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Delaying Keystone for two years might be enough to stop it
The renewed push for approval of the Keystone pipeline suggests its backers believe it is "now or never," and they're probably right. The economics of Canada's tar sands operations are already ...
CupaJoe 11/17/2014 84 63 1 -
Can we agree - a moratorium on the Hillary diaries for 4 months?
There's so much to do in the four months between now and the November election. We need to defend Democratic seats in the Senate, and we need to displace some Republicans in the house. We need to ...
CupaJoe 06/26/2014 33 9 - -
The stock markets are dry tinder, and Republicans are playing with fire
The world’s major stock markets are showing signs of exhaustion, indicating that it’s time for some type of correction. A shock to the markets from U.S. debt default could mean the difference ...
CupaJoe 10/08/2013 10 7 - -
Repubs are handing control to Dems, if Dems will only take it (updated)
At some point soon, the sane faction of the Republican House will have to flee from the right flank. Democrats can turn that into a budget and policy win.
CupaJoe 10/03/2013 5 8 - -
Attacking Syria's military is strategically and ethically unsound. There's a better way.
Directing an attack upon Syrian military installations is not the best way to achieve the stated U.S. objectives. However, if military action is inevitable, then an approach targeting Syria's ...
CupaJoe 09/08/2013 19 2 - -
President Obama, climate change denier? (Ok, that's an exaggeration, but...)
This is the first diary I’ve written in a very long time. To ease myself back into these waters, I’ll begin with an imperfect allegory and some childish pictures, below the fold.
CupaJoe 06/24/2013 23 13 1 -
Occupy differently -- It's time to diversify
After the recent nationwide string of evictions, maybe it's time for Occupiers to change tactics. Instead of being visible by virtue of being chased out of downtown parks by police, perhaps they ...
CupaJoe 11/15/2011 8 12 1 81
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