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Clinton campaign knocks Republican effort to block D.C. anti-discrimination law
House Republicans voted Thursday to block a Washington, D....
Laura Clawson 05/01/2015 34 29 1 -
Do you live in DC?
Just a very quick notice: if you live in DC and are an unemployed reporter, I saw that TPM is looking to hire someone local.
susans 04/03/2015 1 3 - -
Religious Freedom Day: How 8 Jewish Soldiers Brought Religious Freedom to Maryland
Friday January 16th is National Religious Freedom Day. All of us should be observing this event, because the Right is warping religious freedom to create "a right" to impose religious convictions ...
Navy Vet Terp 01/12/2015 53 82 5 -
Yearly DC/MD/VA Kossack Meeting Aug 23 - A Feedback Report
Hi everyone in dailykosland, province of CUA. I can report back to you that we had a very good meeting with lots of talk last Saturday in Washington DC. I have a couple of pictures, but no food ...
mimi 08/29/2014 33 25 1 -
Cardinal Pell: Oh, our priest raped your kid? Tough. The RCC is really just a trucking company.
" Sociopathic lack of empathy:" One of the Pope's elite 8 hand-picked elderly men to reform the RCC, Australian Cardinal George Pell of Sydney, defiantly told his country's Royal Commission ...
sturunner 08/21/2014 22 22 2 -
MD/DC/VA Kossacks - Meetup August 23rd!
I love this picture which I found on Wiki Commons. It's a picture of people in Amsterdam wearing orange clothing for Queensday. It's not mandatory to wear orange to Daily Kos meetups, but I have ...
JamieG from Md 08/14/2014 5 8 - -
MD/VA/DC meetup, Aug 23!
Our group is growing, but I hope it will grow more and some of our "maybes" change to "be theres." RSVPs : 1. JamieG from Md 2. mollyd 3. Diana in NoVa 4. NinthElegy 5. mimi 6. STI 7. ...
JamieG from Md 08/12/2014 7 8 - -
VA/DC/MD Meetup, August 23rd!
It's been over a year since we've had a meetup with members from the Virginia, Maryland and DC area, and I think it's time to have another. The two meetups we had at Union ...
JamieG from Md 08/07/2014 29 8 - -
2013 DC/MD/VA - Photodiary - Going forward to our 2014 Meet-up - Looking Back on Memory Lane
Update: Hi Marylanders, Virginians and Washingtonians ! JamieG from MD asked me to republish this old diary from 2013 to wet your appetite to meet again on Aug. 23rd, 2014. Same location. I hope ...
mimi 08/07/2014 40 33 - -
Will We Stop Dominion's Cove Point Gas Exports in Maryland?
I sure hope so - We will - We should - God willing - And Gods are willing, united to not let us mess up their creation - Or do you really believe they let us get away with it ? - They won't - That's ...
mimi 07/14/2014 12 7 - -
Stop Gas Exports at Cove Point, MD - Rally July 13th at US Capitol
Shout-out to DC/MD/VA Kossacks. There is a rally at the US Capitol I would like you to pay attention to and invite you to participate. Please watch the videos, let it sink in and spread the word. If ...
mimi 07/03/2014 5 13 2 -
Catch-all Shelf: David Harris-Gershon/May 17th Kossack Meetup Report/and June 14, 2014
Growing up, we had a shelf my mother called the 'catch-all.' It was home to all manner of important things that needed to go upstairs or be kept easily available. "Put it on the catch-all," my ...
NinthElegy 06/08/2014 8 10 - -
DC gun laws upheld in Federal Court
NEWSWIRE “The people of this city, acting through their elected representatives, have sought to combat gun violence and promote public safety. The court finds that they have done so in a ...
LilithGardener 05/16/2014 35 33 1 -
MD/DC/VA meetup, May 17
This coming Saturday, NinthElegy is organizing a DC Kossacks meetup at the mall in DC. What a great place for a meetup! says that it's going to be 70 degrees with very little chance ...
JamieG from Md 05/13/2014 20 10 - -
Reject and Protect (#NoKXL): Strength in Community on the National Mall, Sat 4/26/14 (photos!)
The cloudless blue sky above Washington DC on Saturday, April 26th, reflected the expanding passion and commitment expressed by the speakers and participants in the Reject and Protect Tipi Gifting ...
peregrine kate 04/30/2014 63 89 3 -
In DC? Come to my 'controversial' book event!
Hi DC Kossacks! So, some of you know that there's been a bit of buzz surrounding my book event happening in the District , which will be at 6:30 pm on April 30 at the MLK Jr. Memorial Library (...
David Harris Gershon 04/27/2014 10 15 - -
Last Call to Join the NoKXL Reject and Protect Procession on the National Mall this Saturday.
Update: Are you a fan of Neil Young? Then you should join us, because he will be at the Mall and join the C.I.A. Thanks to Kossack northerntier I got the following videos and information via email.
mimi 04/25/2014 9 16 - -
Reject and Protect - NoKXL Fighters Arrive at the Washington Mall - A Photo Diary
This morning the Cowboy Indian Alliance officially opened the Reject and Protect tipi camp on the National Mall. I had to work and couldn't take my own photos of the opening ceremonies, but'...
mimi 04/24/2014 35 104 3 -
DC Kossacks Inaugural Picnic Meet-up: Splendor On The Grass
It's been a long week and it'd be lovely to sleep in longer. That said, it's Saturday morning the 19th of April. A good day to meet neighbors! Picnic hamper packed and ready. Eastern Redbud (...
NinthElegy 04/24/2014 25 25 - -
Update - Follow the C.I.A. Ceremonies at the Washington Mall in DC
I am getting obnoxious. But I can't help myself. The Cowboy Indian Alliance has a whole week of programs on the Washington Mall starting tomorrow. If I hadn't to work I would be there at least to ...
mimi 04/22/2014 10 10 1 -
Pres. Carter in Cahoots with Indians and Cowboys - Update on April 26 NoKXL March
Updated Meeting Direction for Saturday: Please use the Smithonian Metro Station and walk over the tipi camp and stage. I couldn't resist this title just to a remind you that the Cowboy Indian ...
mimi 04/21/2014 9 31 - -
I paid my taxes... now where's my representation?
This year, like most of the 646,000 or so other people in my city, I paid my income tax to the federal government. I obviously don't have the data yet for this year, but we do know that in fiscal ...
JamesGG 04/15/2014 94 58 - -
DC Kossacks Welcome Peregrine Kate at the NoKXL Resist and Protect Rally to the White House
Beloved Peregrine Kate will be in Washington DC ! I would like to welcome her on April 26th in a welcome meet-up near the Washington Mall and the White House. We intend to march at the "Reject and ...
mimi 04/13/2014 19 30 2 -
Introducing DC Kossacks! Let's build community
I am fortunate to call NW DC home. But first time I saw my street in a working class DC neighborhood, I cried. And it wasn't due to happiness; I purchased, wholecloth, my imaginings of what it was ...
NinthElegy 04/08/2014 53 27 2 -
Chacounne meets Kossacks from MD and DC
Alors, mes amies (forgive my french, but with a Canadian guest I have to show some words in French) ... that was my first welcome meet-up I tried to put together and imagine ... c'était formidable !
mimi 04/08/2014 14 36 - -
Update: DC Kossack Welcome Meeting for Chacounne
UPDATE : I decided to change the DC Kossack meet-up location on Thursday evening to the Union Station Center Cafe location. Please make a note of it. Metro Station stop at the Red Line, Blue Line ...
mimi 03/18/2014 10 15 - -
Announcing DC Kossack Welcome Meeting for Chacounne
Dear fellow DC, VA and MD Kossacks, this an ad-hoc diary announcement for a meet-up in Washington DC designed to welcome Chacounne, who is coming in from Canada to attend a conference. I hope that ...
mimi 03/14/2014 17 14 - -
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