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Mitch Daniels Lied to Labor
In 2006 Indiana Governor Mitch Daniels said this about so-called "Right to Work" laws “I am a supporter of the labor laws we have in the State of Indiana, and I’m not interested in ...
Curt Matlock 01/25/2012 8 21 - 97
Tased, Naked, Dead in Arpaio Jail
Sheriff Arpaio's office chose the Friday before Christmas to finally release video of the events leading up to the death of Ernest Atencio. TPM's summary: ... it was one of Sheriff Joe ...
Curt Matlock 12/24/2011 33 45 - 263
Syed and Dustin - Following a Facebook Trail of Hate
In the wake of the Norway massacre right-wing hate groups on Facebook and other sites are seeing a surge in interest. New stars such as Breivik, and old ones such as Hitler and Mussolini are ...
Curt Matlock 08/01/2011 5 4 - 62
Democrats <--- Hey Boehner, Votes You Need Are Over Here
It might come as a revelation to many pundits but there is another option for Speaker Boehner. He can look to Democrats for votes. Crazy talk? Only to the Tea Party. Just about everyone else in ...
Curt Matlock 07/29/2011 6 4 - 48
Arrogant Debt Police are Rogues
Barry Ritholtz speaking to Canadian TV on his feelings about S&P, Moody's, and Fitch: I stated my long held views about them: That they were a prime enabler of the credit crisis; that ...
Curt Matlock 07/28/2011 15 21 - 120
Who is Buying News Corp Stock?
News Corp stock is up today as Rupert Murdoch testifies before Parliament. The obvious connection to make is that Murdoch's testimony must be going well so that's why the stock is ...
Curt Matlock 07/19/2011 43 63 2 546
Murdoch Threatened With Jail
The stunning news from the Guardian reads: A threat of imprisonment by parliament ...
Curt Matlock 07/14/2011 41 37 - 286
Trump Bumped out of Indy 500 Pace Car
After facing increasing grass roots pressure, including a Facebook page with 17,500 likes urging his removal, the Indianapolis Motor Speedway announced today that Donald Trump has removed himself as ...
Curt Matlock 05/05/2011 120 141 1 1291
Neocon Wolfowitz Calls for Greater U.S. Involvement in Libya
Echoing calls among liberals concerned about violence in Libya, Republican neocon Paul Wolfowitz wants President Obama and the U.S. to escalate their response to the Libyan revolution. The former U.S.
Curt Matlock 02/22/2011 53 21 1 217
Indiana Unions fighting against Right To Work For Less
Continuing their resistance to the damaging changes being planned by Indiana Gov. Mitch Daniels, union supporters and teachers are organizing a large protest for Monday, Feb 21, 2011. The rally will ...
Curt Matlock 02/18/2011 15 24 2 121
Drudge, Rush, WSJ: Foley crime is Dems fault!
Curt Matlock 10/03/2006 47 22 - 7
Help Us Win Ohio Paul
Curt Matlock 02/17/2006 11 2 - 28
Repubs Schmidt, Davis Smear Murtha, Liberals, Democrats
Curt Matlock 11/19/2005 2 1 - 9
Frist Uses Religion on Filibuster - McCain Says Vote is No
Curt Matlock 04/15/2005 11 11 - 48
Nominee Battle: Norquist Threatens Dems
Curt Matlock 04/08/2005 16 5 - -
Filibuster Fight - Phil A. Buster Ad Launches
Curt Matlock 04/06/2005 4 5 - 2
Kennedy on Free Judges, Nuclear Option
Curt Matlock 04/03/2005 9 17 - -
Frist-DeLay 'Cruel Hoax' on Schindlers over Schiavo
Curt Matlock 03/24/2005 264 37 - 12
Sen. Reid on Budget Immorality
Curt Matlock 03/16/2005 3 3 - 3
Sen. Salazar Asks Bush to Withdraw Judge Nominees
Curt Matlock 03/02/2005 141 7 - 7
Sen. Corzine to Bush: Denounce 'Slanderous Attacks'!
Curt Matlock 02/24/2005 13 12 - -
USA Next Exploiting Gay Bigotry
Curt Matlock 02/23/2005 4 1 - 5
Bush Admin Rebuked by GAO on Propaganda
Curt Matlock 02/19/2005 6 6 - -
NY Times Traces Debt Explosion Under Republicans
Curt Matlock 02/13/2005 141 29 - 2
Kennedy Letter Claims 'Smoking Gun' Against Gonzales
Curt Matlock 02/02/2005 151 213 - 29
Word Torture Missing From AP Story on Gonzales Vote
Curt Matlock 01/27/2005 10 6 1 9
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