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Jesuits call for repeal of the Second Amendment
The prestigious Jesuit periodical "America" in an editorial in the February 25 edition calls for the repeal of the Second Amendment. Essentially, the editors of the magazine concede the arguments ...
DCDemocrat 02/15/2013 43 40 - -
Updated: Public Relations and the Electoral College Scam
It's not news to this community that the Republicans are endeavoring to disenfranchise millions of Americans by changing the rules of the game in a way which will increase the chances that they will ...
DCDemocrat 01/25/2013 147 116 3 -
Gay Men and Women to be Executed in Iraq
So, for the last six years, we have poured out in Iraq our national treasure, including the tax dollars of gay men and women, their families, and their friends for what? It would seem that we have ...
DCDemocrat 03/31/2009 195 293 3 157
George W. Bush's first ranking: 36th of 42
C-Span invited 65 historians and observers of the presidency to rank the presidents of the United States. ...
DCDemocrat 02/15/2009 202 42 1 90
Breaking: Martha Washington wasn't frumpy
(Cross-posted at C4O Democrats )
DCDemocrat 02/02/2009 37 6 - 7
Martin, look at us today and smile
(Crossposted at C4O Democrats ) I have a dream:
DCDemocrat 01/19/2009 30 7 - -
I had to destroy America to save it
The Prince Jackass last evening gave his valedictory in a speech that I note the press barely mentions in its morning coverage of the news of the day. Monkey Boy last night defended what he did ...
DCDemocrat 01/16/2009 30 17 - 29
The accomplishments of George W. Bush
The list of George W. Bush's accomplishments is breathtaking. As we bid him farewell, we should spend some time reflecting on what he has done on our behalf. Please feel free to add your memorials ...
DCDemocrat 01/09/2009 14 5 1 9
The results are in: Obama wins Omaha's electoral vote
(Cross-post at C4O Democrats .) Let me tell you why I am excited this afternoon. I was born in ...
DCDemocrat 11/14/2008 19 14 - 29
Obama 351, McCain 187
(Crossposted at Clintonistas for Obama ) Three Blue ...
DCDemocrat 11/04/2008 8 1 - 1
Why is senior McCain aide "giddy"?
The Wall Street Journal blog describes senior McCain aide, Mark Salter, as "giddy." It quote him as saying:
DCDemocrat 11/03/2008 99 9 - 20
Where are the candidates today, and what does it mean?
(Cross-posted at Clintonistas for Obama ) You can tell a lot about candidates' internal polling,
DCDemocrat 11/01/2008 20 12 - 2
Telegraph: Republicans fear an Obama landslide
(Cross-posted at Clintonistas for Obama )
DCDemocrat 10/29/2008 22 11 - 2
History suggests who will win next week
(Cross-posted at Clintonistas for Obama )
DCDemocrat 10/27/2008 10 8 - 2
David Frum argues for the Republicans to abandon McCain campaign
(Cross-posted at Clintonistas for Obama ) Writing in Sunday's Washington Post , ...
DCDemocrat 10/25/2008 151 60 1 23
Gallup looks at early voting trends
(Cross-posted at Clintonistas for Obama )
DCDemocrat 10/24/2008 37 15 - 2
Some random ruminations about the trends in early voting
(Cross-posted at Clintonistas for Obama ) ...
DCDemocrat 10/23/2008 6 2 - 1
McCain's Florida Woes
(Cross-posted at Clintonistas for Obama )
DCDemocrat 10/20/2008 46 22 - 22
Another pep talk on the dangers of complacency
(Cross-posted at Clintonistas for Obama ) The Obama campaign apparently is worrying privately that we supporters of ...
DCDemocrat 10/18/2008 5 7 1 -
Ground game in Virginia and McCain's national operation
(Cross-posted at Clintonistas for Obama )
DCDemocrat 10/17/2008 13 15 2 -
Average Projections of Electoral College on October 14
(Cross-posted at Clintonistas for Obama ) I thought it might be interesting to get a sense ...
DCDemocrat 10/15/2008 47 16 - -
McCain campaign says it's saving the best for last
Marc Ambinder has been talking with contacts he maintains in the Republican campaign. Apparently, as we might ...
DCDemocrat 10/14/2008 102 31 - 29
Nagourney, the Republicans, and race in presidential politics
(Cross-posted at Clintonistas for Obama )
DCDemocrat 10/13/2008 14 2 - -
Anchorage Daily News, Troopergate Report, and Sarah Palin
(Cross-posted at Clintonistas for Obama ) According to a report ...
DCDemocrat 10/12/2008 11 16 1 54
This amazing campaign
(Cross-posted at Clintonistas for Obama ) This race has not disappointed us who are junkies for presidential ...
DCDemocrat 10/11/2008 16 7 - -
Chilling commentary on the Web this morning
I've been reading a lot of posts on the Internet yesterday and today where people have expressed concern at how McCain and Palin are whipping their supporters into frothy-mouthed hatred of Barack ...
DCDemocrat 10/10/2008 66 43 1 16
McCain fiddles while American burns
(Cross-posted at Clintonistas for Obama )
DCDemocrat 10/09/2008 2 - - -
E.J. Dionne gets it
(Cross-posted at Clintonistas for Obama ) One of the things that struck me both during the last debate and the ...
DCDemocrat 10/08/2008 26 20 - -
On the road with Sarah Palin in Omaha
(Cross-posted at Clintonistas for Obama ) On Saturday night, there ...
DCDemocrat 10/06/2008 49 17 - 10
A Clintonista for Obama Reflects on the State of the Race
(Cross-posted at Clintonistas for Obama ) I was completely in the bag for Hillary Clinton in the ...
DCDemocrat 10/05/2008 46 21 - -
So who won the debate last night?
(Cross-posted at Clintonistas for Obama ) It's funny. If I hadn't seen the debate with my own eyes, ...
DCDemocrat 10/03/2008 47 10 - -
New Poll Data Tells Us Why GOTV is All Important
(Cross-posted at Clintonistas for Obama ) A ...
DCDemocrat 10/01/2008 11 13 - -
Pssst. Do something. Send this video to your friends.
DCDemocrat 09/30/2008 13 21 5 -
Campaign first
(Cross-posted at Clintonistas for Obama ) John McCain likes to run around crying, "Country first," but this past ...
DCDemocrat 09/29/2008 5 2 - -
Saturday Night Live's Palin Parody
In all its many decades on the air, I doubt that "Saturday Night Live" has ever put forward so apt and devastating a critique of a candidate as it did last night. No doubt, it's Tina Fey's comedic ...
DCDemocrat 09/28/2008 45 48 4 19
Some of the Early Takes on the Debate
Here are some of the early reviews of the performances of the two candidates last night:
DCDemocrat 09/27/2008 11 9 - -
Average Projections of Electoral College on September 22
(Cross-posted at Clintonistas for Obama )I thought it might be interesting to get a ...
DCDemocrat 09/23/2008 5 4 - 1
Obama, Biden, McCain, and the Deregulation as Disaster Theme
(Cross-posted at [Clintonistas for Obama]) The Democratic ticket is hitting John McCain’s ...
DCDemocrat 09/21/2008 7 4 - -
Yes, thanks and thanks again, to that road to nowhere
(Cross-posted at Clintonistas for Obama ) Sarah Palin, many times and oft falsely has claimed ...
DCDemocrat 09/20/2008 3 1 - -
Each Day a New Beginning
(Cross-posted at Clintonistas at Obama ) You have to admire John McCain's commitment to change. He does it ...
DCDemocrat 09/17/2008 8 4 - -
Joe Biden Is Coming Out Slugging While Palin Panned on Sunday
(Cross-posted at Clintonistas for Obama )
DCDemocrat 09/15/2008 22 17 - 5
Make this video go viral
DCDemocrat 09/13/2008 7 1 - -
Sarah Palin is a cocky whacko. Period.
(Cross-posted at [Clintonistas for Obama]) Sarah Palin has caught the fancy of many people, and I confess there is ...
DCDemocrat 09/12/2008 15 5 - 1
Palin on Conservative Talk Radio
I am on the road from Washington, D.C. to do some research in Kentucky. I arrived in Kentucky last evening after driving through West Virginia. On the way, I raced through the radio dial to find ...
DCDemocrat 09/02/2008 26 7 - -
The New York Times and The Washington Post on Palin
(Cross-posted at Clintonistas for Obama. ) This morning, the editorial pages of ...
DCDemocrat 08/30/2008 56 18 - 29
Barack Obama and Grover Cleveland
Cross-posted at [MyDD]. One of the issues that people who oppose Barack Obama's election to president like to trot out is the issue of his ...
DCDemocrat 06/09/2008 19 8 1 12
Obama, Clinton, the Internet, and Not Accepting Reality
The Internet is a place where people can find like-minded persons and share one's thoughts. There are many things about it that recommend it as a way to organize and commiserate, but I have ...
DCDemocrat 06/08/2008 17 17 - 14
DCDemocrat for Obama
I have wanted to wait to write this. But I think it is time in the name of party unity to say that I stand with my party, and I will vote for the nominee of the party. I have stood with Hillary ...
DCDemocrat 06/03/2008 35 26 - 15
Some of you might have caught Alegre’s write-up of last night’s debate, where Hillary showed us just how passionate she is about continuing to serve her country as our next Commander in ...
DCDemocrat 02/22/2008 90 22 - 7
Politico Story on Pledged Delegates Is Inaccurate
People have their dander up about [this story] from Politico that says that Hillary will fight for Obama's pledged delegates in the event neither ...
DCDemocrat 02/19/2008 34 15 1 8
Clinton, Obama, and Superdelegates
On February 6, Barack Obama made the following [observation:] I think those superdelegates and elected officials and party insiders ...
DCDemocrat 02/08/2008 38 19 - -
Hillary Moves More than Half Way to the Prize
There's been a lot of smoke from the Obama campaign about how well Barack Obama did in "besting" Hillary in delegates on Super Tuesday, but [truth] ...
DCDemocrat 02/07/2008 156 23 1 9
Some observations about the race by Penn and Wolfson
I used my blogger identity to wiggle my way into a conference call with some Clinton campaign officials a little while ago; I was upfront about my status as a blogger, and the operator didn't seem ...
DCDemocrat 02/04/2008 108 15 - 15
Hillary Wins Florida, and She Wins Big
The Florida primary is now history, and it appears that [twice as many Democrats turned out in 2008 than 2004.] ...
DCDemocrat 01/30/2008 251 29 - 17
Tony Rezko Arrested This Morning
[ The Chicago Tribune,0,2320595.story] is reporting that federal agents arrested Tony Rezko this morning for an apparent ...
DCDemocrat 01/28/2008 270 26 - 10
Hillary Wins Michigan!
I think there is a seriously important thing to keep in mind about Michigan. Even though the Democratic race was not contested (and might not even count), the number of Democrats who voted was not ...
DCDemocrat 01/16/2008 140 17 1 5
The First Wom(e)n To Win a Presidential Primary
Cross-posted at [MyDD] Yesterday, I published a diary on [Daily Kos] and cross-...
DCDemocrat 01/11/2008 30 17 - 20
The First Woman To Win the Opening Primary
The press hasn’t noted it, so I thought I should write a diary to celebrate that a first has occurred in the history of our republic. An event without precedent in American history, a woman ...
DCDemocrat 01/10/2008 57 25 - 84
So many polls so little time: Iowa
I never dismiss a poll out of hand. I think every poll has something to tell us. The results of the [ Des Moines Register poll
DCDemocrat 01/01/2008 42 12 1 22
DCDemocrat Predicts Obama Wins Iowa
One of the great advantages that Barack Obama has in the race for Iowa is the shared border between Illinois and Iowa. That border should make it a cake walk for Barack Obama to take the Iowa ...
DCDemocrat 12/27/2007 178 20 - 5
Washington Blade Endorses Hillary
When I was about four-years-old, my mother purchased swimming lessons for me. There I was in the locker room getting ready with my bathing suit when I saw him, a boy of maybe 13 or 14 standing naked.
DCDemocrat 12/21/2007 286 54 1 11
Start Counting the Delegates
There are lots of metrics we use to define the contours of the race for president: the content of the candidates' speeches, the impact of those speeches, miles traveled, sizes of crowds, political ...
DCDemocrat 11/08/2007 52 10 - -
New Video from Clinton Campaign
I know many of my fellow Kossacks have been mystified at Hillary's enduring and even growing strength in national and state polls. I wish I could convey the feeling about her that her supporters ...
DCDemocrat 10/18/2007 96 22 - -
Hillary's Health Care Plan and Latino Persons
We all have read that Hillary Clinton has proposed her [health plan.] [Rave reviews
DCDemocrat 09/20/2007 89 17 - 1
Gallup Guru Thinks Hillary Is Pretty Certain To Get the Nod
[Frank Newport] from Gallup reports on USA Today ’s blog the results from polling data he collected between September 14 and ...
DCDemocrat 09/19/2007 176 12 - -
A Fair Breeze Blows for Hillary
As we move into the fall, I think it is good to take stock of where we are. This campaign has been underway now for eight-and-a-half months, and if we can say anything about the race, I think it&...
DCDemocrat 09/08/2007 114 19 - 7
Freddie Dalton Thompson runs for president
Fred Thompson has announced for president of the United States. Okay, friends, before Fred gets away with one more lie, it's important to set the record straight. Fred is not Thompson's given name,
DCDemocrat 09/06/2007 25 9 - 8
A Woman President Made of Flesh and Blood
I have seen the notion bandied about daily kos a good deal that various Kossacks protest their eagerness that a woman should be president of the United States. Their only regret is that the woman ...
DCDemocrat 08/16/2007 170 22 2 5
Why I support Hillary Clinton
There has been an wish expressed repeatedly for diaries that explain why people support their candidate for president, and I thought I would take an opportunity to add my reasons. I want to make ...
DCDemocrat 08/10/2007 273 38 2 8
Boston Globe: "PACs and lobbyists aided Obama's rise"
Since Yearly Kos, we have heard a good deal about the influence of lobbyists on the political process. It is no secret that John Edwards and Barack Obama called on Hillary Clinton to abandon ...
DCDemocrat 08/09/2007 174 6 - 9
Clinton Rising in Iowa
Many of my fellow Kossacks have expressed their undying distaste for Rasmussen, "the Republican tool," as he is fondly known by many in these parts, who runs a daily tracking poll in the ...
DCDemocrat 08/08/2007 201 10 - 14
Hillary Clinton at 48 Percent in New Poll
I know many of my fellow Kossacks hope that Hillary has begun her in inexorable fall, but even so, there is the glimmer of a possibility that she might be about to break 50 percent. A poll with a ...
DCDemocrat 08/06/2007 231 14 - 3
New NBC Poll Confirms Hillary's Lead
A new poll by [NBC News] shows Hillary Clinton continues to lengthen her lead over her rivals for the Democratic nomination. The poll has ...
DCDemocrat 08/03/2007 152 7 - 3
Hillary Clinton Campaigns in West Virginia
Hillary Clinton flew to [West Virginia’s capital] today, landing at Yeager Airport in Charleston and going in a motorcade to the Marriot ...
DCDemocrat 07/28/2007 19 7 - 3
Obama Continues Foreign Policy Discussion
Yesterday, Geekesque had a [diary] that observed Hillary and Barack Obama were mixing it up over one of the most talked about points in the debate, ...
DCDemocrat 07/25/2007 185 6 - 7
Three Polls Show Hillary Leads Nationally
Three polls have been released in the last few days that show Hillary Clinton continues to maintain commanding lead. Those polls are from CNN/Opinion Research, Rasmussen, and Quinnipiac. Many ...
DCDemocrat 05/07/2007 353 6 - 7
LATimes/Bloomberg: Clinton Still Leads
The first poll to be completed entirely after the Obama fund raising announcement is out, and Hillary Clinton still continues to command the field as she did in polls released in the last several ...
DCDemocrat 04/12/2007 92 6 - -
The War Vote Records of Senators Clinton and Obama Compared
There is a comprehensive list now at [TPM] that compares the votes by Senators ...
DCDemocrat 04/03/2007 67 6 - 10
Two Disingenuous Republican Senators on the Iraq Debate
I don’t write a lot of diaries, but I thought I would pass on my withering dismissal of the latest nonsense out of the mouths of two Republicans Senator Olympia Snowe and Senator John Sununu, ...
DCDemocrat 03/14/2007 4 2 - -
National Guard Oils the Machinery of Death
I do government contracting and receive a variety of notifications about upcoming solicitation. One came across my computer screen this morning that caught my attention for its sheer pathos as ...
DCDemocrat 12/18/2006 10 2 - -
The ISG Report: "It's the oil, stupid."
The Iraq Study Group notes on p. 2 of its report at that Iraq has the second largest known oil reserve in the world. The ...
DCDemocrat 12/08/2006 7 6 1 -
Got a Happy Story? (Ringer Edition)
DCDemocrat 11/03/2006 68 23 - 8
WV-02 Callaghan race heats up in final days. (By Carnacki)
DCDemocrat 11/02/2006 20 15 - 15
People Powered Exit Polls on Election Day
DCDemocrat 10/23/2006 63 32 4 13
Two Notes on Saving the Country
DCDemocrat 10/06/2006 1 4 - -
Torture is wrong. Period.
DCDemocrat 09/27/2006 11 19 - 15
Commercials Out of Children's Books
DCDemocrat 09/06/2006 14 4 - -
Democrats Stand Tall While Republicans Snivel
DCDemocrat 08/14/2006 33 26 - 13
I Attended the Protest in Front of the White House This Evening
DCDemocrat 07/03/2006 15 24 - 3
The Verizon number to call is 800-483-7988
DCDemocrat 05/12/2006 15 8 1 9
Rove Undone in September or October?
DCDemocrat 04/17/2006 21 15 - -
I Attended Opening Day at the Nationals Game
DCDemocrat 04/12/2006 248 182 1 32
My Letter to the President
DCDemocrat 03/02/2006 10 4 1 -
White House Declares Autistic Man Threat to National Security
DCDemocrat 02/27/2006 22 15 2 105
Hugely Funny Cartoon and Song Parody on Cheney's Mishap
DCDemocrat 02/17/2006 5 4 - 2
Quailgate and What Makes Dick Do What Dick Does
DCDemocrat 02/16/2006 11 3 - 8
All Bad News, All the Time: Cheney Agonistes
DCDemocrat 02/15/2006 1 - - -
The Cloud Cuckooland of Impeachment
DCDemocrat 02/06/2006 35 6 - -
I was at the protest in DC last night
DCDemocrat 02/01/2006 6 7 - -
D.C. Kossacks: Protest Tonight at the Capitol
DCDemocrat 01/31/2006 7 6 - -
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