annual (fatal) sweeps to my Facebook page with the ...
Crashing Vor 11/02/2014 7 28 - -
LA Early Voting--The (Somewhat) Good News
Secretary of State website has the early voting numbers statewide and the results are... It's complicated.
Crashing Vor 11/02/2014 6 20 - -
I Remember Another Contest...
Browsing the orange links this morning, I'm morbidly impressed with the scope of Republican efforts to keep people from voting in this year's election. ID laws. Reduced voting hours and days. "...
Crashing Vor 11/01/2014 15 32 - -
A Little Good News from Louisiana
Nosing through the Advocate this morning, I stumbled upon a bit of good news from 'round our way and thought you might enjoy it.
Crashing Vor 10/26/2014 7 30 - -
Oh. THOSE National Security Republicans
So, tonight on Matthews' show, he announced the results of the AP/GfK poll released yesterday showing Republicans having an expected advantage in the contest to control the Senate. Matthews really ...
Crashing Vor 10/22/2014 18 22 - -
Ben Bradlee has Gone
The Washington Post is reporting this hour the death of managing editor, then executive editor Ben Bradlee at his Washington home. Mr. Bradlee was 93. Under his leadership, the Post faced two major ...
Crashing Vor 10/21/2014 45 79 2 -
How to End the Right's Voter ID Addiction
22 states in 4 years. Laws demonstrably aimed at keeping the black, the brown, the young and the urban from being represented in Congress. It's ugly. And it's effective. But there's a way to stop ...
Crashing Vor 10/19/2014 177 240 - -
Thank You, Thank You, You Rotten Old PIL
If you are fool enow, like me, to watch television or listen to the radio, you likely know that actor/comedian Russell Brand has a book out he'd really like you to buy entitled "Revolution." The book,
Crashing Vor 10/18/2014 31 41 - -
... and the Doctor said, "Don't Go Like That." (Update)
First came Gov. Scott's disastrous tantrum over Charlie Crist's eminently reasonable request to have a fan blowing on him while standing under stage lights for hours in Florida. Now, it seems there ...
Crashing Vor 10/16/2014 54 129 1 -
Utterly BOGUS Ruling by 5th Circuit Reinstates Texas Voter ID Law
As most here have likely heard, the Fifth Circuit of Appeals--arguably the nation's most conservative federal court--has stayed the order of US District Judge Nelva Conzales Ramos, which struck down ...
Crashing Vor 10/14/2014 46 118 6 -
New Ad: "Give 'Em the Finger"
This one's pretty simple (and short--20 seconds of your time). I truly believe that one of the key elements of our shocking victories next month will be the growing outrage at Republican overreach ...
Crashing Vor 10/14/2014 5 28 1 -
Spam Pizza!
I have an email account dedicated to Republican spam. It's gotten quite full lately, as the 'Pubs have taken a page from the Dems' notebook on the supposed effectiveness of bombarding the living ...
Crashing Vor 10/12/2014 35 35 1 -
New Ad: "Daddy Knows Best"
Okay, first off: this one turned out kind of creepy. Admittedly, I was hoping it would be so, but maybe not this creepy. Initially, it was just going to be about Thom Tillis' calling the fight for ...
Crashing Vor 10/11/2014 24 48 - -
New Ad: "Will No One Think of the Chickens???" (Update)
Quite surprised to find myself back in Iowa so soon. Where the tall corn grows. Where you'll find Sioux City Sue with her hair of gold and eyes of blue... And a woman with absolutely no business ...
Crashing Vor 10/09/2014 42 86 2 -
Just Do Your Damned Job!
Religion's great, if you go for that sort of thing. As Mr. Jefferson said, it neither picks my pocket nor breaks my leg. Popular pastime, I understand. But, unless you're a paid member of the cloth,
Crashing Vor 10/06/2014 9 30 - -
The Very Rich are Different from You and Me
They are, to put it bluntly, pretty chinchy. The Chronicle of Philanthropy, a Washington, DC based newspaper reporting on charities and non-profits, has re-run and expanded its 2012 study, "How ...
Crashing Vor 10/06/2014 25 31 - -
New Ad: "Think Before You Vote"
This morning, jfried put up a diary requesting an ad to make Iowa voters think before voting for Republican wackanoodle Joni Ernst. Which is pretty funny, as I was, at that moment, working on this ...
Crashing Vor 10/05/2014 18 46 1 -
Clear, Simple and Wrong
Muslim. Ebola. Obama. Church of Christ. Meth. Tea Party. Dead-enders. Get some. Let's roll. Remember the Maine.
Crashing Vor 10/03/2014 25 25 - -
Funky. Not in a Good Way
I don't know why you liberals are always claiming racism. I mean, racism doesn't even happen anymore. Oh, maybe off like in some town in Alabama or something, but not in, like, you know, a real place.
Crashing Vor 10/02/2014 26 80 - -
Let's Not Use This as an Opportunity to Have a Real Conversation
Oftentimes in America, someone says or does something terribly ugly, something most of us agree has no place in a civilized society. Following the initial shock and condemnation, inevitably, it is ...
Crashing Vor 10/01/2014 46 49 - -
Down the 9 to the End of the World (Photo Diary)
My good friend N came in from Wyoming to attend the memorial service for Johnny Ray Allen and had an extra day in the city before he had to head home. Though he'd lived in the city for many years, ...
Crashing Vor 09/27/2014 6 32 - -
The One Question Campaign
Well, looks like it's unofficial. But Politico's Ben White claims All signs point to Jeb Bush prepping for 2016 presidential run . Setting aside the amusing speculation on Barb's barbed ...
Crashing Vor 09/25/2014 31 27 - -
A Curious Little Robocall
Just got an odd robocall from a zombie identifying himself as "Louisiana Priorities" who proceeded to tell me how terrible Mary Landrieu is, how she's printing money like there's no tomorrow and ...
Crashing Vor 09/23/2014 16 43 1 -
Bobby Jindal Joins the Not-a-Scientist Club
In a too-cute-by-half attempt at the Republican standby play "I'm rubber you're glue," Bobby Jindal accused the "liberals who populate the Obama administration" of being... "science deniers."
Crashing Vor 09/23/2014 15 25 - -
Is Peter King in League with Terrorists?
Hey, I never said he was. I only asked the question. Because people want to know. As I assume you're aware by now, a traumatized Iraq war veteran named Omar Gonzalez from Texas was arrested again ...
Crashing Vor 09/22/2014 21 16 - -
Remember when you were a kid and you'd be hanging out with your friends and somebody would say something and everyone would try to top it? "Oh, yeah? Well, one time I jumped off two roofs!" I'm ...
Crashing Vor 09/22/2014 7 19 - -
Friday Night Mini-Cine: "New York Apartment" (SSP)
Good evening. This is a Shameless Self-Promotion diary. Should you eschew such things, probably best to split now. No hard feelings. Due to a couple of serious computer crashes and rather trying ...
Crashing Vor 09/19/2014 5 8 - -
Crashing Vor 09/14/2014 102 148 - -
The Father of All of Us is Gone
Another one. Maybe the hardest. I'm sorry. Local media is reporting that Cosimo Matassa has passed away. Times-Pic . WWL . If you have ever heard a rock and roll record, ever jumped to a rockin' ...
Crashing Vor 09/11/2014 21 116 - -
Scandal Blows KY Contest Wide Open
Sometimes it's not the crime, it's the cover up. Sometimes it's the failure to cover up. In close, fiercely-fought contests, the killer mistake can be publicly admitting what many get away with. ...
Crashing Vor 09/11/2014 35 30 - -
Release the Goats, Smithers.
Pardon. It's late. I made the mistake of reading some comments on the internet. A particular comment, regards the estimated 3 million new, full-time jobs created by President Obama's stimulus act, ...
Crashing Vor 09/09/2014 168 559 13 -
JR19 -- Doing Well by Doing Good
Very grateful to Paul Hogarth for the reminder: The Senate is voting on the first step in a repeal of Citizens United on Monday , and a polite, personal note is always more effective than a petition.
Crashing Vor 09/05/2014 5 18 - -
Tim Green -- An Appreciation
I apologize for being again the bearer of sad news from New Orleans. Last night, word flew around town that we've lost another musical giant--and a great, great friend. Tim Green, master saxophonist,
Crashing Vor 08/29/2014 8 11 - -
Utterly Inconsequential Diary You Needn't Open
That is, unless, like me, you are among the unfortunate minority of humanity afflicted with HKSG-1, the Hello Kitty Susceptibility Gene, and are incapable of turning away from any image of Sanrio ...
Crashing Vor 08/28/2014 9 13 - -
New Orleans Says Goodbye to Two Musical Giants
Music lovers from 'round our way and far beyond were saddened this week to hear the news that trumpeter Warren "Porgy" Jones has passed away at the age of 74. Growing up in the French Quarter and ...
Crashing Vor 08/27/2014 6 50 - -
NOPD Chief Serpas Resigns
Breaking (kind of): Mitch Landrieu's biggest mistake, New Orleans Police Chief Ronal Serpas, has just announced he's stepping down.
Crashing Vor 08/18/2014 4 18 - -
SSP: "These are the Ways of My People"
This is a Shameless Self-Promotion diary. Feel free to ignore. An odd time to be launching a personal project, I know, what with the tumultuous events in our land and abroad. I'll add (without ...
Crashing Vor 08/14/2014 4 19 1 -
NOPD Shoots Man, Tells No One
This might sound familiar: Man shot in head during traffic stop Monday; NOPD never publicly disclosed shooting A man was shot in the head Monday during a traffic stop in Algiers, sending him to ...
Crashing Vor 08/14/2014 99 192 1 -
The End of Order is a Feature Not a Bug
Crashing Vor 08/13/2014 157 293 3 -
Johnny Ray Allen - An Appreciation
Lovers of song in New Orleans and around the world got some sad and shocking news yesterday. Johnny Ray Allen, original bassist and songwriter for the subdudes, has passed away. A big man with a ...
Crashing Vor 08/09/2014 9 19 - -
The Aliens Have Your Mom
I saw your mom today. They're holding her in the same compound where mine is. Who's holding her? The terrorists. Well, I can't say for sure they're terrorists, but they're illegal aliens. Okay, okay,
Crashing Vor 08/04/2014 16 19 - -
Untitled Diary for an Untitled Book
Just announced : (New York, NY — July 30, 2014) George W. Bush, the 43rd President of the United States, has authored a personal biography of his father, George H. W. Bush, the 41st President. ...
Crashing Vor 07/31/2014 18 10 - -
The Jesus Freaks of Politics
Been having a back-and-forth with an old friend who's drunk the Tea lately. The usual stuff. Socialism, Sharia, destroying America, yadda yadda. I've shot back a few. "Please cite one law in the ...
Crashing Vor 07/29/2014 188 280 1 -
Out-of-Context Follies--American Firearm Institute Edition
Currently bouncing around Facebook, you will find a snappy little quote card with the picture of America's 35th president and a quote from one of his speeches, reading, Today we need a nation of ...
Crashing Vor 07/19/2014 7 18 - -
Lionel Ferbos: An Appreciation
On Thursday, the New Orleans' musical community's oldest member turned 103. Trumpet player Lionel Ferbos, who began perusing his musical dreams with society orchestras in the 1930s, while supporting ...
Crashing Vor 07/19/2014 1 11 - -
A Small but Startling Argument for Hillary
I am not a Hillary inevitablist, let alone a Hillary swooner. I find her a bit too Third Way, corporatist, and far too conventionally hawkish. On the other side, I'm deeply impressed with her ...
Crashing Vor 07/18/2014 394 184 1 -
The Somethinth Annual Not-at-Netroots-Nation Sour Grapes Diary
Netroots what? Never heard of it. Oh, yeah, I know. Big hootenanny of happy progressives laughing, joking, drinking, smoking, saving the world up north somewhere. But we're too cool for that, you ...
Crashing Vor 07/17/2014 98 41 - -
Happy Birthday, Woody
I figured somebody else'd mention it, but I don't see anything on a quick search, so I just wanted to say happy birthday to a great American and the spiritual father to every hard-scrabbling, hard-...
Crashing Vor 07/14/2014 14 42 - -
New Ad: "Proud"
I've already offered my unsolicited two cents on Pryor's "I'm Bible-ier than you" ad, and will readily concede that someone with that last name probably knows a bit more about Arkansas voters than I.
Crashing Vor 07/08/2014 9 28 - -
Eats, Shoots and Pursues Happiness
Proper punctuation is ever so crucial, particularly when attempting to convey ideas of great subtlety and import. Danielle Allen, a professor at the Institute for Advanced Study at Princeton, ...
Crashing Vor 07/04/2014 13 34 - -
Marriage Equality in... Louisiana???
The question marks are definitely called for, but the cause of marriage equality in the Sportsman's Paradise took a big step yesterday. Forward, backward or sideways is still unclear. US District ...
Crashing Vor 06/26/2014 15 21 - -
I Couldn't Give 2 $#*+s about Hillary Clinton
or Elizabeth Warren or Joe Biden or Brian Schweitzer or Martin O'Malley or whoever. Look, if the past six years have demonstrated anything, it is that the president of the United States, as the ...
Crashing Vor 06/25/2014 183 410 3 -
New Ad: "We Wanna Work!" (Bonus: Adorable Cat!)
This was a fun one that started with the song (there's a lot more of that, which may actually come out sometime). A generic non-partisan (but, hey, who are we kidding?) prod to Congress to get off ...
Crashing Vor 06/23/2014 15 37 1 -
So Long, and Thanks for All the Clicks
No, not a GBCW. What was, a couple of weeks ago, just a rumor , is now confirmed: YouTube will boot from its site the videos of independent musicians who refuse it's self-determined "lowest in the ...
Crashing Vor 06/18/2014 181 361 5 -
New Vid: "Another Universe"
Had to take a break from the political ads, so I whipped up a quick one on a song from the new record (soon, soon). This is, to my knowledge, the first cowboy campfire song about the many-worlds ...
Crashing Vor 06/17/2014 18 17 1 -
A Curious Advertising Debut
In last night's Top Comments, I dropped a plug for the new anti-Koch brothers ad (natch). In response, lotac and Rosalie907 mentioned that they'd seen a pro -Koch ad on the telly recently, ...
Crashing Vor 06/17/2014 38 70 - -
New Ad: "Newsreel"
I am grateful to here4tehbeer for the comment in poopdogcomedy's Friday diary on the North Carolina legislature stomping down expansion of the state's tax credits for film and television production, ...
Crashing Vor 06/16/2014 22 40 1 -
I'm Sorry, Some People I Just Don't Wish Well
Item: CNN will air tonight a "documentary" on the life of George H.W. Bush entitled "41 on 41," in honor of the former president's 90th birthday. A bit more detail : This is two hours of ...
Crashing Vor 06/15/2014 170 157 1 -
Damn, I Wish I Were a Pundit
I could babble on endlessly on things I don't understand, just like I do now, but get paid handsomely, get invited to swanky parties and enjoy green room coffee and danish on Sundays. I could look ...
Crashing Vor 06/12/2014 49 51 - -
The Monsters are Due on GOPle Street
Because, really, why should the rats do all the f---ing? As for the provenance of the video, well, I really couldn't say.
Crashing Vor 06/11/2014 8 12 - -
I am Tired of Living in Hell
Yeah, that was a terrible day yesterday. Five people dead. Because of crazy people. Or guns. Or liberal policies. Or whatever. Oh. Sorry. You meant those five people. I was thinking about those ...
Crashing Vor 06/09/2014 135 334 2 -
Taking the Radio... Yet Again
"Anyone who ever had a heart They wouldn't turn around and break it And anyone who ever played a part They wouldn't turn around and hate it" I'm sorry to say this is becoming a diary series. I ...
Crashing Vor 06/09/2014 10 15 - -
Rock Crushers, Stock Tips and Conspiracy Theories
As you might have guessed, I'm hungry. For a certain sweet, toroid snack. Yep, it's National Donut Day (though we purists prefer the proper spelling). Customers can score free rings of joy at ...
Crashing Vor 06/06/2014 12 19 - -
The Mild, Mild West
I was just reading Isara 's well-written and depressing rec-lister on the state of our gun-crazed land and wanted to clear up a small error in the diary that is surprisingly widespread on both sides ...
Crashing Vor 06/05/2014 121 217 4 -
French Quarter "Minute Man" on the Lam
Well, that didn't take long. Last week brought the news of the formation of a self-appointed vigilante group, the "French Quarter Minutemen," who intended to pack concealed weapons and patrol the ...
Crashing Vor 06/05/2014 28 87 - -
I Ain't Sayin'...
No, I'm just laughing. After the ballot weirdness on election day, when precincts in Harrison County got the wrong coded ballots, bringing a halt to voting in yesterday's primary, my bullshit ...
Crashing Vor 06/04/2014 12 22 - -
New Ad: "Change"
This one was quick and, well, not exactly dirty. Not when he gave me the setup line. "If you want to change America, the first step is to change the Senate," How true, Senator. How very true.
Crashing Vor 06/02/2014 14 29 - -
From the Dept. of What Could Go Wrong
This week our NBC affiliate reported on a story which should make us all feel safer. From whatever shreds of sanity still lurk in the darker corners of our society. Armed citizens form group to ...
Crashing Vor 05/31/2014 20 26 1 -
The '14 Elections are Important in Another Way
one which is little discussed in Democratic circles and absolutely hush-hush among 'Pubs. There's more at stake than just control of the Senate or the fate of a president's legacy or the set-up to ...
Crashing Vor 05/30/2014 8 22 - -
Knives? Really?
Knives? Really?
Crashing Vor 05/27/2014 286 566 5 -
New Ad: "Facts"
I've come to look forward to the release of each new AFP ad against Mary Landrieu. They are so perfectly cookie cutter, so free of substance that they mock themselves. Responding to them is easier ...
Crashing Vor 05/27/2014 26 47 - -
On the Election(s)
Just a few thoughts on yesterday's elections. What? Did I sleep through November?!?
Crashing Vor 05/26/2014 10 12 - -
Schulman's Blind Spot
In this morning's Washington Post , Daniel Schulman, author of the excellent biography/political history Sons of Wichita: The Saga of the Koch Brothers , expounds on a subject he regularly discusses ...
Crashing Vor 05/25/2014 11 14 - -
A Slightly Different Memorial: "Dueling Oaks"
A couple of records back, I kind of got tired of writing songs about dead and broken fighting men and women. There'd been a pretty long string of them. So I did something I don't often do: wrote a ...
Crashing Vor 05/24/2014 10 11 - -
Ruth Ziolkowski -- An Appreciation
Sixty-seven years ago this month, noted sculptor Korczak Ziolkowski, having served in World War II, decided to accept a proposal made eight years previously by Lakota chief Henry Standing Bear and ...
Crashing Vor 05/22/2014 2 14 - -
We're Number 2! (Sort of...)
In my diary yesterday about Kochs and climate, a reader commented that we in the United States are "not the problem" when it comes to carbon dioxide, that America has reduced its CO2 output in ...
Crashing Vor 05/20/2014 21 54 - -
New Ad: "Cancer"
Recently, I began researching what I thought would be a funny, odd project about a couple of sociopath billionaires out to take over the country. Real knee-slapper. Problem is, the more I ...
Crashing Vor 05/19/2014 58 149 - -
A PR Hint for "Patriots"
What a dud. What a fizzle. What a nothing. Maybe 250 max of your b illions and b illions. Here's a tip: stop overselling. Tens of thousands of big rigs will choke the Beltway. Glenn Beck will draw ...
Crashing Vor 05/16/2014 100 165 - -
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