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Breaking: Voter Intimidation in N. St. Louis County (Update x3)
Cross-posted at Obama Strikeforce . I'll keep this as brief as possible, as we're still gathering information from our field reporters. We had a ...
Czar Chasm 11/04/2008 270 871 12 139
Missouri GOP Smackdown: Ayers Mailer
The Missouri GOP sent out a rather despicable mailer trying to link Barack Obama to William Ayers – an issue that, frankly, is a non-starter with most voters. Rather than attacking Obama’
Czar Chasm 10/21/2008 26 22 - 29
The DNC needs our help
Lost in the dizziness of the 2008 Democratic Presidential Primary is how badly the DNC needs money. I’m guilty – money that I would have sent to the DNC is being funneled to Barack ...
Czar Chasm 05/30/2008 18 10 1 -
Attn. Missouri Kossaks! Convention Meetup!
Roll Call! Who's going? I'll be there to represent Barack Obama from the 23rd Ward of the 3rd Congressional District (St. Louis City), along with a friend, representing Obama ...
Czar Chasm 05/08/2008 19 2 - 2
Hillary's new 3am ad: it's the economy, stupid
First Read is reporting that the Clinton campaign announced another 3am TV ad today attacking McCain on the economy. ...
Czar Chasm 04/02/2008 66 6 - 4
Papercuts for Obama (Or: How to be a National Delegate)
Last night I printed, folded, stuffed, addressed, licked and stamped 118 Missouri Third Congressional District "please pick me to be represent CD3 in Denver" fliers. This morning before work, I ...
Czar Chasm 03/25/2008 4 1 - 3
With support like this, how can the Maverick lose?
It's a well known fact that Democrats are a lot more creative than their conservative counterparts. From those Yes We Can videos to ...
Czar Chasm 03/23/2008 32 9 - 5
Paid for by Hillary Clinton for President
Just when you think Sen. Clinton's campaign is done throwing the Kitchen Sink at Sen. Obama, they find some wrenches in the cabinet underneath and decide to keep chuckin'. Then some drain-o. Then ...
Czar Chasm 03/04/2008 37 13 1 9
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