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Let us look at the law re: Clinton Emails the last day, we've heard that SOS Clinton used only private email accounts to conduct official business. It appears that Clinton aides have said that they have turned over some, but not ...
Cthulhu 03/03/2015 71 38 1 -
If you are going to prosecute leaks, Mr. President....
Then how about starting with General Petraeus? Per Political Wire: The F.B.I. and Justice Department prosecutors have recommended bringing felony charges against retired Gen. David Petraeus for ...
Cthulhu 01/09/2015 15 20 - -
Views of one white man
Dear friends in the African American community: We as a nation failed you. The system should not be that a cop can angrily confront a person of any color, start a fight with them, and then shoot ...
Cthulhu 11/25/2014 2 4 - -
Bill Cosby: what I was told, back in the early 80s
I was aware, in a very general way, of the stories surrounding Bill Cosby back in the early 1980s, when I was a kid. A member of my family worked for General Foods, the makers of Jello. This ...
Cthulhu 11/19/2014 399 238 2 -
Dear Idiots at the DSCC: I get that you want to shake me down for money. Its OK, I understand, its part of the deal. However, calling me at 7:45 in the morning is a bit extreme, don't you think?
Cthulhu 06/17/2014 34 18 - -
Christie knew, says Port Authority appointee
From the NYT, Breaking: Here you are. Link Sorry for the drive by -- on the road.
Cthulhu 01/31/2014 1 1 - -
2 thoughts/questions on Syrian intervention
I am on the record as opposing an intervention in Syria in retaliation for the use of chemical weapons. I would ask those who feel differently to consider the following two questions. I am at ...
Cthulhu 09/03/2013 13 - - -
The apostles were....married?
I apologize for the drive-by diary, but I read this , and it blew my mind. I had always thought that the reason the Church claimed that its priests had to be celibate was because the Apostles were ...
Cthulhu 06/21/2013 64 13 - -
A guy calls for the assassination of Obama on Youtube. Youtube won't take it down. Please help.
On Youtube right now, there is a gentleman named David Andrew Christenson who is calling for the assassination of President Obama in his videos. He isn't hiding this -- its right in the title of ...
Cthulhu 04/13/2013 164 200 4 -
Cthulhu's Intelligence Hypothetical of the Day
Query: Having read the classified white paper on drone strikes, I'm wondering the following: (1) Is there any check on the President's power to claim that a U.S. citizen is a member of a ...
Cthulhu 02/06/2013 2 2 - -
Does it hurt, Mitt? Does it hurt?
I'm writing this not so much as a diary but as a rant. I've wanted to write this letter since election night. Does it hurt, Mitt? Does it fucking hurt? I hope so. I hope it hurts bad. ...
Cthulhu 11/08/2012 18 20 - -
My wife (Mrs. Cthulhu) not-so-subtly harassed while voting
Confession time: in my earthly guise, I'm white, anglo-saxon, protestant male. My wife is a white, anglo-saxon, protestant female. We live in a Republican neighborhood in the Great Republican ...
Cthulhu 11/06/2012 170 584 5 -
Its been a long time coming....
For the past two years, I have been Pissed Off . I've been stunned by the messages sent out from President Obama -- on the economy, on human rights, on whistle-blowing, on abortion, and, by Christ,
Cthulhu 09/20/2011 4 6 - 86
Statement from a progressive Obama critic on the budget
Howdy. I'm one of the people on the left who had been very, very critical of Obama over the past two years. I have also been one of the people who has called out the knee-jerk supporters of ...
Cthulhu 04/10/2011 26 6 - 143
Sold Out for the last god damn time
Dear Democratic Party Establishmment, including but not limited to President Obama: Go on: Touch Social Security. I double god-damn dare you. Raise the retirement age. Lower benefits. And ...
Cthulhu 07/07/2010 204 35 - 47
Planned Parenthood -- a very weird phone call.
I got a phone call this morning from someone claiming to be from "Planned Parenthood." This did not go well. The woman on the phone asked for me by name. *Good Morning, Mr. Cthulhu, I'm calling ...
Cthulhu 03/26/2010 38 4 - 34
MA-SEN. This is what happens when....
a party takes a large portion of its base for granted. Let's the national level, we have: (1) A healthcare bill that passed the Senate which (a) incorporates the "Cadillac Tax" ...
Cthulhu 01/19/2010 20 9 - 17
Cthulhu Intelligence Hypothetical Diary (Legal)
Hello. As part of an ongoing series designed to provoke a conversation regarding the laws which should govern our intelligence services, I provide the following factual and legal hypothetical for ...
Cthulhu 06/28/2009 11 2 - 82
This diary is to illustrate the silliness of in-diary ads -- updated
Many readers have already commented in other threads about the silliness of a union's advertisements. The union in question is concerned about health care, and so, for every diary with health care ...
Cthulhu 05/23/2009 143 14 1 36
What laws should govern our intelligence services?
As the outset, let me say that I am an attorney. I am also one of "those people" who agrees with Glenn Greenwald. This means: * I do not believe that it is Constitutional or legal for the US ...
Cthulhu 04/11/2009 57 9 - -
Mr. Obama: You told me that you were a leader who promised change, and I bought into that. I -- and many of my brethren -- have done nothing but support you tooth and nail against what we viewed ...
Cthulhu 06/19/2008 81 28 - 18
Vote for the Nominee.
I've read maybe a dozen diaries in the last two days, wherein people respectfully, beautifully, and with well-crafted words explain why they can't vote for HRC if she gets the nomination. Oh, ...
Cthulhu 03/08/2008 130 12 - 5
I received a "Leadership Survey" from the DNC
Today I received a thinly-veiled "Leadership Survey" donation request from the DNC. Dr. Dean kindly asked me to give my opinion on lots of matters, so that he could see what the rank-and-file ...
Cthulhu 02/16/2008 30 10 - 1
This probably isn't diary-worthy, but I've been having a problem over the last few days and i don't know how else to ask about it. Its about my Trusted User status. And its been very, very ...
Cthulhu 02/14/2008 75 5 - 2
I'm giving notice to the Democratic Senators running for Pres
I'm giving notice to the Democratic Senators running for President: IF YOU DO NOT TRY TO FILIBUSTER THE FISA BILL I WILL NOT VOTE FOR YOU FOR PRESIDENT. End. Full Stop. That'...
Cthulhu 10/18/2007 81 26 1 -
Dear Democratic Party Leadership:
When is enough enough? When will you finally bring a bill of impeachment against this runaway President and his even-crazier Vice President? The reason I ask is that the Prtesident has just ...
Cthulhu 07/20/2007 7 11 - -
It appears Alberto Gonzales misled the Texas State Bar
Attorney General Alberto Gonzales may have misstated his current employment status to the Texas State Bar. According to State Bar records available to the public on-line, it appears that for ...
Cthulhu 03/17/2007 37 48 3 146
Accidental repost -- Nancy Pelosi/No Impeachment (ignore)
Cthulhu 10/23/2006 171 12 1 19
The grand strategy of Israel
Cthulhu 07/21/2006 35 6 - -
I condemn Deb Frisch and her threats to a conservative blogger's child
Cthulhu 07/08/2006 23 14 - 17
I lost a civil rights case today.
Cthulhu 04/19/2006 20 19 - 1
Tom Delay Question -- CAN HE MOVE?
Cthulhu 04/04/2006 24 11 - 16
Coming Clean: I'm actually a Republican
Cthulhu 03/31/2006 55 13 1 2
Advice for my sister -- Emily's List?
Cthulhu 02/08/2006 16 1 - -
No more tears. Back to work.
Cthulhu 01/30/2006 3 2 - -
Political Theory -- What is the purpose of Government?
Cthulhu 10/07/2005 27 3 1 -
Trial Balloon: Wealth Tax for Body Armor?
Cthulhu 09/27/2005 8 - - -
Life Extension -- a very random digression
Cthulhu 09/14/2005 15 1 - -
Maybe its time to re-think gun control
Cthulhu 09/06/2005 69 13 - -
Saudi Chief Justice urges attacks on U.S. Forces -- Updated
Cthulhu 04/27/2005 12 19 - -
Raw Story reports the Pope is dead.
Cthulhu 04/01/2005 20 1 - -
Giving the people what they want for Christmas...coal.
Cthulhu 11/28/2004 8 3 - -
Support Specter for Judiciary Committee Chair
Cthulhu 11/10/2004 14 1 - -
Weird, strange, GOTV experience
Cthulhu 10/17/2004 17 11 - -
Exhaustion. Only $400 left. Where do I put it?
Cthulhu 10/15/2004 12 2 - -
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