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Taking advice from Harry Truman
"Republicans approve of the American farmer, but they are willing to help him go broke. They stand four-square for the American home — but not for housing. They are strong for labor — but ...
DCBlue 11/05/2014 4 8 - -
Mitt's Comments = GOP Policy
Recently released videos of Mitt Romney speaking at a private fundraiser are sending shock-waves through Mitt Romney's campaign, and the larger political establishment. The comments contained on ...
DCBlue 09/18/2012 4 - - 26
The Secret Conservative Life of Willard Mitty
"Obamacare has been repealed," Willard Mitty exclaimed to those assembled to watch the 2014 State of the Union address. The cold winds of a January evening in Washington swooshed ...
DCBlue 02/01/2012 7 5 - 56
OWS: 1 Bank of America: 0
Bank of America is dropping its controversial $5 debit card fee, Bloomberg reported citing a bank spokesperson. The proposed $5 dollar fee was first announced on September 29. The ...
DCBlue 11/01/2011 17 10 - 129
Former Los Angeles Police Department officer, a highly commended cop who "did street time on the streets of South Central," would like a word with mayors and police of occupied cities, towns, and ...
DCBlue 10/28/2011 24 75 2 509
[UPDATE]Breaking:Egypt Activists will March in Tahrir Sq in Solidarity with Oakland Tomorrow10-28-11
This is just breaking: @mar3e Mohammed Maree Egyptians have inspired the protesters in #OccupayWallstreet, #OccupayOakland so let us send them a supporting message from #Tahrir ...
DCBlue 10/26/2011 31 63 4 308
Inspiring Video!! 89 Year Old Lois Clark on Occupy Wall Street
Lois Clark, 89, gets what Occupy Wall Street is about. She has a message for the world: "Wake up."
DCBlue 10/18/2011 5 24 1 108
Rev. Jesse Jackson at Occupy DC Today: It's Time to Take a Hard Look at Economic Injustice
The Reverend Jesse Jackson stopped by the OccupyDC camp at McPherson Square today. He said, "it's time we take a hard look at economic injustice." He then made a clear link to past struggles for ...
DCBlue 10/15/2011 8 7 - 57
Update: NYPD Cop Punched National Lawyer's Guild Observer During Arrest
A NYPD cop punched a legal observer from the National Lawyer's Guild while he was being arrested this morning. The NLG observer was already subdued. There was already another NYPD officer holding ...
DCBlue 10/14/2011 106 181 3 1245
National Lawyer's Guild Observer Brutalized/Arrested at Occupy Boston
I didn't see a diary about this unfortunate revelation: Urszula Masny-Latos, the National Lawyers Guild's executive director for the northeast regional office, an observer on the scene of Occupy ...
DCBlue 10/11/2011 74 190 2 1171
On Why Republicans try to Compare #OWS to the Tea Party
Right-wing analysts have compared #Occupy Wall Street and hundreds of other #Occupy demonstrations building across ...
DCBlue 10/10/2011 10 2 - 87
MSM: Occupy Wall St. Is Not The Left's Tea Party
As Occupy Wall Street blossoms, and protests sprout up across the nation ,
DCBlue 10/06/2011 9 9 - 137
Mr. President: Please Don't Thank a Playground Bully
It was nice to see President Obama provide political cover for Lyin' Cryin' Boehner during last evenings Presidential address. This certainly had the effect of exemplifying to the American people ...
DCBlue 07/26/2011 1 1 - 32
The GOP: Re-branding - we failz it.
The GOP is the party of George W. Bush. Period. The Repukelicans can try to spin their spin and try to re-brand their party until the cows come home, and the party will still be the party of ...
DCBlue 05/04/2009 7 5 - 3
Sarah Palin:  Tax Cheat
You betcha! I said thanks but no thanks to those pesky per diem payments! Alaskan state officials have determined that Governor ...
DCBlue 02/18/2009 70 43 - 102
Teh Troll Diary
I've come to Daily Kos to tell you [you suck, you're teh stoopid, only people like me should live, I am God, I've drank leaded water my whole live]. In addition to these facts, which bestow upon me ...
DCBlue 01/24/2009 160 21 1 19
Photoblogging the Inauguration
Few words can describe what I just experienced. I am once again proud to call myself an American. A joy fills the streets of Washington, DC that I've never experienced. This jaded town is ...
DCBlue 01/20/2009 6 18 - 20
It's been a long hard road the last eight years. But, at noon on January 20th, all that will change. In less than two weeks, Barack Obama will be sworn in as the 44th President of the United ...
DCBlue 01/08/2009 5 - - 1
My Clients Tell Me It's Going to be Okay.
We're going to make it out of this recession. Our economy will start to create jobs again. If you've lost your job you will find a new job. Our lives might be different-possibly very different- ...
DCBlue 12/07/2008 15 24 - 26
Barack Obama and Bill Clinton to appear in Orlando Wednesday!.
Time to smash the Republican Party into the ground: Former President Bill Clinton will campaign with Senator Barack Obama for the first time on Wednesday at an evening rally in Orlando, ...
DCBlue 10/25/2008 69 12 - 2
Oh, like for the homeless?
A few weeks ago, I drove across the river to Arlington to join with 3 generations of my family for a get together. My family is the typical DC area family: Some ex-military, some progressives. ...
DCBlue 10/06/2008 31 18 - 15
Action: Women Speak out Against Palin
There is a large ground swell of mothers and sisters and daughters and aunts who are speaking their minds about GOP vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin: It's been one week since we ...
DCBlue 09/12/2008 14 13 - 2
Press corp: What will you do?
On November 6th, 2008, what will you do? National Press, what will you do after the election? What will you do after a record number of Americans perform their civic duty and vote for the next ...
DCBlue 09/09/2008 6 - - -
Electoral College update: 09-07-08
John McCain has realized a modest bounce in the polls after he and the GOP spent most of 4 days at their ...
DCBlue 09/07/2008 66 8 - 4
Dear Sarah
Sarah, Since you didn't use your 45 minutes in front of the nation last night to answer any of questions of policy, I'd just like to take a minute to find out a couple things. Now, don't get me ...
DCBlue 09/04/2008 1 1 - 1
Let's Call the Whole Thing Off
You say either:
DCBlue 09/03/2008 5 1 1 1
Updates:  The whole world is watching (and it's not Palin)
For a second day, Americans will take to the streets to protest Bush administration policies. Today's schedule is as follows: ...
DCBlue 09/02/2008 47 32 - 29
Update: 50,000 protesters, National Guard in streets at RNC
6:26 The Uptake videographer was allowed to leave a group of more than 1 hundred people being arrested. Legal observer is being arrested at Sibley & River. 1 minute ago from web Police in riot ...
DCBlue 09/01/2008 32 29 4 40
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