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Please watch "American Winter"
I watched this documentary last night, a sobering, fact-filled look at ordinary folks — like so many people I know — who are struggling. I fell in love with each of the families profiled. They ...
Critithinker 03/19/2013 4 4 - -
The Colorado Fight for Civil Unions
No one could describe the events of the last several days better than Jace Woodrum, Deputy Excecutive Director of One Colorado:
Critithinker 05/14/2012 3 10 1 59
Dixie Chicks and Ted Nugent
I have an idea. It's easy, and it's all about messaging.
Critithinker 04/26/2012 1 1 - 134
The "Marketing" of the OWS Movement
I stumbled across this blogpost, courtesy of Eugene Farber,, and wanted to smack the guy:
Critithinker 10/19/2011 31 36 - 374
Corporate Oxymoron
I was a graphic designer in a corporation. Little did I know how much it would teach me about what has crippled our economy.
Critithinker 06/22/2011 16 27 1 182
A Unique and Valued Opportunity: Colorado's Senate Race
It became all the more clear to me during my first time as a delegate for the Colorado State Assembly in support of Andrew Romanoff.
Critithinker 05/24/2010 6 4 - 21
Letter to Judy about Immigration
My friend Judy forwarded me an email today with the note, "How should I reply?".
Critithinker 05/14/2010 1 - 1 11
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