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Over 70 die as bomb rips through Pakistan Market
Over 70 lost their life as a deadly car ripped the market in Pakistan. Everyday we wake to see some or other bomb blast, suicide attacks or hostage stories.Everyday many innocent civilians are ...
DEMindia 10/28/2009 18 1 - 44
Please save my life :(
I cried watching a video today. It was cry of a nine year old tamil girl from Srilanka who was one of the 260 people detained in mid sea by Indonesian Navy. These 260 people had escaped from Sri ...
DEMindia 10/15/2009 14 28 1 140
Obama doesnt deserve nobel prize
Nobel peace prize is awarded to Obama. I am not sure whether this is a joke on peace or its Norways way of showing its support to USA...
DEMindia 10/09/2009 185 14 - 52
Apologise PM for  your below the belt comment on Hillary
I was surprised and aghast over the comments that Srilankan Prime minister made about Hillary's allegations that rape is used as a weapon of war in countries like sri lanka... The ...
DEMindia 10/07/2009 16 9 - 60
Breaking:SUU KYI house arrest extended
Myanmar ruling junta has extended Aung sang suu kyi's house arrest by another 18 months.. Suu kyi who has been the champion of democracy movement will spend another 18 months in solitary ...
DEMindia 08/10/2009 4 5 - 20
Hugs to Pepper
I am keeping it very short here since am not sure whether Pepper's story was diaried or not... Pepper, You were together with Harry the unfaithful for six years at the San Francisco Zoo.
DEMindia 07/20/2009 11 1 - -
Update-100s killed in xinjiang,china
breaking news in cnn states 100s where killed in xinjiang region of china in riots... Now we all know whats happening in china with thousands of people getting suppressed treated badly.. it seems ...
DEMindia 07/05/2009 25 13 - 39
The baby takes giant steps while the giant struggles to crawl
Now this is breaking news, The worlds largest democracy India in todays historic judgement decriminalised Homosexuality... Article 377 which treated homosexuality as an criminal offence and ...
DEMindia 07/01/2009 98 168 1 56
open your eyes please for god sake-lanka tamil suffers
i am in a big hurry but i am posting this links to show the inhuman sufferings of the thousands of innocent tamils in srilanka...i am surprised, disappointed, heart broken that the same dailykos ...
DEMindia 02/25/2009 24 1 1 4
American warrrr paaru da :)
From Visual Search comes this anti war video that was released and screened for the Bangaloreans Against Nuclearization (BAN) event on Hiroshima Day. "American War Paar Da!" translates to "Check Out ...
DEMindia 02/14/2009 2 - - 2
Happy new year
10.10 PM 31st DEC 2008 in India. New is the year, new are the hopes and the aspirations,New is the resolution, new are the spirits and forever my warm wishes are for my dearest kossacks.Have a ...
DEMindia 12/31/2008 8 1 - 1
 Merry Christmas
Its 24/12/2008 2.05 PM in India: My hearty wishes to all my dearest kossacks for christmas! MERRY CHRISTMAS! Have a blast!
DEMindia 12/24/2008 18 6 - -
You cheated me Obama :)
Obama cheated me...I spent days trying to get all my friends to vote for obama...i spent months hoping and believing in him...and he cheated me... Not by warren selection----for i know he will ...
DEMindia 12/21/2008 35 12 - 3
Warren's presser,obama's response and polls
Even warren seems to understand Obama...while some fail to do in dailykos... Remember Mahatma gandhi? His fight against British? His fight for the so called untouchables sudras of his time? ...
DEMindia 12/18/2008 30 4 - -
Slumdog millionaire
Overview from IMDB User Rating:8.5/10 4,316 votes Directors:Danny Boyle Loveleen Tandan (co-director: India) Writers:Simon Beaufoy (screenplay) and Vikas Swarup (novel) Release Date:5 ...
DEMindia 12/17/2008 27 6 - 1
Breaking:Dalai lama says he is semi retiring !
DALAI LAMA HAS SAID TODAY THAT HE IS TAKING SEMI RETIREMENT. ( its a breaking news CNNs sister channel cnn ...
DEMindia 12/16/2008 14 - - 16
Like the cat that closes its eyes and blames the world for being dark.
I happened to read this I am kicking myself on why i read this ...and spoiled my day... Republicans=Fools of first order Read this to ...
DEMindia 12/14/2008 32 5 - 3
Delete my f!@##$g account Kos(snark)
Delete my f!@##$g account Kos (snark) Delete my F!@###$ account (snark) (one request-Read the diary and make your angry comments :) )
DEMindia 12/11/2008 32 4 - 2
Haiti deportation begins.Are we not the one to blame?
Tainos are the natives of Hispaniola which is present days Haiti,Bahamas,Greater Antilles and Lesser Antilles... Columbus is respected and credited for discovering America. Columbus made three ...
DEMindia 12/10/2008 11 7 - 81
Free hugs and hugs request diary
I have something to give to my Kossacks and my friends all around the world .... Hugs! Hugs as a comfort, Hugs sharing my love, Hugs to ease your pain, Hugs that emphatise with you, Hugs ...
DEMindia 12/09/2008 45 9 - 6
South asia series 2- Kashmir issue,the terrorism and why India,pakistan fight?
There has been lot of talk about Kashmir and how and why kashmir should be given independence so that indo-pakistan issue gets solved. People have quoted the 20 yrs of militancy, the human ...
DEMindia 12/07/2008 8 3 1 4
Taking you in to the Unknown world-South Asia Series I
South Asia consists of the following countries and territories: Bangladesh Bhutan India Maldives Nepal Pakistan Sri Lanka Some academic and/or cultural institutions from the ...
DEMindia 12/04/2008 25 15 2 196
4300 attacks in 34 years
Ko's and Kossacks, I wish for something similar to dailykos in India! Everyone whether he is a wingnut or a moon bat would agree what change dailykos and liberal media has brought in US. We ...
DEMindia 12/02/2008 57 5 1 18
Your president (elect) answered my question! Thank You Barack
Yesterday i wrote a diary questioning America's dual policy when it comes to terrorism. One where America reserves its right to attack the terrorist camps to safeguard its security on the otherhand ...
DEMindia 12/01/2008 52 7 1 21
America i want ur answer!
Bush is sending Rice to India. If you think this is to offer support and co operation you are wrong. This is to stop any military advances that India might take against Pakistan in the aftermath ...
DEMindia 12/01/2008 97 3 - 35
updated:why the attack and who attacked!
I refrained from saying this for a long time in my previous diary but then the proofs where so over whelming that i cant keep quiet any more. from rediff:
DEMindia 11/28/2008 131 34 1 31
complete updates final news coming in
Guys we had one of the worst days in our history since independence in INDIA. The terrorist have once again shown their ability to reach out and attack almost all capitals of my ...
DEMindia 11/27/2008 717 633 16 94
Updated with Shocker 1: Franken 200 votes,chambliss 49.6- The high action drama
Now i have nothing much to write except a few words about this drama: The lead that coleman had over franken has shrunked from 735 votes to 230 Votes!!!! and the recount has not even started.
DEMindia 11/06/2008 24 10 - 3
ADDING cherry we take NC,IN,MO
Now its not ending at 338...we are on our way to take Nc 15 In 11 Mo 11 And we are having a tough fight in MONTONA...WOW I CANT BELIEVE ...
DEMindia 11/04/2008 4 1 - 5
Is this the tears of Victory?
This election is very special for it not only made people to stand up against the 8 years of Bush rule but it also made them be involved in the entire campaign. Democracy they say is for the ...
DEMindia 11/03/2008 5 1 - -
I bet Mccain will win!
If you clicked in hoping to check how Mccain will win or if u wanted to blast me out for being a troll... Chill Relax Mccain will definitely win IDAHO! Go down to read the actual story!
DEMindia 11/02/2008 18 1 - 5
Tandooora -the new noise!
"TANDOORA" is a word in Tamil Language ( Tandoora is like our drum. It used to be played by a messanger from the KING during the earlier monarchy period (...
DEMindia 10/29/2008 10 1 - 19
Now blow it away like a .....RIP
ABCCNBCABCPOLITICONEWYORKTIMESWASPOPEWRASZOGBYBATTLEGROUNDDAILYKOS and every other polls show big lead for our OBAMA! Just seven days to go before this country elects him as the next president of ...
DEMindia 10/28/2008 6 - - -
Breaking WApo ABC nos and my assumptions for nov4
I am giving an update on the scenario as on today (28.10.2008) and i will continue to update the same till Nov 4. Todays diary is WAPO-ABC trackers data..i will update the diary with polling ...
DEMindia 10/28/2008 14 13 - 2
oh my dear FAKE AMERICA
I dont know if this was diared before...but i canT hold my anger when i read this....i dont know...i wanna share with you dailykos my anger... For long Mcshame and Palin where talking about real ...
DEMindia 10/23/2008 6 1 - 5
Bad dream
I had a very bad dream yesterday night (5.30 ahead of GMT in India 12.00 Hr ahead of Your time there) I could not sleep after that horrible dream..... Someone pls assure me .....That it wont ...
DEMindia 10/22/2008 19 - - -
updated breaking polls today +Nov 4 My plans
I have spent 2 NOV 4s of my life (2004,2000) cryin and getting angry over myself and the world..... I remember how i was awake all night waiting for Gore's i celebrated victory ...
DEMindia 10/14/2008 13 7 - 40
I still cant understand America
I cannot understand AMERICA! I can never understand America! Pls read my first diary in daily kos and the reason why i feel so now!
DEMindia 10/13/2008 17 15 - 2
REPUBS BOSS version very funny:read wat made my day already.
Well if there is anythin that Mccain or any other republican match obama it would definitely not be the kinda support and enthuthiasm he is getting from his supporters.... But wat ...
DEMindia 10/07/2008 17 8 - -
Newyorker rips mccain! Best ever endorsement
Newyorker has come up with a excellent endorsement for Obama.... I am listing down some of the reasons why we should be proud of being a democrat and the reasons why Bush ...
DEMindia 10/06/2008 10 20 3 1
Part 3 :Sarah palin swipe by SNL
He never ceases to surprise! Obama is agressively gunning for NC. We all know he is makin his debate preparation he just surprised few hundreds of NCians.. Pictures, videos to ...
DEMindia 10/04/2008 19 25 5 19
My first diary- From INDIA for obama
Good Morning AMERICA... My first diary! (though am a regular kos reader for past one year!) From ...
DEMindia 10/04/2008 9 7 - -
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